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The Grids of the United States, July 4!

Please Join Our Team for this Powerful Gridwork Mission on July 4th at 11 AM/CDT!!

  • 3 hr
  • 44 US dollars
  • USA

Service Description

Join Our Gridwork Mission for July Focus: The Grids of the United States Event Details: Date: July 4, 2024 Time: 11 AM CDT Mission Duration: Early morning session, so you can still enjoy the BBQ and fireworks in the evening if you wish! Mission Objective: Our mission this month is to tackle some of the deepest wounds inflicted by colonization and the ongoing victim-victimizer programs that have affected the United States for centuries. This work is crucial as many of us, along with our ancestors, have integrated significant trauma on these lands. Why This Mission is Important: Healing Historical Wounds: Addressing the trauma passed down through generations from the time of colonization. Clearing Negative Programs: Removing victim-victimizer dynamics that persist in the collective consciousness. Celebrating True Freedom: Shifting the focus of Independence Day from excess and superficial celebrations to a deeper, more meaningful reclamation of freedom and progress. Amplifying Voices: Emphasizing the importance of maintaining and expanding the freedoms we still have, including our freedoms of speech and the right to bear arms. Mission Plan: Early Morning Session: We will begin our gridwork at 11 AM CDT, focusing on key areas with significant historical impact. Major Descending Cities: Start with cities that have been most affected by negative energies and work towards the capital. Capital Awakening: Initiate a massive grid awakening in Washington D.C., symbolically represented by the spirit of the freedom dove. Personal Connection: This mission is particularly meaningful as it resonates deeply with the significance of July 4th—a day often overshadowed by excessive partying and alcohol consumption, which is not what the true spirit of America is about. By engaging in this gridwork, we aim to reclaim the essence of Independence Day, celebrating the small freedoms we still have and expanding consciousness on the land of opportunity. Call to Action: Let's come together to clear this corruption and initiate positive change! Whether you're passionate about healing historical wounds or ensuring a brighter future, your participation in this gridwork mission is vital. Join us for this transformative session and contribute to a greater collective healing. Together, we can create a profound impact and awaken the true spirit of freedom and progress in the United States.

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