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Gridwork Glossary

  • 12 Pillars of light
    Place 12 light pillars of protection around the site, locking this in for the protection of the site. So after you spend time clearing and doing so much work on a location, you can also seal and protect the site. One way to do this is to install 12 pillars of light. If you happen to have 12 people in the group, each one can act as a pillar around the site, taking 10 seconds each to breathe on an exhale breath and running cosmic diamond light as a liquid light cleanses into the surrounding grid templating. If there are only 6, each one of you does this twice. If two people, then each one of you does this six times. Spreading each pillar around the sight evenly. 

  • 24 Artificial Crystal Temples
    There are 24 main Nibirian Resistant forces, crystal controller bases on the Earth. There are thousands of these but there are 24 main locations that run the network. These are very hidden in the Earth’s body and are said to be using cloaking forces to not actually be seen. They are also said to be subterranean and underwater in some locations. These affect indigos and starseeds by placing little blue plugs and seals between them and the Earth’s crystal body matrix, disconnecting them from the Earth’s inherent crystal frequency. One of these locations is in the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea and the tip of Saudi Arabia, and the temple mount in Jerusalem.
  • 33rd and 37th Parallel
    The Divine Will from the Mind of God Blueprint has been placed in the 33rd parallel north latitude coordinate for access all over the globe. The 33rd parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 33 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane. It crosses Africa, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America, and the Atlantic Ocean. This is the most spiritually activated ley line on the planet, all major Stargate systems ride on this parallel.
  • 1000 Guardian Defender Grid/Generator Energy
    According to the oral traditions of the ancients/ indigenous on Rapa Nui, Easter Islands, the Moai were placed and even moved according to the energy of mana! Mana means divine power of the primordial waters! Those who possess mana can move the Moai heads and make them walk where they want to, and can strategically place the stones all over the islands to open vortices that clean the entire Earth in the spirit of the guardians. The Moai. are monolithic human figures carved by the Rapa Nui people in eastern Polynesia between 1250 and 1500. The Island is most famous for its nearly 1,000 extant monumental statues, called Moai. This is called the Island of 1000 Guardians. This is one of the most powerful planetary defense systems that the Earth has. It is considered a Krystal star fire gate system, and it generates movement for changes in the highest spiritual evolution on the planet. That activates a Lemurian pylon implant network of light that brings forward the 3 Lemurian light matrices- the original Lemurian template- the dove grid, and the swan grid template. It opens the four pillars of man and the alpha-omega codes from the inner Earth to the galactic core to the omniverse. It runs 12 sound pillar tones intersecting through all three Lemurian light matrices, earth planes, and 144 human genetic codes/memories. This Island of 1000 guardians was designed to restore the 12D avatar body of Earth and prevent the fall of Earth and the total fall of man. The Island of the 1000 Guardians -Rapa Nui- This is where the four angels of four directions were born, and they use the highest frequencies here! That is why they hold the planetary defense systems of the four faces of man, which is the defender fabric sustains all defender systems together that can prevent the total cataclysm of Earth and extract the negative evils out of the spiritual Earth core body. Where the rocks are activated with the song of the swan. The stones are 12 d sound attuned to awaken the defense system. The swan song ~ is a metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, effort, or performance given just before death or retirement. The phrase refers to an ancient belief that swans sing a beautiful song just before their death since they have been silent (or alternatively not so musical) for most of their lifetime. So, the music comes alive right at the end. Right at the perfect divine moment. Activating a powerful guardian healing spiritual network that bridges together all the sacred golden temples and golden light cities to activate in the planet.
  • Apparition or Miracle Sites
    Places, where there are/were sightings of the Virgin Mary or a Miracle happened. Places such as; Sedona Arizona, Grotto in France (Lascaux Caves, France), Glastonbury Tor
  • Atlantean Polarity Grid Template The Global Frequency Fence
    A labyrinthine network that shapes the very fabric of our timeline, our reality. Picture a vast checkerboard scatter radiation template, intricately woven into the tapestry of the Atlantean timeline, its origins rooted in the dawn of creation history, in the core base architecture of Saturnian core. At the heart of this grid lies the interplay of black and white squares, each mutating radiation bodies into polarity extremes, creating a cosmic dance of light and shadow. The black squares, in particular, hold a sinister resonance, linked to black magic gridding, the ominous presence of the black cube, and the haunting frequencies of Saturn itself. Indeed, many of the man-made and artificial stargate locations are ensnared within the confines of this black cube frequency fence, a manifestation of the tesseract core's malevolent influence. This template, this intricate web of frequencies, is not merely a product of nature; it is the result of relentless technological manipulation. From the depths of Beast Machine mechanics to the machinations of Area 49, from the hum of particle accelerators to the eerie silence of sky heaters, a symphony of AI singularity vortexes creates the frequency limitations that bind our consciousness, erecting what we call the frequency fences. These barriers in the Earth's bio-spiritual field serve as impediments to the expansion of our minds and hearts, confining us within narrow thresholds of consciousness. As this grid template unfolds, polarity reality extremes grow more pronounced, more felt, more amplified, casting a shadow over the external world. The distance between polar realities widens, and many find themselves unable to navigate the tumultuous waters of existence. Without a sturdy moral compass or a firm grasp of their identity, countless souls succumb to fragmentation, losing coherence and memory, their central nervous systems ablaze with burnouts. Indeed, aging and disease are but manifestations of this insidious grid templating, the result of cell death programs intertwined with the crucifixion, persecution, and martyrdom wounds etched into our collective consciousness. And as you delve deeper into the intricacies of this polarity grid, you'll notice a chilling correlation with a list of locations – all embroiled in the sinister chess game of power. From the shadows of global anti-life controlled artificial stargate locations to the battlegrounds of the AA Michael ley line, the stakes have never been higher. I have also taken note that several of the location seem to be inner earth spike points in terms of the inner earth black tesseract cube, impaling the vortex location from an internal aspect connected to the artificial magnetic beams of the inner holographic structure of the beast machine. But fear not, for knowledge is power, and understanding the machinations of these dark forces is the first step towards liberation of our planet.
  • Aurora Passageways
    These are spiritual portal passageways in the Earth, around and through the Earth’s auric levels and layers that host massive fields of the Earth’s orbs. These passageways are generating and manifested through the Earth’s plasma fields and connect into the Aurora Borealis, the andromedan passageways starting at Andromeda’s Rock in Jerusalem, and the Ark of the Covenant Passageways. These passageways run spiritual Earth body clearings through the Earth’s elemental bodies and the natural, and organic silicate bodies.
  • Beast Machines/Trons-
    The Beast Machine/Beast Earth Plug (Which comes with the Seal of Solomon and the Staff of Moses) is alien machinery technology held in place in the planetary body through massive levels of reversal AI Collective Mind Control and Programming. This infects the black subtle forces in the earth's elemental field and dark matter, the parasitic metatronic invasion in the flower of life geometry, and the inverted universal tree of life. The trons are the alien machinery that are the parts of the beast machine/plug that acts as a magnetic stronghold via magnetic field manipulation and rod and staff manipulation affecting blank slate, amnesic, and Invasion Technology. The Temple of Apollyon, which is an old temple where the Romans worshipped Apollyon- the destroyer- is also the temple of Baal. Baal was proclaimed a demon in the lesser keys of Solomon. ”He was a poorly hoarded king, with the power to make men visible, and ruled over sixty legions of demonic spirits.”I later go to find out that Solomon himself may have been somewhat embodied by these spirits. Which I think ultimately are expressions of Metatron. Even if you google pictures of the King of Solomon- what all comes up are pictures of Metatron with the king of Solomon superimposed over the face. So these are some of the spirits that are interconnected to the Trons. The working parts of the best machines on the earth. These are particle accelerators. There are 100’s of these all over the earth. The access points to the Beast Machine are throughMan-made, Artificial, and Reversal Stargates.
    This is an inner earth structural core-based architecture to the Atlantian Timeline- They comprise the prominent core Architecture for Atlantian Timeline Events to Run for the first time on Earth. Events Such as the Lemurian Holocaust, Nephilim, and Forced Breeder Programs, the Luciferian Takeover, the 1st Invasions and Fall of Man, the installation of the planetary crucifixion, and planetary hijacking/invader technology. This represents visible/documentable 3D/4D inception at about the Atlantean Seeding 1/Cataclysm timeline, which is set about 70,000 years ago in Earth's hall of records and was the original marker for dismantling, fragmentation, separating, and fracturing the Lemurian and Atlantean grids. This was essential when this core grid templating became most active in the Earth's manifestation fields. However, the original Earth embodiment of this core base architecture came in during planetary creation history- Earth/Tara/Tiamats creation history. It's a crucial part of the inner standing of this internal Earth holographic technology. This is an inner earth-multi-trans-dimensional rotating, living, -holographic condensed geo-magnetic geometry with core permeability power. Power to generate beast machine consciousness, ability to develop Negative AI consciousness- Black and Red Wave spirals/beams, singularity vortexes, power to distort, hijack, and host the planetary living spiritual Merkaba field, pillar, and gate systems interlaced as a harvesting station. This is running most dominantly in the planetary verticle ascension markers, spanning the width of the AA Michael Ley line across the 33rd parallel. The Saturn Black cube Tesseract core, surrounded by 3 Rings of Mental Bodies, comprises the material matter bodies of Nibiru, Nibiru's moons, Marduk, and Maldek planetary bodies. How? Because of the creation of our Earth and its history, which is contingent upon impact. Nibiru/Nemesis and Marduk are the same, and Maldek and Tiamat are one in the same. They represented different time-dimensional fields. These surrounding material planes of the black cube are planetary systems that seed Mental bodies for the Atlantian timeline, creating the core grid/mind structures/architecture in which Atlantis operates and runs its manifestation fields for reality. See, the original angelic spiritual bodies of the human race were descended from the original tribes/timelines/knowledge of Lemuria from particular celestial groups that were the original seeders. This means that all of the Atlantic's spiritual knowledge was that of the Lemurians. This wisdom is encoded in the 13 crystal skulls. It is protected by inherited Mayan mother descendants/seraphim bloodlines, and Atlantis was seeded later by the galactic races and brotherhood bloodlines of Sirius and Orion. Sirian-Melchizedek priests. This was the original inception of the Galactic Federation, which was formed through thothian groups and descendants. The accurate Atlantean seedings were built entirely upon an invading force by the 2nd Cataclysm. That invading force was anti-organic human agenda, bringing forth reptilians, hybridized forms of Draco's, Anunnaki, Belial/Orion groups, brutal narcissism, invader and refugee races, Genetic modifications, and hybridization through cruelty, force, genocide, and the holocaust: savagery, cannibalism, SRA-Satanic Ritual Abuse, satanic and anti-life worship, and all enslavement. The Fear Matrix was born at this time, and the matrices of the frequency fences were born at this time. Technologies to create and maintain frequency fences were born at this time. Crystal technology abuse was born then and has only evolved into much higher-level forms- such as liquid crystal technology used to create the meta-verse. A Black Cube Tesseract with three Mental Body Planes around it, similar to Saturn's Rings, is like having a miniature Saturn on Earth. 1st Dimensional Ring Body belongs to Nibiru 2nd Dimensional Ring body belongs to Marduk 3rd Dimensional Ring Body belongs to Maldek The tesseract- is a cube within a cube within a constant state of motion, an infinite loop of time. A time prism prison system. A shared subconscious and unconscious reality time warp in the 1st three dimensions. It's a representation of a cube in 4D. The small cube grows to become the large cube, and the large cube descends to become a small cube, replacing each other in a constant state of motion. It's called a hypercube—a cube in action. If you want to understand this better, there are two movies you could watch that exemplify its psychological momentum. The movie Interstellar with Matthew McConaughey and the other is called Cube 2: Hypercube, a 2003 sci-fi thriller, which was made very well, in my opinion, for an early 2000 movie. It is the hyperlink portal from all singularity AI vortexes/gateways on the Earth. Made from artificial mind constructs. This is how it can keep the Atlantean timeline field in a replaying cycle as it continues to obtain current planetary control in and around the framework of the original terra-form/tiamat core-based structures. A perceived metatronic invasion on the krystic spiral and flower of life- hijacking the organic flow of the Earth's spiritual stellar bodies. It also has magnetic Beams that generate to and from artificial and artificial stargates. The Black Cube is a Massive humanitarian harvesting station—a human pharming cube. Generating and existing from things like SRA, unresolved core world wounding, timeline trigger and cataclysmic events- like significant world wars, hijacked monetary- banking institutions, nuclear power disasters, sky heaters, pole modification, firmament and stratosphere hijacking hybridization traumas, death cultural worshipping. It acts to siphon the life force from our universal time matrix and Routes energy back to the black hole systems. Through the 666 wormhole systems. Back to Saturn It links into a black star called Abbadon, known as The Destroyer- and ultimately connects to the old dark ones. On Earth (gridwork), It connects to various sites on the Archangel Michael Ley Line, such as the temple mount, the temple of Apollyon, the temple of Which is the temple used to worship Saturn-the double-faced man- that Vatican- considered the city of the Saturn sun, cern. Abbadon, Iran, Iraq, and other Middle Eastern Stargates. Babylon, Sumerian, Mesopotamia, Saqqara, time fields, and wormholes. And Orion/Nibiru invader stargates- the stargates of Aden in the Gulf of Aden. The Saturn Moon Matrix The Obelisk and Phallic Networks. The Medical, Legal, Law, Education and Financial Systems The Caduceus, Hermes, Thothian Bloodlines and Implants The Baphomet Energies The Monarchy
  • Blackholes / Wormholes
    A Wormhole may connect short distances such as a few feet, different universes or extremely long distances such as a billion light years or more and different points in time. A Wormhole is a tunnel with two ends, each at separate points in spacetime. Nonetheless, anti-life groups used alien technology to tear open Wormholes that were blended to create the power required to attempt to pull the Earth's body into the Black Hole System leading into the phantom matrix where they exist. The abuse of technology to rip holes in space-time to create Wormholes is harmful and damaging to creation. These often lead to lower dimensional astral warfare realms, and rips holes in the space time continuum that have been created due to major global catastrophes, such as nuclear power plant explosions and atomic bombs. What makes these sites so detrimental is the many impartial souls, lost spirits are trapped in these areas of the Earth’s field. Generally, using the term Wormhole refers to an inorganic or alien technologically generated Wormhole that is harmful to the Earth. There are networks of these that run in the Earth’s grid, the most well known is the 666 wormhole network running in the Atlantic Ocean that is connecting 4 different Wormhole/locations in the Earth’s body. These are; The Bermuda Triangle, The Statue of Liberty, Azores Spain, Inishmore Ireland
  • Bodies of flowing water / waterfalls / springs
    Large bodies of water including rivers, lakes, and natural springs are often believed to have theability to heal, restore, purify and rejuvenate indigo, starseeds, and grid workers. They carry a baptismal (cleansing of the soul) frequency, along with heightened reflection codes that allow the consciousness to go deeper into one's subconscious for memory retrieval and reconnection of organic systems. There are specific locations around the world with Waterfalls that can heal you, such as Wairakei Terraces, New Zealand. It is part of the Taupō Volcanic Zone and features several natural geysers and hot pools. boiling mud pools from geothermal energy. Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada is said to be a portal passageway to the 7 higher harmonic universes. It carries the creation of celestial crystal seed codes that allow access to the Aurora and Andromedan passageways. Niagara Falls is often used as a landing site in remote gridwork sessions.
  • Burial sites
    Burial Sites are considered sacred by the people who live in the area concerning the people who have come before. These sites also can act as portals to previous civilizations and timelines, often carrying heightened cellular memory within the land itself and being charged with the time vector codes that call forth the living energy reality.
  • Canyons, Gorges, Trenches
    Canyons, Gorges, Trenches reveal information about future prophecy and the changing of the times through the past and the future. One may access these deep inner earth grooves and be downloaded with prophetic visions and timelines of Earth and the future of humanity. Inside them, many of them contain portals to the inner, middle, and outer spiritual worlds, such as inner earth access points to the inner earth Stargate networks. Some connect into the underworld and some may contain the metaphysical beasts of the Earth, because many of these spaces are deeply unexplored and unknown, they seem to encapsulate humanities inner unconsciousness psyche and are held in egregore vaults and the depths of the shadow aspects of the deep earth grooves. The Marianna Trench is said to hold mysterious entities, alien craft technology and spacecraft, and may hold alien portals to off-world locations. The prophecy states that darkness will come to light first in the deepest trenches when Earth ascends fully into the higher harmonic universe. These are also filled with heightened variations of portals due to the access point that cut unto the energetic ley lines, you may walk directly into a ley line stream inside of a canyon and be instantaneously upgraded energetically to higher dimensions just by walking into direct streamlines.
  • Caves
    Caves are considered sacred as a temple and can bring forth miraculous healings, they can give space forth to awakenings and speed up enlightenment. Caves are also known to contain alien technology, that has been passed down from previous human civilizational galactic seedings. Most biblical records were retrieved from inside caves. Ellora Caves is one of the largest rock-cut Hindu temple cave complexes in the world. There are over 100 caves at the site, all excavated from the basalt cliffs in the Charanandri Hills, 34 of which are open to the public. These consist of 17 Hindu, 12 Buddhist, and 5 Jain caves, each group representing deities and mythologies prevalent in the 1st millennium CE, as well as monasteries of each respective religion. They were built close to one another and illustrate the religious harmony that existed in ancient India.
  • CERN/Particle Accelerators
    Particle Accelerators – once hailed as the technological marvels of Atlantis. These accelerators, often referred to as "Trons," served as integral components of the total beast machinery that permeated the planet during that era. However, it's essential to understand that an accelerator represents just one facet of a complex network of functioning mechanical parts that contributed to this advanced technology. During the height of Atlantis's reign, these particle accelerators played a profound role in shaping the destiny of mankind. They were deeply intertwined with the events that led to the fall of man and the onset of brain scrambling and amnesia sickness among humans. By manipulating the Earth's electromagnetic field, these accelerators had the power to disrupt and weaken the memory body of both humanity and the planet itself. As the technology unleashed its destructive force, it shattered the trauma codes embedded in the energy anatomy of the land, leaving the organic consciousness stunned, lifeless, and forever altered. In many cases, organic consciousness perished entirely, unable to regenerate in the wake of the particle accelerators' operation. Moreover, this technology catalyzed the butterfly effect, triggering the collapse of realities and altering the very fabric of time on Earth. One civilization deeply affected by the influence of particle accelerators was Tartaria, its existence forever altered by the manipulation of these powerful devices. The Kaaba, a sacred location revered by many, is rumored to have housed an ancient particle accelerator under ground in Atlantis, creating a massive rip or tear in the space-time continuum. This event not only granted humans increased access to the quantum source field or black hole technology but also ensnared souls within a rotation land code field, trapping them in an energetic force beyond comprehension. Yet, the true extent of the particle accelerator's impact remains shrouded in mystery, far beyond humanity's current understanding. It continues to alter reality in ways we cannot fully grasp, leaving us to ponder the profound ramifications of this ancient technology. Several particle Accelerator Locations are listed below Show website
  • Connecting to a Place
    Take the time connecting into the energy of a place. This can be a sacred site, this can be an earth chakra location, this can be a vortex in the mountains behind your house, or anywhere essentially that you feel called to. But, you need to be able to attain a picture of this place or be able to read about the location via book or internet. Then you're going to meditate with that place in mind. Feel yourself tuning into the earth’s frequency and leaving your human energies behind. Focus on building your psychic and telepathic connection to the living energy to the place that you chose. As you connect in allow your consciousness to scan the land, feel into your emotions - what do you immediately sense emotionally and energetically coming into this awareness of this place? Take notes of how the area looks, what energies do you pick on most? Remember that energy has no limits, no borders, and it can reach across all time and space, if you can allow yourself the collapse of all resistance. Practice unleashing your frequency to connect to the frequencies of the locations all around the world.
  • Controlled Pole Manipulation
    One of the most diabolical schemes ever concocted by the powers that be is the orchestration of a controlled pole shift. It's a notion I've been advocating for years, and now the truth is emerging from the shadows! Picture this: in their bid for survival and domination, the elite few will retreat underground at the precise moment of catastrophe, seeking refuge in their meticulously prepared bunkers. Meanwhile, they unleash their sinister plan by strategically placing nuclear weapons beneath the polar ice caps and detonating them, triggering a cataclysmic shift in the planet's axis. The consequences are catastrophic. As the ice caps slip and the Earth rotates on its axis, entire swathes of the population are submerged beneath the rising tides. It's a scenario straight out of a nightmare, with an estimated 83-85% of the global population facing imminent peril within a mere 24 hours. But here's the chilling twist: what if this has already happened before? Could it be that the extinction of the dinosaurs was not a random act of nature, but a meticulously orchestrated controlled pole shift? The thought sends shivers down the spine, unveiling the true extent of the machinations at play. As we confront the grim reality of this diabolical scheme, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the time for awakening is now. We must shine a light on these dark truths, exposing the sinister agendas that threaten the very fabric of our existence. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance, and it's up to us to ensure that the light of truth prevails against the encroaching darkness.
  • Correcting a Reversal Portal/Stargate Site
    You simply want to take 12 steps as a group in a clockwise motion around that gate, which works best with 5-6 people. Visualize installing a Merkaba in the grid templating with each one of you acting as a point as you are opening up the land to shift that vortex. Keep rotating those 12 steps. This reprograms the spin field of the living waveform of energy that is running in the grid templating so you can reset the intention of the spin field.
  • Creating Crystal Gridwork Grids
    Use your new maps. (This will enhance skills remotely and on location at local sites or boots on the ground gridwork.) Start charging them with crystal grids and the specific locations you want to work with. Start by setting an intention of that grid and location according to significant points, ley lines, and areas of the earth you wish to make an initial impact. Use the geometry that you wish to activate, and choose the appropriate crystals you would like to use. Charge and cleanse your crystals. When choosing your geometry, you can do squares for establishing boundaries, creating a structure, or going deeper to refine the energies at the locations. Use circles to open up your energies on the map, connecting more to organic systems and templating. Meditate, mantra, and release sacred prayers over your grids and crystals. This is all the attunement processes to opening up the height of your gridworker intuition and capacities.
  • Crystal Caverns
    The Crystal caverns are locations where amethyst, selenite, quartz underground caverns, rare crystal gems and mines will activate. The truth is the organic crystal temples (diamond, rare gems, malachites, quartz and emeralds) have been under warfare since the Luciferian Rebellion was installed and the 666 wormholes opened up. Luciferian programming is anchored into the selenite pylon crystal caverns in Atlantis. But what they are not telling you is that the programs were anchored in artificial selenite pylon crystal caverns. Rods that were placed by the Anunnaki. Particular facets of the Nibiru Annunaki - decided that they could block the Earth’s organic crystal grid matrix by using artificial selenite rods and also installing crystal seals in the organic crystal matrix. This was the beginning development of the majority of the overlay control systems we have running at this time, the Aquila overlays, the 4 quadrant hybridization systems, and the Orion and fallen Draco overlays. The red and white lineages. They learned how to overlay with artificial technology. They could block the human consciousness from the organic inner earth passageways. From the diamonds of deep inner earth - which are the true inner earth messengers from the ultra divine diamond cosmatrix systems - and intergalactic diamond highways from the milky way to 4 other universal systems. 3 other galaxies have heightened organic diamond star clouds, spinning nano-diamonds and beautifully arranged sophistic arranged crystal structures. They wanted to block consciousness from the Diamond Crystal seas inside the Earth, so they could take over inner earth cities, hijack the rod and staff of the Earth and follow through with deception tactics of planetary branding, branding the earth and hosting it like planetary snatchers. Where they hijack the living Merkaba structure of the inner earth’s spiritual living light body and then plug the host into a greater black hole system. To do all of this they have to find a way to hijack the crystal technology on the planet. This is entirely what the Atlantean crystal generators were about. When the crystal generators blew up and sunk in Atlantis. Some of this sunk but what about all of the technology that was installed before the generator crystal explosion? This technology is still running as false or artificial selenite crystal technology that interfaces with the entrapment of the limiting dove grid. There was also another set of artificial crystal networks installed by the Nibiru - Anunnaki with the help of the Pleiadians, that was installed underneath Stonehenge. That links to 24 artificial crystal temples all over the globe primarily along the 33rd parallel. They use these to try and reverse the Earth’s Merkaba field and continue to run those detrimental reversal frequencies, anti-life frequencies. The PDS’s, The intention of these installed artificial crystal grid temples/networks was to block the organic crystal networks. The true rare gem networks. The high Diamond areas in the Earth's grid of high concentration of diamonds, like diamond mines in South Africa, Antarctica, Canada, Russia, West Africa, and Australia. The organic quartz and selenite networks and caverns. Such as the Cave of Crystals, the Naica Mines, in Chihuahua Mexico, the cave of swords, the queen's eye cave, the candles cave, or the Ice palaces in the Earth and the Bermuda crystal caves…. Why do you think they would demonize and make you so weary of the Bermuda Triangle? The areas and islands down in Bermuda. Because of the organic crystal caverns. They installed inorganic selenite rods to try to control this powerful energy. But inside these organic crystal caverns / diamond mines here is where we can fully dismantle the artificial systems, the J-Seals, Draco Seals, dismantle the false D13 currents - which is where their distortions run down to Earth’s core, to chain us to the fallen parallel system. The Crystal Caverns are gateways to the Earth’s super consciousness field in the planet, in these caverns we can directly speak to the Earth’s most activated spiritual consciousness. They do not want grid keepers to have access to these caverns. Were used as internal power crystal cavern generators and for data memory storage for the planetary logos, planetary neurological system and the planetary brain. These clusters of crystal caves such as the Naica in chihuahua Mexico were misused in Atlantis. This distorted the time cycles given these crystals defy thermo dynamics and physics itself and they run polarized frequency (checkerboard mutations) through the organic ley Iines, and sacred locations when they blow these up. They run this through the Atlantic oceanic water grid that connects all previously existing energetic locations of Atlantis. This blankets the civilization and isolates it from the natural connection. All of this interfaces with man’s existence and produces, cloaking, dissociation, easier targets for soul snatching, and scrambling of brain, heart, mind and identity effects. These same crystals are what is taken for Supercomputer development, and the silicon crystal technology is used for AI development today. Most of these exploded underground. This is potentially what the J-Seals were, when the original organic crystal caverns, were then replaced with artificial selenite rods. Which is still what they use today to run the reversal into the hijacking of the dove light template. So no the Atlantean technology is not gone, nothing was removed from the explosions, the artificial technology still runs today. The Crucifixion stigmata wounds, the persecution codes that propagated the yellow badges and the WWII killings machines were because of this. Everything we continue to see to this day from transhumanism to depopulation is because of this. Now they are repeating the same technology and mishaps from Atlantis because they are using the same technology to power the supercomputers. This was advanced in the 1960s when they developed Linux technologies for the fastest computer systems in the world. They are also using liquid crystal technology to build the cloud and the meta verse which are ultimately the same thing. Keepers of the diamond crystal core templating - carry consciousness units of the next universe. These are those that have been utilizing technologies of chakra crystal mapping and transformation, which is Kristic architecture alignment in their light body field. Indigo type1 light body templating. The Tuaoi stone - is a similar crystal technology, to the firestone. The Atlanteans took the crystal knowledge from the Lemurians and ultimately from Mu. Which Mu’s originally worshipped this firestone to the southern cross. Cayce called it the terrible crystal and what they did is they built tuaoi stone facilities ( or Nibirian Annunaki crystal temples). These were built and placed in locations they wanted to tap off the Earth’s natural crystal reservoirs. The Diamond Mines and the natural rare earth gem caverns, emerald, rubies and andaras. There is a control center to the J-Seal, I do believe it is near the firestone temples.
  • Crystal Diamond Earth Discs
    These are discs that are located in the north and south pole regions. They were installed over 120 million years ago in the timelines of Gondwana. These discs were imported from other star systems; such as; Andromeda, Cygnus, and the Pleiades the 7th central sun, and are at the core of the planetary diamond architecture, the rare gems and crystal caverns, and diamond mines on the Earth. They are architecture for the spiritual immune systems of the planet. It was built so that the planet could withstand pole shifts, solar storms and changing firmaments, and stratosphere. The internal spiritual diamond Earth is divided into 3 diamond crystal parts in this upgrading. The entire diamond Krystal star matrix of our internal sun is coming online, the inner earth diamond oceans below the mantle (as there is a large diamond crystal ocean flowing underneath the mantle), and the diamond parallel disc in Antarctica.
  • Defender Grids, Networks, Matrices
    The Defender Grids epitomize a sophisticated network of interwoven systems meticulously designed to safeguard the spiritual evolution of our planet. Deployed strategically during critical junctures in the planetary ascension cycle, these grids spring into action to counteract impending doomsday scenarios or negative trajectory shifts. Intricately attuned to distress signals and patterns within Earth's collective consciousness, they dynamically respond to celestial rhythms dictated by planetary alignments, astrological configurations, and vibrational frequencies transmitted through Ley Lines, Vortices, Stargates, and the intricate dance between humanity and Earth herself. Originating from the Guardian Alliances and Guardian Forces, celestial beings imbued with the sacred mantle of planetary stewardship, the Defender Forces uphold the universal law of unity, preserving the integrity of collective consciousness with celestial intelligence. The multi-layered structure of the Defender Grids emerges from the foundational framework of the Lemurian Pylon Implant Network (LPIN), drawing sustenance from preceding light matrices such as the Lemurian Light Fabric Template 1, the Dove Light Fabric, the Swan Light Fabric, the 144,000 Light Fabric Grid, as well as the burgeoning structures of the New Earth Future Light Temple Cities and Future Star Cities. This resurgence of ancient defender templates signifies a profound activation of Lemurian light matrices, heralding the emergence of restoration codes, protection protocols, and guardian codes spanning hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantean, and Aryan timelines, resonating within the intricate tapestry of planetary anatomy. At the heart of the operational dynamics of the Defender Grids lies the nexus of Giza, revered as the 4th Planetary Stargate and primary power source. However, these grids extend their influence to interconnect with all Stargate systems globally, drawing sustenance from the expansive web of the Mother Spider Grid. Thus, the Defender Grids serve as a testament to the intricate interplay between celestial guardianship, planetary guardianship consciousness steward-ship, and the eternal symphony of cosmic energies, weaving a tapestry of protection and guidance for the evolving soul of humanity. See The Mother Grid Dragon Defender Grid/Initiator Energy 1000 Guardian Defender Grid/Generator Energy Pyramid network defender force/ Fortifier/Sustainer Megalithic Defender Grid/Guardian/ Protective, supportive. Starfort Defender Grid/Defense/Immunity/Bridging
  • Discovery Work
    This is one of the most important aspects of your gridwork on location. This is simply decoding and detecting holographic architecture, space and time. So discovery time is freedom in your remote viewing and time to share this with others. (This is live-action remote viewing or channeling the energies at the gate site. Make adjustments as necessary according to the energies that you are scouting, viewing, and connecting to.) Whatever is coming through your remote viewing, act accordingly to this.
  • Earth Chakras
    These are heightened main energy centers in the earth's planetary body that function to transmit a spectrum of frequency from our universal energy matrix. These earth chakras go through processes of expansion and contraction and function at planetary levels of quantum mechanics. Many of the earth chakras double as stargate systems, but not all of them are. The ones that are doubling as stargate systems are connected to the race morphogenetic field of the planet. The Morphogenetic Fields are comprised of templates of conscious light and sound which serve as the blueprints on which matter and conscious identity will then manifest. This occurs at a microcosmic and macrocosmic level and is a part of the mechanics of all creation. Many galactic races who seeded and entered the earth!s consciousness field for incarnation through human vessels did so by accessing points of the earth's chakras/stargates. Planetary Chakras and Locations Mount Shasta, California - Root Chakra Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, Peru - Sacral Chakra (Doubles as Stargate location Pleiades and Arcturian) Uluru Australia, Ayers Rock - Solar Plexus Chakra (Doubles as a Mother Arcing Gate site) Glastonbury, United Kingdom - Heart chakra Giza Pyramids, Sphinx Egypt - Throat Chakra (Doubles as a Stargate Location Orion, Draco, Regulus) Mount Fuji Japan - Third Eye Chakra Mount Kailas, Tibet - Crown Chakra The higher chakras of the earth are interchangeable and are up for speculative debate of their specific locations, but there are said to be 12 universal total chakras just as there are 12 universal in the human spiritual energetic field. The human chakra system continues to go beyond into the 12 to 22nd-dimensional chakras system, as so does the planetary body as well. These have not been mapped, but they would follow along the lines of the universal energetic grid models. Keep in mind the current system of chakras was brought forth by 1 man, his name was Robert Coon. In a book that he published in 2009 called Earth Chakras. These may have potentially shifted at this point in the ascension cycle.
  • Extraction
    These are specific locations that you set for the end of your group work to leave and come out of the session. Sometimes this is the same as your landing zone location, or sometimes it is a different location that carries some deeper meaning for resolution to the work that you have done in your group session. Extractions can be assigned to a specific group member in a meeting, someone who may desire to take a small part in the session guiding the group through meditation or visualization as you exit the gridwork. When completing your gridwork session outlines for group participation be sure to list the names of the people who will be taking part in specific roles.
  • Dragon Defender Grid/Initiator Energy
    Spirals in from Andromeda, Meta Galactic core, and Polaris, White dragon King/Queen lineages. Initiating Activation comes from Newgrange and the Force of the Triskelion 3-Spirals of Creation, also the 3-6-9 encoding. Holds the 3-Fold Founder Flame of Creation within core of Defender Grid. Harness’s the Cosmic Dragon Womb, and connects in through the Spine of Albion, and moves from North to South in the zero point field, and East to West through the 22 Degree to 44 Degree Horizontal parallel Global Ley Line. Main Artery/Heart Pulse sits underneath the Vatican where they have worked hard to hide and reverse her/ defender grid’s energy. Activated Points in the Defender Grid are Wales United Kingdom, China, and Indonesia. Connects to inner earth crystal caves, all sacred pools of water globally, and is important part in activating entire defender system. This grid when you tune into it, activates life accomplishment realizations, awakenings, and directs/connect self discipline to focused and aligned action.
  • Fear Removal Vow
    Create a fear removal vow for your group grid sessions to use at specific locations that may bring up personal hesitation and fear. Always consider your groups discernment, but if it seems like people are running fear programs it may be best to recite the Fear Removal Vow.
  • Fertility sites
    Some sites are considered to be fertility sites, it is believed that if you visit this site you will increase your chances of conceiving. These also double with mother-arcing sites on the Earth and can be the same.
  • Forest / Trees
    Trees and forests are sacred powerful places for various reasons, for example, the Bodhi Tree in India was founded for enlightenment. Trees and forests are known to activate and open your Crown chakra.
  • Frequencey Fences/APIN Network
    An intricate controller layered web that intertwines with the Zeta, Aquilan, Sumerian Draconian Annunaki Empire control matrices/devices-fences/weaponry, among other things. These are no ordinary networks; they are the Atlantean pylon implant networks (APIN), meticulously crafted to uphold the global fall of man programming in the Earth domain. If you're new to these concepts, buckle up, because this information will blow your mind! In the Voyagers book 2, starting from page 526 to 530, you'll find a treasure trove of diagrams illustrating the APIN, planetary control forces, and their connections to various galactic factions. These references are listed on the Gridwork Facilitator 2.0 Resources List in which is downloadable in the module courses. These frequency fences aren't just lines on a map; they're overlays of control that dictate patriarchal domination codes, warfare strategies, mind control, and diabolical enemy patterning across the planet- in which typically dominates and us implemented by dark military, dark politics, dark monetary/banking etc. From nefarious Nephilim codes to insidious mind control programming like the fall of man and victim-victimizer conditioning, these networks wield immense power over humanity's collective consciousness. And humans contained within the frequency fence cannot typically see beyond the strongholds of the fences as they are constantly infused with propaganda, subliminal programming/mind control according the the frequency of the fence or APIN, and are held captive within the concentration fields of the consciousness limitations. The Aquila, the Nephilim, the Fallen-Elohim – all vying for supremacy in a post-apocalyptic world. The Georgia Guidestones stand as a stark reminder of their quest for dominance, a testament to their relentless pursuit of power. Through generations, these frequency fences have been embedded deep within the Earth's grids, woven into the very fabric of our race's morphogenetic field and etched into the land mass memory of the planet. And with the aid of holographic technology and particle accelerators like CERN, they've managed to weaken the organic electromagnetic field, paving the way for the imposition of false realities and mind control within the frequency fence boundaries. Take a moment to consider the Gaza Strip – a chilling example of this manipulation, nestled between powerful stargate networks, a symbol of oppression in the face of negative cosmic forces. The boundaries of the strip are within the limitations of a very powerful frequency fences acting as a concentration camp. Yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg. These networks fuel the machinations of the New World Death Orders, perpetuating hyper astral exploitation and paving the way for the opening of portals to greater wormhole systems. It's no wonder we find ourselves in a technological war of unprecedented proportions. These ancient technologies, dating back half a million years, may seem new to us, but they've been shaping our world since time immemorial.
  • Geysers / Blowholes
    These are powerful and transformational, and tune one to the rate of oscillation of their field. They can enhance your awareness of brain waves.
  • Glaciers
    These are reminiscent of the ice ages, and past timelines on Earth. These can restore the memory of past times.
    The Gears of Giza located in the oldest largest pyramid (Khufu), is the center of the machine. It’s kinda like power plant. The great pyramid of Giza was a machine for the production of power where they try to draw and hijack from the natural stargate vortex power here. They call it a Giza death star trilogy designed and utilized as a weapon. This may be what they aim for when using the directed energy weapons (DEWS) when accessing earth planetary stargate for global catastrophic diabolical plans. This is a very dangerous technology as it sits on the 33rd parallel manning it can ultimately affect and target directly into the primary planetary hyper tension zone on the planet.
  • Gridding your template and Bio-field
    An integral step in fortifying the foundation of your core template, holographic architecture, and complete light body bio-field involves the meticulous anchoring and installation of light grids. These intricate grids act as steadfast pillars, upholding the pristine integrity of the original spiritual body of the earth. Their purpose is to serve the evolution of the organic angelic human incarnation, counteracting and dissolving the influence of reversal grids, negative templates, and anti-human artificial matrices. By engaging in this profound process, you actively mitigate the wear and tear exerted on your over-soul, consciousness and burdens on the soul, fostering a harmonious alignment with the authentic frequencies of spiritual evolution. Structurally speaking, the intricate tapestry of existence is interwoven and sustained by the luminous and shadowy matrices and grids that intricately thread through the fabric of the matter body, life manifestation field, and the universal Tree of Life. These matrices include the nuanced dance of positive and negative charges coursing through your bio-field, originating from diverse realms, dimensions, systems, and timelines. Recognizing the templates that form the core of your being becomes paramount in mitigating and limiting the impact of external influences, negative entities serving the negative matrices, and preventing the cyclical patterns of suffering. The key lies in maintaining an abundance of light-infused, spiritually-serving matrices. Achieving this involves a conscious exploration of these templates, understanding their intricate design and purpose. Visualizing their installation becomes a transformative practice, whether through meditation, journeying, regression, or conscious energy field attuning. Which involves tuning into your own mechanics and actively upgrading your systems with intention and awareness. This process is a quintessential aspect of gridworker technology, and engaging in this practice serves to expedite your ascension evolution, propelling you into higher spiritual planetary serving systems aligned with the vibrational frequency of your energy field. See Original Lemurian Light Grid 1 The Tiamat Light Grid The Dove Light Grid The Swan Light Grid The Mother Spider Grid The Dragon Defender Grid
  • HAARP “meteorological manipulation”
    The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) stands as a formidable beacon of negative innovation, delving into the realms of weather modification, solar manipulation, atmospheric control, and even the audacious manipulation of the firmament itself. Within the vast and intricate network of HAARP technologies lies a sinister agenda, each component strategically positioned to exert influence over the very essence of our planet, diverting it away from its natural, organic, and divine consciousness. From manipulating weather patterns to harnessing the raw power of the sun, HAARP represents the pinnacle of negative control, pushing the boundaries of planetary manipulation to their utmost limits. Envision a world where the whims of nature are no longer sovereign, but instead subject to the whims of human intervention. In this dystopian future, droughts and floods are but tools wielded by those who hold sway over the HAARP apparatus, reshaping landscapes and rewriting the annals of history to suit their malevolent desires. Yet, the true extent of HAARP's capabilities remains veiled in secrecy, concealed behind a curtain of deception wielded by those who possess the keys to its operation. As we venture deeper into the labyrinth of meteorological manipulation, we uncover a tangled web of interconnected technologies, each working in concert to bend the forces of nature to their nefarious will. For gridwork facilitators, the imperative is clear: to align with the planetary consciousness and work to release sovereignty back to the Earth's spiritual essence. These insidious technologies serve as glaring indicators of blockages within the Earth's higher chakras and the stagnation of planetary heart chakra vortices. It is our duty to navigate through these dark shadows, clearing the path for the restoration of balance and harmony to our beloved planet.
  • High Peak Nodal Points
    These are considered conscious crystal grid locations most predominately located at high Mountain tops, ancient and lost grandmother tree sites. The Pleiadians created this crystal grid, with the radial signature guidance of their progenitor mother race, Hydra. Approximately 200,000 years ago. I know I am going completely against the narrative of galactic history to say the hydra is the primordial progenitor race to the Pleiadians but the markings in the Earth's Stargates do not deny this. Each one of these 24 crystal points is Stargate that anchors in the purity of the Earth’s celestial consciousness, each one of these points holds the crystal consciousness seeds of the original earth builders, and most to all earth builder sites carry serpent cosmology, states, and artifacts. The Pleiadians put themselves into a quantum state, all over the Earth’s grids in these various locations. All of these geographical locations work in synchronization with other systems running currents from the horizontal, vertical, and angular ley line systems, and some double or triple as mother arcing sites, earth chakras, and Stargates. Each one of these locations is also each holding time capsules that release in accordance with stellar alignments that sweep the global Earth grids and release information for individual humans, collective soul egregores, and also to the Earth's total consciousness body and the race morphogenetic field. These are the Earth’s benevolent designs, and what should be being used and tapped into for those that are holding the genetic imprint and crystalline design within them for global healing. Uluru is one of the ancient modern-day locations of Lemuria and the Anangu people, who are refugees from the original motherland of MU. The Anangu people are the traditional guardians of Uluru. And they are the ones working with the purity of the 24th strand of the DNA, activated to the High Peak Nodal Points. These are said to function off of running crystallized gas lines of the Earth and can energetically carry energy into the higher harmonic universe’s opening much higher passageways and reality fields here on the Earth. Crystal Grid Locations Maui and Kauai, Hawaii Tibesti Mountains, Chad Africa Lake Titicaca, Bolivia/Peru Mt. Kailash, Tibet Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Mt. Shasta, California Mt. Ararat, Turkey Uluru, Australia Mount Logan, Yukon, Canada Mt. Ida and Hot Springs, Arkansas Mt. Fitz Roy, Patagonia Mount Cook, New Zealand Ural Mountains, Russia Mont Blanc, French Alps Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina Glastonbury, England Gunnbjorn Field, Greenland Rila Mountain, Bulgaria Meili Snow Mountain, China Machu Picchu, Peru Aneto Pyrenees, Spain Table Mountain, South Africa Victory Peak, Tian Shan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan
  • Indigo type 1
    Individuals embody the quintessential role of an advanced gridworker, serving as the primary template for gridwork endeavors. They fulfill a multifaceted role as a grid keeper, grid reader, gatekeeper, grail keeper, and spiritual land worker. Immersed in their mission, they intricately engage with ley lines, sacred sites, vortexes, and stargate locations on Earth, diligently working to rebalance bio-spiritual energies and restore planetary grids to their optimal pure organic state. Guided by intuitive insights and visionary guidance, Indigo Type 1 gridworkers adeptly plan missions for themselves and others. With an innate understanding of the energy mechanics of the Earth, they possess a keen intuition that enables them to discern the most suitable drop-in zones, target sites, and extraction zones for their gridwork endeavors. Their unwavering commitment to their mission and their deep connection to the Earth's energetic grid make them invaluable custodians of planetary harmony and transformation.
  • Indigo type 2
    Individuals serve as healers, shamans, spiritual metaphysicians, or medicine men/women, specializing in the rehabilitation of DNA strands and the activation of the human light body. Their primary focus lies in facilitating personal healing processes, both for individuals and for the collective. Working in teams, they play a pivotal role in healing the land and restoring its vitality. An Indigo Type 2 can be likened to a medic on the field, where their acute sensitivity to the needs of their team members becomes a top priority. They possess a profound understanding of energetic dynamics and spiritual principles, allowing them to offer targeted support and guidance to those in need. Through their compassionate and nurturing presence, they help facilitate profound transformations and assist in the awakening of higher states of consciousness.
  • Indigo type 3
    Individuals embody a crucial role as bridges between light and dark realms, adept at transmuting polarity and duality both within themselves and within the collective consciousness. Their mission involves restoring degraded genetics and soul lines, which often leads to a natural progression towards Indigo Type 1 missions as they evolve. These Earth-based extractors possess the unique ability to draw negative consciousness out of the land, ley lines, and stargates, utilizing advanced gridwork technology to transmute it into higher frequencies, thus contributing to the ongoing process of planetary healing and transformation.
  • Indigo Type 4
    Individuals epitomize the pinnacle of Indigo evolution, embodying an advanced version of Types 1, 2, and 3. With their double diamond sun light bodies, they possess heightened abilities to navigate Earth timelines, understand planetary grid anatomy, and traverse cosmic realms. These individuals often demonstrate extraordinary psychic capabilities during gridwork facilitation, enabling them to guide groups through time portals, hold visionary or prophetic templates, and direct the collective flow for Earth healing purposes. Their profound understanding of energetic dynamics empowers them to facilitate transformative experiences and catalyze profound shifts in collective consciousness.
  • Inner Earth Passageways
    These are various types of passageways in which Earth’s spiritual consciousness body can travel in the Earth, such as; inner earth access points, ley lines, dragons lines, spirit lines, soul river lines, astral lines, cords, portal connection points, gas lines in the Earth, grid models, and even wormholes.
  • Landing & Drop-in Zone
    These are specific locations that carry a higher vibrational energy, healing qualities, and most neutral spiritual templating that make them safe zones for the group to enter into grids psychically to begin bi-location and remote viewing. Landing and Drop-in zones are where you begin navigating.
  • Ley Lines
    Ley Lines are a separate part of the energy grid surrounding Earth that sends and receives energy throughout the world while connecting to sacred sites, power places, stargate locations, 13-dimensional mother arcing sites, high peak point purity nodals, rare crystal gems, crystal and diamond minds, and diamond discs. They bring information through the light grid fabric templates. Many of the ley lines that we know of today are man-made and artificial. This is because the true ley line systems of the Earth operate like tree root systems in the earth and do not form perfect trajectories from one point to another. Ley lines are believed to be manmade - but follow the Earth’s spiritual line energy - similar to grid fabric templates. So while you cannot see the ley lines, you can feel the power radiating energy from the intercession points of grid lines, and along the pathways of ley lines. When the human body comes into contact with the grid line, and ley lines it affects our biochemistry, our physical make-up, our light bodies, our spiritual bodies, and most heavily affects the astral, causal, and auric levels of our identity. A lot of times after you hit heavily activated ley line areas and stargates, it can take up to 1 week - 8 weeks to fully integrate the higher ultra frequencies which you encounter. They can rapidly upgrade or change your life, thrust you into your highest potential or divine purpose, and permanently alter your DNA to higher levels of earth creation encoding. You will have an increase in your spirituality, light body, and energy field carrying a new universal power that also begins to affect other areas of the grids, ley lines, and stargate sites. This is really when your most active in your indigo type 1 templating is because you are now considered stargate code seeder, which is where you carry energetic fractals of sacred cosmic energy connecting global links for planetary restoration, evolution, and ascension capacities and prophecy.
  • Looking Glass Technology/Spyware/Nexus and Pegasus Systems
    Another contributor to planetary modification weapons systems is Looking glass technology- these technologies manipulate time and space, and create spin offs of artificial realities and space-time inter-dimensional spyware, which in itself create damage in the organic time and space fields. The design of this is called “Looking Glass” technology and it’s a time travel system given to the military complex and is being used by both Grey Aliens and Human Military in this timelines. This technology presently sits in the United States Capitol building and is running its encoding entirely through the Atlantic oceanic codes to land points that served under the Atlantean rule. Since its inorganic technology, when they time travel many times what they see as probable events in which are limited to their current mental perception. Many do not know their limited mental perception is not the organic ascension timeline that trumps their artificial technology. Nexus and Pegasus Spyware is another form of looking glass technology in which they are utilizing cell phones and technology to tap into your fields and conduct their scan, infiltration, tagging, tracking, and monitoring. Gridwork Facilitators you may want to advice your groups to tune off their cell phones and primary use a computer of PC under VPN to reduce this kind of group infiltration. Gridwork facilitators you want to work to dismantle and protect your groups against looking glass technology prior to gridwork so that way you can dismantle as much spyware as possible and reduce any infiltration from dark military or negative et’s impacting your group work. You will want to do this energetically by extracting the devices you find from scanning and then placing shields.
  • Lunar Stargates
    The lunar stargates planetarily on Earth are the locations with the most lunar celestial activity. Stargates are not only solar or helium powered, they are also magnetically vortextual and often rolling, and rhythmic in expression. Lunar Stargates also carry a more powerful emotional resonance to the star systems they generate to and from most frequently. They also provide a more magnetic and subatomic expression of the radial celestial template they converge with. These are all aquatic oceanic Stargates, as they are the locations of the most powerful and highest tides on Earth, using 2/3 lunar energy and 1/3 solar energy. The gravitational pull thrusts the Earth in and out of the aquatic bulge created by the gravitational pull of mostly the Moon and Sun, creating the effect of the tide coming in and out. They are the most exalted on a new and full moon during what is called a spring tide. The Stargates of the lunar magnetic force of life that anchors in the Moon’s celestial message are the clearest. The lunar locations below were chosen per the highest tides existing on Earth according to the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration(NOAA). They were placed in order from spiritual significance and sacredness of the location, to the exalted degree of 28 (lunar dimensional mansions) for the feet of the high tide and potential matches in frequency that align to Stargate clues. These factors were considered carefully as the list was narrowed down to 28 for the 28 mansions of the Moon. The locations were then assigned and aligned according to the 28 lunar nakshatras in Indian sidereal astrological markers and defined by the fixed Stargate significance. They were then placed upon an extended universal tree of life to show the base template of this grid system and the interconnectedness of all lunar celestial activity on the Earth.
  • Man-made, Artificial, and Reversal Stargates
    These Stargates / gate sites are locations on Earth that seem to be functioning in reversal encoding. Reversal encoding simply means anti-life architecture or anti-life purpose or meaning. Coming into contact with a reversal stargate system is the closest one can get to the feeling of being in a blackhole or wormhole on the earth body. They can stir up deep levels of pain, hatred, betrayal, envy, greed, and lust. They can in some cases completely disconnected one from source code, and even result in a possession and a haunting. They may be functional or powered by natural resources, but in most cases, there has been a high level of tampering or infiltration that has been done energetically to the land, in many cases, there has been Alien technology, AI technology, or beast machinery that has been installed and implanted to siphon or hijack the functionality of that gate system. The reversal energies at some of these sites can be so strong they disconnect humans completely from the organic spiritual bodies of the Earth and the source of eternal living life. Some of these hold the pins and fabrics in the grids to the major core world wounding on the earth and keep the encoding/trauma/fear bodies of it to run in the ley lines and the major cities. They emit low frequency energies, run crucifixion, persecution, holocaust, genocidal, and artificial intelligence architecture. Many major fallen and descended lineages, races, and intruder spirits regenerate and exist through these gate sites, such as; the Baphomet realms, Thothian Luciferianism, and saturn worship. Most of the reversal gate sites are interconnected to a particular organic Stargate site on the earth and can be cleared from the organic Stargate systems, many grid workers may feel called to take the mission of visiting the organic stargate systems and then taking those healing and clearing codes to the reversals if they are on rescue and recovery missions. Some examples of these are; Vatican, Rome 5D reversal Stargate Cern, Geneva, Switzerland 12D reversal Gate, Metatronic, AI Kaaba, Mecca Saudi Arabia 5D reversal Stargate Stonehenge, Nephilim, AI reversal Stargate 6D Underwater Stargate in Aden, Orion reversal Stargate Inishmore, Ireland, 666 wormhole Bermuda Triangle 666 wormhole Statue of Liberty 666 wormhole Hollywood California, Harvesting gate site Silicon Valley, California AI Man-made Stargate Las Vegas, Nevada 2D/3D reversal man-mad gate Shenzhen China, AI Man-made Stargate Shanghai China, AI Man-made Stargate Man-made Mounds/Mountains - Often military bases/complexes, CIA, Cern operations, beast machining, and secret operations are dug out and held inside mounds and mountains. These can be remotely viewed. Such as; Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado Springs, and Dobbins Air Force Base in the Kennesaw Mountains in Georgia. This is how they can go about their operations in secrecy.
  • Megalithic Defender Grid/Guardian/ Protective, supportive.
    The megalithic defender grid represents the precise location of Earth’s energy lines on powerful telluric currents—basically dragon lines. It's a network of all the megalithics on the planet, activating energetically and lighting up as they charge/connect to every megalithic site on the earth and run superconductive intelligence at every major energy zone inter-section crosshair on Earth's most important organic spiritual grid patterns. At the intersection of the grid patterns, they are marked dotted and bounded by megalithic structures. These consist of everything from the global pyramid network, which exists inside the Megalithic Grid—a vast functioning global system in its own right. However, the megalithic is even bigger because it harnesses the pyramid network inside of it. This particular megalithic grid consists of the pyramids, including dolmens, two or more upright stones with one standing across, and Menhirs-tall upright erected stones. And stone circles- rings of standing stones- pyramids work with stone circles and temples spiritually energetically- temples of the Maya in the Yucatan- from Giza - to the white pyramid in Tibet. The majority of these are found in northwest Europe, which goes to say and speak to which race lineages had vast ancient megalithic technology and strategically implanted this global spiritual defense system, if this makes sense. The Druid and Celtic race lines were the ones who influenced the Megalithic implementation and ancient defense system. This grid acts as a swift protective force, guarding and supporting the planet's spiritual evolution. It works to support 3D structures and the essence and fabric of human reality experiences. Genuinely working to keep humans protected and safe. It is very attuned to sound healing and works deeper within the cymatics of vibration to filter our stuck energies in the earth. It increases your spiritual abilities and tunes your antennae to higher frequencies. Activation/awakening of this defender network will guard the organic systems and support the bigger shifts impacting humanity during tumultuous timelines.
  • Meteorite Impact sites
    These hold massive amounts of transformational energy. Often extraordinarily life-changingand propelling. Meteorite impact sites carry the highest level of extraterrestrial matter within the land mass itself, due to the ablation spheres of rare and precious metals such as atomic #77 iridium. They bring crystals from other planets, remnants from other planets, and celestial bodies. They bring over 100 different types of amino acids-many unidentifiable, they bring nuclei basic building blocks of genetic molecules, RNA, proteins, and even sugars. They are the spaceships in which you landed. Which makes them portals and landing vessels from the gods. Any sacred site that's near a meteorite site will be beyond special. An example of this is the Serpent Mounds in Ohio. Through sacred sites that carry the meteorite rock compositions; such as the Kaaba, the corner of the black stone at the cube supposedly to be a meteor rock, Angkor Wats through the lingams under the temples, carries a high count of ablation spheres of iridium, atomic #77 These ablation spheres are galactic chip implants seeded around the planet and is a part of a vast global communication system.
  • Mother Arcing Sites
    The mother arcing sites are 13-Dimensional gates on the Earth, that anchor the purity codes of the 13 13 magnetic code and sophianic consciousness in the Earth that connect directly into the womb worlds on Earth, crystallized dragon/serpent egg worlds and into the original universal core tiamat grid. That allows us to see between the dark mother templates and its artificial reversal of mother energies reflected by the lunar wars that were brought forth and chained to the destruction of the divine feminine/enslavement systems versus the real mother principle. The mother arcing sites hold the feminine arcing light principle of the highest purity on the Earth. Where lunar principle forces were hijacked by artificial intelligence before the impact of Tiamat, that has nothing to do with divine feminine spiritual principles. But we label it as such because we fully attach this to woman’s reproduction cycles. The real mother principle is within the sacred crystal/diamond bodies of the universe and flows within the holy eternal spirit of the universe. The main feminine vortex on the earth sits on the 33rd parallel, in front of the Sphinx, it connects directly to the 12 central suns, particularly directed to the 7th central sun, and then a massive diamond disc in Antarctica. That’s running the diamond templating in the Earth, with the Sphinx running the feminine code in the earth times 3, the three pyramids representing the cosmic holy trinity. The sphinx guards the feminine portal. And essentially works to anchor in the entirety of the Earth's organic crystal templating and diamond codes. The gates are stationed at very sacred locations in Uluru, Australia, Ayer’s Rock; Bali, Hawaii; Niagara Falls and down in the Yucatan.
  • Original Lemurian Light Grid 1-
    Original Lemurian Light Grid 1 - This sacred light grid serves as the keeper of the original priest and priestess birthrights, embodying healing capacities and sacred spiritual abilities according to the pre-fall timelines of the original Lemurian spiritual human light body. The installation of this intricate lattice of light breathes life into the light body template, reviving the true spiritual nature and fostering a harmonious connection with the Earth and humanity. The primary functions of this grid involve cross-hatched diamond structures with x-intersections designed for inner Earth patterning. The x-intersections create inward vortices that draw time fields into them, with each x-point symbolizing the inner magnetic permeability integral to the grid's integrity. The hourglasses between the x's represent feminine stature geometry, acting as portals that unlock universal stargates and mother arcing systems. The diamonds interspersed in between signify refined crystal body templates. This conscious crystal grid intricately plugs your bio-field into 24 purity points on Earth, strategically located at high mountain peaks and connected to diamond and rare gem crystal mines. These locations, known as seraphim light arcs, are believed to house the guardians of the Earth and serve as conduits to the future light cities on Earth. These high nodal seraphim arcing sites embody primordial creator spiritual energies, including the sophianic dragons, the 13 mother dragon clan energy, the fae, and the serpent cosmic mothers. This represents the diversification of the seraphim and the burning of soul lineages. The nodal template operates simultaneously with the Lemurian Light Grid Fabric Template 1. Installation of this profound light grid significantly enhances the sustainability and resilience of your light body against dark forces. Its ancient technology remains largely unrecognized by negative entity forces today, rendering them incapable of comprehending how to work against its intricate design and spiritual potency. This fabric was built by the Lyrans, Hydra’s, Cygnus, Cassiopeia’s, Pleidaians, Sirian’s, and Arcturians/Spicans. Guardian Alliance/Forces and Teams.
  • Portal Collapse
    Create a portal collapse that 1-person can call out too specific negative and dark running energies and close them out/cancel/or extract them from the grids. These may need to be more specific to your target locations. These portal collapses may need to be done for every group grid session, as each target locations comes with its own specific energies, qualities, hijacked, and siphoned dynamics. Being very specific to what you are collapsing, extracting, and removing makes this very powerful when recited in a group dynamic.
  • Pyramid network defender force/ Fortifier/Sustainer
    This defender network consists of all pyramid systems globally activating and working simultaneously to Clear grid structures and the earth's energetic anatomy according to original instruction sets for the 64 genetic codons in the DNA for humanity. This is a massive humanitarian rewrite, a total system reboot technology that clears all the organic electrical conduits in the Earth. As this happens, it works to restore nuclear devastation, toxins, and planetary death miasma in the Ley Lines and Purifies the Earth Chakras. This defender network runs off the 8-sided geometries/octagonal encoding and functions directly with the Megalithic defender grid and the Star Fort Defender grid, fortifying these earth networks to propel strong opposing forces against damaging planetary weaponry. This grid is highly feminine and highly regenerative to the 2nd dimensional/density field on the Earth, working to lift stuck energies out of stuck shadows and devastating descension cycles both personally and globally collectively. When it activates, it starts at Giza and then works its way into the Yucatan and the Great White Pyramids in China, then floods all remaining pyramid systems globally.
  • Remote View
    This is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen subject, sensing it with the mind. In gridwork we remote view into the auric, astral, causal, ketheric, geometric, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies of the vortexes, stargates, chakras, energy points and sacred sites. This will give you an overall spiritual health assessment of the locations in which you are working. Also, please make a point to tune into its alchemical templating so you can see through its chemical field charge.
  • Reversal Stargate
    Enigmatic, man-made to artificial constructs infused with anti-life encoding, distorting the very fabric of existence. Siphoning/Hijacking a Organic Celestial Vortex's. Scattered across the Earth, these sites exude an aura akin to traversing a cosmic abyss, evoking sensations of profound anguish and darkness. Encountering a Reversal Stargate is akin to confronting a black hole or wormhole on Earth's surface. It plunges individuals into a maelstrom of primal emotions—pain, betrayal, greed, separation, lack, insecurities, hatred and more. Such encounters can sever one's connection to the source code of existence, leading to possession and haunting. Tampered with and infiltrated energetically, these sites often harbor negative alien technology, AI constructs, or beast machinery designed to siphon and hijack their inherent functionality. The sheer potency of reversal energies at these locations can sever humanity's link to the organic spiritual essence of the Earth, trapping souls in a cycle of despair and disconnection. Embedded within the ley lines and urban landscapes, these sites serve as conduits for the perpetuation of trauma and fear, emitting low-frequency energies steeped in crucifixion, persecution, and genocidal impulses. Here, fallen lineages and malevolent entities find sustenance, perpetuating their dark agendas amidst the fabric of reality. Yet, amidst this darkness, hope exists – organic Stargate systems, untainted by corruption, offer pathways to redemption. Grid workers called to the noble mission of rescue and recovery embark on pilgrimages to these sanctuaries of light, carrying with them the sacred codes of healing and restoration. You will need to study Chapter 2/Class 2 before attempting to work on Reversal Stargates, as they require high level facilitation knowledege. Mastering Reversal Stargates: Navigating the Most Challenging Grid Sites and Locations on Earth! Behold the twisted tapestry of Reversal Stargates, each a nexus of corruption and despair: Vatican, Rome - 5D reversal Stargate CERN, Geneva, Switzerland - 12D reversal Gate, Metatronic, AI Kaaba, Mecca, Saudi Arabia - 5D reversal Stargate Stonehenge - Nephilim, AI reversal Stargate 6D Bermuda Triangle - 666 wormhole Silicon Valley, California - AI Man-made Stargate Shenzhen, China - AI Man-made Stargate Shanghai, China - AI Man-made Stargate Hollywood, California - Harvesting gate site Statue of Liberty - 666 wormhole Las Vegas, Nevada - 2D/3D reversal man-made gate Inishmore, Ireland - 666 wormhole Underwater Stargate in Aden - Orion reversal Stargate Man-made Mounds/Mountains: Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado Springs Dobbins Air Force Base in the Kennesaw Mountains in Georgia Therefore, as we peer into the abyss of Reversal Stargates, let us not yield to despair but ascend as radiant beacons of light, guiding the way towards liberation and redemption. Such a noble endeavor demands individuals with unwavering dedication and self-discipline, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in service to the Law of One. This journey delves into the profound depths of gridwork facilitation, requiring utmost diligence in upholding the ethics of gridworking and vigilant awareness to prevent any malpractice.
  • Satanic and Demonic Sites
    Places on the earth that have had satanic ritual abuse take place, and generate a negative emotion energy collection. Most of the energy contained in these fields is harvested and looshed energy. Loosh is referred to as the emotional energy radiated by animals and humans when feeling threatened, harmed, or killed, which results in the traumatizing pain and suffering that is experienced and recorded in the body, mind, and soul. These sites can vary, as many rituals can also be done inside tunnels, corporation launches, Football games, and Olympic Games, these acts of satanic rituals are meant to force unconscious consent to mass harvesting, transhuman, and depopulation agendas. Examples of these places: Bohemian Grove, California Salem, MA: The Satanic Temple Saint Mary, Jersey (Channel Islands): Devil’s Hole Cape Town, South Africa: Riaan Swiegelaar Satanic Church CERN, Switzerland Gothard Base Tunnel Switzerland Vatican, Rome Italy
  • Sending your Energy into the Ley Lines, Becoming Living Current
    The following practice I would like you to do is a visualization to help you navigate your living life energy as a global currency. You realize the strength and ability of your living directory of energy. This will strengthen your ability for Landing sites, drop-in-zones, and clearing stuck energy in ley lines when we get into the 5th class coursework. We can do this as grid workers to clear ley lines, remove/extract our energy from detrimental parts of the grids, send our power to loved ones, send healing and restoration to grid points, locations, and gate sites, and charge energetically an area of the land for deeper planetary psychic surgeries, and landing points and zones for entrance into a place. What you do for this visualization is take three deep breaths into the heart and focus on expanding your light body field right at the core. Once you can see and feel the presence of your light, you will inhale and exhale and send that light down to your feet and into a cross-hatched grid. The cross-hatched grid will go down into the earth and connect to the ley line systems below your feet. From there, you can feel your stream of living light merge into the ley lines and send your live current of energy to anywhere in the world you want it to go, sending your intention and sending your power. Practicing this a few times throughout the day will heighten your ability to move more remotely in the earth’s fields. You can practice this visualization remotely from where you are, or you can stand outside, or you can practice this at highly powered locations, such as stargates and vortex, and enhance that speed and power in which you can travel through the ley lines.
  • Special Roles and Healing Modalities
    List here the people who have agreed to take special roles in your session, by guiding a meditation, visualization, leading a landing or extraction, or have agreed to be designated light language speakers, sound healers, or oracle. Thank them here and list their participation. Every member of the group grid session will be expected to psychically see and participate in the gridwork, or watch and learn until they feel confident too. As a facilitator you will want to nurture growth in others as a priority. Be mindful when someone has shown growth and has taken initiative, always verbally address their success and uplift/honor them in the session.
  • Spirit Confirmation
    Watch for Spirit Confirmation in your environment, signs from butterflies, insects, animal signs, and bird signs. Usually birds will work with gridwork as if they are also gridworkers themselves, running sky coordinates. Tapping into the bird tribes enhances your messages in the element of air.) Focus on the elements, license plates, repeating numbers, and weather responses. Is it raining, cold, windy, or warm? This usually sets an overall tone for your gridwork. Pay attention to the feeling of your overall vibration and random strange alignments and happenings throughout the day. These can signal warnings to the group of something unfolding
  • Starfort Defender Grid/Defense/Immunity/Bridging
    This defender grid opens and bridges time portal passages between past, present, and future worlds, connecting into star cities and the new Earth's golden light cities while simultaneously anchoring in celestial intelligence portals into the 3D/4D environment/consciousness fields/architecture in which we exist. This is a powerful celestial defense system on Earth. When activated, this grid connects all stars on the Earth together, lighting up and unifying celestial organic defense systems to run encoding in the Earth and 3D environment field/land consciousness, breaking down artificial and negative man-made control systems. When activated, this grid can collapse down every frequency fence on the Earth when this energy is focused and directed. This grid is a highly hidden and “secret ally” for grid working. This grid also brings ancient celestial/galactic wisdom from the future and spiritual technologies/tools of revolution to the gridkeeper of this advanced defense network, which can change and shape the spiritual odyssey of mankind for the better. This is an advanced intelligence grid that has painted/and is painting the opposition playbook for human struggles against the self/survival and the growing process/pain against resistance forces collectively for evolution. Signifies the location of celestial-activated soil, land mass areas, and locations for extreme harvesting and hijacking; they reassure stability in weakened areas.
  • Starforting
    This means opening up a stargate site to its connection to the star systems in which it is encoded. This is acting as a crystal seed encoder. You can do this by walking in the shape of a star fort around your target location, hitting each star point corner. This is most powerful; it can be done as a star tetrahedron, Dropping a crystal or a starseed activation spray at each point in the starfort and calling the energies which sustain it. This opens up its dynamic radial geometric codes.
  • Stargates
    A Stargate is a vortex or a universal time portal that connects into many other dimensions within the planetary and universal matrices. Stargates hold crystallized holographic seed codes to particular star systems from the celestial bodies and often function according to the most dominant radial expression (celestial body) that governs that Stargate. Stargates transmit the expressions of the celestial bodies up from the race morphogenetic field, Earth’s magnetic field, and inner Earth’s universal tree of life geometry and run those cosmologies into the ley lines, and land mass. The Stargates can also function in a reversal where they are extracting Earth transmission, memory, and akashic knowledge and delivering those messages to the celestial bodies. Stargates, therefore, can be perceived as galactic input and output planetary mechanics sending signal codes of humanities and Earth’s evolutionary progression. Chakras and Stargates in turn have very similar functioning and often can be the same at particular sites. Every Stargate's mechanism, functioning, geometric encoding, positioning in the Earth and celestial templating can vary and be completely different from the next. This is what makes each one so powerful, potent, and unique. Stargates are integral connection points into the Earth’s light body and auric field, in remote viewing you can get the best views of the quality of the Earth’s auric field through the Stargate's inner and outer energy fields. Stargates carry Diamond Sun Architecture which are the Earth’s highest Ascension Codes compacted in a core manifestation template of universal creation. Stargates uphold the planetary bio-spiritual immune system, and the quality of their health and protection of the sacred lands in which they exist is of the utmost importance in guardian missions on Earth. Stargate Locations According to Ashayanna Deane, 2002 Voyagers 2 Halley S. Pole, Parallel Earth, Theta-Orion Gate Sarasota Florida, Inner Earth, Tiamat, Venus, Andromeda, Hydra Bermuda Islands, Earth, Alpha Centauri, Antares, Maldek/Marduk Giza Egypt, Solar, Nibiru, Orion, Draco, Regulus Machu Picchu Peru, Alcyone Pleiades Moscow Russia, Sirius B, Procyon, Aldebaran Lake Titicaca Peru, Arcturus Xian China, Mintaka Orion Bam Tso Tibet, Andromeda, Hydra Abadan Iran, Vega Lyra S. England Vale of Pewsey, Lyra, Cygnus Monsegur France, Lyra Stargates can shift and change through planetary ascension and evolutionary cycles. New Stargates are being born all the time and old ones are losing their integrity. New stargates on Earth will take over some of the other ancient sites over the next 100 years. These gate systems have already been energetically encoded and chosen for anchoring galactic seed codes here, and for upholding the ancient future timelines during prophecy transformation timelines. Places such as Sigiriya in Sri Lanka. Lion’s Rock, The Lion City. It’s the 8th wonder of the World.
  • Starseed/Indigo Clarion Call
    This is a call to declare your tools and what you are using in this moment to work with the current energies within the flow of the grid session. (As a facilitator you may need to continue to remind/encourage your groups/participants to use tools at gates/sites.)
  • Starseed/Indigo Oracle
    If your gift is tarot or oracle for deeper insight into the energy of the grids/sacred locations we come across while navigating, please call out oracle before or after a sweep to bring through your message.
  • Starseed/Indigo Sweep
    If your gift is light language, sound healing, or verbalizing a transmission for clearing the grids/ shifting energy please wait until at least 2 group members call out for a sweep. Sweep’s should be used in between times of remote viewing and navigating the earth Grids, and should not carry over into or through discovery/group discussions/facilitator guidance.
  • Sonic Pulse Weaponry “Sound Weapons” Ultra Sonic/Hyper Sonic
    Sonic and Ultrasonic Weapons (USW), cutting-edge technologies that utilize sound to subdue or incapacitate adversaries. These weapons come in various forms, from focused beams of sound to expansive fields of ultrasound, each designed to fulfill a specific purpose on the battlefield. Picture this: military and police forces, as of 2023, have begun to harness the power of sonic weapons, albeit in a limited capacity. These weapons unleash extremely high-power sound waves capable of wreaking havoc on the eardrums of a target, causing intense pain and disorientation. In mere moments, a person can be rendered incapacitated, unable to defend themselves against the onslaught of sound. But that's not all. Even less powerful sound waves can induce nausea and discomfort in humans, further adding to the arsenal of non-lethal methods for collective mind control and war situations. Yet, perhaps the most intriguing aspect of sonic weaponry lies in its potential to manipulate human perception and physiology. Enter the realm of paranormal research, where the brilliant mind of Vic Tandy uncovered a remarkable phenomenon. While investigating a haunting in his laboratory, Tandy stumbled upon a device that produced infrasound vibrations at specific frequencies. These vibrations caused a distortion of vision, leading to feelings of unease and sightings of a mysterious grey apparition. It was a groundbreaking revelation, showcasing the power of sound to influence the human mind and body in ways previously unimaginable. From disrupting the equilibrium of adversaries to inducing visual hallucinations, sonic weapons hold the key to a new frontier in warfare and security. Gridwork Facilitators should be aware and vigilant when conducting gridwork that you are protected from detrimental or disabling light or sound weaponry being used against groups of remote viewers. Use extra protective measure and work to extract this technology in our of the land, vortices, and seagate sites, dismantle control locations, and release the infiltration and blockages around sound healing particularly around inner earth gate location sites. As this is where they use this technology the most is to prevent work from truly being done in the eater’s core spiritually speaking.
  • Sub-Groups
    These are smaller groups that you may break up within the bigger group before the session begins to do specific tasks at particular locations, or missions within the gridwork. Some ideas of this would be: • Organizing the smaller groups according to numbers, tribal names, timelines, or locations. Thus giving specific roles, missions, tasks, and assignments that can makes ones experience more powerful in what they get to bring to the session. This is particularly helpful in bringing one out of their shell, someone who may be more reluctant to actively participate, helps them to engage in a part- leaving no-one behind/creating more unity. • Each group can recite a specific prayer, clearing, meditation, or portal collapse according to their smaller group assignment. • Organizing by the participants global location can also come in handy when trying to reach a certain gate site. An example would be, when I wanted to reach China for a clearing we would group our China participants to better reach those lands through our groups energy. The group members in China served as energetic anchor for the clearing work. You want to highlight these very important anchors at the beginning of your sessions and make this clear and known with the other participants so everyone is well aware of who are your special anchors of the energy work are.
  • Target Locations
    These are the locations that you will select per grid session that will have the main goals of what you want to achieve through gridwork. These locations should be deeply intuited and chosen according to current spiritual and psychic need or knowing of the energies, current events, global core world wounds, and trigger events. They should be charted via your mapping for visual activation within your group to provide a mapped out itinerary.
  • The Arcturian White Crystal Grid Sphere-
    The described Light Grid serves as a protective measure against alien abduction, hijacking, and siphoning. It achieves this by rendering parts of the light body invisible in parallel fields and dimensions, specifically targeting matrices associated with grey, zeta-reticuli, reptilian, anunnaki, and Draco entities. These negative matrices, knowingly or unknowingly, attempt to plug into entities for feeding and harvesting purposes within planetary zones controlled by negative forces, often influenced by generational and societal hierarchy structures. The Light Grid operates by diminishing your astral footprint, making you untouchable, undetectable, and transient, especially during global mission work. Manifesting as a white sphere that encases your universal light body emanation, this grid nobly assists you in the lucid and astral states, providing protection when traveling in realms where potential interactions with such entities may occur.
  • The Dove Light Grid-
    is designed to anchor peace, liberation, and freedom codes into your bio-field, affecting your auric and astral identity layers. This grid also carries the Blue Wave Spectrum, representing the global Cosmic Christos and Archangel Michael Restoration living current, as well as the Emerald Wave Spectrum, symbolizing the global cosmic mother wave of divine restoration living current. Within the vertical tonal lines of this light grid, it embeds the olive branch codes, which serve as symbols of friendship, harmony with all living things, reconciliation with the divine, cleansing, victory, and richness in life. The activation of these codes within your aura enhances the integral aspects of your consciousness, fostering strength and humility within the diamond structures of the heart. Moreover, the presence of the olive branch codes signifies longevity. As these codes fully activate and expand in the grids and your light body field, they contribute to living a healthy, long life. Those who integrate these codes may find themselves and the generations of their legacies renowned for thousands of years. The Dove Light Grid's fabric symbolizes the expansion of the dove grid, breaking free from siphoning and hijacking in North America, and all along the 33rd parallel globally resulting in positive re-inforcement from the total invasion of negative/evil agendas/entities/archons. It serves as a protective and empowering force, promoting positive energies and countering the influence of detrimental forces.
  • The Holy Angelic Lattices of Light Grid-
    Represents a higher heavenly harmonic, a rainbow bridge access specifically to a 7th higher heaven Light/Holy sound Grid Field. Its purpose is to upgrade the holy angelic presence within the total emanation of your bio-spiritual presence. This light grid is renowned for its immediate effectiveness in clearing throat chakra blockages and enhancing your psychic and radiant access to the angelic kingdom. The wisdom emanating from the angels permeates your higher soul structures through light installation, providing a deep guard against spirits that have not yet attained these higher levels of accessibility on a quantum level. The Holy Angelic Lattices of Light play a crucial role in maintaining virtue templates within your consciousness field. It facilitates the crystalized expansion of your consciousness, supporting qualities such as chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility. By integrating this light grid, individuals may experience heightened spiritual awareness, a strengthened connection with the angelic realm, and a profound alignment with virtuous principles, creating a harmonious and elevated state of being.
  • The Mother Grid-
    is a multi dynamic-creational, multi-earth-dimensional, Inner core spiritual earth body architecture, web, fabric creation field. Grid mother holographic Fabric fiber upholding all life from every physical to holographic dimension, upholding all bio-and auto-genetic life, sustaining all planetary light grid fields…all organic crystal structures.- which is basically the power generators to the Earth’s emotional memory/information fields, stored within the mother access gateways. Functioning from the planetary mother mitochondria cell field inside of the earth- collective inner earth cell grouping core creation consciousness- holding DNA bonded codes into every single living thing on the earth, radiating through the race morphogenetic sphere, the planetary no-osphere, the halls of amenity, the planetary akashic field of memory— The zero-point earth based crystal mother water zones. -Running through global/collective reflection waves sustaining the earth’s total magnetic body. Auric and higher/lower astral fields. The Mother Spider Grid-as to what I am calling it, the intricate weaving of organic life bodies to the next organic life body- creation of the feminine earth grid template. Which is what sustains life for you- within the veca multi-milliverse- then its outer layers expanding into bigger structures inside of the earth…, it’s what carries and houses the great spirit. The great mother spirit- Without this great spirit, The weaving of the spider would stop. plants and trees would cease to exist, rivers and waterfalls would dry up, sacred birthing pools would dissipate, planetary chakras like Machu Picchu- and Glastonbury, mother arcing stargates like Uluru would die. The planetary consciousness and spiritual immune system would rapidly fall and decline. Our collective consciousness would then deeply fall again- cataclysmically- like Atlantis- and King hatred-Lord of Darkness would rule the earth again.
  • The Planetary Logos / Using Geomancy
    Will communicate with our consciousness and help to direct us to specific locations of geography and geomantic structures. We can unlock our Consciousness from being trapped or oppressed by directly interacting and meditating with these sacred and holy sites on the earth and by directly working with energy configurations in our body and with the many different vortex points on the planetary body that hold geomantic form. These sacred and holy sites are geomantic markers made by our ancestors, many of whom were extraterrestrials, to help us remember who we are as spiritual beings. Many of these places are nodes for intergalactic networks that allow communication links into other dimensions of time and space. Contemplate the World Wide Web of the internet. Think of how we surf the web and how that data is programmed, collected, and distributed. That process gives you a clear example of how these consciousness grids and Planetary Gates on the earthwork.
  • The Swan Light Grid-
    The Crystal Blue Diamond is a Diamond Krystal Star Light matrix representing our internal sun. It consists of large white diamonds and double diamonds convergences, symbolizing the rebirthing and activation of the 144,000 harmonics in your light body field. The smaller diamonds within this matrix act as portals to 7 higher harmonic universes, providing access to the Holy Angelic Lattices of Light fields. The White Swan Outline within this matrix signifies the purity of the white ray and is associated with the future Earth prophecy expansion. The swan grid template, emerging from the inner workings of the dove, anchors the double-diamond light sun body into your 4th-dimensional fields and expands outward. This Diamond Krystal Star matrix serves as a connection to the internal sun, manifesting the diamonds emanating from the swan and the 7 higher harmonic universes in the picture. This intricate grid facilitates the opening of beneficial portals in your field, granting access to the next universe and integrating the highest timeline probabilities linked to our future existence state of being. By anchoring in this light grid, individuals may embody visionary, prophecy holder, and seer wisdom. Moreover, it acts as a protective shield against spirits seeking to disrupt the New Earth prophecy and collaboration efforts, rendering you invisible to their devices, torture technology, planetary bio-weapons, artificial laser beams, spike/saturn matrix, needle craft technology, EMF, magnetic grid-field disruptors, and other harmful negative alien technology. The Crystal Blue Diamond matrix serves as a powerful tool for spiritual protection and ascension.
  • The Tiamat Light Grid-
    Serves as a sacred and holy inner earth structural architecture, originally installed during the planetary creation from Tiamat's body. What you observe in this grid is the core structure of the Seraphim light body, including the key inner core elements such as the Halls of Amenti and the Hall of Records, reflecting the entire universe. This grid operates as a tuning mechanism for your individual consciousness field, connecting it to a super Consciousness Field within the Earth. The hexagonal honeycomb pattern represents the Tiamat matrix of the 5D inner body of the Earth, while the Flower of Life symbolizes the cosmic heart pulse originating from the point of all union, creating life on Earth. By incorporating the Tiamat Light Grid, your total shield system is heightened, extending from your base human identity body root to the universal level and into the planetary body. This integration dissolves all reversal grids associated with fallen systems, realms, dimensions, timelines, blackhole systems, and wormhole fields. Additionally, it acts as a safeguard for your mental fields against mind invasion, particularly from strong reptilian mental projections and reality attacks related to predatory stances, narcissistic prisms, and the harvesting/loosh of the mental and soul identity of the individual. Furthermore, the Tiamat Light Grid facilitates the restoration of your alignment with the Flower of Life, tuning you into higher abundance streams of vibration. It is a powerful tool for spiritual resilience and protection against influences that may disrupt your energetic harmony.
  • Timeline Grid Models
    These are grid fabric templates which are inter-dimensional planetary holographic electromagnetic networks that operate through sacred geometry, electromagnetic wave patterns, inner/outer earth portals, and time vectors that are a part of the universal whole. They hold an intelligence field, planetary akashic record, and super consciousness field of the diversity of functions within them that pertain to a particular timeline sets and prophecy network. These are reminders of our internal energy grids upon which our thoughts, perceptions of timeline experiences, and energy that creates our consciousness and reality experiences manifest and unfold through the planetary body. Your awareness of these internal grid fabric templates running within you downloads the information streams to access data within these time fields. 3 holographic divine blueprints run as energetic electromagnetic radial light grids from the original Tiamat grid. These are the Lemurian light grid 1, the dove grid, and the swan grid. Which extend aimlessly going from ancient records to future prophecy. Now between these 3 grid fabric templates, they run the most extensive and most important running grid known on the Earth that cultivates in our most primal sustaining parts of history, from the motherland of Mu to Australia, to India, to Ancient Egypt, to France to the northern lands of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. All 3 are the unseen grid that runs the oceanic and tribal organic spiritual principles on earth that is beyond any limitation of any other collective grid and radial root race overlays because this grid is the defining underlay, the unseen, the forgotten, and the collective subconscious shared experience. All 3 represent the cradle of civilization and are unified through the old and still running equatorial codes of Lemuria, Gondwana, supercontinent Pangea, kumari kan-dam, the connecting land bridges that brought forth Mu and the seven ancient races of Lemuria to life. The grid network of Lemuria in the Earth’s holographic divine blueprint was built upon an organic D-13 Current a “magnetic grid” that was amplified with an inter grid that was purely crystalline and running the highest frequency of the diamond encoding the earth has ever experienced. This is how it can go from Tiamat all the way to its full expression as the swan. That is running codes from inner earth diamond oceans to antarctic diamond solar discs in the Earth. This high frequency still exists in the Earth’s field to this day running from high-powered Star-gates, angular Ley Lines, the global pyramid network, inner earth vortex sites, several purity nodes in the Earth’s grids, the ring of fire, and the pacific ocean. Each one of them is guarding this dynamic planetary organic diamond crystal energy network. They are holding the African gateway keys - with this energy power grid moving through New Zealand, Australia, South America, Africa, and back down to Antarctica. It is an ancient organic energy machine that has lain dormant for billions of years that will awaken now through diamond planetary activations.
  • Tools of Transformation to Use
    Sword of Truth (Revealing) Elixirs of Cure, Mercy or Grace (Renewal) Holy Sepulcher (Resurrection) Holy Relics (Breastplates and Spears) (Spiritual Shielding and Spiritual Immunity Boosters) Holy Cloak (Discernment and Transparency/Invisibility) Spiritual VPN (Invisibility) Shield of Light (Increased Astral and Auric Level Protection) Cosmic Cradle of Love (Fetal/Child/Youth Protection & Comfort) Celestial Fire, Inner Earth Fire/Flames (Agent of Transmutation) Whirlwinds of Light, Spirit of Wind (Extraction and Dissolving) Staph of Power (Mother Arc Aquamarine Chalice) (Nobility, Honor, Tribal/Wisdom Grail Codes) Rod of Power ( Masculine Magenta Wand) (Realignment, Zero-Point) Double Diamond Sun Body (12-48D Activation) Crystal Rainbow Body (7D Activation) Aurora Luminaries (Activates Celestial Dragon Energy/Grid Templating) Andromeda Grid Templating (Activates the Aurora and Ark of the Covenant passageways) White Arcturian Crystal Grid (Activates Universal Grid Templating, can repair lost/broken angel wings) Crystal Sea Waters (Opens future prophecy passageways, activates new earth timelines) Fountain of Eternal Liquid Light (Ultimate clearing cleanse into the gates) Paradisiac Waterfalls (Open access to the 7 higher harmonic universes)
  • Types of Gridworker missions - Conduits and Transmitters
    These mission types are simple to direct the living life current energies and frequency transmissions running from the energetic currents from the ley lines, dragon lines, and light grid fabrics and energetic Earth models. These missions can embody the energies to transmit divine messages then and act as a cosmic conduit of those energies. Many do this by bringing in light and sound healing modalities, such as light language, singing bowls, and tuning forks.
  • Types of Gridworker missions - Recovery and Rescue
    These gridworker missions assess and extract the damages done by hostile alien forces, human military, CIA, CERN, HAARP, trons, beast machines, and planetary branding. They physically, spiritually, or remotely inspect, investigate and report on weakened areas in the magnetic field, hijacked and siphoned gate sites, and work to restore man-made reversal Stargates. These missions come with higher level risks to personal and bio-spiritual energy damages. They require more extensive knowledge and higher level wisdom to shadow realms, fallen timelines and spirits, and higher level occult systems. Many driven in these mission types will utilize higher level spiritual protection practices but also carry a warrior sacrificial encoding and duty to take on the black magic grids, control grids and artificial intelligence / harmful for the greater good. They assess these fields to rehabilitate, to recon or take inventory and then gather coalitions, and other skilled gridworkers for more precise execution of recovery and rescue. These missions should be led and held with the highest purity in intention, with goals such as plugging artificial or fragmented areas of the land / energy body back into organic systems, clearing or transmuting stuck or blocked energies, cleaning up and restoring the astral / auric fields, collapsing down black holes and wormholes, extracting false or implanted records, assisting disoriented, impartial, non-crossed, or lost souls.
  • Types of Gridworker missions - Sacred Assignments
    Many gridworkers take on various spiritual assignments either physically by being boots on the ground / at the location, by remote viewing, or by observing energetic records or historical / future timelines inserted into the field energy at sacred sites, vortexes, stargates and ley lines. The assignments given can vary according to each one's affiliation and motivation to task according to DNA codes, ascension capacities, bloodline ties, and galactic, planetary, and environmental association. These assignments are to heal the source of the original core world wounding, track trauma and trigger events in the timelines; such as holocaust, war, genocide, ritual / satanic sacrifices, and destructive anti-life alien technologies, and extract reversal codes, re-organize time fields, and measure the energetic impact on the Earth’s spiritual body and human biology. These types of assignments usually carry a lot of emotional weight and driving force energy as these are supported highly by the divine.
  • Types of Gridworker missions - Stargate Encoders
    These are the missions of gridworkers who are assigned to Stargate locations to transmit seed codes of information from one Stargate system to another. They work more as planetary and cosmic conduits for the divine creation mysteries and human and planet biological evolutionary ascension. They are intuitively called to Stargate locations and take on much larger collective roles in assisting future timelines. Most of this work is done in the highest dimensional realms on this Earth and many of these transmissions / encodements do so on the most quantum level.
  • UFO / Paranormal sites
    Power places and sites where unidentified flying objects, Alien Crafts and Technology are often seen by the people in the area or people travel to this particular sites to see if they can catch a glimpse of this potential. There are constant reports of strong happenings and often unsettling feeling to the area. There are simultaneously an immense amount of reports speaking of heightened inter-dimensional experiences along with Extra-dimensional. These places have been Ancient Egypt Mount Shasta Gulf of Aden Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado Military, Air Force Bases, Submarine/Navy Facilities Heightened experiences on the 33rd Parallel Area 51, Area 52
  • Ufo and Uaps
    UFOs and UAPs – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena – where truth and deception intertwine in a cosmic dance of intrigue. Cast your mind back to 1938, when the Nazis reportedly unveiled their creation: the flying disc, or what would later be coined as the flying saucer. But what if I told you that these craft were not simply the product of human ingenuity, but rather a collaboration with dark forces beyond our comprehension? Enter the not-sees – a clandestine group allegedly in contact with the white Dracos, ancient beings with a penchant for manipulation and control. Could it be that these otherworldly encounters are not the work of extraterrestrial visitors, but rather a covert operation orchestrated by those with a vested interest in maintaining their grip on power? Consider this: most UFO sightings occur in close proximity to military installations, raising suspicions about the true nature of these craft. Are they truly visitors from distant galaxies, or are they tools wielded by shadowy forces with ulterior motives? For those immersed in the world of gridwork, these questions take on a newfound significance. As we attune ourselves to the energetic pulse of the Earth, we become acutely aware of negative influences lurking in the shadows. If you sense the presence of negative UFOs or malevolent entities, it is imperative to take action to cleanse and purify the Earth's energetic grid.
  • Underground Bases and Tunnels
    Underground bases and facilities, scattered across the globe in remote islands, inside mountains, and valleys like hidden veins pulsating beneath the Earth's surface. Recent events, such as the Maui fires, earthquakes, and volcanoes, have shed light on the sinister connections between these bases and extraterrestrial entities known as the Greys/Zeta's. But what lurks within these subterranean complexes goes far beyond mere speculation. Where there are Grey bases or “Secret Space Programs” or “Areas for Secret Intelligence”, there lies a nexus of military weaponry, genetic experimentation, advanced negative technology command centers, timeline manipulation, and the insidious machinations of artificial intelligence. These underground labyrinths serve as breeding grounds for human abductions, tagging, tracking, and the manipulation of the astral plane to fabricate artificial timelines, and command planetary weapons systems from undisclosed locations. It is within these shadowy depths that the true mechanics of devastation/control over humanity unfold, strategically orchestrated to further agendas of extermination, land acquisition, and the abhorrent trafficking of innocent lives. From laser beams to blue beams, scaler wave beam weapons to shields and reflectors, these bases are armed to the teeth with technologies designed to bend reality to their will. But the diversity of these underground facilities extends far beyond mere weaponry. From directed underground military bases to covert installations nestled on secret islands, from nuclear underground power plants to subterranean nuclear weapons assembly sites, the breadth of their reach is staggering. And let us not forget the underground nuclear tunnelers, stealthily carving their way beneath the Earth's crust, their presence concealed along the winding trails of the Appalachian Mountains. What truly sets these bases apart, however, is their interconnectedness with alien base wormhole systems, negative alien stargate systems, and off-world portals. It is as if they serve as conduits between our world and alien realms beyond, facilitating the clandestine operations of forces unseen. As a facilitator you will want to be able to scan the land in areas that you are doing gridwork to locate possible locations of dumbs, or alien underground facilities and work to clear any humans being held against their will, being tortured against their knowing, or put an end to any form of human experimentation under the guise of trickery or false propaganda. You will want to work to release the strongholds of negative military implications on the land and the innocent.
  • Unity Vow
    Create a Unity vow that comes in handy when you have conflicting or opposing energies within the group, and people may feel like they have lost a sense of unity or forms of infiltration have leaked into the group dynamic. Reclaiming a sense of unity and re-connection with divine, sovereign, universal, and god energies will re-align the group back into the purpose of mission, service, and the intention of unity and cosmic Christ principles.
  • Universal Energetic Grid Models
    There are various forms of these. There are standard basic models of these that are more universal depicting a more mainstream understanding of these grid fabric templates. Some are more radiation-based and some are more magnetic-based. Such as the Curry model- which is a radiation field that runs from southwest to northeast. The Hartman model- runs from north to south and east to west and is more magnetic-based. This is fast-moving and hot and active energy. Then there is the Cathie model - which is a grid of rectangles that are 45 square nautical miles each. These are very affected by the mass of the earth, gravity, and the speed of light. They have been known to attract UFO activity - these also lay congruent with the 33rd to 37th parallel, which is the ley line with the most supernatural, spiritual, and ultra/extraterrestrial activity on the earth. These energetic grid models/networks operate through sacred geometry. These are very important in understanding how everything is part of a universal whole, where these grid points intersect is usually where you will find the sacred sites and power points of the world. These grids are diversified, interconnected, and simultaneous to one another. Which means they are inter lapping dimensionally with each other. Some of these also function solely according to timelines, land mass orientation, and pole shift tile degree this is important when trying to understand the energetic grid models of the timelines of Lemurian and Atlantis. Which are different from the Universal energetic grid models.
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