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Starseed Expansion and
Advanced Levels
of Consciousness Course

IndigoAngel, Pink Bella Aloha, and Lightstar
  • Are you looking for the next galactic mind expansion activation and attunement?


  • Are you a cosmic activation adrenaline junkie?


  • Are you awakening to Starseed consciousness for the first time? Or have you been on this journey for a while?

Look no further; we have put together the ultimate Starseed Expansion and Advanced Levels of Consciousness Course.


An In-depth 4-day galactic course container live webinar event with world-class emissaries from the stars. Your cosmic teachers and way~shower’s IndigoAngel, Pink Bella Aloha, and Lighstar have been chosen to issue a clarion call across all nations that are being sent out NOW to all starseeds, indigos, guardians, empaths, and those embarking on the path of awakening, service to others and getting into a mission. The galactivation comes when it is your time to anchor in and serve the planetary ascension and new earth timelines. We hope you have heard this call and are ready to join us for the next accelerative celestial ascension wave in the advanced higher consciousness fields. All the activations you will need on a cosmic level for massive divine akashic field expansion and recalibration are being highlighted in this course. We are courageously breaking through the challenges and limitations of the matrix and committing to successfully navigating dimensional frameworks of all platforms of perception of the cosmic mind. You will be massively upgraded from this shared cosmic mind field experience. 


Remember who you are, awaken to your Starseed cosmic identity, advancing your DNA, multi-dimensionality, and quantum cognition. The stars and the mission are calling you. 

6 LIVE Class Calls
  • Beyond the Firmament, Starseed & Celestial Ascension

  • Entering the Cosmic Hall of Records and Greater Galactic History

  • 12th Dimensional Chakras & Your Quantum Energy Field

  • Advanced AKASHIC Records & MultiDimensional Light System

  • Awakening The Starborn BluePrint

  • Advancing Through Light Language Codes of Consciousness

3 Galactic Activations Live  
  • Remembering who you are a Guardian Gal-activation Journey. 

  • STARSEED & BLUE Rays – Advanced Chakra Balance & BLUE RAY QUANTUM Activation

  • Multidimensional Christic DNA Seed Activation. 

1 Panel Discussion Q&A​​
  • Q&A Group Interactive Live Call with IndigoAngel, Pink Bella Aloha, and Lightstar 

You will receive all recordings and have lifetime access. 
Certifications will be Issued.

What You Will Learn:

  • Increased Psychic & Cosmic Intuitive Depth Perception

  • Full Starseed Awareness & Total Mind Expansion

  • Connection to Star Origin & Radial Light Sources

  • Receive a Remembering of our Shared Galactic Akashic Records & Historical Cosmic Events

  • Immense Light Body Activations & Upgrades in your Field

  • Strengthening of the Auric Shield

  • Feeling Grounded & Fully Supported & Protected by Source Universal Energy

  • Clearer Connection with your Higher Self & Star Councils of Light

  • Inner-Peace, Balance & Clarity

  • Starseed Super Power Tools for your Journey

  • Heart Chakra Keys to Activate your New Timeline

  • Energy will be Lighter & Brighter as we Release Old Karmic & Ancestral Energies & Imprints

  • Improved Energy & Health Benefits

  • Feeling Fully Here & Ready to  Move into Deeper Levels of your Galactic Mission!

  • Embrace your Starseed Soul from Brand New Perspectives

  • Courageously Break Through Challenges & Limitations of the Matrix

  • Feel Successful from your Jedi Training & Spiritual Lessons

  • Initiate your Soul Through Hidden Number Activations

  • Become Intimately Connected with your Higher Self

  • Awaken your Soul’s Heart with Light Language

  • Purify Old Stagnant Patterns that Limit your DNA’s Expression

  • Deeply Cleanse, Activate & Advance your DNA to New Heights


Day 1 March 31, 2023 ~ IndigoAngel

 Beyond the Firmament, Starseed & Celestial Ascension
 AM-12 PM/CDT)

Break down the essential dynamics of starseed awareness and understand the fundamentals that define what a starseed is. This allows one to perceive inter-dimensionally within themselves their cosmic identity and how to integrate it.


•   Introduction to starseed consciousness and celestial ascension

•   How do you know you are a starseed & starseed traits

•   Identifying radial templating diversity within

•   Galactic realms are equal opposite to quantum realms

•   Interpreting/attuning your origins, knowing where you are from, and what to do with it

•   Earth stargates and how starseed’s use them

Entering the Cosmic Hall of Records and Greater Galactic History (1-3 PM/CDT)

Take a book from the galactic library in Mintaka and be transported into the cosmic hall of records for a deep dive. Activating the ability to see into the cosmic timelines comes with a greater heightened knowledge of our shared galactic human existence. This advanced level starseed history is guaranteed to open your higher chakras and knowing.

•   Galactic history timelines & events, memories that were stolen from humanity

•   Who are the Guardians, affiliations, alliances, councils and federations

•   The main starseed seeder races according to root races, Atlantis & Lemuria

•   Advanced alien technologies impacting humanity

•   Psycho-spiritual warfare between extraterrestrial races, Draco, Orion & Annunaki

•   The higher timeline, new earth and future prophecy

Remembering who you are a Guardian
Gal-activation Journey
 (4-5:30 PM/CDT)

Astral travel the universe with me and collect your soul chard’s from your home origins across the galaxy, and remember who you are. Receive light body upgrades, cosmic relics, and initiations to more memory. A group celestial shared unified mind container experience.


•    Light body preparation for visualization and astral travel, activating, sealing,

      protection, and mini chakra clearing

•    Access stargate portal for trans-dimensional astral travel

•    Visit 6 cosmic nations, and receive galactic intel, holographic imagery, psychic

      sensory perception, and channeled cosmic messages from Indie

Day 2  April 1, 2023 ~ Pink Bella Aloha

Starseeds & Blue Rays Advanced MultiDimensional Chakra & Quantum Healing Course incl. The Akashic Records 
(10 AM-12 PM/PDT)

1st QUANTUM Session - 12th Dimensional Chakras & Your Quantum Energy Field

Starseeds & Blue Rays – you came into Expand and Activate Your Chakra System & Your Multidimensional Intuitive Abilities! This first session is the 101 Starseeds Guide you have been waiting for!  Allowing you to REMEMBER & Expand Your Consciousness, Chakras & Quantum Field of Light!

  • 7 Chakra System Expansion to the 12 Chakra System

  • Soul Star & Earth Star Chakras coming Online

  • The 12 Chakra Expansion & New Quantum Energy Light Technology Field

  • Your Akashic Records & Past / Parallel & Future Lives

  • Clearing Karma & Ancestral Imprints / Traumas from your Akashic Records &

  • Chakra System (Atlantis, Lemuria & Egypt Stargate Timelines)

  • 12th Chakra System Expansion to the 13th - 22nd Chakra System

  • Solar Flares & Ascension Symptoms

Quantum Session - Advanced  Akashic Records & MultiDimensional Light System(1-3 PM/PDT)

All Starseeds & Blue Rays are here to REMEMBER, HEAL, Clear KARMIC & ANCESTRAL Imprints, TRAUMAS, & Lifetimes of Information thru multiple timelines.

We will go into a deeper level of how we are transforming into GALACTIC HYBRIDS with a Higher Chakra System and a NEW Multidimensional Light System!

This is the Secret to bringing 5D New Earth Online – it is in each and every one of you and it starts with the Heart Chakra!

  • The 13th - 22nd Chakra System -  Carbon Based to Crystalline DNA & Quantum Field Transformation

  • Clearing Soul Contracts  Personal, Ancestral & Galactic

  • Integration of Soul Fragments from Multiple Timelines including Star Systems

  • Starseed & Blue Ray Missions – Aligning with the Ascension Timeline & Prime Source Creator Energy

  • Starseed Super Power Tools – The Violet Flame for Transmutation & Protection

  • Blue Ray Starseeds – Keepers of the Blue Flame – Clarity, Purpose &

  • MultiDimensional Mission

  • Heart Chakra Stargate – Wellness, Abundance & Heart Chakra Keys to Ascension

Quantum Activation & Healing Session - Starseed & Blue Rays – Advanced Chakra Balance & Blue  Ray Quantum Activation (4-5:30 PM/PDT)

In our 3rd Quantum Session – We will go thru a Group Quantum Clearing & Healing while I take you on a Guided Meditation to your Akashic Records! Your 12 Chakra System will be brought online and you all will receive a Blue Ray Activation & Alignment with the BLUE FLAME. This will allow all of you as Starseeds to feel fully Supported by Universal Source Energy and you will feel SAFE to be grounded here on Earth. You will also feel more connected and receive clearer guidance from your Higher Self.

  • 12 Chakra Balance & Bringing Your New Chakra System Online (Earth Star, Soul Star, High Cosmic Heart, 11th Starseed Chakra, 12th Stellar Gateway)

  • A Guided  Akashic Records Meditation including Healing & Clearing of Karma , Ancestral Imprints & Soul Contracts

  • Violet Flame Invocation for transmutation of Lower Dense Energies & Timelines

  • Blue Ray Flame & Alignment with Prime Source Creator, Higher Self & Starseeds Mission

  • Earth Star Alignment with your Root Chakra – Being Grounded

  • Connection to the New Earth Crystalline Grids – Soul Star & Earth Star

  • 12th Dimensional Seal of Light & Protection with the Royal Blue & Gold Rays of Source Universal Energy

  • Alignment with the New Earth Ascension Timeline


Day 3  April 2, 2023 ~ Lightstar

Awakening The Starborn BluePrint

(10 AM-12 PM/PDT)

Unlock the keys to your original galactic blueprint so you can breeze through challenges, and recalibrate your life to be in alignment with your soul’s divine mission. Get valuable insights that will expand your starseed consciousness to a wider cosmic bandwidth.

  • Starseed Objectives, and The Importance of Aligning with Starseed Missions

  • Spiritual Tests and Jedi Training Modalities: Specific Tips For Success

  • How to Disconnect from The Programmed “Obedience Mind Matrix”

  • Transcending Familial and Societal Limitation Caps, and How to Circumvent Pitfalls

  • Master Number Sequences and Their Deeper Code Activation Messages

  • Levels of Dreamtime and Mission Activation Integration


Advancing Through Light Language Codes of Consciousness
(1-3 PM/PDT)

Discover the power of the Language of Light to accelerate your light and strengthen your access to the spectrums of your Higher Self Avatars. You’ll learn specific techniques to help you access Light Language expression, and become your own Cipher!

  • Demystifying The Intricacies of The Language of Light

  • Healthy Shielding and Creating Psychic Boundaries For Safe Connections

  • Higher Self Dynamics and How to Access your Multidimensional Avatars

  • Utilizing Light Language For Soul Activation and Memory Recalibration

  • Deciphering Symbols, Glyphs, and Cosmic Languages

  • Activating The Divine Mother Tongue Celestial Soul Expression


Multi-dimensional Christic Dna Seed Activation

(4-5:30 PM/PDT)

Receive a highly powered and finely attuned DNA Clearing that will help to initiate repair and restoration of the original crystalline matrix and flush out old patterns of physical stagnation, trauma, and ancestral genetic disruption. You’ll also receive an elevated DNA upleveling to jump start your awakening to the higher dimensions.

  • DNA Silicate Matrix Repair and Restoration (DNA Octaves 1-4)

  • DNA Ancestral Lineage and Miasma Cleansing (DNA Octaves 2-3)

  • DNA Quantum Bridge Expansion Activation (DNA Octave 5)

Meet Your Guides

IndigoAngel Image


My Human name is Amanda Jane DeMarco, and my Ascended identity is IndigoAngel. This would be the higher aspect of my soul that has transcended my humanism within and has become an Angel Incarnate on Earth. I am a mid-way portal receiver/transmitter to the galactic code of quantum mathematical geometric electro-magnetic tonal radial photonic elemental spectrum light & sound frequencies of the original Krystal orders. That absorbs, transmits, and reflects through all 12 Dimensions of consciousness within physical matter and the human body. I am a clairvoyant cosmic channel and remote view reader.


I was chosen and encoded through rigorous ascension cycles and higher density light intelligence to deliver humanity messages and transmit frequencies encoded through stargate alignments and collective wave infusions of solar-lunar celestial synergistic relationships.


I am a gamma indigo child of the indigo grail lines ascended through the arc of the seraphim Elohim's original angelic order.


I have founded and created IndigoAngel through multi-dimensional celestial awakening and ascension processes, built upon my future timelines where I am to someday assist millions of people with many multi-dimensional facets of awakening, from the ground core rescue to advanced level ascension technology.


Currently, the hat I like to wear most often is a planetary grid reader. You may have seen my cosmic grid updates or participated in group grid sessions in my memberships.


What planetary grid reader means is I intuitively read the living consciousness matrix in the earth's spiritual body that is encoded with the blueprint or original instruction set for the divine plan of humanity.


Currently, I focus a lot of my attention on shining the light on in-organic architecture and nefarious and artificial stargates to expose Decepticons on the earth.


False artificial timelines and narratives and death culturalism. That's the most exciting part of my day job, besides working with you all energetically through my sessions that I offer and traveling to stargate sites worldwide and making art.


For this starseed Course, I have decided to step back from grid reading and culminate all my planetary knowledge of cosmic history to bring forth the most riveting educational Starseed experience and container with two other divine celestial lights and teachers on the is earth anchoring in the cosmic realms. I am excited to bring you Pink Bella Aloha and Lightstar.

Pink Bella Aloha Image

Pink Bella Aloha

I have been on my Spiritual & Healing Awakening Journey for many years and it truly started with my own Wellness & Personal Health investigations to find
Tools & Herbal Support to boost my Immune System & manage Stress & Anxiety.

At a very early age in Canada,  I  become incredibly sensitive to certain foods & by the age of 16 I was having such severe reactions that my parents took me to my first Naturopath.

As my journey continued into my late 20s and early 30sI was not only reacting to foods but also traditional medicines were increasing the symptoms (allergies, sinus infections & anxiety).

I was guided to start working with Naturopaths full time and learned about Detoxing, Herbs, Essential OIls, Essential Oils
& Energy Healing.


  • Of course looking back on my journey, it was my Body's way of taking me back to my Soul & Spiritual Journey - as I moved from Naturopaths to Acupuncture to Reiki & Crystal Therapies.

Then a very powerful journey with Touch for Health personal sessions. This allowed me to start my Touch for Health & Reiki studies to learn about the Chakra & Meridian Systems. That we are not only Physical but have Energy Systems that are also working together.

As time went on I too studied and can bring these Gifts to you and assist your Journey!


  • Reiki Master & Quantum Healer

  • Touch For Health Therapy

  • Crystal & Andara Therapy

  • Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

  • 12 - 22 Chakra Balances

  • Akashic Records - Readings & Clearings

  • Color Ray & Violet Flame Therapy

  • Guided Meditations

  • Akashic Record Readings for your Journey connected to:

    • Atlantis

    • Lemuria

    • Egypt

    • Avalon

    • & other Past Lives

    • Ascension & New Earth (5D)

    • Starseed Cosmic Insights & Astrology

    • Earth Grid Lines, Leylines & Vortexes & So Much More!

My awakening included going to Sacred Sites around the Planet & activating Personal Gifts from each location:


  • Egypt - SPHINX & Pyramids

  • Greece

  • Australia

  • Glastonbury, UK

  • California

  • New York

  • Arkansas

  • Canada

  • Africa & More

During a fall visit to the island of Maui, Hawaii in 2011 - I started to tap into my Intuitive Gifts very clearly and was given the name - Pink Bella Aloha Therapy!

Then in November 2011 was my first 11:11 Awakening (November 11th) - I was given the insight to start a plan of deeper study.

Now my Healing & Intuitive Gifts are here to assist all of you to find and Remember your gifts!

I am so GRATEFUL for this Journey and for you all!

Lightstar Image


Lightstar is a pioneering internationally acclaimed High Frequency Attunement Artist, Celestial Channel, and Author, serving humanity on the Jewel of Terra as an Artistic Visionary and Inspiring Creator of Celestial Awesomeness. Her ground-breaking visionary Attunement Artwork and frequency-encoded best-selling oracle decks are infused with sacred color rays and light codes that transmit pure divine inspiration, which help people awaken, re-align with their soul, be inspired, and recall their destiny path. 
Serving as a catalyst and spiritual teacher to assist others in discovering their gifts and re-aligning to their natural state is a passion for Lightstar. She speaks over 20 Light Languages, which transmit and activate soul memories and healing codes. Lightstar’s transformational music activation is a source of high frequency sound healing designed to emit specific encoded frequencies that will cleanse, shift, calm, energize, heal, upgrade, and inspire new levels of transformation for humanity.

Lightstar is the author, artist, and creator of the popular, ground-breaking, and best-selling Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards and Activators (now in 2nd Edition) and the Celestial Frequencies Oracle Cards and Healing Activators which innovatively deliver a tangible, intuitive-strengthening tool that blends high frequency visionary art and divine light codes for self-transformation, self-illumination, and self-healing.

Lightstar’s captivating Attunement Art has been publicized at galleries and venues worldwide, and she has been a featured guest on a variety of TV and radio broadcast networks and global online summits including: Alchemy of Ascension Summits, KCOR Radio, SciSpi.TV, Starseed Radio Academy, Soulogy One Network, ATP Radio, VoiceAmerica, Starseed Radio Academy, and more. Her channeled transmission messages are also frequently published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence.

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