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Celebrity Starseed Origins


Justin Trudeau Canadian Prime Minister is in the hot seat right now as he went MIA during the massive freedom trucker convoy 2022! He can't take all this light sweeping across Canada!!

Let's see what his chart tells us, he is a Christmas baby for one, Polaris Sun.

This means it is a very powerful sun…. He’s fixed to the north pole star as his dominant expression of his godhead and starseed origin. Often polarians are very powerful beings…. Very focused though on the frequency of polarity, duality.

Truckers behind the protest have been denounced by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a "fringe minority" with "unacceptable views". This may be one example of this thoughts being more geared to the polaristic viewpoint and division verses unity

He has many degree markers of Orion. 2 oppositional placements, and two direct alignments in his Saturn and Midheaven position. Orion being his most dominant origin and strongest galactic affiliation. 

Draco Hybrid Incarnate Nicki Minaj speaks up about the Jab.

It seems the Draco Queen herself has had enough. As many of you already know, Nicki was terminated from Big tech handlers Twitters for expressing her hesitancy and need to further research before making any decisions on the topic. For those of you who are struggling with this choice also, just remember all is a choice- no matter what, and as hard as it may be, this may just be an opportunity for you to do something greater with your life more aligned to your inner knowing. Change your career, exit the matrix and programs, go off grid, or start dedicating your life to advocacy and change! Those who are pro-choice of your body, you have a community of people who stand with you and support you! You are not alone, even Draco's are speaking up about this now! We are stronger, smarter, and more resilient than they want us to believe! 


Prince Harry Windsor, Duke of Sussex
Finding Draco in the chart just as I have many of the royals bring our attention to their wealth and inheritance which is a dominant aspect of the Draco monarchy.

At the time of the announcement of Harry and Meghan's decision to "step back" as senior members of the royal family in 2020, 95% of the couple's income derived from the 2.3 million given to them annually by Harry's father, Charles, as part of his income from the Duchy of Cornwall.

Harry and his brother William inherited the "bulk" of the 12.9 million left by their mother on their respective 30th birthdays, a figure that had grown since her 1997 death to 10 million each in 2014. In 2002 The Times reported that Harry would also share with his brother a payment of 4.9 million from trust funds established by their great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, on their respective 21st birthdays and would share a payment of 8 million upon their respective 40th birthdays. Harry's personal wealth was estimated at 30 million by The Daily Telegraph in 2020.

In 2014, Harry and William inherited their mother's wedding dress along with many other of her personal possessions including dresses, diamond tiaras, jewels, letters, and paintings. The brothers also received the original lyrics and score of "Candle in the Wind" by Bernie Taupin and Elton John as performed by John at Diana's funeral.

An inheritance from his mother that he has passed onto Meghan Markle, as she was wearing several of princess Dianna's jewels in the Oprah Winfrey interview.

Harry Himself is a multi-dimensional starseed with Vega Lyra, Arcturus, Orion, Draco, and two royal stars in his chart. 

Meghan Markle born 08/04/1981 @4:46 AM in Los Angeles California, is this the Regulating Regulator “Regulus dominate starseed” here to shake up the monarchy? With a Hydra Rising too… the return of the femi9 is here!! Boom Baby!!


How could he marry an American woman of color for that much? Meghan Markle states in her Oprah interview, that the color of her son’s skin were discussed concerns of the firm, leading us all to basically assume that racial injustices where a part of the shenanigan’s delt to her and Harry at the palace. Which is sad considering all our racial transformation and awareness we have gone through as one human indigenous tribe 🌍❤️Look at me here now acting as just another reporter…. 


Well this bloodline has officially branched the olive tree into uncharted territory. That makes it more exciting than ever I can say, I can see that change is being channeled through every aspect of her akashic inheritance into this family. I have always said Regulus has deep ties to Draco… Which is one of the 3 main stargates stamped accross the UK as radial land mass quantum manifestation fields of intelligence, it was only ever a matter of time before this soul contract was fulfilled. 


Given the recent Oprah interview, the royals seem to be relative again. The tragedy of princess Di being channeled through the events of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's tell all about the firm. Harry bringing his mother back into the equation with fears of her death driving his decisions for his new family. Better dive back into the birth charts for a deeper look at the star systems influencing the future of the monarchy. 


Princess Diana 'Dynasty Di' is a Sirian, Pegassi, Orion and Cygnus Starseed, it's always a beautiful surprise to find Cygnus in the chart, and I can most definitely see this radial light source within the expression of her spirit on Earth. The Swan Starseed, in her Saturn position, ruling her Oversoul with Grace, Intelligence and Rigorous Strength.


Orion in her Venus would signify also that she came to experience the twin flame union in its greatest intensity for soul growth in her incarnation.


Cygnus or Swan Starseed:🦢🌟


Cygnus the swan, one may have this Beautiful Celestial Alignment of Alpha Cygnus in their chart at 27-28° Capricorn/Cancer. If I have created a Starseed Origin Chart for you, check your Planetary Bodies for a 27-28° Capricorn/Cancer marker as you may carry a Cygnus Origin. 

But I have come to notice that this celestial influence is truly active 27° Capricorn to possibly 4° Pisces extending in a wide range mostly due to it’s most Northern and center location of the Milky Way stream of nano-diamonds. So for origin reading please take in account for this overlapping and inter-influencing origin.


The swan’s tale is interwoven through eternal mythologies, Hen by the Egyptians, Game-bird by the Arabs, Cross of Calvary by the Christian, Greeks knew it as the swan of Zeus in his seduction of Leda. The Swan is the Mother of Castor and Pollux. Krishna in Hindu Mythology became a Swan-Knight whose union created the World Egg. 


The planetary grid site Cygnus strong-hold’s is Gobekli Tepe, as the Vulture Stone is said align to Cygnus. Gobekli Tepe is rumored to be the 1st seeding and location of the city of Atlantis. This birth place of human agriculture. Deneb in Cygnus forms the Summer Triangle with the Power Avian Trinity, Vega Lyra and Altair Aquila. 


This is a Powerful Radial Light signature in the modern human psyche. We think of the swan as a graceful, peaceful bird, but in reality, it is a very hostile animal, willing to battle any bird or beast that enters its space. The Celestial Swan is seen to be in a battle with Aquila the Eagle. A battle it always wins in the northern hemisphere, where it’s placed after the Eagle. The swan is a Strong Powerful Bird, related to the Sun God Krishna, Strength and Aggression. Hydra and Corvus are said to ride on the Wings of the Swan. 


Ptolemy States Cygnus’s qualities resemble Venus and Mercury, where Rigorous Grace meets Intelligence. 


If Cygnus is your STARSEED Origin, you may hold qualities of strength and hostility, and at the same time maintain the shamanic symbolism of the creation of the World Egg. You may feel deeply connected to a life path similar to Mother Teresa, a nun who worked in India with the poor. You are called to get your hands dirty for the less fortunate. You can express your spiritual side in life equally as a fighting bird of grace and also uphold the strength of the Hero’s Journey. You are a substantial supportive piece to the deep wounds of the divine feminine archetypes, and you are the acceleration or Gamma Burst that thrusts you and those who are entangled to your energy signature into the next space of transcendence. 


This origin will point give clues to Past Lives, and Timelines lived in India.

A Highly Universal Starseed with Orion, Lyra, Sirius, and Hydra. But he was most notably an Aldebaran Starseed. 


Aldebaran origin is the brightest star in the Taurus constellation. It is wrapped up very closely with the Pleiades, the shoulder of the bull, and Hyades. Aldebaran has a militant, warrior, protector, hero kind of vibe and for deep angelic reason. Aldebaran is said to be the celestial influence and true guiding radial light to Archangel Michael. Having Aldebaran in any planetary position would mean that Archangel Michael incarnated within you and will be within the mythology of your every heartbeat in this incarnation. This is your guiding angel in the angelic kingdom of source self. 


A Royal fixed star in your chart signifies and gives akashic clues to a Royalty grail line. Those with these markers will more than likely have more soul genetic encoding and descended grail line cellular memory of the Melchizedek lineage. 


This is the original grail to the true Yeshua, Jesus Christ, Sananda, and King of Solomon lineage.


One will activate the ascension codes in the DNA through Christed memories as one’s own experiences in this now. You may relive the crucifixion and events that took place through powerful emotional akashic remembrance. This is one way you will descend is through the power of your grail, divinity being passed down through the initiation of attuning to the radial source lights within your natal blueprint and DNA that are connected to the first primal light and sound orders of the your founder soul genetics. 


Your Aldebaran origin would indicate an undeniable connection to the Blue Flame/Ray and Violet Flame/ Ray of the Elohim. 

Aldebaran is Vision Holder for the starseed mission on Earth, defining what emissaries of light can best accomplish to serve humanity through evolutionary transition. Aldebaran holds the vision for global leaders and world servers, inspiring the administrative planning of world affairs, specifically for physical logistics and a global infrastructure designed to support humanity through evolutionary unfoldment and global change. 

Aldebaran is the star that has the power to grow, the ability to rise, and the potential to be materialistically successful. Many with these origins will consistently face moral dilemmas that challenge your integrity. 


When success is presented to you, it’s important to remember not to be tempted to compromise your position and go against your own integrity. One may lose what they gained very quickly. You overall have firm principals, strong work ethic, charisma, and desire to help others. You have a strong warrior spirit, and often feel you are the angel of justice. 


Council Member of the Antarian Nation, Antares Leaders are highly evolved War strategist. 


The Antares starseeds deeper psyche wheels are always turning consciously within, calculating risks, determining the depths and capacities of other’s functioning, analyzing probabilities and boundaries. Almost as if they have two brains simultaneously multi-tasking the inner functionings of the mind. 


Antares may always feel in competition with its equal/opposition Aldebaran (the Buddha Diamond Eye), as they carry back and forth profoundly different tactics of love and war. Antares always feeling compared or outshined by the radial expression of Aldebaran leaves a jealous mark on its heart. Antares can be seen as the darker force between the two; in truth, Antares precision and strategy are far more intellectually advanced than Aldebaran but lacks in the tenacity of its shine. Antares finds Aldebaran’s nature superficial and boastful and will despise this mannerism secretly while trying to find its light to shine. 


For you will never really know the depth of what those who carry Antares origins are genuinely thinking, as they will never fully divulge their secrets, they will never fully submit in vulnerability, to them that would be acts of suicide. Antares starseeds will lead on that these are wars and crimes of the mind, acts of distrust or precious hurt that has led them to be such ways, they will allow you to believe whatever you want, whatever you make of it as long as you are always a scent off the trail to where they actually are. 


If Antares is your starseed origin, you will possess a masterful mind, one that is truly incomparable to any other starseed origin. 

Mastery of outstanding capacity to maneuver through mental and emotional manipulation. You are rarely ever taken advantage of and are eons ahead of the game, to a point you are the only one playing on your field. You see into the light, and all the darkness of Orion war history being slightly in an opposition position to Orion, and have still outwitted all deception within it. 


You are the entity and identity of transcendence itself. You are the perpetual burning of translucent fire and you walk on coals without blinking because of your ability to mastermind. Anyone who challenges your wit is playing a dangerous game of chess. 

An Antares Origin is the star that has the power to rise, conquer and gain courage, “the chief star”, “the one in charge”, “the eldest”, and “phoenix from the flames” would grant you all of these intense qualities of; mentally alert, dramatic, militant, superiority, fame, honor, occult, fiery, passionate, obsessive, compulsive, fast, furious, ambitious, primal, demanding, ruthless, ambitious, survivors, trailblazers, combative, driven, maniacal, pushy, tyrannical, villainous, human, bestial, and ravenous. 

Your Antares starseed origin is considered an Arachnida, which makes them a distant cousin of spiders, and have 8 legs and a curved stinger. Multiple legs represent the ability to mentally juggle strategy and supreme timing and advantaged opposition in every execution in life. 


The higher self of Antares Starseeds intentionally reverse psychologies themselves in the psyche, even though, Antares starseed can see and acknowledge the process’s. They will allow the feeling of falling short of Aldebaran, this is the tricks they play on themselves pushing them to work that much harder, because, truly their only competition is themselves and they already know this. 


The elegant dancing scorpion giving a majestic seductive belly-dancing encore, never missing one step in the flow and synergy, all-consuming of wonder and igniting passion, its victim never sees the deadly strike coming. Swift and precise, the precision of glory, and fatal attractions. 


Just like Selket, the Egyptian Goddess possess’ the ability to open or close the throat carrying both the venom, and the antidote. Antares powers are not to be taken lightly as their dispatch will result in the death of Orion for being too boastful. For the lesson in Antares is to sting your own pride, and maintain your own scales of karma. Sure, in the transition from life to death and death to life you will burn off this karma, but Antares starseeds are doing this now, as they stay under a state of constant life review. 


Antares is a God equally playing in the battlefield of love and war, navigating emotional mine fields, and prying open hearts. 

It has been said that “Antares demands we ‘take a stand’ for our truth against the established conditions of our personal lives and against the established order or authority directing our lives from outside sources when those conditions and that authority are no longer in our best interest nor supporting our evolutionary freedom. The overall mission of the Antares starseed is to help themselves and those they love get their power back. 


Antares makes people tough, belligerent, and pugnacious. This is a big star for military personnel, and it is said to convey mental alertness, strategic ability, and courage to make dare-devils. 


This Antares influence may make Joe Biden and efficient chief of the Military.

Celebrity Starseed Origin

Donald Trump '45th US President'

Love him or hate him, his starseed origins suggest the US has been taking direct orders from the Orion Galactic Council, direct transmissions from Mintaka Headquarters. This true Orion Starseed, has 5 placements of this origin, with Hydra, Sirius and Arcturus. 


Manson was a culture war agitator for our side, someone willing to jar and frighten the fuck out of the power structures that seemed there to keep teenagers in their place ... and his tactics made him a target, both of mass-culture disdain and of superior alt-culture snark. All that was by design. He put himself out there to take those attacks. And on some level, he's a saint for that.

—Stereogum on Marilyn Manson.


He does have Regulus in his Moon, Meaning he was a family Member of Archangel Raphael. Aldebaran in his midheaven would lead his mission on Earth as the Swiftness of Archangel Michael. 


However you feel about him, he has been described as "the highest profile Satanist ever" with strong anti-Christian views and social Darwinist leanings. 

However, Manson himself denies this, and stated the following:


"We will sell our shadow to those who stand within it."

“ I'm not a misanthrope. I'm not a nihilist. I'm not an atheist. I believe in spirituality, but it really has to come from somewhere else. I learned a long time ago, you can't try to change the world, you can just try to make something in it. I think that's my spirituality, it's putting something into the world. If you take all the basic principles of any religion, it's usually about creation. There's also destruction, but creation essentially. I was raised Christian. I went to a Christian school, because my parents wanted me to get a better education. But when I got kicked out I was sent to public school, and got beat up more by the public school kids. But then I'd go to my friend's Passover and have fun.

-Marliyn Manson


Was too curious like a cat to look at his origins and surprisingly Spica is the most dominate origin in his entire chart. The only other person who has this many placements of Spica is Kim Kardashian (side note). So I'm beginning to see another side to the star's total expression here on planet Earth. The encryption clearly carries the mission of plutonic/uranium revolution within a nostalgia that can sweep many into the illusion. Like if certain illusions are prettier to look at, so amount of time spent in the time capsule is greater. 

"The spirits of all that have passed from the physical realm remain about the realm until their developments carry them onward, or they are in the realm of communication, or remain with this sphere, any may be communicated with. There are thousands about us here at present." Edgar Cayce reading 3/18/2020 Birthday Andromedan and Pleiadian Starseed.


Elvis read thousands of books on spirituality and religion, such as Helena Blavatsky; while driving in Arizona, he had an epiphany that inspired him to learn Hindu practice. Elvis came to believe that the Christ shines in everyone and that God wanted him to use his light to uplift people. And so he did. Elvis's excesses were as legendary as his generosity, yet, despite his lethal reliance on drugs, he remained ever spiritually curious. When he died, he was reading A Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus. This intimate, objective portrait inspires new admiration for the flawed but exceptional man who said, "All I want is to know and experience God. I'm a searcher, that's what I'm all about."


He was also a starseed destined to bring a fundamental piece in awakening the veil of amnesia off the divine feminine collective, literally shaking and gyrating the amnesia right out of our collective spiritual and emotional bodies. He carried the magnetism of having all three stymphalion birds in his energetic signature. Alpha Aquila, Vega Lyran, and Cygnus, Deneb in his VENUS!!! Pegassi in his moon and Saturn he came from the family of the winged horse. 

He was a healer of the Emerald Ray and the angelic family of Archangel Raphael with Regulus in his N/S Nodes. 


I remember the day he died, my mother literally started crying. 

Miss Angelina Jolie, you can literally see the Hydra, Orion and Shaula in her eyes, her deep gaze of divine feminine passion, depth and ability to feel to the inner most core. Her energy signature has been coming up alot lately with her personal family dramas and simultaneous release of her new movie Mistress of Evil, Meet the dark Fey. You have got to wonder how the archetype and role that she chose to play is symbolically paralleling personal dynamics in her own life as she brings forth the expression of her role collectively for the world to see. 


This could be part of a greater collective healing as we clear the unhealed and dormant parts of the dark goddess, kali, Hecate, and Lilith. The unconscious Demonization of the serpent pagan bloodline. 


Her Starseed Origins are: Orion, Hydra, Shaula(most influential), Pleiades, Arcturus, and Andromeda.


Forgot the time of birth on the chart, it was 9:09 AM



Rest in Peace Kobe Bryant

Would like to pay forward an honorary tribute and spiritual reflection of Kobe Bryant's birth chart and starseed origins. 

There is a lot that aligns planetary with the timing of his death, as we bring in major crystalline transformations. Christ Ressurection codes have already flooded the grid networks initiating greater planetary healing particularly around the most highly impacted land masses holding the most collective trauma around the Jehovian grids and seals. 


His passing was a message from our ancestors of the Easter Islands and the angels themselves, a message that may initiate a great movement of peace to follow. Bringing humbility and appreciation for life and loved ones, as many collectively reflect on the value of their now and who is experiencing it with them. One of the most loved shooting guards with a 20 season professional career has filled the heart of the divine masculine and feminine templates, reaching a peak acceleration of immortality through achieving spiritual attainment that of Hercules, Perseus, and Marduk. A basketball legend goes down with 8 other innocents, totaling 9 deaths. 9 deaths that ring through the atonement of the collective minds and hearts of the entire world. 

The spiritual symbology of basketball itself means to come together as bodies of 5 and quickly attain courage and strength and collect the prize, the ball, the egg as many times as you can, quickly and repetitively putting your ball through a basket, sounds a little bit like Easter traditions, doesn’t it? (Resurrection codes) Renewal and Rebirth.


Basketball in itself can also represent spirituality as one pivots in their stance, their dominate foot remains grounded in one foundational belief structure. Through their less dominant foot, they move through and take from other spiritual practices attaining the eggs- or the ball. Basketball represents through the attainment of the prize in which way we pivot through spiritual embodiment and enlightenment. 


Big Messages come when one carries Aldebaran and Lyra in their God Head. Aldebaran is the star system of Archangel Michael and Vega Lyra has shown up in the godhead of every noble leader’s chart I have come to pull this far, with Kobe carrying Lyra in his Rising. AA Michael is an angel in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Michael leads armies against satan in revelations, the passing of our basketball hero carrying Aldebaran in his moon is highly significant to what this collective realization means to many, this may also mark the dissolving of distortions as the Jehovian seals, are removed.


His starseed origin’s give insight into the radial light sources entered into these current contracts for American and International transformations. He is from Aldebaran, Vega Lyra, and Arcturus with 3 placements, and also has Betelgeuse in the opposition in his Neptune. 


Lesser known Stargates in his chart are Hydra and Spica.


RIP Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and all others that passed.

Queen Zenobia held down one the locations of the 5 goddess vortex which is considered the Syrian pentagram that creates one of the most important energy points on the planetary grid. 


And this grid location has been activating more in accordance to the the avian trinity activations which are the stympahllion bird stargates, vega, aquila, and cygnus. With Sirius being in opposition to these stargate alignments- Sirius Stargate being the celestial body strongholding the Syrian pentagram.


Queen Zenobia is said to have been a descendant of Cleopatra.


Queen of England Elizabeth II, She is the longest-lived and longest-reigning British monarch as well as the world's longest-serving female head of state, oldest living monarch, longest-reigning current monarch, and the oldest and longest-serving current head of state. In my most recent Pleiadian November Reading I talked about how the corruption of the Monarchs will end with the Pleiadian Stargate System. Queen Elizabeth II has Pleiades is her Sun Aspect. I did not find Draco in her chart like many might of thought. I did find it interesting the Queen Elizabeth I and II both had Pegassi Origins, their lineage and grail line must of came from Celtic and Phoenician lineages.


Dolores Cannon was not a channeler, and she makes this very clear her wisdom came from her career as a hypnotherapist where she specialized in past life regression. She focused on the subconscious and quantum healing hypnosis techniques. It seems most her books were written from all experiences she perceived through her sessions with her clients. Then she came upon the energy signature of Nostradamus through this work, and this seems to have intrigued her immensely and changed much of her outlook on the future. He showed her insight through remote viewing of subconscious simultaneous time, many understandings of his literature, and she went on to decode a 1000 of his Quatrains. I find this all so synchronistic that I came to perceive both of their energy signatures within the same couple of weeks, as last week I posted Nostradamus birth chart. I do feel her connection to his eternal encryption was being translated through particular star systems, as they both have Sirius in their Jupiter planetary position. She began to speak of the Time of the great genius, and the 1,000 years of peace that should be proceeding the year 2024 as we evolve and begin to colonize space. The period of revelational being was designed to increase mental capacities to include extraterrestrial existential existence. Her starseed origins are Arcturus, Gamma Orion, Sirius, Regulus, Aquila, and Hydra. She has Spica in an oppositional aspect in her moon.


Joan of Arc 

Maid of Orleans had Fire and was burned alive at the stake.

She heard God and Angels and was guided to lead armies, a female soldier symbol.

They claimed to execute her for witchcraft, they were actually more offended that she dressed like a man and openly had her own connection to source. 


Definitely guided to pull her chart and celestial soul origins, for it’s interesting I had felt a connection between Greta Thunberg’s energetic encryption and Joan of Arc, both representing the bold divine feminine empowerment. They both have very strong Vega (Lyran placements in their God Heads.) Divine Feminine’ s carrying Vega in strong planetary placements will be natural bold charismatic leader types that impact the hearts of many for their grace and surrender. 


Hydra in her rising would have invoked a deeper soul mission and purpose to rise in protecting the grail, this star origin activates the deepest root, purpose, and fire codes in one to blaze down anything, not of this depth. 


As she was born in the middle of the Hundred Year War and she believed that God had chosen her to lead France to victory in its long-running war with England. With no military training, Joan convinced the embattled crown prince Charles of Valois to allow her to lead a French army to the besieged city of Orléans, where it achieved a momentous victory over the English and their French allies, the Burgundians. After seeing the prince crowned King Charles VII, Joan was captured by Anglo-Burgundian forces, tried for witchcraft and heresy and burned at the stake in 1431, at the age of 19. By the time she was officially canonized in 1920, the Maid of Orléans (as she was known) had long been considered one of history’s greatest saints, and an enduring symbol of French unity and nationalism.


She stated, she dressed like a man so the men would not try to push onto her, and I found this so incredible at what harm she possibly had to put herself in as a young woman to go to war with men. How many times was Joan of Arc raped in the name of her mission? We’ll never know but these are the risks one may take to fight for what they believe in. Noble dreams are buried in risk and pain, and sometimes compromising parts of yourself in the name of a greater cause. The fire inside was real- burning and blazing her to her downfall. 


Orion in her Saturn and Pluto would be the energy that defines whether she did or didn’t see the benefit of her legacy in her own lifetime. 


Niccolo Machiavelli 


If you don’t know who Niccolo Machiavelli is you may want to check out this origin reading, as to a galactic or starseed his observational consciousness serves the mintaka library of united council very well. 


He was a political theorist, with pragmatic views of rulership that escaped an illusion of idealism. He indepthly highlights the conflict within moral codes and describes tactics that allow one the ability to gain power, often through deception and emotional manipulation. 


He wrote a book called The Prince in the 1400’s after studying the the deepest aspects of the supreme reptillian family called The Borgia’s. This is considered the toughest lineage of Reptillian Families to have existed on Earth. This family ruled on the reign of terror, sided to rule with fear, and acted in criminal virtue and brutality marking the end eras of the dark ages & renassaince. This is the family lineage most known for incest, poisoning, grotesque public execution, beheading, prostituion, and also burning people alive as they executed the order to burn Joan of Ark alive.

Niccolo Machiavelli studied the families rule after becoming a failed politician, and delivered the reptillian lineage a poweful piece of literaure looking at the world as it is, not as it should be. Providing pragmatic political solutions, blurring the lines between morally right and morally wrong. He goes into in-depth explanations of the inner psyche of the people vs. authority figures and the people’s dependancy on their leaders. He essentially exposes the reality of the human race and express’s the qualities necessary to rule(atleast at this time in culture). He states, the 1st job of authority figures is to safeguard the state, not the people, and that the majority of people are ungrateful and are not ready to to act maturlly upon hearing the truth, and that leaders should learn how to play jeckyl and hide delivering the favorable delusional comforting lie instead of the harsh truth.


This in no-way represents my personal opinion of this matter-this is simply an interpretation of the overall vibration of the literature, (The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli). For he was a brutal cultural philosopher. When you hear the word Machiavelli one typically thinks of the the dark triad, the narcissist, and strong-man politics. Many think of Niccolo Machiavelli not as a hero, but as realist serving political inspiration. As most political leaders to this day have read The Prince. Including, Donald Trump and several others.


Also, Tupac Shakur when he was in prison pushing him to adopt the name and ultimatley name an entire record after the connection he had to the literature. I will also be looking into the possible reincarantion of Tupac as Machiavelli. 


This energy coming to me the day of Trump’s impeachment, I feel is very symbolic and important to identify that as a cosmic influence of identity Niccolo was transmitting from Aldebaran in his sun position, I also took note that The Borgia Family crest is represented by the bull. As I look deeper into the energetec encrption I have been tying more connections into the infiltration of the reptillian/draconian lineages deeper in to the 4 Royal Stars…-side note. 


After pulling Machiavelli’s birth chart, it’s clear he was destined to bring forth a mental platform or a science of ideology that often gets denied and overlooked. His higher knowing was a collaboration of several star systems contributing to the cold hard realities. Betelgeuse in his mercury, and Fomalhaut in his N.Node would create an accelerated momentum of serving duality in the subconscious spectrum and his quest to push it to the surface. Lyran in his rising, would keep him seeking the purity of it all inside but possibly getting lost in it all having so many markers of the the Royal Fixed Stars in powerful planetray positions. 


Thanksgiving is 9 months after Valentine's Day, meaning this week of thanks is a busy time for incoming incarnations. Bruce Lee takes his turn sharing his birthday with Thanksgiving Day, which is the last Thursday of every November so the days its celebrated is different every year. 

Bruce Lee was a Hong Kong-American actor, director, martial artist, martial arts instructor, and philosopher. His most dominate origins would be a Pleiadian Starseed, being in 4 placements in his Jupiter and Saturn, making this a huge aspect of his oversoul. Bruce Lee would have been a true Taran incarnate from the gates of Alcyone. Shaula in his rising and sun expression may be why had to dedicate his life to such a physical expression of strength, with Shaula being the origin of the Tail of the Scorpius, a star system of deep pain and suffering, one who feels things to the inner most core. He was a highly empathic being that knew how to channel his energy into artistic martial art expressions. 


Lightstar is a high-frequency attunement artist and celestial channel. Many of you may know her from YouTube and Facebook through her beautiful galactic artwork and oracle cards.


She also speaks over 20 Light Languages, which transmit and activate soul memories and healing codes. So naturally, I was curious to see which star systems she is transmitting from. Sirius in her moon may be the radial energetic encryption that is receiving such immensity of downloads from multiple Starseed nations. Sirius at 4°47 Cancer would be inbetween Polaris and Vega (Lyra) in her opposition giving her a full range of higher dimensional capacities extending into 12D and even the meta-galactic core. 


Orion is also another strong origin for Lightstar, with Bellatrix and Alnilam in her Neptune and Midheaven, anchoring in the softer, peaceful, artistic, and angelic qualities of Orion. Bellatrix representing the feminine expression of Orion and Alnilam notorious for being the peacekeepers, and visionary artists. Alnilam is known to be able to see what others can’t see and excel by anchoring in intelligence that were hiding right under your nose. 



Spica in her rising and Uranus may add to her success and likeability, through this system she is able to express her creations through a lovable and receivable nature. Hydra and Cygnus in her Jupiter only further exalt her qualities to transform destinies, including her own.


She states in her bio, “My path to becoming a visionary artist, and spiritual teacher was not clear at an early age. Although my intuitive and empathic abilities were heightened as a child, my creative talent did not surface until later in life. The epiphany to transform toward my own destiny path became clear in the years between 2009-2011 when the global market crash occurred.” Here you can see the igniting of her spirit is expressed through the star's capacity to evolve your life at any age and Timeline in this existence, that transcendence and transformation are rooted deep within your earthly revelations.


She has several other well know Royal stars in her chart, such as Antares, Aldebaran, and Regulus making her apart of the Archangel Michael, Uriel, and Raphael Family. She is a blue, gold, and emerald ray starseed. 


I’d just like to thank Lightstar for allowing me to highlight her birth chart and Starseed origins, I hope everyone enjoyed this. Due to privacy, I was asked to keep all birth information private. 


Abraham Hicks, or Miss Esther Hicks, another advocate for non-channeling, who identifies Abraham as a higher collective identity. 


“Jerry and Esther never used the word channeling,” Abraham reflects. “It is used when applied to them, but they have never used it, because it means many things of which they are not, you see.”


“You could leave the channeling out of it. Call it inspiration; that’s all it is. You don’t call the basketball player a channeler, but he is; he’s an extension of Source Energy. You don’t call the surgeon a channeler, but he is. You don’t call the musician, the magnificent master musician, you don’t call him a channeler, but he is. He’s channeling the broader essence of who he is into the specifics of what he is about.”


Esther herself calls Abraham “infinite intelligence,” and to Jerry they are “the purest form of love I’ve ever experienced.”


Channeling may now be a spiritual technique of the old world intelligence with many perceiving the distortions within the DNA when one channels, before one could see into the infinite integration of higher intelligences and collective identity levels as source self-awareness. 


As an Andromedan, Lyran, Pleiadian, Galactic center Starseed, (no time for houses), with several other lesser-known stars Abraham Hicks has inspired so many through the teachings of Law of Attraction, this may be the gift from her Jupiter in the Galactic Center, as Jupiter will be aligned in this position over the next few weeks. Igniting the Laws of Attraction right now for everyone. 


Celebrity Starseed Origin, 'Following the Starz'

Goldie Hawn, Happy Birthday Draconian Queen with Draco markers in her Moon and Rising, she is definitely an incarnate from the Draco gates of swirling mystery and allure. Also, to back up many of my theories that Regulus is also a representative of Draco, Regulus follows suit in her Mars and Pluto. Polaris in her N./S.Node is equally a companion of Draco making this overall territory a predominant expression in her Earthly inception. She has an extensive list of films she has been in from 1968-2018, some of my favorites where Overboard and The First Wives Club. But, I think her most proud accomplishment is the Hawn Foundation, a non-profit organization which provides youth education programs intended to improve academic performance through "life-enhancing strategies for well-being". She is an advocate for non-profit work which goes to show Draconian's are here on this planet investing their energy in higher missions. The Draco starseed may be the most misunderstood in the galactic community and our embrace of the Draconian mythology overall maybe energy dynamics that begin to make the shifts needed to create more unity.


Beyonce Knowles, known as Queen B or the Beehive!

Now I have looked at her chart before and have always equated her success to Spica particularly in her Mercury, which is a clear indicator that the path will be aligned to success. But now diving deeper into her cosmic mythology, I can see Arcturus and Hydra have played the most important roles. During my Hydra Awakening video I posted on youtube, I had been guided to listen to her Lemonade album, inside the Lyrics I found some of my deepest connections to the Hydra expression. I knew she was of the Hydra inheritance immediately. The expression of the divine feminine in her rawest states and claims to the planetary body of Earth as the matriarch. Only later to discover that the Hydra constellation is the child of a greater body, the Hydra Super Cluster located in the heart of the Laniakea Supercollosal cluster. This may infact be the actual Beehive of humanity. Meaning Beyonce Knowles's true inception into the 3rd density originates from the heart of our existence within our local group of the entire universe. Coming to Earth having Hydra in her midheaven would have given one the drive to stake their claim to all fame, fortune, talent, and glory this planet could rightfully offer. Also, Hydra and Cygnus in her N./S. Node is a very powerful opposition igniting the qualities of the Swan. Arcturus in all major oversoul/parallel planetary bodies would only assist one through an intellectual angelic nature everyone could relate to and admire.


Starseed Origin Reading, NOSTRADAMUS 

This has by far been the most interesting chart I have pulled with Polaris at 1°36 degrees in his sun and also Polaris at 1°38 in his midheaven. The most substantial markers of Polaris I have yet to come across, defining the prophetic qualities of the Polaris Starseed. A part of Nostradamus’s prophecies, the famous French doctor and alchemist from the 16th century, have come true.


Nostradamus predicted the beginning of the Second World War, Hitler’s ascension, the fall of communism, President J. F. Kennedy’s assassination, India’s independence and the occurrence of Israel State on the world map, events confirmed by the passing of time, but also occurrences that go further in time.


Nostradamus is certainly one of the most illustrious personalities in history. This notoriety is due to his famous prophecies and predictions.


Beyond astrology, Nostradamus was a talented doctor, but also a controversial character, specialized in occultism.

Everyone has heard of Nostradamus. He was a medieval character, renowned for his capacity to predict, through scientific methods, the events that will happen in the distant future.

Nostradamus predictions, written around 500 years ago, are still going around the world today, and the French man is one of the most important figures of occult art.


Besides astrology and his predictions regarding the future, Nostradamus had an adventurous love life, marked by long journeys, extrasensory experiences, the run from Inquisition, but also by an exceptional, yet unjustly less-mentioned medical career.


Nostradamus even predicted his death: ‘Next to the bench and bed, I will be found dead’.

After he announced, one evening, that he will not survive the night, he died of a gout episode and was found dead the following morning, next to his worktable.


Nostradamus predictions for 2020:


Destructive Earthquakes

Economic crisis in 2020

Wildfires on a staggering scale

Record Number of Storms

Sea level rise

Big War

Implanted chips

England will have a new king

Humans will live on the Moon/Mars

Kim Jong-Un will be dethroned


Celebrity Starseed Origin, Henry Ford

American Industrialist, founder of Ford Motor Company

Requested Origins by my dear friend who has been psychically connecting to his spirit. Many archetypes, celebrities, and people from our past may present in your consciousness for many reasons. They may be apart of your ancestral lineage, re-incarnational memory, or tied to your path and divinity in some way in this incarnation. Pay attention to when they present because they usually come with a message in this lifetime to assist you. When you pray and call forth guidance, sometimes it presents in the least expected forms as their energy signature 'radial encryption' maybe the desired knowledge that you seek. Henry Ford was one of the first manufacturers to make the automobile affordable to the middle class, and he also created the first models putting the steering wheel on the left. A substantial industrial contribution from the Regulan stargate system, which I have notated and made several videos speaking about the integrated Draco connections. Regulus, Draconian, and Gamma Orion may be a very efficient combination in creating sustainable empires that last for several generations supporting 3rd-dimensional concepts and matrix systems. 


Celebrity Starseed Origin 

Ellen DeGeneres, has some very unique origins, her sun is in the exact culmination degree of Regulus with Regulus and Fomalhaut also in her Venus and Uranus. Regulus and Fomalhaut being opposing Royal Fixed Stars, this signifies a unique path that crosses the royalty grail line that these two stars impose. Fomalhaut some how holding the magical key to the lessons one must learn before being granted unyielding success. It seems she has overcome controversies as coming out as a lesbian and has maintained her popularity with having made some pretty incredible lists, such as Emmy's, and Forbes, and People's choice awards. Fomalhaut may have been the real energy behind Dori in Finding Nemo. She also has specific markers of Alnilam and Mintaka in opposing, more likable and unique cosmic identities of Orion origins. 

Her origins are Regulus, Fomalhaut, Orion, Vega, Corvus, Pleiades, and Shaula.


Celebrity Starseed Origin 

Marilyn Monroe, is a very galactic starseed sent to earth to awaken the divine feminine collective to their empowerment. It was Marilyn don't forget who posed nude for pictures, and mainstream invented the blonde bomb shell. It was then in the 1950's that woman may have just began to awaken to something other than subservience to the husband and home. She's a dominate Orion origin, with her multidimensional star transmissions coming from Hydra, Sirius, Pleiades and Vega. She's still an icon today, living through other legends who idolize her deep within their psyche, making her legacy eternal. 


Celebrity Starseed Origins

Michael Jackson, his life was filled with the ups and downs of a very intense roller coaster, going up in career, billboards, fame, Guinness book of world records and Rock/

Roll Records, and Grammy's to coming down in the last era/days of his life to scandals of child abuse(not going into detail) bankruptcy, failed marriages, and closure of neverland. Although he did live to fight for world healing and HIV/Aids cures, his personal mission on Earth was filled with an immense amount of controversy. His Orion origin in his Rising may be the driving force that led his life into the eye of the storm. Overall, he does not have an immensity of major origins in his chart, and I find that those who carry very few major origins in major positions may truly be the most unique souls in the galaxy, for their stories are yet to be anchored into the planet. Pleiades in two opposing positions would have kept his heart soft and empathetic during his times of trials. He was a Corvus, Orion, Aldebaran, Antares, and Pegassi Starseed.


Celebrity Starseed Origin

Vladimir Putin, so I did this reading because I had received word that the Russian President was a Galactic Center Starseed, and when I heard this I had to see for myself🙄 and indeed, I did find the Galactic Center in his Mars- what a lovely placement for such a powerful origin. As some of you may have read from my last article about the Galactic Center starseed, this origin may be the most intense, intellectual, and powerful origin. Combined with his Arcturus origin in his Sun and Saturn, this may truly be the combination needed for such a 'diabolical' archetype in worldly affairs. 


Celebrity Starseed Origin

Miss Beautiful Jennifer Anniston, has 4 positions of Spica, this origin I am calling the 'celebrity star'. It's one of those stars that naturally gives the X factor to rise you to fame on your life path🌟💗. This star combined with Pegassi 'the winged horse' surely has given Jennifer the grace, nobility , and stamina to make her a leading actress over the course of her career in Hollywood. One thing I'd like to notate, is there are no major origins within the Aries constellation, except in the opposition-to Arcturus, and I have been finding that those who carry Aries in very important positions tend to live a solemn and very independent life. Having Aries in her Venus, Saturn, and N/S node could very well be the reason she chose to not have children and instead chose to pursue a lifetime career. Aries especially in the North node may cause one to push others away in their search for solemn achievements. 


Celebrity Starseed Origin

Kim Kardashian West

She has been listed as one of the World's most influential people, and has monetized fame(famous for being famous) better than anyone I can think of. Surely, this kind of success takes some skill, strategy, and perseverance. Her starseed Origin Spica may have to do with this on a deeper celestial level. Spica is a lesser known star, one that I have been meaning to talk about for some time. This star origin has been considered the Albert Einstein of Celestial Bodies, giving wit, intelligence, and special kinda calm that weathers all storms. Whether you love or hate the way one builds their way to success is for each one to hold in their own idealisms of their moral gridding systems. But, the star especially being in her Jupiter and Saturn is guiding the destiny of her life path. I am hoping to put some information out about this star system soon. She also carries origins of Antares, Orion, Pleiades, and Shaula. 


Celebrity Starseed Origin

Abraham Lincoln led the nation through the American Civil War, its bloodiest war and its greatest moral, constitutional, and political crisis. He preserved the Union, abolished slavery, strengthened the federal government, and modernized the U.S. economy. I have been receiving messages from his energy signature, and feel it coincides with the strife of current events. He was an Andromedan and Pleiadian Starseed. Andromeda may truly be the power of leadership and galactic council needed to push through big changes, as this origin is backed by the wisdom of galactic history, birthing the Milky-Way. Pegassi and Cygnus both very noble origins riding his strength on the Winged Horse and the Stymphalion Bird, the Swan. His traumas in life of loss of loosing his 3/4 sons and wives to early deaths may have came from the shadows of Shaula. Those who bear great personal trauma's and fight to stay alive, may carry the deepest passions to make real changes in this world. 


In Case you have been Wondering...

I'm a colorful starseed carrying all origins except for Lyran, and I sometimes feel this is why I connect with so many origins on a deep level is I seem to have a spec of so many here and there without being dominate in one in particular. On a deep level of cosmic identity I connect mostly to Hydra, Antares, Arcturus, and Sirius as my reference points or pillars of origin within my monad. I have been told by other readers mostly they will pick up on Pleiadian and I always had a hard time identifying with it, and now when I look into it my self I can see why, because of it's in oppositional placements. 


Celebrity Starseed Origin 

Margo Robbie 'Miss Harley Quinn'

When I first seen her play this role as Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad, I was immediately captivated by how well the dynamic of the love story between her and the Joker portrayed the Twin Flame Union. Margo Robbie is truly a shinning star rising in her fame, already taking roles with Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt. Her most dominate origin would be Sirius, with her coming through a major Lyran wave of seeding that came through with the 90's babies. She may truly depict the righteous side of the divine feminine in all it's glory throughout the evolution of her incarnation, as Sirian feminine's carry the blueprint for the divine mother. She is also Pleiadian, Orion, Hydra, and Regulan, being apart of the family/soul group of AA Raphael.


Celebrity Starseed Origin Reading 

Leonardo DiCaprio

The number one question, Could Jack have fit on the door in Titanic? The world may never know, but continue to secretly dream of this possibility. Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio seems to be predominately an Antares and Orion Origin based upon the positions of these star systems. He's a walking portal system and great manifestor with the vibrational birthday of 11/11! His energetic systems are also transmitting through Andromeda, Hydra, Arcturus, Pegassi and Pleiades in an oppositional aspect.


Celebrity Starseed Origin

Greta Thunberg "next generation leader"

The High Lyran Council may be behind her impact on the world stage as the "Greta Thunberg effect". She's a highly Avian incarnate with profound origins of Lyran(vulture), Aquila(Eagle), and Cygnus(the swan) flying into a higher dimension of higher consciousness, common sense, and matter-of-fact vibrations. Cygnus origins also give sudden rise to world fame. Surprisingly, she also carries the deep wisdom, intelligence, strategy, and ability to see into truth of her Antares and Betelguese Orion origins.


Celebrity Starseed Origin

Keanu Reeves whose first name means "cool breeze over the mountains" in Hawaiian. He is an intense starseed with particular origin's that have the capacity to feel to the Earth's core, Polaris all the way to the Galactic Center. He's predominately Corvan (Raven Starseed) 4 placements, with Hydra in 3 placements. Corvus and Hydra live in all realms but dwell primarily in the under-world, the under-belly of the southern ecliptic plane, they are the most intense, feel the most, time travelers, and inter dimensional shifters of the unseen. This may explain his nature, mythology, and expression in this incarnation being one who observes with a deep intense contemplative gaze. His North and South Node in Direct alignment to the Meta-Galactic Core would deeply explain his innate knowledge to understand the depth of all existence, or atleast this is what we all feel through his eyes.

In November 1999, the baby girl he was expecting with girlfriend Jennifer Syme was stillborn, just a few weeks shy of the actual delivery date. They had planned to name her Ava Archer Syme-Reeves.

April 2, 2001 His estranged girlfriend Jennifer Syme was killed when her Jeep Cherokee careened onto the wrong side of a Los Angeles road near Highway 101 and smashed into three parked cars. The force of the crash flipped the car over and she was thrown through the windshield. She was killed instantly.

These two tragedies maybe some of his greatest burdens to bare and over-come, he may still exist internally in a world were he's still communicating with lost loved ones, Corvus starseeds have been known to be the strongest communicators of the crossed over.


Celebrity Starseed Origin 

Melania Trump 'First Lady of the United States' 

(These readings in no way elude to my personal beliefs towards politics or anything else, these are simply for deeper understanding of their inner workings according to celestial influence.)

What I did find interesting is that she has Aldebaran in two placements, (the star of Archangel Micheal) and they instinctually named their son Barron as in Aldebaran. The First Lady is only the second first lady in American history born outside of the United States, in Slovenia. The only other foreign-born first lady was Louisa Catherine Johnson, the wife of John Quincy Adams; she was born in England. Her most dominate origins would be Pleiades, Vega, and Andromeda due to their position in the chart, but she is also Gamma Orion. Gamma Orion seems to take the softer nature of Orion qualities. This may be why she stays away from the White House and prefers privacy. 


Celebrity Starseed Origin 'Following the Stars'

Anna Nicole Smith 'Playboy Model/Object of Ridicule'

You all know Miss Anna, ex stripper/model, married billionaire, trim spa spokes woman...


Her story seemed to be ridiculed and scrutinized every move she made in her incarnation, why is it that some people come in with difficult and tragic tales from day one? 


Looking at her origins paints a picture for me, Shaula in her Sun, this origin is the tail of the Scorpius, this is indeed the hardest placement in the celestial bodies. Because those that incarnate from Shaula reside at the inner most core, they feel the most, the deepest, and are the most magnetic. They draw you in with magic, comfort, and deep penetrable love. 

They give from the deepest part of their being, so when this is not reciprocated, acknowledged, or received in return to their expectations. They have the power to destroy, deconstruct, fire off, and be revengeful. This origin can indeed be hard, sharp, and dreadful. Their qualities are very similar to Hydra in the sense of how they draw you in rhythmically and effortlessly. 

Unfortunately, this position grants an incarnation of pain, loss, deep lessons, sadness, loneliness, and suffering. When in truth, this origin posses the ability to provide the complete opposite to anyone who comes into their life.


All Shaula ever wanted was to be loved, but they cannot overcome their scorn when the love isn't what they expect. Combined with origins from Antares and Arcturus, it's unfortunate because deep down she was very smart and guided by highly intelligent light sources. Cygnus in her Mars may infact be the radial source origin that ignited all her fame. 


Celebrity Starseed Origin

Elon Musk 'CEO/CTO of Space X' is technology entrepreneur, investor, and engineer and is the founder and lead designer of Space X, he's on the Forbes list of The World's most Powerful People and yet he's so mysterious, how does he do it we all wonder. His starseed origins may leave some clues to this incarnation and mission on the planet. He came in with profound positions of Sirius, this is highly exalted in his Mercury. Many from Sirius feel their true origin is Sirius B, this I feel is true for Elon, and his mental power is receiving direct transmission from this highly evolved light source. His Corvian moon reveals we will never know his secrets, as he has the ability to dive deep into many realms to see the unseen. He is also from Antares and Orion, proving his drive, focus, discipline, and mental strategy are his existential gift to the world. Arcturus and Spica was my initial hunch of what I would find, being a higher intellectual.


Celebrity Starseed Origin 

Madonna 'Madame X' is mostly a Pleiadian Starseed(4 placements), as I did have to dig deep in the opposition aspects to find her origins. She has Pegassi and Andromeda in the opposition of her Sun and Moon, this may deeply explain her Love for Horses and the Expression of Freedom. She also is from the Royal Stars Regulus and Aldebaran. I send lots of love to Madonna, she was truly an inspiration to me as a child, watching 'Like a Prayer' is always a memory I return too. ❤️✡️🦄


Celebrity Starseed Origin🌟

Nikola Tesla was predominately an Arcturian Starseed, No surprise right! But to my surprise finding Hydra in his sun is an interesting twist🐍

He has exalted placements of Sirius, and his Mercury you can say is an exact culmination degree of Betelguese, Orion within tropical astrology, also within range of influence to the the Galactic Center, no wonder he was a Genius

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 12.51.23 AM copy.png

The Tragic Star Shaula has a celebrity story to tell, through Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith and Marilyn Monroe. 


I will be pulling the birth chart of Britney Spears, along with Anna Nicole Smith, and Miss Marilyn Monroe, all three have seemingly familiar life path’s and we are going to look at the stars responsible for this kinda walk in life and dive into the analysis of the more tragic, public, and highly emotionally charged encryption affecting the entire world.


The soul path’s that really seem to illuminate the topic’s of mental illness, public criticizm and scrutiny, and deep mysteries that are intriguing but also highly entangled into the depths of the unknown.


So some of you may or may not know about the free Britney movement that is currently running and sending vibrant energy signals to those that may feel they are apart of the Britney Spears soul collective.

If you grew up listening to Britney Spears, if you are in her age group, if you are a fan and have always resonated with her on a heart based frequency then this message is probably for you.


So this video today is to bring awareness to her situation, this is to support the free Britney movement and petition, that I just signed today and hopefully you will too, and to support Britney Spears in her uphill battle to independence and freedom. 


Please See Full Video Here:

So I am really beginning to think that Mr W.D. was just a front man or a paid actor. A smoke screen that completely faked the public to a massive CIA Draconian/wesa Operation, similar to how they claimed we landed on the moon or talked and ushered abled bodies into the Montauk facilities! We were bamboozled. 


An operation that has capitalized off of the fountain of youth, literally by building technological harvesting facilities on top of the location of the literal fountain of youth planetary location. The magical kingdom was a gateway alright, a gateway straight into the the phantom wesa systems. The parallel that plugs straight into a massive black hole system where non human entities have assimilated into AI, and your childhood loosh built that construct in the astral at night when you were sleeping. 


His starseed origin chart looks promising until your tune into the Rigel Orion origin in his Pluto position, that is the primary system in Orion responsible for the height of the tumultuous hijacking on this earth. It was the Rigel systems that came in and hijacked the Vatican on behalf of the Draconians. I wouldn’t trust that alignment in his chart, I’m picking up on an fraudulent spirit.


A fraudulent Spirit is the Leviathan Spirit which promotes false light superiority and reversal architecture in what they transmit biologically and planetarily through deception, lies of omission, manipulation with ill intent to promote intentional harm, death or destruction codes to serve its personal agenda. These belief systems are the basis which forms the Shadow and was manifested out of the predator mind of the Orion Group and Brought through from the wesa systems.


Also the Alnilam Orion in his midheaven would be his mission and what he came to do here on this earth on a galactic level, he came to serve in allegiance to the Orion system, and through the Venus of Cygnus he could of done it by captivating the hearts and the minds of the orphans, which are, where and always have been the target for harvesting. Now the targets have become more globalized and yet narrowed down in accordance to transhumanism and its global smoke screen transgenderism. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 1.07.16 AM copy.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 1.32.29 AM copy.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 11.27.15 AM copy.png

Do you wanna know how and when the patriarchal demon seeds start to act up and emit from the 33rd parallel? 


Because you know the PDS’s are running their encoding through this transmission tracking line in the earth at 33 degrees. 


And when this encoding runs it enforces the societal patriarchal programs to activate full force. 


And push a global mind societal agenda of beliefs of masculine superiority. That is deeply encoded in the collective unconsciousness body.


Which means humanity is unaware of its actions within this program that manifest and create our shared reality experiences on this earth. 




A total and radical ideological system that has been out of balance with nature since prior to the fall of Atlantis.


Since the first genocidal wrecking bill that came through the motherlands of Mu, and into Lemuria slaughtering the Anuhazi tribes and ripping apart the 5th dimensional souls of this time. 


An encoding that is 


Shaping the generational descending mind set of the hierarchal collective thought forms of racism, sexism, classism, death culturalism, reversal grid templating.


And is installing the forever dividing and conquering influences of the sexual misery programs to be triggered in the planetary pain body.


Well I’ll tell you…how you know


Just look at the collective response of the


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case…. Who here in this case is being made out to be the bad guy?


It’s not Johnny Depp. It’s not even being somewhat viewed on any level of realistic principles, there is film screen/death screen over peoples eyes that runs from the PDS encoding. 


Okay and I’m sure you may have your perspective on this, many of you have been following bits and pieces of this case. It’s not like you can really dodge the story it’s only been blasted every witch way you look, and feels completely like a distraction campaign of the Luciferian and Leviathan races.


Distracting like look over here at this completely immature,  irrational, toxic relationship where clearly both participants are severely affected by J-Seals, Draco Seals, Victim-victimizer codes, and are holding extensions into harvesting networks. So every-time one tunes into their energy in this case they are being harvested out to Gollum’s.


Which are special kinds of entities…that really benefit from sexual misery, and if your watching then it’s going straight to the core of your sexual wounding, re-igniting your connection to lack and separation campaigns in this earth. Everything here on this prison hologram is food. 


What is my point here? We are witnessing a gradual turning of the collective against the divine feminine. Where the saturnian systems are no longer supporting the feminine divine principles. Not that they never actually ever had. 


Amber Heard is just one very public portrayal where the feminine doesn’t deserve empathy and has become the perpetrator, when not one person has yet to even hear her side of the story yet.


This is also very observant to be true in the Meghan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanes situation-ship where Meghan was shot in the foot, but the world would rather believe that she is a liar and pick her apart to pieces no matter what she does or says. Which is set to go fully to trial later this year. This will be another public spectacle where the PDS will run in full force. Where the collective will not rally in support of the divine feminine and make this as painful as they possibly can for the feminine. 


All of this toxic energy rolling right off the back of there transgenderism takeover where female sports are now in trouble where Lia Thomas seems to have stolen the spotlight in an all female swimming competition, putting female sports and competitions in danger because somehow men are now considered biological females. 


And wasn’t it just a few moths back Texas abortion laws wanted to dig its dirty hands in telling woman what to do with their bodies? 


We are in a very dangerous place collectively where the tides are slowly turning against the biological female spirit, identity and human body. If the majority have lost their will to defend that which is representative of the female than the regression will continue to be acceptable, and the hammer will continue to fall and take away the support and the rights of woman. 


It is a social ideology and political system which encourages alpha males to use brute force and dominating wills to enforce their personal positions of power, by superimposing their beliefs upon others. To spread their ideology throughout the culture to become the dominate narrative that is further used to manipulate and control the public perception, in order to get what they want. The aggressive alpha males at the top of the patriarchal hierarchy tend to rise through the ranks to define and determine the global classification systems; the haves and have nots, the assigned meaning of gender and sexual roles, and outlining the limited access that most women and children will have. They determine and enforce what is socially acceptable within their defined parameters for that specific culture and its classification.


The patriarchal system acts as the primary decision maker in the governance of that culture in order to extend beliefs in male dominance as the absolute authority in such matters. In some cases, claiming full ownership over other people’s body parts, reproduction and access levels to human rights that greatly impact their lives and families. The patriarchy may consider body parts and reproduction as merely human resources or commodities that are available for bartering, profiting, and gaining leverage for the purpose of maintaining their position of power in the hierarchy.

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 1.32.29 AM copy.png
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