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Amplification of the Orion Wars New Flame Code Upgrades

Current downloads have been off the charts!!! And because of that…. the inner ultra-multi-dimensionality is what is amplified, and the ion-radiation/plasma body is connecting everything that is non-linear, non-logical, and super quantum at this time. These are accelerated solar plexus and crown chakra upgrades. The yellow fire heart is running through the fields, and the violet flame is re-encoding deeper levels of karmic clearing and forgiveness. Right now, the gateways to the Orion system are very open.

June is Orion Time

You may have felt the shift into the gate of man ~ the Orion Stargate ~and the Eloha- Elohei- Elohim gods have been seen in spirit from this gate in rings around the earth. They highly and heavily carry the father cosmic principle and therefore these celestial spirits are working through the Orion Stargate systems on the earth. This can often really stir the human drama pot so to speak. What may intensify this is we may be getting a supernova, a super blast from the red supergiant star Betelgeuse system in Orion. I'm getting a possible grid blackout this Summer if this occurs. This old star in Orion has been a ticking time bomb and is said to be giving out a smaller burst of supernova flares every so many 20 years cycle that may be coming to rapidly upgrade the ascension processes and our psychic abilities. So, expect significant grid reactions, and what I am getting as shockwaves in the earth from planetary Orion gate systems such as, China, The red Sea- the Gulf of Aden, Taiwan, Egypt, Israel, and the Kaaba. We can see this in terms of current events and current wars with China, Russia, Taiwan and the United States. Also, Militarized forces that are building in Iran and Saudi Arabia by building naval forces. Other locations on Earth these jolts will occur includes the un-holy trinity reversal stargates. Such as, Washington D.C., The Vatican Rome Italy, and London. Summer Solstice energy is a rapid-fire that really burns us up and through Orion.

Transit timelines to ancient Egypt and Babylon, passageways to Betelgeuse and Atlantis, and in-organic Orion war codes open up and flash through the earth's core.

It's like an Amplification of Orion wars that has begun like a horse race that kicks off. To the observer, it's more profound layers of the galactic game that is being revealed.

And we can see each thing really for what it is, Really an Orion war.

The wars against men and woman

The wars in Lemuria/Atlantis

Law of one vs. service to others

Christ vs. antichrist, snake brotherhoods, Forced breeding, hybridization programs, and The genetic hatred generated by the Orion Group digressed into the violent killing and destruction at the expense of others, which resulted in the propagation of the Victim-Victimizer Mind Control- central agencies of intelligence mind control programs, pegasus and Montauk projects, tv and radio, satellites, particle accelerators, weather mods, slavery programs, matrix programs, biblical programs, satanism, AI, etc.

-all Orion wars

The Orion war black league of Annihilation

Running narratives in fallen timelines and the underworld/ghost timelines is what most are currently living in simultaneously with the Ascended timelines and tensions increase in certain places in the world grid- because of that Orion staff that ignites… where the Orion wars play out are in the universal laws of polarity vs.balance. Checkerboard grid vs. the silver grid, scatter radiation grid vs. the retaining grid, mutation grids, hijacked and siphoned grids, and dead light grids. Black magic grids, artificial grids, and nuclear grids.They also play out In the Third Harmonic Universe in 7D-8D-9D, existing in the Monadic matrix's three layers- making this a highly shared collective experience. In the Third Harmonic Universe in 7D-8D-9D exists the three layers of the Gaian matrix, making this earth problem as much as everyone else.

That is governing lower laws within the universal time matrix are under warfare of constant alteration. Time perceptions and the ruler overlords of time. The False King of Tyranny Implants is being exposed…Finally!!! Where we see the heights and stark contrast of light in dark situations, people, and our own mirroring behaviors. And it gets increasingly more intense to discern what is meant for us and what is not. What has crossed the line, and what has become accepted beyond our boundaries. What is pure, and what is of the old Orion world.

The time of the Flame codes are upon us.

The violet flame

The blue flame

The emerald flame

The white purity flame

The gold flame

The orange and amber-yellow flames

The red and silver flames.

The sapphire diamond flames

It started with me seeing the white purity flame burning inside pure organic crystal DNA in the spirit body encasing and the subtle rings and halos of white pulsating through the water bodies, memory fields, and magnetic body fields. Penetrating the earth's water matrix submerging into deep lucid fields. These codes are coming in now to begin building the golden light cities and run 12-strand DNA-strengthening fibers- that the missions of the 144,000 are building. For them to build- the flames have to ignite within them to see through the reflection of the burning source code from their heart to the pineal to their crown. These are preparatory phases for many with the sacred burning heart. The flames come through light; they come through the rays. This is where the spiritual will is ignited. Then these processes take place through continuous and active gridwork as we toil the fertile spiritual soil of the lands and initiate the rebirth of divine will. The commanding of seas and mountains and volcanoes, wind and clouds, rain, thunder, and lightning. Opening the energy passageways to run an Amoraea Flame and purify the zoned areas for golden city constructions. Installing the mind lattices of the golden age.

Individually the flame body codes are felt surging through the astral- the higher emotional intelligence field body, auric body, etheric body, and light body of the human perceived senses of intuition. We have many of these bodies and are constantly building upon each one to have advanced auric development and psychic depth perception. This is energetically necessary to affect many as a multi-verse being and expand open the light portals.

So the flames are instigating and fueling a great time of testing and Change. That is now. The consistent messages I have been getting repeatedly are that we are in a time of Change. Entering into the time of Change. Knowing we are in a time of Change. Tremendous changes in our society, culture, and politics - the time of Change is what ushers in the golden age.

Age of constant flames, constant transformation, consistent evolutionary Change.

We are being prepared for this as the cosmic clock is getting reset inside the earth in the lower timelines. This can restore the natural god worlds inside the earth. I keep seeing hundreds of clocks falling from the 12 D as more Draco Seals are dissolved from the ground. A calendrical seal is being released.

Many people battling time— time speeding up, never enough time, wasted time, forgotten time… as the flames activate and heat up—- time dissolves, memory dissolves, magnetism dissolves…….eternal light activates.

And we merge higher

Merging us with 4th-dimensional time cycles of the meta-galactic core. This focus has shifted due to correcting the masculine rod architecture and the violet ray transmissions from 7D into our time matrix. Resetting a holy father principle. This call has penetrated the most profound inverted pain bodies in many sufferers. Hence one of the deeper reasons I was so guided was to bring forth the male implant removal system. I speak very passionately on this subject, knowing there is a sense of urgency and much good that can come with the masculine rise.

So the main flame I keep seeing shown to me and is most activated right now is the violet!!!

Releasing the inverted reversal violet plasma from Saturn feeding demons seeds, archons, parasites, shadow bodies, and negative forms in the masses. Unclipping of the Saturn Matrices, black cubes, and chains to the hearts of the black nobility leagues. The black star of Abaddon- the destroyer and a replica of Saturn's core that routes everything back to a black hole system and dismantles the Orion Saturn outpost forces.

The Crown of Thorns is designed to distort the natural energetic circuitry and violet ray spectrum in the crown center by caging the pineal gland, blocking and scrambling the spiritual communication that comes from the higher dimensions by first being transmitted into the crown center and energy receivers that are behind both ears. The Crown of Thorns is a part of the crucifixion implants placed in the planetary body during the 7D magnetosphere invasion with the Jehovian Grid. Thus, we were born with this enslavement device when we incarnated. This implant acts as another frequency fence to prevent humanity from spiritually communicating or gaining access to their higher spiritual bodies. It blocks the vertical communication channel around the head, skull, and crown.

Flames codes may be a new activation for some of you to use and work with, but for many, the violet flame right now is essential for these timelines. The code of the violet sun is activating. Violet Ray transmissions being saturated with intense streams of higher frequencies from Scepter and Reuche Light Symbol Codes. I have seen upgrading our spiritual tools and relics inside our light body fields. Things like spiritual armor, swords, spears- shields- helmets, and boots. Guardian shields/mirrors and etheric reflectors.

Geometries go hand and hand with the upgrading.

Which can pierce three deep layers of veils and open man's eyes to behold wondrous things of divine wisdom. The fire flames then become letters that can code human consciousness into the light. That brings from flame scripture. So our words and writing become fully light encoded!!! Specific Letters of a sacred language are shaped in "fire script" so that the consciousness of the holy letters of spiritual writings can penetrate the soul of the reader/listener so that his/her soul begins to hold deity and god!

These open the gateways to the 5 higher psychic senses' bodies.

This is another process in which I have witnessed the transformation of awareness with the spirit bodies of the human light body fields. Is watching the flames bring forward these deeper. I talked about this when I did a show with Marguerite not too long ago about the opening of the ascended higher psychic senses and what these were.

Gematrian Body ~

Vehicle of Light Body formed by the Shekinah's Life force which controls all inner relationships of light. This body prepares the human vehicle to be connected with the light Body Overself. It resides in the magnetic plasma fields and atomic molecular matter.

The gematria body comprises light geometries used in consciousness creation, inspiration, and healing.

Eka system- rising into the universe into the next quantum level.

Electromagnetic body~

Codes your physical body directly into other consciousness regions of the local universe through the mind wave fields.

Epi-kinetic body-

Body plasma is used for the energy-vibratory body for projection and teleportation within a singular dimension. The conscious vibratory vehicle can pass through kinetic paradigms of velocity and mass.

Zohar Body- exterior light, vehicle body. The light that allows us to go beyond immediate relativity. This body places light around the four other energy vehicles of incarnation so that the physical body can distinguish between the sacred and profane spaces of light.

Orion in Washington D.C

Orion has also set due west at the latitude of Washington D.C. for the past two hundred years. From the viewpoint of the Capitol building, Orion sits right behind the Washington Monument. Setting in the west, Orion's belt is horizontal, pointing to Sirius setting south of due west. Orion is very activated in Washington D.C. in fact we can simply just call this one of it's inter-galactic head-quarters and we very well know this from previous presidents that have made several Orion deals.

We have talked extensively about the hive in the past! The entire White House represents a bee sitting in a hive. See the Queen and her chambers in the picture below. We also see running here is a Hive Net to be taken into larger spans of global areas gridded with 5G or telecom satellites from this location. They are working as the base organism and source of AI and ai machinery, and Collective Consciousness towards AI controlled Groupthink, similar to connecting human Brains to the internet. This system is referred to as the Brain Net or Hive Net. They want to secure all human brains to artificial intelligence systems as the means of total and complete human consciousness enslavement to monitor and manipulate all electromagnetic activity of the human brain to collect the data to control the timelines fully. People that have been identified as Targeted Individuals are the first waves of humans being secretly experimented upon for testing out this AI surveillance system by using an assortment of automated SRA methods for subjugating group consciousness via remote devices or satellites. The white house is a queen bee. They are somewhere seeing that she is turned upside down and is in some form of enslavement to the system. Like a regular bee hive, she is at the center of the grounds and at the center or apex of the symbolism. So you can see the queen bee's abdomen, thorax, antenna, and stinger. The stinger is going into constitution ave. The original organic honeycomb templating could be up underneath the grounds. Which is the Metatronic Implant!

Join Us in Washington D.C. for the Summer Solstice 2023 Gridworker event!

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