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Chakra Clearing Class ~ Winter Solstice

Christmas Chakra Clearing Party 2023!

  • 5 hours
  • 111 US dollars
  • USA

Service Description

This is a smaller Zoom holiday party that I ultimately wanted to be able to do last year when I was visiting Rome, but I fell sick with the la cu-caracha/plague. This year, I want to offer our community to come together during the primary gateway of the Winter Solstice. Come and Drink some Eggnog, Tea, or Hot Cocoa with our galactic family! Let’s get into the current philosophies, beliefs, and deeper meaning of Christmas ~ going into Saturnalia, Saturn worship, original pagan traditions, and the Roman Empire's influence on Christmas beliefs. A more profound discussion that I think can help vent some frustrations around corruption, superficial collective focus, and materialism during the holidays and find like-mindedness and support. As I know, it can be difficult for many of us to feel like we are in between worlds during the holidays, bound by the desires of our loved ones as we continue to break free from the ever-dissolving limiting matrices/implant systems built inside us from the frequency fences and artificial timelines superimposed upon us. Then let’s work on those Chakras on the micro-multi-dimensional level! Talking about how to best clear your own, more profound levels of understanding dimensions/bio-energetic anatomy and how to facilitate chakra clearings for friends & clients. This will be offered as a two-part Zoom session and chakra-clearing class on the Winter Solstice. Group Discussion and Class will be held 12-21-2023 @3PM/CST and 6PM/CST

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  • United States

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