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Cosmic Grid Update: Dubai! Tower of Power, New Babylon?! Artificial Islands~The Global Elite's Playground!

Dubai Cosmic Grid Update!!!!

Namaste, galactic family! Welcome back to the Blog/Newsletter. Step into this dimension, step into this cosmic grid update...

Today, we have an extensive and detailed cosmic grid update to dive into!

We’re exploring Dubai in the United Arab Emirates—a high-level spiritual activity location with both artificial and organic functions.

A prideful, futuristic city in the desert, Dubai is a magnet for those seeking the glittering allure of wealth and opportunity. But beware, these golden shackles of monetary enslavement and the chains of consumerism link directly to the black nobility lines. Many flock to Dubai, hoping to strike it rich, to make millions in this dazzling city.

Don’t get me wrong—Dubai is stunning. I could see myself visiting this place someday! However, as you know, there is much more esoterically that doesn't immediately meet the eye. There’s a lot happening beneath the surface that is essential to address and acknowledge.

We're taking a deep dive into the intricate network of Dubai's grid, examining the spiritual energies present, and identifying what's corrupted in terms of AI and internal artificial architectural and needle craft development. We’ll also explore the heavy presence of holographic artificial overlays—a metatronic 55 reversal arachnid mechanical spider beast overlay and artificial machinery webbing. This overlay operates on both macro and micro levels, creating a very smart and sophisticated artificial control superimposed onto the organic reality, making it challenging to distinguish between the two.

We will also highlight the benevolent aspects of Dubai. There are new earth progressions and smart city initiatives that are more harmonious with the earth, showing that Dubai is indeed a mixed bag of ancient and futuristic technologies intertwined with the age-old battle of good versus evil, intensified by the sheer wealth that fuels this city.

It's said that the ultimate battle for what it means to be human might play out in Dubai. The terminator trilogy and future tech revolutions and wars could unfold on this very terrain.

Human identity may fade away through new AI artificial realities so grandiose that your mind could be uploaded to the cloud, possibly at the Dubai Mall, where you could get your consciousness downloaded at a futuristic AI kiosk! Convenient for your day and investments, indeed.

Human freedoms, human rights, privacy, dignity, and free will—all are targeted here. Dubai is considered the frontline city challenging God and nature in our current global existence and timeline. How have we overlooked it until now?

The Tower of Power in Dubai.

We've discussed the symbolism of towers before on this channel. Tall, erect, phallus-like structures typically symbolize reversal masculine domination of the grids and geometrics, such as the vesica pisces. They represent societal and cultural domination through patriarchal force and mind/grid control on the planet. These towers remind me of the obelisk networks spread across the earth, marking locations where domination and control are actively maintained by patriarchal regimes and oligarchies.

Obelisks are essentially another form of a tower, akin to skyscrapers. They represent an attempt to build a ladder to the heavens, showcasing status, righteousness, and power that challenge both God and nature. This prideful mentality is reminiscent of the fall of man during the eras of Atlantis and Babylon.

You may or may not have heard of the tallest skyscraper in the world.

This is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest man-made structure on Earth. It may, in fact, be the modern-day Tower of Babel.

Ancient Babylon is more than just a civilization from our past; it symbolizes satanic ideology and serves as a powerful anti-life emblem. The power elites and the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) align with these symbols to achieve nihilistic materialism through blood cult practices. Their goal is total global control via the alien invasion of the planetary stargate system. Our current global financial system stems from this era of alien invasion in Sumeria and Egypt, where Babylonian black magic controlled the money supply. This system rewards Controllers, ensuring that the majority of resources remain with the Power Elite alien hybrid lineages practicing Saturnian blood cults or human blood sacrifice rituals.

So, has this mentality carried over into the elitist playground of the world? Is Dubai the modern-day Babylonia? I pose this question to you.

The Burj Khalifa was built similarly to the Tower of Babel, both featuring a spiral staircase design all the way to the highest point.

The early Sumerians conceived the Tower of Babel as a symbol of their rising nation's self-confidence. Building the tower was intended to challenge God, who, in their perspective, could only be confronted face-to-face once physically reached. This powerful myth tells us that there came a time when God saw the tower as a threat to His status by a people speaking one language.

Dubai's Burj Khalifa, like the Tower of Babel, symbolizes humanity's relentless pursuit of power and control, challenging the natural order and divine principles. This skyscraper stands as a modern testament to our ongoing struggle with pride, ambition, and the quest for dominance.

The Dubai Frame. This architectural marvel not only symbolizes Dubai's rapid development but also serves as a powerful conduit for cosmic energies and timeline alterations.

The Concept of the Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame offers visitors a journey through time on three different levels: Old Dubai, Present Dubai, and Future Dubai.

Old Dubai

On the ground floor, a museum narrates the story of Dubai's development through immersive presentations spanning decades. Utilizing 3D technology and imagery, these presentations provide an engaging experience. From the mezzanine level, visitors step into Old Dubai, where projections, mist effects, smells, and motion create an immersive mood setting, transporting them back in time.

Present Dubai

As visitors ascend, they transition into Present Dubai, viewing the city’s current landscape from a breathtaking vantage point. The panoramic view from the top frame allows one to witness Dubai’s transformation from a modest fishing village to a futuristic metropolis.

Future Dubai

The journey culminates with Future Dubai, where interactive displays and advanced technologies showcase visionary projects and the city's potential future developments.

The Ley Line of Power

A powerful inner city ley line runs through several key structures in Dubai, connecting the Tower of Power (Burj Khalifa), the Dubai Frame, the financial center, and the Gate Tower. This activated ley line serves as the major energetic pathway within the inner city.

This brings me to an intriguing question: Are the time fields constructed differently in Dubai? Psychically, I perceive portals opening to both ancient and future global timelines, more so than most grid areas or locations. This unique characteristic may be influenced by the equatorial force.

The Symbolism of the Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame itself seems to symbolically represent these open time loop cycles into the past and future. It might even be the key to understanding how Dubai was able to construct its artificial islands, harnessing these temporal energies.

Crystal Sands and Kaleidoscope Frequencies

Beneath the sands of Dubai, I envision a high diamond crystal architecture. It's as if the city sits atop a massive crystal, creating a planetary looping time cycling field—like a sands of time vortex with crystal sands. This configuration opens up a kaleidoscope frequency power star core vortex into the next universe.

Yes, I definitely sense next-universal portals opening here. Dubai, with its unique blend of ancient wisdom and futuristic ambition, serves as a pivotal point in the cosmic grid, influencing not just our timeline but connecting us to universal energies and dimensions beyond our current understanding.

The Enigmatic Artificial Islands of Dubai

Land Reclamation: Necessity and Ambition

Land reclamation is typically undertaken when a country lacks the space to grow its population. It's an expensive and risky endeavor, and many countries, including Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, and North Korea, have engaged in it out of necessity. However, this process comes with significant risks, as these artificial lands are vulnerable to earthquakes and major weather events that could potentially return them to the ocean.

In Dubai's case, it's different. These islands are highly protected, likely funded and guarded by powerful elites and black nobility leagues. Dubai, with its strategic location, traverses significant geopolitical and economic networks, including those linking India and the UK. This positioning makes it a prime candidate for weather control and manipulation, possibly ensuring perfect oceanic conditions to sustain these islands for longer periods.

Weather Modification and Billion-Dollar Investments

To protect their massive investments, it is plausible that the higher-ups in Dubai are utilizing weather modification tactics. These billion-dollar projects, which take over six years to build, need constant monitoring and manipulation to ensure their longevity. The stakes are incredibly high, given the financial and symbolic importance of these islands.

Islands in Myth and Literature

Islands have always held a special place in myth and literature, symbolizing both beauty and danger. Carl Jung, with his profound intuition, grasped the significance of islands as both scenic and potentially entrapping. Island inhabitants often develop a unique identity, viewing newcomers as intruders. Islands, detached from the mainland, can become places where morality breaks loose, as depicted in the famous novel "Lord of the Flies."

Islands also have a funerary and eschatological quality, serving as final resting places that symbolize transformation. Legendary examples include the island of Avalon. Time flows differently on islands, making them places torn out of the conventional time-space continuum. Odysseus's experience on Ogygia with the nymph Calypso is a perfect example of this timeless entrapment.

Dubai's Artificial Islands: A Modern Atlantis?

Dubai's artificial islands are a modern marvel, but they shouldn’t exist. These islands represent extreme alterations to the natural landscape and waters, making their long-term sustainability a challenge. However, they exhibit a futuristic longevity that defies natural laws.

The islands, including the famous Palm Jumeirah, were built by moving tons of rock and sand, often acquired by blasting other parts of the earth, possibly neighboring mountains. These massive projects have changed ocean currents and warmed waters, contributing to global warming. Industrial waste discharge has devastated marine life and coral reefs. While Palm Jumeirah is active with residents and buyers, other island projects remain dormant.

Hazardous Grid Zones and AI Domination

This grid zone in Dubai is hazardous to organic life. The basic elements of water and earth have been drastically altered, creating a space dominated by AI robots and CGI cloud technologies that build artificial skies and worlds within worlds. To restore balance, we must tap into pure and genuine organic resources far from this area, as the crystal power here might be hijacked by negative forces.

Dubai's artificial islands seem to emulate Atlantis. The entrance to the first Palm Island features the Atlantis resort, considered a Dubai icon. The centerpiece of this park is a Mesopotamian temple, tying together elements from Atlantis, Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, and Babylon.

Dubai, with its blend of ancient wisdom and futuristic ambition, is a pivotal point in the cosmic grid. It connects us to universal energies and dimensions beyond our current understanding, making it a place of both opportunity and caution.

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This video was eventually cut off and shut down via youtube so here is the second half to the video: Cosmic Grid Update DUBAI Continued! The Mukaab, The Line, the 5 Billion Dollar Moon Resort, Devil Horn Hospital! Click on Picture Below:

The Hidden Agendas of Dubai

Dubai, a city that presents itself as a beacon of modernity and progress while harboring deeper, more intricate motives.

The Facade of Religion and Power

Dubai projects an image of a devout Muslim city, but beneath this facade lies a strategic alignment with Western Zionist powers. The true goal appears to be undermining Islam from within, while covertly supporting Israel. Many of Dubai’s elite, cloaked as members of the Muslim Brotherhood, act as agents provocateurs for the Illuminati.

The Real Muslim Brotherhood

The real Muslim Brotherhood, distinct from these agents, maintains a stance of non-violence and secrecy. They are not involved in the business of killing and destruction but are secretive bankers and financiers. These individuals come from old Arab families with long genealogies that place them among the oligarchic elite, linked through intelligence to European black nobility and British oligarchy.

The World Willy Wanka Summit

In March 2022, Dubai hosted the World Willy Wanka Summit, supported by the United Arab Emirates’ elites. This event saw the gathering of global elites, operating at a world government level, furthering their agendas under the guise of global cooperation and progress.

Cloaked Alliances and Secretive Agendas

Dubai’s elites maintain a dual role: publicly supporting Islamic values while secretly aligning with Western interests. These clandestine alliances serve to advance the interests of the global elite, manipulating religious and political narratives to maintain control and power.

The Role of Dubai in Global Politics

Dubai serves as a nexus point where East meets West, and where traditional values intersect with modern ambitions. Its strategic geographical location and economic prowess make it an ideal ground for these covert operations. The city’s rapid development and futuristic aspirations mask the deeper, more esoteric activities that align with global elite agendas.

The Influence of Black Nobility and Oligarchies

The connection between Dubai's ruling elite and European black nobility cannot be overlooked. This ancient alliance drives many of the city's policies and its role on the global stage. The influence of these oligarchic families extends beyond mere financial control; it reaches into the realms of spiritual and cultural manipulation.

The Hidden Hand

Behind the visible prosperity and growth of Dubai lies the hidden hand of these ancient oligarchies. They operate behind a curtain, orchestrating events and shaping the city’s destiny in alignment with broader, more sinister goals.


Dubai, a city of contrasts, stands at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, of East and West. Its public image as a progressive Muslim city belies the intricate and secretive agendas of its ruling elite. As we continue to explore these hidden dynamics, it becomes clear that Dubai’s role in global politics is far more complex and far-reaching than it appears.

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