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Gridwork Mission Day 3 “Final Mission Work & Ceremony” 


9-16-2024 Miracle of Manna Spirit/Ocean Gridwork Group Ceremonial Blessing


Time: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM/HST

Embark on a transformative Ocean Gridwork Group Ceremonial Blessing, as we commune with the spirit of Manna - the great spirit of the Ocean Waters. Together, we'll invoke the ancient energies of the Easter Islands, activating a global Ley Line Clearing (horizontal, vertical, and angular), focusing on planetary tension and trouble zones, such as the 22nd to 33rd to 44th parallel. Additionally, we will clear the Archangel Michael Ley Line and Telluric Currents, also known as the Dragon Lines. Then we will persist to run deep clearings to all Reversal Stargates Globally simultaneously with 12D Sound Healing.  Through this sacred ritual, we'll awaken the Moai Heads and Defender System Network, releasing stagnant energies that hinder the progress of the New Earth. By boosting planetary spiritual immunity, we pave the way for profound planetary healing and renewal.


9-16-2024 12:30 PM/HST- 3PM/HST 

After the ocean blessing, join us for a gentle lunch and an immersive experience at the City of Refuge, nestled in Haula at the mouth of the Wailua River. Here, amidst the tranquil surroundings, we'll engage in sacred prayers, meditation, and deeper reflections. Through transformative sound healing and channeling sessions, we'll delve into the depths of global healing, addressing wounds of persecution, crucifixion, and genocide, as well as the exploitation of planetary resources across all dimensions.


At this sacred site, we will conduct powerful gridwork to clear deeper layers of planetary trauma and initiate the repair of global angelic and guardian DNA. As we conclude our ceremony and final prayers at the Temple of the Sun, each participant will be initiated into their own unique Lemurian tribal priest or priestess rights, connecting us to the ancient wisdom and lineage of our pre-fall of man 12 D ancestors, and the deeper revival within that restores your Lemurian Warrior Preist/Priestess Tribal Codes/Inheritance.


9-16-2024 6:30 PM/HST- 8PM/HST

Come together for our final meal as a gridworker family, a sacred celebration dinner to honor our journey. Indulge in fine dining, a well-deserved treat after days of dedicated service as Avatar Land Shamans. As we savor the flavors and share stories, let's raise a final toast to our shared experiences and connections. With heartfelt goodbyes, we prepare to embark on our journey home, carrying the light and love of our shared mission with us.


9-24-24 Guardian Gridwork Mission Follow-Up

Time: 12:00 PM/CDT to 2:00 PM/CDT

Join us for a Sacred Celebratory Sharing Circle as we come together to reflect on our recent Guardian Gridwork Mission. This gathering offers an opportunity for us to check in with each other, ensuring everyone has safely returned home, and to share insights and experiences from our mission.


As we transition back into our daily lives, we'll discuss what to expect during the integration process after engaging in significant gridwork. This supportive space provides a chance for us to offer guidance, support, and encouragement to one another as we navigate the next steps on our journey.

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Guardian Gridwork Rescue Missions: Journey Through Time - Witness Our Evolution from 2022 to 2023!

Impotant Trip Details

  • This Outline and Itinerary is subject to potential changes leading up to the mission days, as we adapt to on-location dynamics and challenges to ensure the best gridwork experience for our group. Any updates will be communicated to you via email in a timely manner. You will also receive a preliminary itinerary with specific details prior to our trip, including location addresses, meals covered, and meeting-up instructions. The final itinerary will be fully revised and discussed at the Meet & Greet in Kauai, Hawaii for the final 3 Gridwork Days.

  • We recommend utilizing the provided Resources List to arrange your accommodations, whether it's a hotel, camping, or RV site. Staying within a 10-15 mile radius of the Group AirBnB will ensure easy transportation to and from gridwork locations, as well as spontaneous group activities. Please be sure your accommodations and stay length are through the night stay of 9-13-2024 to 9-16-2024 with outbound flights starting on 9-17-2024. 

  • Communication within the group will be facilitated through a group signal chat, where all updates, whereabouts, and meet-up logs will be shared among participants. We want to do our best to keep every single attendee/gridworker in the know at all times!

  • Please note that while several meals will be provided, not all meals will be covered. Reviewing your preliminary itinerary after purchase will help you plan accordingly. Transportation to and from gridwork locations will be covered from the group meet-up spot, but transportation from your accommodation to the meet-up spot will not be covered. Please ensure you have arrangements in place using services like Uber, Lyft, or taxi.

  • For any inquiries or clarifications regarding the trip details, please feel free to reach out to us at We are committed to providing prompt assistance to ensure your experience is seamless and enjoyable. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we strive to make every attendee feel supported and connected to their divine soul family.

  • While not mandatory, we highly recommend enrolling in either Gridwork Facilitator 1 or our advanced Gridwork Facilitator Course 2.0. These courses provide invaluable insights into the intricacies of advanced gridwork technologies and offer practical guidance on applying them to on-site gridwork missions. However, if you're already familiar with gridwork principles or have participated in previous remote missions or events, you may find these courses optional.



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