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Vatican's Hall of Decapitated Heads, 5D Reversal Stargate Mechanics, City of Rome Labyrinth and Seal

I have been in Rome for about a week and a half now, and I have managed to get up to the Vatican twice and several other locations. I have been observing, documenting, and taking several notes of what I am finding as I feel more into the energies here. I have also been filming my scenes for my Medusa head re-attachment assignment in the Vatican, the Colosseum, Palatine hill, and the Garden's of Tivoli so I have been very busy. I just wanted to say thank you to anyone who may be waiting on me for a reading or session you have booked with me for your patience and understanding. Much appreciated and come January I should be getting back onto my normal routine. I also couldn’t believe how fitting in so many ways the Vatican was for my shots in the Medusa piece. The amount of decapitated heads in there is insane~ this theme seems to run all the way to the Garden's of Tivoli. I’m going to tell you guys all about that or please see my latest update.

Each time I have returned from the Vatican, I have had to rest immediately, feeling an intense and severe fatigue come through and wipe me out completely, and the fatigue is so extreme I barely make it to the bed. My body is definitely struggling with the density it is integrating. There is a magnetic imprint field here that feeds off your energy field somewhat aggressively. I have dealt with jet lag and difficulties adjusting to timezones before, but this is something very wicked and overwhelming. In the Vatican, there are disturbances in your vibration, and you feel rushes of anger, agitation, irritability, time disorientation, confusion, and bereavement and dispossession. All the meanwhile, your energy is leaving your body. As soon as I get back, and as I go into my dream space I am immediately being attacked in the astral. I have been being attacked by an astral group of nuns cults that are producing nurseries for sacrifice. They come in and search my body, my belongings and try to force me to get rid of things. I have been talking out loud in my sleep, screaming, and crying through my dreams. Having regular sleep paralysis and disturbances. The energy is very lucid and sits in the center of your chest, putting lots of pressure on your lungs. My lungs out of all my organs are struggling the most to adjust to this 5D Reversal Stargate. The Lung also houses a particular aspect of the spirit, called the po, the corporeal spirit. This part of the ethereal spirit that is bound to the external world- so this gives you some idea on what is being infiltrated at the highest level in the body and spirit when it comes to this gate system. The Lung plays the role of minister within the body, advising and protecting the Heart, the priestess/priest. So this reversal gate works to break down what is protecting the heart. I have been observing and documenting and taking several notes of what I am finding as I feel more into the energies here.

I want to say guys do not worry about me. I am very strong. I was born to take on missions like this. This is very transformational at the same time and I have trust and faith aligned to the highest and the most divine that I’m supposed to be here and doing this work.

But ultimately understanding the mechanics of the 5th dimensional reversal Stargate is something that is very important to me, and my body shows me how it works essentially. So all this that I'm going through is not just for nothing.

Reversal gate means an anti- christ or anti-life vacuum that funnels energy into larger mechanical beast machines that serves planetary hijacking devices from the rod and staff and open up into fantom systems and fallen realms. Something that they clearly display in the Vatican with a large golden globe cut into like gears they place inside the core.

The core global reversal gate is at the Vatican itself- that extends in a parameter around the area. Built into Vatican Hill and plugs into the Vatican museum at different points to funnel energy from travelers/tourist from all over the world~ with high levels of tourist, they can funnel and feed off of energetically through spiritual deception and Yeshua retaliation. Running loop cycles of video’s of a perceived perception of a pope that actually doesn’t exist. Showing and depicting spiritual enslavement propaganda. Everyone is wearing masks and hiding alterior motives. The vatican Hill is harboring layers like a trifecta, of underworld cities that stretch through all of Vatican City all the way to the Pope’s “home” in Castel Gondolpho. This all extending from the necropolis, cemetery, and graveyards that is running off of the ancient pagan energies here as another one of their power sources from the necropolis. Which they are using multiple power sources such as the pharaonic energy from ancient Egypt.

The guardian of this necropolis was the Etruscan goddess V-a-t-i-k-a (sometimes spelled Vatica). She was the goddess of the Underworld, and it was her duty to watch those who had passed away. This name Vatika, also called Vaticanus or Vaginatus, later came to mean the Latin, Vagina, that is, the female reproductive organ. Vatika had a symbol on the forehead a red diamond- that symbolized fertility.

The goddess Vatika is the original goddess of this land and Vatican hill represents the root chakra of the feminine dragon, the root chakra of the divine mother’s power. And that Vatika is the true pagan energy behind the Black Madonna energy and that even the Vatican attaining Medusa’s head is a symbol of attaining and withholding the power used for Catholism in the great hijacking of the Mother Mary. In so many misogynistic ways and archontic deception tactics and strategies. Somehow the chopping of Medusa’s head is an offering to Vatika to the goddess of the underworld collecting souls. Now there is also another goddess energy I think they feed off of here too, and someone Brought this up in the comments so thank you for that. But, that is Lamia, in ancient Greek mythology, was a child-eating monster and, in later tradition, was regarded as a type of night-haunting spirit (daemon). In the earliest stories, Lamia was a beautiful queen of Ancient Libya- just like Medusa. Who had an affair with Zeus. Medusa having an affair with Poseidon. Upon learning this, Zeus's wife Hera robbed Lamia of her children, the offspring of her affair with Zeus, either by kidnapping or by killing them. The loss of her children drove Lamia insane, and in vengeance and despair, Lamia snatched up any children she could find and devoured them.

Because of her cruel acts, her physical appearance changed to become ugly and monstrous. Zeus gave Lamia the power of prophecy and the ability to take out and reinsert her eyes, possibly because she was cursed by Hera with insomnia or because she could no longer close her eyes, so that she was forced to always obsess over her lost children.

They invert these goddess energies to feed their nursery necropolis, pedophilia, and child sacrifice that is in many of the paintings through out the Vatican museum and Sistine chapel. This is also heavily depicted at the Garden's of Tivoli, which is a Cardinal home in the mountains of Italy. That is truly an Athena Cult, where they enslave the Fluer de Lys implant upon the Vestal Virgins, and depict strong symbolism of the killing of the mythical creatures and elementals. Please See my update below with Felix Hyde at the Garden's of Tivoli.

Now Zeus’s energy you can really feel at the Pantheon, when I was in there the first thing I said was the place feels like it has been struck by lightning. I could feel anger and force of power. Surely I went and looked up if the Pantheon has been struck by lighting, and it has been recorded that it has. Now, I know some have told me that the reversal stargate was moved to Malta, and I wouldn’t doubt a new connecting portal exist there, but I don’t think this one here is collapsed. And I will explain why.

I have seen several reversal portal networks extending across the country of Italy entirely as there are other city’s that have heavily adopted to Roman Catholic Churches energy. Cities such as Assisi, San Giovanni Rotondo, Padua, Pompeii. I think the reversal gate systems are just expanding to other places. I also think there are dynamic structure systems of smaller reversal gates at other points through out the city of Rome. As they are still running the sexualized planetary phalax energy. The obelisk network. This one seems to extend across the city into the 13 obelisk Network. There are 13 main Obelisks in Rome. 8/13 where taken from Ancient Egypt from Ramses the 2nd, from Heliopolis, originally made during the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh Thutmose III, and 2 were taken from the goddess Isis temples. You can see the Egyptian hieroglyphs all down the sides of them, and can feel the presence of ancient Egypt very strongly here in Rome. They are put there like stakes in the earth and they are directing or being directed, with a certain grid or frequency that's not in this dimension. I'm seeing that there are frequencies that are being used in the antiparticle inter-dimensional planes