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IndigoAngel Immersion

Guardian Gridwork Mission

Washington D.C.

Save the Date 
June 20th- June 22, 2023

Reversal Stargate Corrections will be made in Washington D.C on June 21st, 2023! We will be assembling the most adept and adequate guardian team to rehabilitate, rescue, and restore the most corrupted, and degraded vortex sites on the earth known to man.

This is a high-level skill and masterful in-person/on-location boots-on-the-ground gridwork mission hosted June 20th to June 22, 2023 (see itinerary below) for those carrying the emerald to diamond soul body templating with heightened and installed Guardian Shields. We are calling in Indigo Type 1 & Indigo Type 3's for this work in D.C. (If you do not know your indigo type, please refer to the Gridwork glossary under the coursework tab) We ask that you have taken the Gridwork Facilitator Course (special offer included for course/event sign-up), or have some knowledge as to what Gridwork is and how it is spiritually implemented for land/geo-holographic rehabilitation. This Guardian Restoration Mission will be a whole immersion experience, as we are going to be a united force starting 3 weeks before the group gridwork in D.C. We will be doing multiple workshops via Zoom in preparation for the mission, with focus on deep purification and shadow work integration, a day of itinerary review on site, and post follow-up ceremony and mission review. We will also offer hosted lunches & dinners, an angel walk/pictures, a group meditation ceremony on site, and a live musical performance by Noko, a divinely connected songstress ready to share her unique light codes. This mission is not for the weak of the heart! It is for those feeling the call to assist humanity & all of creation in a more profound, imperative, and spiritually strategic way. We can't wait to meet our D.C. Guardian Rescue & Restoration Team. 

What is a Reversal Stargate? 

Reversal Stargate sites are locations on Earth that are functioning in reversal encoding. Reversal encoding means anti-life architecture or anti-life purpose and meaning and serves the lesser purpose of death culturalism stunting and harvesting Indigo souls and humankind, binding them in mind control and enslavement to the beast machines. Coming into contact with a reversal stargate system is the closest one can get to the feeling of being in a black hole or wormhole on the Earth's body. They can stir up deep pain, hatred, betrayal, envy, greed, and lust. They expose the shadow within and without personally and collectively. They can, in some cases, wholly disconnect one from source code and even result in possession and haunting. Hence, deep purification and shadow work awareness are needed before immersion or gridwork experiences at these locations. The risk matches the rewards with these particular gate systems, meaning the more you seek the reversal corrections, the more profound of a purification and cleansing one can achieve on a soul level personally and collectively. Many will have revelational and miraculous experiences and soul clearings that are unbound by serving humanity in our deepest degradation locations on Earth. 

Technical Observations of Reversal Energy 


They are functional and powered by natural resources, but in most cases, there has been a high level of tampering or infiltration done energetically to the land through man-made and affected re-designing to funnel healing/natural resource energies out of the vortex. In many cases, Alien technology or beast machinery has been installed and implanted to siphon or hijack the functionality of that gate system. 


The reversal energies at some of these sites can be so profound they disconnect humans entirely from the organic spiritual bodies of the Earth and the source of eternal living life. Some of these hold the pins and fabrics in the grids to the most significant core world wounding on the Earth and keep the encoding/trauma/fear bodies of it to run in the ley lines into the major cities. AI negatives entirely tap and infiltrate the ley lines in these areas. They emit very low-frequency energies, run crucifixion, persecution, holocaust, genocidal, gentrification and artificial intelligence architecture. Many major fallen and descended lineages, lesser spirits, races, and intruder spirits regenerate and exist through these gate sites, such as; the Baphomet realms, Thothian Luciferianism, and Saturn/Satanic worship.


Most of the reversal gate sites are interconnected to a particular organic Stargate site on the Earth and can be cleared from the organic Stargate systems; many gridworkers may feel called to take the mission of visiting the organic Stargate systems and then taking those healing and clearing codes to the reversals if they are on rescue and recovery missions.


Examples of Reversal Stargates 


Vatican, Rome 5D reversal Stargate

Washington D.C. 5D reversal Stargate

Cern, Geneva, Switzerland 12D reversal Gate, Metatronic, AI

Kaaba, Mecca Saudi Arabia 5D reversal Stargate

Stonehenge, Nephilim, AI reversal Stargate 6D

Underwater Stargate in Aden, Orion reversal Stargate

Inishmore, Ireland, 666 wormhole

Bermuda Triangle 666 wormhole

Statue of Liberty 666 wormhole

Hollywood California, Harvesting gate site

Silicon Valley, California AI Man-made Stargate

Las Vegas, Nevada 2D/3D reversal man-made gate

Shenzhen China, AI Man-made Stargate

Shanghai China, AI Man-made Stargate

Man-made Mounds/Mountains - Often military bases/complexes, CIA, Cern operations, beast machining, and secret operations are dug out and held inside mounds and mountains. These can be remotely viewed. Such as; Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado Springs, and Dobbins Air Force Base in the Kennesaw Mountains in Georgia. This is how they can go about their operations in secrecy.



Check out our reel with our most recent Guardian Rescue Mission work from our last reversal stargate correction in 2022, cosmic grid updates, and remote views to be up on the latest intel. 

Stargate Reversal Corrections to be made

  • Child Trafficking