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13 Crystal Skulls, the Atlantean grid, and the Maldek Explosion 6:6:6 Gateway

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Upgrades in the field, new awakening waves have been hitting the grids and hitting them hard through 6:6:6 Gateway (June 6th, 2022). An energetic gamma blast of new ultra supernova light potential initiated at the 2-2-22 Gateway. New members are joining our 500 million strong indigo earth tribe. So welcome these members with open arms and a compassionate guiding light. They will need the guidance from those of us that have been sitting on the other side of the veil for some time.

Many indigo type 2’s and 3’s are expanding in their templating and integrating atomic gamma radiation. Indigo type 2’s working to regenerate, and activate human DNA templates. Mostly working to resolve traumas from karmic patterning results of incarnating evolutionary cycles.

Indigo type 3’s, These are the Polarity navigator's of shared soul essence. These groups of Indigos have a very challenging mission incarnation here. We need to honor these beloved ones with the gift they are awakening and bring to humanity.

Many right now unfortunately awakening at this time are through immunological breakdown due to the ever pressing depopulation agendas pursuing the outter skirts of the hierarchal tier of the templar Annunaki's and the Draco lineages. The offspring that have been deemed expiremental by the all holy illuminate eye.

Which means massive heart consciousness expansion for those that have been upgraded by the light waves. Now, this usually does not come easy. This is a major cleansing clearing, and purification process that each one that is going through this process and it can be painful, and one must come to understand that they are stripping everything from within them. Stripping toxins, heavy metals, and bio-weaponization, and radiation exposure. Stripping everything that has ever insulted their soul, stripping everything that has ever pained them or done them wrong in this life. They are cleansing and clearing the hooks, the parasites, the entities, the incubus, and the succubus that have had their tentacles inside them for some time. It’s a distressful time for the one experiencing this expansion, where anxiety levels are high, electrical energy is high inside the body, and thoughts are racing or are scattered and ungrounded. It’s usually accompanied by the need to cry several times throughout the day, as the heart is on fire and is in pain as it expands beyond everything it once knew.

So I just wanted to remind you if this is you right now, and you have found my channel, just remember to ground your energy as much as possible throughout the day, this is working to balance your high electricity in the body and don’t forget to take magnesium, as the balances the central nervous system. Work to release attachments, cord-cutting rituals, and entity extraction, keep doing this throughout your day. Also increased meditation and toning. But most of all remember to honor your process and give yourself the acceptance, compassion, and understanding for your state of being. If you feel like you are a mess, just know that this is okay, this is a part of this process, and you will get through it, but it is going to take time and you need to be gentle and have patience with yourself. That’s the most important thing I can tell you right now. Do not go out and self destruct. Stay committed to your alignment, because it is one thing to awaken to the truther world, to corruption, lies, manipulation, and beast machines. But it is another thing to have your entire soul descend into your body and the heart chakra expands opens and completely changes every part of who you are and what you feel from within. Okay, so I just wanted to remind anyone of this, if they are going through it because I have been seeing an increase in beings who are awakening for the first time.

This wave is also clearing deeper into the narcissist templating- what Maldek brought to the earth.

This is coming up more and more through these deep waves of awakening, as more light penetrates the grid. It pushes out and obliterates darkness, shadow, and behavior mentalities, such as the narcissist templating that has been developed through the explosion of Maldek that released souls into different etheric planes according to the perfect law of karma. The Earth at this time agreed to accept souls with thousands of years of limitation and strict reincarnation so lesser forms, digressive lines, reptilian bodies/bloodlines, and leviathan races could gain experience here. The leviathan races carried a deep hatred for the earth and constantly walk the earth feeling homeless and in a state of anger and anguish.

These were the races and the lineages responsible for the infiltration of the Lemurian holocaust, the original seeds of betrayal, and the Atlantian cataclysm's 3rd seeding- the Luciferian Rebellion. The Lemurian soul body was the original earth human. This is why when you regress to Lemuria everything feels so peaceful here, humbling, and nurturing. It wasn’t until Maldek exploded, that Maldek entities came to earth. The transition to this planet began approximately 500,000 years ago and the type of mental body complex available at that time was used as the service to self, narcissist templating. Here they invaded the mother arcing systems, which means they have placed parasites and wormhole systems in places that disallow the connections of humanity to link into the earth's creation body, I believe the ultimate fracture in this came from the Albion body, which links into the seraphim hijacking, and has something to do with the sophianic dragon lineages.

Maldek today is the asteroid belt debris between Mars and Jupiter that exploded from nuclear warfare. Maldek carries the original blueprints to Atlantis. Maldek assisted in the seeding of all of the reptilian and dragon races today and holds the planetary core wounding traumas we experience here. The beings of Maldek installed a black wormhole between the earth and the moon, that runs to the dark side of the moon. The wormhole is a part of the deep distortions that are running the dark father principles and dark mother principles. They also here at this time installed reflective technology, which functions as "looking glass technology" It's where they can encode symbol codes of their choosing between the earth and the moon for everyone to be programmed through the reflection of the symbol code. They target human subconsciousness this way and try to turn off or reverse the genetic switches that would run the ascension biological process's here on earth. This is ultimately about mind control and manipulating the negative ego collectively by altering the perception of 3D reality, and this is ultimately where the control panel for their narcissistic templating may truly reside.

For real transformation to happen the core planetary wounding that is reflective through this human mental body has to completely dissolve.

Narcissists see themselves as perfect, using distortion and illusion known as magical thinking, through this, they create magical illusions of self-proclaimed righteousness. They control freaks and often try to control your perception of them in whatever ways they can.

They also use projection to dump shame onto others. They have short fuses, they are argumentative, irritable, unable to lose, and are often quick to anger. They are highly Entitled, Narcissists, and hold unreasonable expectations of particularly favorable treatment and automatic compliance because they consider themselves special. Failure to comply is considered an attack on their superiority, and the perpetrator is considered an "awkward" or "difficult" person. They will try to make you feel like you are crazy as they slowly start to distort your perception of reality. Defiance of their will is a narcissistic injury that can trigger narcissistic rage.

They are arrogant and a narcissist who is feeling deflated may reinflate by diminishing, debasing, or degrading somebody else. They have untrustworthy ego profiles. They function from shamelessness and envy. A narcissist may secure a sense of superiority in the face of another person by using contempt to minimize the other person. They will not apologize and they will do it insincerely. And they captivate the empath because empaths will misinterpret their inabilities for pain or suffering they can assist or fix. They are highly Entitled, Narcissists, and hold unreasonable expectations of particularly favorable treatment and automatic compliance because they consider themselves special. Failure to comply is considered an attack on their superiority, and the perpetrator is considered an "awkward" or "difficult" person. They will try to make you feel like you are crazy as they slowly start to distort your perception of reality. Defiance of their will is a narcissistic injury that can trigger narcissistic rage.

But you can’t because this behavior is not from pain or suffering they are literally from a lack of emotions and in a lot of cases unconsciousness, service to self, and deep disconnection from their mother because they hold resentment towards the earth having been birthed originally from war planets, Maldek and some even came from mars.

You are trying to fill the void of unconsciousness and a lack that is separated by planetary core wounds from separated worlds. When you are going head to head with digressive reptilian lines. They will cause injury to your self-esteem. Empaths do not engage, the global upgrades are dismantling these templates through waves of light that are working to heal all of the narcism templating and fragmentation through forced breeding and hybridization traumas.

So there are many ways to identify this, but if you come across this, let me tell you, you will not win up against this force. Empaths you have to understand they will damage you and leave narcissist scars and wounds. You have to walk away from these types. You cannot help them change them or fix them, they can and very easily will sink tentacles into your field. Because they are a part of the parasite, which is a hybrid etheric squid with suction cup tentacles. So it doesn't take much, but they will leach into your field and pull on your emotional magnetism and feed off of you here. There are many types of these extradimensional groups and races that are carrying the narcist templating. Some have lab-engineered bodies, some are capable to project their Consciousness throughout time and space without a form body. The narcist templating includes Negative Aliens factions which include Fallen Angelic Annunaki hybrids, the Sons of Belial, Thoth, Enki, Enlil, Cain, and able Collectives as well as those in the Black Sun Program; the Alpha Draconis/Orion Group, Greys, Zeta, Drakonians also called Reptilians, the Reptile Insectoid Collectives, etc.

Their expertise is in mind control, they know whoever controls the mind controls the masses.

1st Cataclysm

Now that we understand how the corruption of Atlantis came to exist through Maldek and our planetary core wounding, we can better understand how cataclysmic events in Atlantis continued to implement control grid networks that continue to evolve off of the narcissistic templating.

Atlantis went through three major periods of inundation thousands of years after Maldek's explosion. The 1st cataclysm "the Lemurian holocaust', at 70,000 years ago was the original dismantling and fragmentation separating and fracturing the Lemurian and Atlantean grids. Lemuria and Atlantis did indeed co-exist together for some time, this was before the destruction of any cataclysm when mer priest-kings ruled with all-encompassing compassion under the matriarchal banner of Lemurian culture with no conflict. During this time all the wisdom of Atlantis was encoded into the 13 crystal skull quartz made from the organic quartz crystal caverns in the Bermuda Islands. But, the betrayal seeds of Maldek soon revealed themselves in the Atlantean civilization, this is when underground tunnels were blown up in an attempt to keep Draco invasions out of Lemuria, but ultimately it was too late as the original Lemurian tribal genocidal attacks had ultimately been committed. Many divine feminine original earth bodies were taken to Mars and to Nibiru to force breed them with digressive reptilian lines against their will. It was considered against natural law at this time to breed outside of your genetic inheritance, and was a part of the disconnecting partners from true 5D souls incarnating, and blocked the ability of perfect harmony. The females were blackmailed and tricked into believing that if they willingly went and did this that their counterparts would be saved but unfortunately they were murdered. Dark Sirian Annunaki Melchizedek priests encoded artificial selenite rods with anti-female death screens in the North and South Americas called the J-Seals. Through these artificial systems, they run reversal codes directly about the original genocidal memories, opening up passageways to allow patriarchal demon seeds to come through and up from the 33rd parallel.

When the women taken against their will found this out they attempted to rebel against the reptilians, but they were up against being that cannot possess empathy, and they were harnessed and chained to the moon, and anchored into the black hole between the earth and the moon. Through these chains, they were continuously forced to breed these digressive reptilian lines and they began to hate themselves and hate their children. This was major trauma to the divine feminine, that the majority of templar Annunaki, hydras, Pleiadians, etc still carry the original chains in their etheric bodies to this day. This manifests in reproductive issues, creation fracking, dark mother and dark father principles, gender misery, gender identity, and all splitting and destruction of universal principles across nations.

The first Lemurian/Atlantian timeline was the first implant system to install/run according to this seeding. Lemurian implants which include etheric forced breeding harnesses, chastity belts, gag orders on the mouth, motherhood hooks, wounds in the 9th-dimensional field, moon chains anchored into the 9th-dimensional field, motherhood hooks in the sacral, womb, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and our breast. Some women have implants in their breasts both physically and ethically, creating multiple types of dysphoria. Some women have clamps and clips on their ovaries, several different implant devices have been installed in the feminine via the mouth, arm, and cervix. So the implants installed from Lemuria, have been extensive and for some woman, many of these implants are 100 percent irreversible without cutting open the physical body and is still deeply attacking the entire female collective to the present day.

The mer priest-king lines of this time decided to take the 13 crystal skull quartz from Bermuda to the Bimini Islands through the Atlantean road, and transport them to Isla Mujeres- the Isle of Woman to be protected by the Mayan Grandmothers for safe keeping of the original sacred knowledge of Atlantis. It is said that these are now kept in protection in Machu Picchu, Peru.

2nd Cataclysm

The 2nd Cataclysm was the original hijacking of the organic crystal systems and technology which was a continual progression to overtake and dominate the earth through the narcissistic mental body descended from service to self war planets, setting up the necessary mechanics for total earth domination. This is because at this time Annunaki joined with El-hei, Sirian blue races of Sirius b. They were the motivating forces behind Atlantis. The Sirians brought crystalline power artificial generators to the earth and installed them in 7 primary locations, and 24 sub-primary locations, all in areas where they could take over the rare earth gem caverns, such as the emerald, sapphire, quartz, and diamond mines and caverns in the earth. So what they did was utilized these crystal generators, siphon off of the 2nd dimensional current of the earth, and pull up the blue flame to direct it as an energy weapon, they also used the ark of the covenant passageways- which I do feel is an Andromedan corridor or network from Giza- the sphinx and Jerusalem- the temple mount and Andromedas rock, using these particular locations on the earth to power itself. Meaning the ark of the covenant is an organic passage system in the earth’s grid- they efficiently were able to hijack this corridor. They also are trying to draw up power from the hall of records, the planetary super consciousness of the earth. Ultimately they are learning the mechanics of planetary hijacking because through these technologies they can do other things such as hijack the planetary rod and staff and over the pillars, the mother arcing systems, and take over the planetary Merkaba field- the spiritual body of the earth. The second inundation of Atlantis was all about implementing these technologies and experimenting with the quality of their technology. Many self-proclaimed righteous priests became mad scientists obsessed with power and greed. Many explosions of the generators from Bermuda in the Bimini Islands were implemented to sink the land bridges and connection to the great road to Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean and the North Americas.

3rd Cataclysm

The third cataclysm was from the third seeding of Atlantis which became- the Atlanteans. They were a root-race at this time called the Annunaki- Melchizedeks. This is the main group that prospered in Atlantis. They were priest-king mer-people lineages that came down from their Sirian Annunaki Forefathers. They were defiantly interbreeding with other races. That later went on to form the templar Annunaki. This was when the first seals were installed essentially, all templar Annunaki's carry the crucifixion wounding and this created a division between those that follow the law of one and the sons of Belial. Sons of Belial are groups that have rejected natural laws, and in its place produced the artificial Saturnian - dark tree of life quilipath teachings. As a result of this disconnection of the organic architecture that generates an open-source supply of life force energy that in an entropic system their DNA has become increasingly more corrupted and damaged. Entropic means, tending to change from a state of order to a state of disorder.

It wasn’t until the third seeding in Atlantis that the parasitic rulership took place. So all this started to come to a head when the Annunaki resistance came in and began to infiltrate. They took over the Atlantean culture and started to create genetic and social digression, that nearly brought Atlantis to an end. Draco invaded again at this time. Because Dracos invade thriving civilizations, they do not come in until a certain power status has been achieved, because they are overlords to the Annunaki. This is when the remaining seals were then placed. The original teaching of the law of one was slowly destroyed, as the templar solar initiates came to replace the sacred teachings. They allowed the resistance allies of the Dracos secretly to come to earth. The Draco though have always been here. They never left, they just wait until civilization is evolved enough to take over or they invade and insert the agenda they desire.

The third cataclysm event was generated by natural destruction and geological upheaval, where volcanic and seismological activity destroyed The Atlas Mountains, The straights of Gibraltar, The Eye of Sahara, the continental shelf of West Africa, and several islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The third cataclysm event now was when the cultural hub of Atlantis was relocated from Atlantis to Egypt about 51,000 years ago and Egypt began to thrive.

And currently the timelines are always merging, we have never overcame the crystal technology abuse it has only evolved, as per seen in supercomputers, med bed technology and AI progression to this day.

The records of Atlantis are held in a golden capstone that is prophesized to be held in the Bimini islands in the Bahamas, next to the fountain of youth, and the underwater Atlantis road. The records are rolled up inside glass tubes. The records here will prove the existence of Atlantis once and for all when the Bimini Islands rise as Atlantis once again.

Cave of crystals

(Ice Palace, Chihuahua Mexico)

Were used as internal power crystal cavern generators and for data memory storage for the planetary logos, planetary neurological system, and the planetary brain. These clusters of crystal caves such as the Naica in chihuahua Mexico were misused in Atlantis. This distorted the time cycles given these crystals defy thermo dynamics and physics itself, and they run polarized frequency (checkerboard mutations) through the organic ley Iines, and sacred locations when they blow these up. They run this through the Atlantic oceanic water grid that connects all previously existing energetic locations of Atlantis. This blankets the civilization and isolates it from the natural connection. All of this interfaces with man’s existence and produces, cloaking, dissociation, easier targets for soul snatching, and scrambling of brain heart, mind, and identity effects.

These same crystals are what is taken for Supercomputer development, and the silicon crystal technology is used for AI development today. Most of these exploded underground, This is potentially what the J-Seals were, when the original organic crystal caverns, were then replaced with artificial selenite rods. Which is still what they use today to run the reversal into the hijacking of the dove light template.

So no the Atlantean technology is not gone, nothing was removed from the explosions the artificial technology still runs today. The Crucifixion stigmata wounds, the persecution codes that propagated the yellow badges, and the WWII killings machines were because of this. Everything we continue to see to this day from transhumanism to depopulation is because of this. Now they are repeating the same technology, and mishaps from Atlantis because they are using the same technology to power the supercomputers. This was advanced in the 1960s when they developed Linux technologies for the fastest computer systems in the world. They are also using liquid crystal technology to build the cloud and the meta verse which are ultimately the same thing.

Keepers of the diamond crystal core templating- carry consciousness units of the next universe. These are those that have been utilizing technologies of chakra crystal mapping and transformation, which is Kristic architecture alignment in their light body field. Indigo type1 light body templating.

The Tuaoi stone- is a similar crystal technology, to the firestone. The Atlanteans took the crystal knowledge from the Lemurians, and ultimately from Mu. Which Mu’s originally worshipped this firestone to the southern cross. Cayce called it the terrible crystal, and what they did is they built tuaoi stone facilities. ( or nibiriuan Annunaki crystal temples) These were built and placed in locations they wanted to tap off the earth’s natural crystal reservoirs. The Diamond Mines, and the natural rare earth gem caverns, emerald, rubies, and andaras. There is a control center to the J-Seal, I do believe it is near the firestone temples.

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clearest clarity
clearest clarity
Aug 31, 2022

Where can the 13 crystal skulls be bought?


Thank You. Your blog is the first place where the grids are so extensively explained. Bless you Sis ❤️

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