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United Kingdom Grid, COSMIC Royal Bloodlines PENDRAGONS & Merovingians_UK SEALS The UK grid

Updated: Mar 16, 2022


The UK grid is majorly activated at this time. Been feeling it for a while now, and I can say this grid templating will be running now and through May, as we go through Aldebaran's stellar transmissions. This is not the only activating celestial template at this time/space and location it is ultimately very diverse but this is a major radial influencer due to the UK grid’s synergistic relationship to current global running reality fields. Aldebaran is a 4 royal star in the 4 quadrant hybridization system. These major stargate markers will hit their peak height of activations, feeling that heavily through the St. Michael Ley Lines and Avebury in the UK.

For those of you that don't know about Avebury better tune in and grid scan if you can because it is the location of the largest megalithic stone circles in the world, which dates back about 5000 years. It is one of the most important prehistoric sites in the UK, more important than even Stonehenge. The energy of this place is excited plasma & electric.

This is a hosted activating grid vortex emission location currently, running multi-dimensional sequencing through Albion. The oldest name for England. Aldebaran starseeds being the celestial archangel Michael family collective. Where the archangel Micheal family and blue-ray lines go through new causel and light body purification rounds due to this grid templating.

That comes highly through the Pendragon bloodlines at this time. That is ultimately activating an entire soul group egregore and ignites this collective thoughtform influencing everyone with a common spiritual motivation.

Also, new major truth unveils coming up through the technologies of the Aldebaran constellation. Very diverse here to know the ways in which celestial gates expand here.

This stargate intelligences has gone into coalitions with the Aryan occultist and spiritual scientist since the sinking of Atlantis, and I believe intuitively that portions of this Aryan race originated from the Aldebaran stargate along with other nations such as Draco, etc. Remember all is hybridized, and all have two sides to the coin. Hence why Aryan officials have been provided from Aldebaran with technologies of the nazi bell. A top-secret scientific technological device that works with anti-gravity and free energy, or is speculated to be a time machine. This was technology that was given to the Aryan occultist. They have been provided with actual locations and sinking of Atlantis, Aryan origin history documentation rights, and the proof of their origination. UFO saucer technologies, and magnetic north pole modification in Antarctica.


Top secret pole prevention projects...

All of this

that ties deeper into the central intelligence of the monarchy and the UK grid from the germanic ties in the royalty bloodline, which I will explain in this update.

So for those of you quickly that are new to my website, I typically do cosmic grid updates that tie the radial intelligence “star systems" into the functioning overlays or control systems on the earth by grid networks and timelines. Therefore further explaining the encoded quantum pre-matter designs to the full manifestations of reality. I speak intentionally with a higher vocabulary, as linguistics on this earth are the first level integration fields into expanding consciousness for humans. The higher harmonic resonance of this is what activates your consciousness to higher fields and expands the bio-energetic field into new potentials. So every word is light encoded for expansion. This is and has been a guardian request from the higher Lyran council to do so and I have been doing it since I received the message from them over 3 years ago.


When I say UK grid…

I’m talking about the landmass memory encoding emissions according to participating radial signatures, their coalitions, treaties, and partnerships that encrypt the tethered down overlays according to root race simultaneous running timelines. Through running dragon ley lines, the underground dragon quantum networks- as dragon encoding surges the total planetary collective field through, red, white, black, and yellow dragon lineages and legions. Because the dragon lines are woven into interplanetary primary 12 sections comprising the entire world grid.

More dragon lines are now being created through, fractured hairlines and soul lines, binary encodements, geometric encodements, architectural designs, astral and holographic stargates, and sacred site radial template dispersment globally in accordance to the national animals and coat of arms the country identifies with. These aspects are very important in hinting at the cosmic nations that assist fundamentally with a countries central intelligence, hive mind signals, hierarchy structures, power thrones, colonization, military, and society. Everything right!!! From infrastructure design to social human behavior.

So on my grid here I have the UK color-coded by that influencing star systems in accordance to that national animal and coat of arms (see grid picture above). Which I will explain…

But I have to tell you, this grid awakens the holy blood and the holy grail like no other grid on earth and is deeply infused into cover-ups, worm-holes, and multi-layered smoke screens just to protect the ruling royal bloodlines. You actually have to remove particular seals just to see into the akashic mess of the dark ages to understand this stuff.

One of these bloodlines being protected is the Merovingian bloodline-that has