Advanced Avatar Master Practices 

By IndigoAngel

Advanced Avatar Master Practices or AAMP, is a series of Visualizations one can use to focus on expanding the higher mind, getting the ascension codes up in the DNA, advancing the abilities to visualize, attune to quantum energy, repairing and rebuilding your light body in accordance to the development and awarness of Avatar Mastery.

Explore your self cognitive abilities, Experiment and define your spiritual thresholds, obstructions, and blockages. 

The Benefits are:
Heightened Spiritual Bio-Metamorphosis
Connection to Higher Self and Guides
Connection to star Origin and Radial Light Sources 
Pineal Decalcification and Activation
Clearing of your Bio-Energetic Field 
Clearer Ability to see Blockages and Limitations
Increased Intuition and Dream Retention
Strengthening of the Auric Shield 24/7 (not just during session)
Protection from EMF, Pollution, Negativity, and Syphoned Energy

Visualization Series Course
Grounding According to the Original Earth Template & Avatar Retrieval
Grounding to Release Distortion

Grounding to Strengthen the Rainbow Bridge 
Taking Communion Within 
Pineal Synthesis 
Merkaba Synthesis and Pillar of Light 
Crystal Synthesis & Crystal Chakra Clearing

13 Dimensional Energetic Anatomy 
12-48 DNA Strand Activation
Creating Sacred Spiritual Space

Planetary Stargate Attunements

Taking One Deep Inside the Body and Calling Forth the Elements and Alchemical Signatures as Vibrational Shift Occurs. Bringing Deeper Awareness to these Aspects Internally to Prepare the Higher Mind for Traveling Celestial Gate Transits, Orbing Up, Beaming Up, Teleportation, Bi-Location, Parallel, and 13 Dimensional Anatomy. 

Successfully Navigating Dimensional Frameworks of ALL “Platforms of Perception” of MIND. 

This is a 2-Hour Interactive Private Session 

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