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Cosmic Grid Update: The Kaaba IRIDIUM based Stargate, Desecrated Temples in India

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

This is what I have been up to this month!

Today we are gonna dive a little deeper into another location that I have been seeing to be another Anunnaki Stargate site. As we are still in the thick of Orion season until the Summer Solstice, so why not guys? So much more is being revealed through the stargate of Aden. It was like pandoras box. Which literally means, the source of endless complications or endless findings. I defiantly keep finding more and more, a treasure chest of Niburian truth.

So I have talked about The Gulf of Aden- the underwater stargate running project blackwater, secret space programs, and travel operations of running Orion Nibiru royals possibly to and from the Ark of the Covenant (that’s located through the Gulf of Aden and in the very reachable lands of Ethiopia), to and from the technology facilities in the Sinai peninsula, Saudi Arabia (the mountain of Moses) (the original lands of the Anunnaki), to and from the temple mount (the Annunaki stargate).

Which I’m seeing now the Temple Mount may just be a smokescreen- which I will explain...

Also, to and from this other Annunaki stargate. That may be the real core generating stargate, that I have not yet mentioned in any of my other videos.

Essentially, I’m starting to see how and why this entire Red Sea is just hyper-charged energetically. Nowhere like it literally in the entire world.

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This stargate is The Kaaba, the cube in Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

You may say how can this be a stargate?

I say it’s a stargate because for one, its core foundation is based with Iridium.

A supreme metal in the platinum families, it’s a metal found in meteor-rites and is highly extraterrestrial and designed to open gateways between 3D and 13D spectrums and beyond.

You can actually ingest this metal for higher consciousness, which I did not know until the other day. You can purchase it in a liquid form and it’s said if you consume it your lucid dreams are 100x more vivid and it’s said to be stronger than consuming white liquid gold.

It's considered a superconductor of the cosmos.

And, interestingly, I kept hearing the word Iridium in my mind over and over for the last month and I finally stopped and looked deeper into it. This metal sits smack dab in the center of the periodic table as well, and spiritually if anything is in the middle you know that is of spiritual importance.

Our Anunnaki forefathers were the divine alchemists and gifted humanity with the recipes of these elixirs that are long forgotten even by the most evolved modern spiritualist.

Moses himself was full of white liquid gold as he wrote the commandments. And maybe they were on more, maybe the huff and the puff was over Ormus while they secretly crafted and fine-tuned and ingested the powers of platinum metals- iridescent objects of cosmic power.

I say this is also a stargate because this is the most sacred site in Islam, the house of God to Allah. The most active collective reinforcement and participation of spiritual quantum technologies are taking place here more than anywhere else on the planet. Where every face of the black rock is prayed to by 1 billion-plus Muslims 5x a day. Where every mosque globally built-in the timelines after the Al-Aqsa Mosque construction faces the Kaaba directionally, so all prayers are sent in its direction, even the mosques sitting on top of desecrated Hindu temples in India are pointing towards the Kaaba.

All of the mosques built before the Al-Aqsa-mosque face towards the ancient city of Petra which is supposedly the true birthplace of Mohammed.

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You can see the black cube (picture above) where the geometry they are running here is called squaring the circle, and the construction of this geometry makes it almost impossible in being transcendental because anyway you do the math on the archeology it cannot be constructed in a finite number, and does not follow the golden ratio. So its properties are said to create irrationality and continued fraction. This is interesting to notate as we dive deeper into this discussing its chain links to the Saturn moon matrix.

It was originally built by Abraham himself and his firstborn son, Ishmael- who was the forefather to Adnan, who was the forefather to Mohammed. “Islams prophet”.

So think about that Abrahams firstborn son was the forefather to the first Abrahamic religion, Islam. That in itself holds weight, because you know what comes energetically with being the firstborn son. A different agenda of dynastic power and responsibility is placed on the firstborn son. Especially, if the Ishmaels carry the highest percentage of eagalain Anunnaki DNA. I kept thinking why do Muslims feel so entitled to places like the temple mount, to the Giza pyramids? Well, it’s encoded in their 1st generation descendant of the infamous biblical staples in history. Today, Islam is the second-largest religion in the world. 1.8 billion people practice this and it makes up 24 percent of the population worldwide.

Shia Muslims are about 10-13 percent of this in Iran, Pakistan, India, and Iraq. These are the extremists and the ones that are more violent in their practice. Sunni Muslims are 87-90 percent of this worldwide. So, it’s interesting to notate that the Shia Muslims are in India. Considering the massive temple desecration that they have been under since the medieval Muslim conquest of the Indian subcontinent. Beginning in the 8th-century AD up until current days. I just watched a news update in India where 3 goddess Sita temples were destroyed. It breaks my heart because I’m very connected to Lakshmi and her avatars and it was almost as if I felt the tearing down of the temple in my stomach. How sickening this is. They say over 60,000 temples have been demolished under Muslim rule. These are attacks that are not just on the temples, but back in the ancient timelines, it would be Muslim kings who would come and ransack the temples for jewels and gold, take all they had to offer, slaughter the villages of sometimes up to over 50,000 people, tear down the temples, and then build a mosque on top of it.

So not only destroy it but then piss on it too and convert it to their religion. They say this ongoing temple ransacking is the bloodiest story ever to exist in history, the extreme severity is beyond any other countries record-keeping of ethnic cleansing. I realized this is really over killing idols. Monotheism vs Polytheistic beliefs. They don’t like idols because they give people secret hidden spiritual immunity, kinda like the game of survivor, so they attack the most tangible form of that immunity and that is the temple of the idol.

This is the exact act on earth on a spiritual level that’s fueling angelic wars. The seraphim vs the Elohim.

The hijacking of the seraphim identity by the Aquila nations.

More like tragedies of the seraphim.

And I’m not saying that harmonious co-existing, and peaceful vibes are not playing out between the exchanges of the people there, but the temple desecration is a real underlying problem in India.

I believe the guru Sadhguru has spoken about this several times.

The temple mount in Jerusalem...I have seen that this is an 18-dimensional stargate with 18 materialized gates, with another 18 in the anti-particle aspects of...

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Abraham has been described as representing primordial man in universal surrender to the divine reality before its fragmentation into religious separation from each other by the difference in form occurred. The secret of Abraham was that he was an Enlil priest, an enlil-lite. The three Abrahamic religions descended under the Aquila template descended from one-half of the brother-in.

In greek mythology Enlil, he was equivalent to Zeus with Aquila- the bird that carried his lighting bolt. Enlil-he was represented in the form of an eagle, while Enki was represented in the form of a serpent.

So I have always intuitively felt that Enki went to birth the nations of India, where the ancient original serpent cults dwelt or somehow someway he descended genetically from deep southern ancient Indian culture from the heavens. Given his primordial essence may have been Shiva- and given that the Vedic text pre-date the Sumerian clay tablets. Indus Valley is said to pre-date Sumerian civilization by 2500 years. His cult was originally in Mesopotamia- the books say. Somehow someway his essence was Anunnagi, meaning serpent. Enki also embodied the Square of Pegasi, so he quickly may have spread throughout the lands given the cosmology of Pegasi is to explore and quickly expand into new territory.

Enlil birthed Saudi Arabia.

If you follow each country’s pagan polytheistic gods and idols you can see how their encryption rings through the idols, temples, and mosquitos in which their staples were tied into the fabric. Now I say Saudi Arabia and not Iraq, which was where the ancient Sumerian story was because, for one, the story of Adam and Eve. The Kaaba- the black cube goes back to Adam, when he was banished from the garden of Eden he was filled with sin. He was given a black stone to erase his sin and allow him to enter back into heaven. This ties into the black cube. Saudi Arabia also goes into the true origins of Muslims, all mosques pre-dating the al-Aqsa-mosque originally point to the ancient city of Petra.

Saudi Arabia also would be where the Annunaki originally landed in their ships. So was the original sin… in Saudi Arabia?

And I recently read a new book called…

The universe from Anunnaki to Islam…Are they connected? God chronicles part 1. Where this scholar and the author states that the Quran is the closest religious text in agreement to the Sumerian texts. Which I find is all very interestingly connected.

The Muslim's/Islamic's are hybridized Sirian, Anunnaki, Draco, and Aquilan.

With Aquila, the eagle being the primary badge it wears, in the military, everything in the way this is implemented. They operate globally the most current running centralized intelligence that has access to Atlantean crystal generators and inverted quantum funnels into 1st-dimensional planetary fields, they strong-hold the earth’s top 3 most powerful stargates on earth, they have earth’s race morphogenetic field technology and dominate architectural and landmass control over houses of idols. The gates here at Kaaba are running multiple intentful/strategic directional operating systems and underlying tactics of spiritual global dominance. But primarily the technology here also follows the theme of a counter-clockwise spin, at the gate, just like the 18 counter-clockwise gates at the Temple Mount. Because thousands and millions of Muslims circle this cube 7 times in a counter/anti-clockwise motion.

This is a massive active collective generated quantum. Generating systems to the core functionality of the Aquilan grid, with high hive polymorphic collective technologies to aim that quantum into what’s called the great circle or the inner earth’s sphere, or the race morphogenetic field of the planet. This inner earth’s sphere is the form holding thumbprint of the planet. That is comprised of supreme periodic chemistry, templates of conscious light, and microcosmic identity that serves what consciousness will manifest on this planet in collective reality fields. That's why it is so important to know who and what is controlling it to the highest percentage on earth.

This stargate may be one of the most powerful stargates on earth besides the Temple Mount and Giza Egypt.

But even more than that, the temple mount and Giza Egypt may just be for show. That the real core generator is the Kaaba.

This message is for you Orion starseed because there is an open (Sea-Gate) Orion Stargate that has opened with high military Navy Seal involvement, in the Gu...

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