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About Me


Welcome to my About Section, my Human name is Amanda Jane DeMarco, and my Ascended identity is IndigoAngel. This would be the higher aspect of my soul that has Transcended my humanism within and has become an Angel Incarnate on Earth. I am a Mid-Way Portal Receiver/Transmitter to the Galactic Code of Quantum Mathematical Geometric Electro-Magnetic Tonal Radial Photonic Elemental Spectrum Light & Sound Frequencies of the Original Krystallah Orders. That Absorb, Transmit and Reflect through all 12 Dimensions of Consciousness within Physical Matter and the Human Body. I was Chosen and Encoded through Rigorous Ascension Cycles, and Higher Density Light Intelligences to Deliver Humanity Messages, and Transmit Frequencies Encoded through Stargate Alignments and Collective Wave Infusions of Solar-Lunar Celestial Synergistic Relationships.

I am a Gamma Indigo Child of the Indigo Grail Lines. I Ascended through the Arc of the Seraphim Elohim Original Angelic Order. 

I have Founded and Created IndigoAngel through Multi-Dimensional Celestial Awakening and Ascension Process's, that is being built upon my Future Timelines where I am to Someday Assist Hundreds and Thousands of People with Many Multi-Dimensional Facets of Awakening, from the Ground Core Rescue where I am to Implement Non-Profits for the Homeless, Mentally Abandoned, and Domestically Violated and Abused. Writing a Book to Teach the Methodology in Determining One's Celestial Origins According to the Moon, to Expand those who are ready into a New Level of Higher Conceptualizations of our Entire Human Existence. To then, Assist and Create Courses and Teach One on One all the way to Speaking in Front of Audiences of 100's who will Gather to Understand Celestial Consciousness. While Continuing to Create Quantum Galactic Visionary Content and Broadcastable Artwork that expands Consciousness fields and Regenerates Bio Energetic Systems. I am also to Create a Clothing Line with Strategic Galactic Encoded Labeling to Assist with more Mass Awakening through Mass Distribution to the Public of Higher Consciousness Symbolism who at some Point will Apply their Cosmic Inheritance as one does their Nationality or Religion in this Generation. My mission is big over the next 30 years, I am to maintain a high level of Precise Self Mastery, and Self Awareness to Achieve what I have seen truly only exists 10 years from now. 

I have always been Clairvoyantly Empathic since I was a Child, Angels and White Light Beings were how I Always Perceived a Reality I had No Frame of Reference for, when I was Young, these Energies would Always be with me, in a Visible Manifestation. I would also Develop Physical Symptoms of Others as if they were my own, so when my Grandmother had Arthritis, I would truly feel the Pain of the Ailment, I believed I had it too, and could not tell the Difference of Mine or Hers, as I felt all Pain in others very Deeply. But, I never knew how to talk about it or Express this to Anyone. I Recall being always consciously connected to my higher self since I was a child and remember seeing through Illusions, and Deceptions of all kinds, Adult Bribery, and Religious Belief from a very Young Age, since my Consciousness came into Memory around 3. As, I feel my soul fully integrated into my body by 4, and as soon as I felt my soul,  I was asking every question about who and what I am that you could think of. I questioned Adults, Priests, Teachers, and always felt like I was dialed into a higher knowing even more so than my elders. I constantly thought, "why do I not find the answers I seek?" "Why do I feel like I am seeing things no one else has the ability to talk about?" I would then come into a slow progression of the awareness of my awakening which I didn't realize at the time all of the "events" that had been thrusting me into an acceleration of my consciousness. Even threw having this higher knowledge as a child, I soon lost my connection to source energy and became lost in a dark world. As my family pre-disposition, life circumstances, experiences, and choices from age 14- 26, left me on a fast track to self-destruction in a big way, one that was towards the culmination point of what I would call "the death of me", as I came to a crossroads where I was playing Russian Roulette with Lucifer himself. I had accumulated 7 demons that ultimately kept me tied and knotting deeper into the blackest hole, my light could not escape. These catalysts thrust me into a low I could not shake, losing the love at the time for the only thing that kept me grounded to Earth, my children. I decided it was time to check out and cut myself up with a razor blade and popped enough pills to overdose naked in the shower. 


It's an interesting thing waking up from a suicide attempt and realizing your still here, realizing you didn't die, but all your pills and drugs got cleaned out of your place, realizing you now have open child protective services cases and oh yeah, you still wish you were dead!

That feeling took about 2 years to fully clear and to this day I still don't allow myself to have Razor Blades. I feel that parts of my soul left that night that I will never get back, parts and fragments of my soul did transcend through the tunnel of fire, the parts of me that wanted to die...did and what I was left within me when I came back to the physical was a descended form of angelic spirit that came into me to guide and work with me in a big way. 3 Weeks after my suicide attempt I went into a tattoo shop and put a dove on my left wrist, still having no reference points as to Christ descending in the form of a dove, I learned this much later. 


There was still so much healing to do on so many levels divorcing and surviving an extremely abusive marriage, escaping the constraints and re-defining boundaries in extremely manipulative toxic family dynamics, raising 3 daughters on my own, re-establishing my career, and re-building my life from square one. My spirit regressed to a child-like state as a coping mechanism from the amount of density I was clearing and I actually moved to another city by myself with my children to the city I remembered living in when I was a child. I feel I left treasures and healing in this town for me to come back and need to find. It was in this city that I would realize my awakening in its big revelation, in this city I found my soul again. 


But not without having to rebirth myself through immense rigorous cycles of physical body ascension. Through my dark knight of my soul, I essentially pushed my body to its breaking point, and my body began to break down, physically, cellularly from all of the damage, I caused drinking, drugs, and prescription pills. I essentially binged out for years, my daily routine up until my "attempt" was quite the drug cocktail. My body had enough, and the toxicity levels in my body began to manifest in the most intense cyclical symptoms. Every month I didn't know if I was going to make it as I felt I was actually rotting from the inside out, the accumulation of blood from my menstrual cycles would make me extremely sick, blurred vision, severe sweats, chills, inability to handle cold temperatures, sudden sickness and allergic reaction to anything with chemicals. I began feeling all energy exchanges in a very real physical way, my sensitivity to everything seemed to amplify and magnify. I essentially could really only see the emotional and spiritual exchanges that were happening, as the experiences were accompanied with physical pain and sickness if they were not pure exchanges, and it only increased in severity as my body worked through all the toxins and pollutants in my body. I felt like something was very wrong with my body, I felt like my endocrine or reproductive system completely went haywire. 


My first real aha moment that something was really up with my abilities to perceive spirit was when I was unpacking my belonging's and stopped for a minute to reflect holding a crystal vase. All of a sudden I was pulled into a dream-like state, lucid and etheric, it was then I received a powerful download that essentially revealed to me explanations of everything that had happened up until that point from a very expanded perspective, almost as if I already was the entirety of my entire life, and already was instantly granted the knowing to everything, through what I felt were higher harmonics of angelic tones. It was a rush of intense emotions, hysterically crying, and believing, praying, and sobbing to God. The experience left me on my knees and in awe of the union of spirit inside me. It was within the next week that I felt the spirit of Mother Mary for the first time in my entire life enter inside of my body. I carried and walked in her essence for 2 weeks, walking differently, talking differently, and carrying a new immeasurable strength towards my children and for myself.


From that point forward I've gone through many spiritual transformational processes, embodying spirit, attuning to spirit, understanding spiritual dimensions and frameworks of reality, discovering more of my divinity, spiritual tests, and mastery on advanced levels of initiation. My thirst for knowledge became un-quenchable, my desire for my purity became prioritable.  I began to align with my soul purpose and was being pushed and directed by the universe to begin to implement the steps necessary to get the ball rolling. As the more, I embodied more of myself as source aspects, and the more I integrated more of myself as pure source light the more keys to the kingdom I was being given. I began aligning my work to my soul, my free time to my soul, and my intentions and desires to my soul. I began accessing 5th-dimensional consciousness and was aligning my life to match the vibration and frequency of this ascended timeline.


My Studies Include and are not Limited to; Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Biology, Occult Chemistry, Cosmology,  Astronomy, Astrology, Astrotheology, Celestial Mythology, Starseed Methodology, Kathara Technology, God Geometrics, 12-Dimensional Chakra System, 15-Dimensional Frequency Bands

My biggest consciousness expansion happened when I began accessing the galactic/quantum realms, as my ability to perceive source, clairvoyantly, clairaudiently, clairsentuously, and claircognitively seemed to be at a fractal level, sub-atomic yet simultaneously fully aware 360-degree range of everything within my consciousness field. I began receiving transmissions from stargate's themselves and equally scanning my blood internally visually and psychically hearing my blood speak. Through this expansion of my consciousness that sent me into the celestial realms, I feel I shed and placed in submission my humanism, as all of it's functioning and limitations became crystal clear. I was operating myself from an avatar level and even beyond from celestial states of cosmic intelligence. 


I am also thankful for all the teachers and wayshowers that came before me to assist my journey of Ascension with Understanding and Providing many different frameworks to reference and use as a guide. 


Participant of Lisa Transcendence Brown Mastery School, Voyager of Ashayanna Deane's Accelerated Bio-Spiritual Evolution Program. 


Please feel free to look at my Starseed Origin Chart for my Origins. Thank you, Namaste, Sat-Nam, Asalom-Shalom, Namah-Shivaya


Create Ripples and Waves through Eternity

  • Intuitive Galactic Reader

  • Global Planetary Grid Reader

  • Reiki Practitioner


​Studied Journey Through Reiki By Lisa Guyman

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