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IndigoAngel Immersion

Guardian Gridwork Mission

Washington D.C.

Was on
June 20th- June 22, 2023

Reversal Stargate Corrections were made in Washington D.C!  We  rehabilitated, rescued, and restored the most corrupt, and degraded vortex sites on the earth.

This was a high-level skill and masterful in-person/on-location boots-on-the-ground gridwork mission.  This Guardian Restoration Mission will be a whole immersion experience, as we are going to be a united force starting 3 weeks before the group gridwork in D.C. We will be doing multiple workshops via Zoom in preparation for the mission, with focus on deep purification and shadow work integration, a day of itinerary review on site, and post follow-up ceremony and mission review. We will also offer hosted lunches & dinners, an angel walk/pictures, a group meditation ceremony on site, and a live musical performance by Noko, a divinely connected songstress ready to share her unique light codes. This mission is not for the weak of the heart! It is for those feeling the call to assist humanity & all of creation in a more profound, imperative, and spiritually strategic way. We can't wait to meet our D.C. Guardian Rescue & Restoration Team.  


Examples of Reversal Stargates 


Vatican, Rome 5D reversal Stargate

Washington D.C. 5D reversal Stargate

Cern, Geneva, Switzerland 12D reversal Gate, Metatronic, AI

Kaaba, Mecca Saudi Arabia 5D reversal Stargate

Stonehenge, Nephilim, AI reversal Stargate 6D

Underwater Stargate in Aden, Orion reversal Stargate

Inishmore, Ireland, 666 wormhole

Bermuda Triangle 666 wormhole

Statue of Liberty 666 wormhole

Hollywood California, Harvesting gate site

Silicon Valley, California AI Man-made Stargate

Las Vegas, Nevada 2D/3D reversal man-made gate

Shenzhen China, AI Man-made Stargate

Shanghai China, AI Man-made Stargate

Man-made Mounds/Mountains - Often military bases/complexes, CIA, Cern operations, beast machining, and secret operations are dug out and held inside mounds and mountains. These can be remotely viewed. Such as; Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado Springs, and Dobbins Air Force Base in the Kennesaw Mountains in Georgia. This is how they can go about their operations in secrecy.



Check out our reel with our most recent Guardian Rescue Mission work from our last reversal stargate correction in 2022, cosmic grid updates, and remote views to be up on the latest intel. 

Stargate Reversal Corrections made

  • Child Trafficking

  • Human Trafficking

  • Comet Ping Pong 

  • Pizza Gate Scandal

  • Dark Money in Politics

  • Density Locks and Seal Systems

  • Correct Reversal Energy

  • Obelisk Network

  • AI & Surveillance Tracking

  • Extract Negative Alien Machinery

  • The Black Tesseract Cube Collapse

  • All Saturn Matrices, Labyritnth’s and Stronghold's Command and Release

  • Extract Parasitic Reptillian Invader Energy

  • Extract all evils from this grid location

  • Extract Global Destruction Codes and NWO Agendas

  • Restore the Queen Bee and the Hive Mind

  • Open up all funnels and Tunnels into Ascension Timelines

  • Restore Natural and Organic Resources

Event Accomplishments

  • Guardian Restoration Purification Process & Guidance

  • Reversal Stargate Shadow Work, Prep & Awareness

  • Boots on the Ground Live Gridwork Experience  Multi-dimensional Global Grid Attunement & Geo-Holographic Awareness 

  • Cultivate, Activate & Enhance Gridwork Abilities

  • Collaborate & Co Create w/ Gridwork Family

  • Deep Soul Clearing and Shadow Removal/Release

  • Diamond Code Enhancements & Cosmic Upgrades

  • Aftercare, Community & Sacred Celebratory Sharing Circle

  • Life-changing and Re-birthing Process


Day 1

June 20, 2023

Land in Washington D.C.

Meet & Greet 

Hosted Dinner 

Itinerary Review & Gridwork Preparations


Day 2

June 21, 2023

Meet at Drop-in Location

Break into Sub-Groups if needed

Begin Gridwork


Hosted Lunch on the Go


Continued Gridwork

Final Drop-Out Location/Prayer


Day 3

June 22, 2023

Angel Walk to the Lincoln Memorial & Photos

(Bring Angel Wings)


Hosted Lunch


Gridwork Integration & Decompression

Meditation Circle


Hosted Dinner & Live Music Performance by Noko

What you can expect on this mission 

Guidelines for Ground Gridwork/On Location


• Fully mapped out the itinerary via scribbles and Itinerary review sheet, looking at the terrain and geographical settings. Gathered all research and data necessary. Email the group with a reiteration of the meeting spot/landing/drop-in zone 1 week prior to meeting day.


• At Home- Prepare the land by setting pre-crystal mapping grids at home on target locations before actual gridwork day. Creating Crystal Gridwork Grids. Using maps this will enhance skills remotely and on location at local sites for boots on the ground gridwork). Start charging your maps of the location (Washington, D.C.) with crystal grids. Start by setting an intention of that grid and location according to significant points and even your session templating outline, ley lines, and areas of the earth you wish to make an initial impact and prepare the land to also receive you energetically. Use the geometry that you wish to activate, and choose the appropriate crystals you would like to use. Charge and cleanse your crystals. Use circles to open up your energies on the map, connecting more to organic systems and templating. Meditate, mantra, and release sacred prayers over your grids and crystals. This is all the attunement processes to opening up the height of your gridworker intuition and capacities for when you go on location.

• Set apparent intentions for the entire day's work.


• Get excellent sleep and rest.

• Prepare your items needed for the following day; usually, bringing a backpack with a water bottle is a necessity for location work.


• Include every single gridworker by name in setting protections, unity vows, and intentions. This helps to rapidly unify the energies of the group when all together. List will be provided of team 1 week prior to event. 

• Call out specifically to all locations and energies to be worked with for extraction and removals that will be included in daily boots-on-the-ground gridwork. Meaning adding more emphasis on the specific energies in which you are located for their force for greater movement. (Example: In Washington D.C. you would call out specifically to the Washington D.C. for all spiritual requests.)


• Recite prayers, and fear removals at the gate/vortex/target zones.


• Run extractions or portal collapses. 


• Extract seals and remove implants as needed. (Command, release, and extract)


• Cross any souls or lost, stolen, or hijacked prayers as needed.


• Set personal and group rituals as needed. (Allow guidance and creativity to Flow)

• Look for spirit confrmation in environment, signs from butterflies, insects, animal signs, and bird signs- usually, birds will always work with gridwork, as if they are also gridworkers themselves, running sky coordinates (tapping into the bird tribes enhances your messages in the element of air), focus on the elements, license plates, repeating numbers, weather responses. Is it raining, cold, windy, or warm? This usually sets an overall tone for your gridwork. Pay attention to the feeling of your overall vibration and random strange alignments and happenings throughout the day. These can signal warnings to the group of something unfolding.


•Set time at each location for discovery work. This is one of the most important aspects of your gridwork on location. This is simply decoding and detecting holographic architecture, space and time. So discovery time is freedom in your remote viewing and time to share this with others. (This is live-action remote viewing or channeling the energies at the gate site. Make adjustments as necessary according to the energies that you are scouting, viewing, and connecting to) What's coming through your remote viewing act accordingly to this. (Remote viewing and your ability to do this is a huge aspect of your grid working.)


• Remote View into the auric, astral, causal, ketheric, geometric,  emotional, mental, and etheric bodies of the vortexes, stargates, chakras, energy points, and sacred sites. This will give you an overall spiritual health assessment of the locations in which you are working. Also, please make a point to tune into its alchemical templating so you can see through its chemical field charge.


• Correct a reversal Portal portal/stargate site: You simply want to Take 12 steps as a group in a clockwise motion around that gate, which works best with 5-6 people. Visualize installing a Merkaba in the grid templating with each one of you acting as a point as you are opening up the land to shift that vortex. Keep rotating those 12 steps. This reprograms the spin Þeld of the living waveform of energy that is running in the grid templating, and you can reset the intention of the spin field.


• Starforting: the stargate site, which means opening up that stargate site to its connection to the stars systems in which it is encoded- this is acting as a crystal seed encoder; you can do this by walking in the shape of a star fort around your target location, hitting each star point corner. This is most powerful; it can be done as a star tetrahedron, Dropping a crystal or a starseed activation spray at each point in the starfort, calling the energies which sustain it. Opening up its dynamic radial geometric codes.


• Spend time plugging back in all channeled energy connections into the organic systems. (so if you are working on artificial structures, plug them into their resources again, the mountains, the waters, the ley lines, the sun, the natural resources of energy)


• Setting crystal grids around target locations. If you have enough crystals (small/medium sized preferably), and your target location is something within means size-wise worth of gridding, you can also do that. Gridding Circles around sites open up the energy and allow it to expand; gridding squares can structuralize and reform it.


• Use and leave crystals at points in the gate site if you set crystal grid templating around your target location. Leaving them leaves the energy magic more solidified and activated at the location.


• Open up all psychic portals to the site so that way the work can continue to be done at this location once you leave, and as you draw into each one of your next locations, your previous site Is open to receive the energies. But you want to do this while simultaneously clearing any attachments you may have and clearing your chakras and closing them down when gridwork is complete. 


• Spell magic at the gate site, using Palo Santo, cedar,  burning sage, spraying essential oils, spraying sage oil,  dragons blood oil, and jasmine oil- used by the Egyptians or hydrangea oil when sprayed clears souls from purgatory and helps them cross. This is why hydrangea flowers are laid at cemeteries. They assist souls in the afterlife. So bringing in as much shamanic work as possible. Knowing your spiritual references in other types of ingredients, such as spices, mugwort, cinnamon, and garlic for vampires. Things like this can bring another very powerful level and layer to boots-on-the-ground gridwork. In remote sessions, these particular types of tools can be harder to share with others, but in live ground sessions, these types of tools become the essence or substances in the magic and should be very much incorporated!!


• Place 12 light pillars of protection around the site, locking this in for the protection of the site. So after you spend time clearing and doing so much work on a location, you can also seal and protect the site. One way to do this is to install 12 pillars of light. If you happen to have 12 people in the group, each one can act as a pillar around the site, taking 10 seconds each to breathe on an exhale breath and running cosmic diamond light as a liquid light cleanses into the surrounding grid templating. If there are only 6, each one of you does this twice. If two people, then each one of you does this six times. Spreading each pillar around the sight evenly!


• Have fun and trust fully in your team, and listen open-heartedly to each team member as each person brings something magical and unique to them to the energies of where you are. Each person is valuable.


• Send restorative/rehabilitating energies into and around the site through the grid lines. Detect, Decode, and Locate grid lines and then target them with the location of your body and the intent of your energy to clear them. This can now be utilized for ground location work once ley lines are located. (Sending your energy into the ley lines becoming living current.) The following practice I would like you to do is a visualization to help you navigate your living life energy as a global currency. You realize the strength and ability of your living directory of energy. This will strengthen your ability for Landing sites, drop-in-zones, and clearing stuck energy in ley lines. We can do this as grid workers to clear ley lines, remove/extract our energy from detrimental parts of the grids, send our power to loved ones, send healing and restoration to grid points, locations, and gate sites, and charge energetically an area of the land for deeper planetary psychic surgeries, and landing points and zones for entrance into a place.

What you do for this visualization is take three deep breaths into the heart and focus on expanding your light body field right at the core. Once you can see and feel the presence of your light, you will inhale and exhale and send that light down to your feet and into a cross-hatched grid. The cross-hatched grid will go down into the earth and connect to the ley line systems below your feet. From there, you can feel your stream of living light merge into the ley lines and send your live current of energy to anywhere in the world you want it to go, sending your intention and sending your power.!!Practicing this a few times throughout the day will heighten your ability to move more remotely in the earth's Þelds. You can practice this visualization remotely from where you are, or you can stand outside, or you can practice this at highly powered locations, such as stargates and vortex, and enhance that speed and power in which you can travel through the ley lines.)


• Using Verbal/Spiritual Tools during ground gridwork is to be done in a way that the group members can recall and verbally transmit to the tools in moments where energy may be stuck, blocked, stagnant, or lost. Tools of transformation help to remind us that the divine comes fully equipped with magic to assist us in full divine expression and transmutation. All one simply has to do is just call upon the tool it wishes to use and activate it in its own field. You can make your tool declaration out loud while reciting a prayer or intention, or you can call upon them within your mind, soul, and spirit privately. This important act as a facilitator is to remind people of the tools when they seem stuck when things are not in ßow for them when energy has shifted or changed in some way; the tools are to be called upon when you may have run out of spiritual discernment, and your senses may be fading in some ways. The tools are like super frequencies that, when properly called upon and activated at the right moment, can completely recorrect course! For example: If I came to a location in my gridwork where I am having trouble seeing the clarity of the meaning, I might say, “I call up the sword of truth to reveal the truth to me.” If I have seen a lot of chaotic collective mental fields and capsulated mental bodies, I might say, “ I call upon the whirlwinds of light to dissolve the mental confusion and the holy cloak for discernment and transparency.”


Tools of Transformation to Use on Location (More to be reviewed at itinerary review):

Sword of Truth (Revealing)!Elixirs of Cure, Mercy or Grace (Renewal)!Holy Sepulcher (Resurrection)Holy Relics (Breastplates and Spears) (Spiritual Shielding & Spiritual Immunity Boosters)Holy Cloak (Discernment and Transparency/Invisibility)Spiritual VPN (Invisibility)!Shield of Light (Increased Astral and Auric Level Protection)!Cosmic Cradle of Love (Fetal/Child/Youth Protection & Comfort) !Celestial Fire, Inner Earth Fire/ßames (Agent of Transmutation) Whirlwinds of Light, Spirit of Wind (Extraction and Dissolving)!Staph of Power (Mother Arc Aquamarine Chalice) (Nobility, Honor, Tribal/Wisdom Grail Codes)Rod of Power ( Masculine Magenta Wand) (Re-alignment, Zero-Point)Double Diamond Sun Body (12-48D Activation)!Crystal Rainbow Body (7D Activation)!Aurora Luminaries (Activates Celestial Dragon Energy/Grid Templating)Andromeda Grid Templating (Activates the Aurora, and Ark of the Covenant passageways)!White Arcturian Crystal Grid (Activates Universal Grid Templating, can repair lost/broken angel wings)!Crystal Sea Waters (Opens future prophecy passageways, activates new earth timelines)!Fountain of Eternal Liquid Light (Ultimate clearing cleanse into the gates)!Paradisiac Waterfalls (Open access to the 7 higher harmonic universe’s)

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