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Cosmic Grid Update: The Kaaba IRIDIUM based Stargate, Desecrated Temples in India

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

This is what I have been up to this month!

Today we are gonna dive a little deeper into another location that I have been seeing to be another Anunnaki Stargate site. As we are still in the thick of Orion season until the Summer Solstice, so why not guys? So much more is being revealed through the stargate of Aden. It was like pandoras box. Which literally means, the source of endless complications or endless findings. I defiantly keep finding more and more, a treasure chest of Niburian truth.

So I have talked about The Gulf of Aden- the underwater stargate running project blackwater, secret space programs, and travel operations of running Orion Nibiru royals possibly to and from the Ark of the Covenant (that’s located through the Gulf of Aden and in the very reachable lands of Ethiopia), to and from the technology facilities in the Sinai peninsula, Saudi Arabia (the mountain of Moses) (the original lands of the Anunnaki), to and from the temple mount (the Annunaki stargate).

Which I’m seeing now the Temple Mount may just be a smokescreen- which I will explain...

Also, to and from this other Annunaki stargate. That may be the real core generating stargate, that I have not yet mentioned in any of my other videos.

Essentially, I’m starting to see how and why this entire Red Sea is just hyper-charged energetically. Nowhere like it literally in the entire world.

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This stargate is The Kaaba, the cube in Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

You may say how can this be a stargate?

I say it’s a stargate because for one, its core foundation is based with Iridium.

A supreme metal in the platinum families, it’s a metal found in meteor-rites and is highly extraterrestrial and designed to open gateways between 3D and 13D spectrums and beyond.

You can actually ingest this metal for higher consciousness, which I did not know until the other day. You can purchase it in a liquid form and it’s said if you consume it your lucid dreams are 100x more vivid and it’s said to be stronger than consuming white liquid gold.

It's considered a superconductor of the cosmos.