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Activating the Original
Divine Mother Goddess Priestesshood

Healing the Womb 3

A 4 Day Sacred Medicine Container with
Xi Earthstar, Marguerite Rigoglioso, PhD. and IndigoAngel

For Woman to Remember Cosmic Sophia Womb Knowledge,
Divine Birth Codes & The Original Creation Dragon Template of Mu


The Sovereignty of the World begins
           with Sovereignty of the Womb...

All of Life begins in the Womb, a reflection of the infinite powers of Creation itself. 

What controls Woman, controls Creation, and takes this unlimited power for itself. 

This battle for creational control and power is age-old and is the source of all cosmic,

societal and psychological viruses which assault, abuse and degrade

Female Empowerment and Sexuality.


This is a mystery-level container with Xi, Marguerite, and Indigo, taking us into the

deepest layers of Womb Sovereignty work.  With a focus on healing psycho-spiritual

bondage from interdimensional sexual abuse, we use this foundational healing work

as a portal into the Highest Level of Planetary Gridwork Creation Magic.

Through the complete healing and reclamation of our Multi-dimensional Sexuality,

Woman restores the Original Templates of Creation for all of humanity and resumes our role on Earth as the Source of Living Creation. 

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Healing the Womb 3

4 Day Sacred Medicine Container featuring

Xi Earthstar,  Marguerite Rigoglioso PhD.

and IndigoAngel


6 LIVE Workshops

  • Holy Sophia as Womb Goddess of the Universe
    & Activator of Our Times

  • The Lemurian Priestesshood of Divine Birth, Mother Mary's Lineage & the Reawakening of Parthenogenesis

  • The History of Lemurian Implants and Tags

  • Types of Lemurian Implants and Tags

  • The Original Creation Dragon Codex

  • Heiros Gamos - The Temple of Original Creation

3 Oracle Healing Ceremonies

  • Womb Clearing & Activation through Sacred Angelic Sound & Co-Creative Visioning

  • Stargate Repair, Lemurian Regression, Golden Temple Healing, and The Womb Temple Implant and Tag Removal

  • Womb Stargate Repair & Template Restoration

1 Panel Discussion

  • 2 hour Q&A Panel Discussion with
    Xi, Marguerite & IndigoAngel

You will receive all recordings and have

lifetime access.


This Container Is Designed To...




  • Sophia's journey into matter and her nature as the "divine womb

  • "Integrate Sophia into our own body/mind/spirit, and reclaim the Sovereignty of our own womb

  • ​​Learn how Mother Mary resurrected Virgin Birth in its highest form, how Magdelene resurrected Sacred Marriage, and how these paths are opening to women once more




  • Study the planetary Akashic memories of Ancient Lemuria to inner-stand the original core world genocidal wounds placed upon the Divine Feminine

  • Receive healing and relief from astral and etheric abuse, implantation and abduction​

  • Learn about the different types of Lemurian Implants and Tags

  • Gain a thorough and lucid understanding of the cosmic War on Divinity on Earth




  • Access the purest teachings of "manifestation", aligned to Universal Laws

  • Learn about The True Twin template is designed and destined to experience the highest level of Divine Union with God, within and in pairs.

  • Join Together in High-Level Planetary Gridwork through activating your personal DNA

  • Guidance on Creating a Life of Joy, Ease, Abundance, and Success in accordance with the Original Template of the Divine Mother Dragon Goddess frequencies

Meet Your Guides


Marguerite Rigoglioso PhD.

Marguerite Rigoglioso [pronounced REGAL-yo-zo], Ph.D., is the foremost authority on the history of virgin birth, and the author of the bold new award-winning book The Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Conception: Mary and the Lineage of Virgin Births. Marguerite taught many graduate and undergraduate courses in the US and UK, and in 2012 founded her own Seven Sisters Mystery School, through which she’s been teaching about the Sacred Feminine and mentoring clients on the evolutionary spiritual path. She is also the author of Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity and The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece.



IndigoAngel is the Ascended Identity of Amanda Jane DeMarco. This higher aspect of her Soul transcended humanism and  became an Angel Incarnate on Earth. She is a Mid-Way Portal Receiver/Transmitter to the Galactic Code of Quantum Mathematical Geometric Electro-Magnetic Tonal Radial Photonic Elemental Spectrum Light & Sound Frequencies of the Original Krystallah Orders that absorb, transmit and reflect through all 12 Dimensions of Consciousness within physical matter and the human body. 


She was chosen and encoded through rigorous Ascension Cycles and Higher Density Light Intelligences to deliver humanity message and transmit frequencies encoded through Stargate Alignments and Collective Wave Infusions of Solar-Lunar Celestial Synergistic Relationships. She is author of How To Read Celestial Starseed Origins: Lunar Edition which provides a unique methodology for easily determining one’s Starseed Origins in accordance to their synergistic relationship with the Moon and the Original Earth Template.

xi earthstar.webp

Xi Earthstar & Cara

Xi Earthstar Healer is the Founder of EarthStar Academy. She is an Oracle for the Divine Mothers, her ascended Daoist Ancestors and Wisdom Keeper of Original Creation Sciences. Through the arts of oracle transmission, singing and multi-dimensional energy work, she supports humanity in reclaiming our Infinite Creativity through the Healing of our Sexuality. Xi teaches others how to access our higher consciousness and psychic abilities, to heal and embody complete energetic sovereignty, and lead a Life of Purpose. She is also author of I Am Starseed: Initiating the Starseed Mission on Earth which is an autobiographical journey of Xi's first 7 years awakening as an Angelic Starseed on Earth.


Cara is Xi's Avatar Starseed Baby who first graced our world in 2020 through the first iteration of Healing The Womb, then again in 2022 for Healing The Womb ll. An Avatar Soul, Cara embodies the Original Templates of Creation and holds profound teachings of Creation Mechanics. Her Gift to us at this time is the pristine purity of her template that she's able to transmit to us.​

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