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United Kingdom Grid, COSMIC Royal Bloodlines PENDRAGONS & Merovingians_UK SEALS The UK grid

Updated: Mar 16, 2022


The UK grid is majorly activated at this time. Been feeling it for a while now, and I can say this grid templating will be running now and through May, as we go through Aldebaran's stellar transmissions. This is not the only activating celestial template at this time/space and location it is ultimately very diverse but this is a major radial influencer due to the UK grid’s synergistic relationship to current global running reality fields. Aldebaran is a 4 royal star in the 4 quadrant hybridization system. These major stargate markers will hit their peak height of activations, feeling that heavily through the St. Michael Ley Lines and Avebury in the UK.

For those of you that don't know about Avebury better tune in and grid scan if you can because it is the location of the largest megalithic stone circles in the world, which dates back about 5000 years. It is one of the most important prehistoric sites in the UK, more important than even Stonehenge. The energy of this place is excited plasma & electric.

This is a hosted activating grid vortex emission location currently, running multi-dimensional sequencing through Albion. The oldest name for England. Aldebaran starseeds being the celestial archangel Michael family collective. Where the archangel Micheal family and blue-ray lines go through new causel and light body purification rounds due to this grid templating.

That comes highly through the Pendragon bloodlines at this time. That is ultimately activating an entire soul group egregore and ignites this collective thoughtform influencing everyone with a common spiritual motivation.

Also, new major truth unveils coming up through the technologies of the Aldebaran constellation. Very diverse here to know the ways in which celestial gates expand here.

This stargate intelligences has gone into coalitions with the Aryan occultist and spiritual scientist since the sinking of Atlantis, and I believe intuitively that portions of this Aryan race originated from the Aldebaran stargate along with other nations such as Draco, etc. Remember all is hybridized, and all have two sides to the coin. Hence why Aryan officials have been provided from Aldebaran with technologies of the nazi bell. A top-secret scientific technological device that works with anti-gravity and free energy, or is speculated to be a time machine. This was technology that was given to the Aryan occultist. They have been provided with actual locations and sinking of Atlantis, Aryan origin history documentation rights, and the proof of their origination. UFO saucer technologies, and magnetic north pole modification in Antarctica.


Top secret pole prevention projects...

All of this

that ties deeper into the central intelligence of the monarchy and the UK grid from the germanic ties in the royalty bloodline, which I will explain in this update.

So for those of you quickly that are new to my website, I typically do cosmic grid updates that tie the radial intelligence “star systems" into the functioning overlays or control systems on the earth by grid networks and timelines. Therefore further explaining the encoded quantum pre-matter designs to the full manifestations of reality. I speak intentionally with a higher vocabulary, as linguistics on this earth are the first level integration fields into expanding consciousness for humans. The higher harmonic resonance of this is what activates your consciousness to higher fields and expands the bio-energetic field into new potentials. So every word is light encoded for expansion. This is and has been a guardian request from the higher Lyran council to do so and I have been doing it since I received the message from them over 3 years ago.


When I say UK grid…

I’m talking about the landmass memory encoding emissions according to participating radial signatures, their coalitions, treaties, and partnerships that encrypt the tethered down overlays according to root race simultaneous running timelines. Through running dragon ley lines, the underground dragon quantum networks- as dragon encoding surges the total planetary collective field through, red, white, black, and yellow dragon lineages and legions. Because the dragon lines are woven into interplanetary primary 12 sections comprising the entire world grid.

More dragon lines are now being created through, fractured hairlines and soul lines, binary encodements, geometric encodements, architectural designs, astral and holographic stargates, and sacred site radial template dispersment globally in accordance to the national animals and coat of arms the country identifies with. These aspects are very important in hinting at the cosmic nations that assist fundamentally with a countries central intelligence, hive mind signals, hierarchy structures, power thrones, colonization, military, and society. Everything right!!! From infrastructure design to social human behavior.

So on my grid here I have the UK color-coded by that influencing star systems in accordance to that national animal and coat of arms (see grid picture above). Which I will explain…

But I have to tell you, this grid awakens the holy blood and the holy grail like no other grid on earth and is deeply infused into cover-ups, worm-holes, and multi-layered smoke screens just to protect the ruling royal bloodlines. You actually have to remove particular seals just to see into the akashic mess of the dark ages to understand this stuff.

One of these bloodlines being protected is the Merovingian bloodline-that has to do with children conceived by Mary Magdelene and Jesus in France. That this bloodline might be the true Christed grail, where the true king is from. The Merovingian bloodline kings were considered sorcerers. This is the truly supposed bloodline of Princess Diana.

Their diversion tactics here are coated in seals to lock n the key up the truth of this.

But it's all unverifiable, hard to prove because the truth has been so deeply distorted and obscured. Also, because we haven't been able to see the distortions that were placed by the Aryans because we have just begun to be able to move past it- which means only now it will begin to become visible. Which I spoke about more deeply in my last update. (See link below)

But In these times of the akashic dark ages execution and crucifixion became the name of the cover-up game. The Crucifixion seal- that we now metaphysically remove in a J-Seal removal from the Fallen Atlantean Anunnaki timeline in your energy field. The crown of thorns, and driven nails and wounds of christ, removing your energetic body from the global psyop. And several other seals. Many still unknown have been placed through the dragon lines in France and the UK to limit perception. The smoke screens are actually seals.

That's why they appear so dense almost clogged, they are coated in wax. Wax wood and wormwood are trigger words to name the seals. Seals of deals made with the nazism- which is the belief of a supreme race above all/ kinda the draconian total idealism right??

The face of the Aryan contention, descendants of the sinking Atlantis, and shattered mirrors- master-slave entrapment competitions. Because the root of the UK’s heritage is also Germanic starting with George the 1st and Frederick Prince of Wales. The royal family the Windsors changed their Germanic name to English after WWI. And what was Victoria’s secret? Did you know that the lingerie store Victorias secret was named after… Queen Victoria? The secret was hidden underneath her clothes.

Or the secret that Adolf Hitler himself was the grandson of Queen Victoria.

But really this bloodline goes beyond Hitler, beyond Alexander the Great, and beyond the early franks, and is merged with the Anglo-Saxons and Welsh. And all of these quests of grail identity, these at the end of the day after you extensively track their history come back down to being hybridized Anunnaki Draco reptilian- Lyran-Pegasi royalty descendants.

A wide range but I’m going to break some of it down for you, if you down with the shenanigans.

I keep seeing this psychically, so take this how you like... that the north magnetic pole was altered in accordance to the master Aryan race's vision to dis-al...

And please know that race ultimately doesn't matter when I speak of these lineages.

Deconstructing demonization consist of eliminating contention even in galactic realms where racism implants still exist. I quote these for galactic timeline ties and terms to follow involuntary collective running reality fields for creating a total picture. None of this should be taken personally if your grail line extensively runs from a Germanic tribe, Anglo-Saxon, Welsh, etc. I simply speak of where the research takes me. The race is what hu-mans like to call survival of the fittest and quantum consumption by fear, an unconscious viral mutation. That plagues the human collective…

This doesn't ultimately apply to the organic grid, in the original earth template in the pit of 7D Gaia, were we are all egregoric fields of soul groups creating total harmonic creational resonance. The race is ultimately about releasing the chains of hierarchy and beginning to see the world in wholeness.

Now, this UK grid according to the national animal and coat of arms is holding galactic radial imprints from 3 major star systems. From Pegasi/Moncerous in Scotland with the unicorn as the national animal, and also as the coat of arms where the unicorn is depicted in chains. Chains equating to slavery, slavery to what? To royal Draco’s? I did 2 video’s on this called highlighting the meaning for the unicorn n chains, called rose-line grail of Scotland. (See below) So you can further dive in there!

The UK grid is also Draco in Wales, Under the red dragon national animal and coat of arms- highlighted on my map in red(above), considered the welsh dragon/national flag of Wales. Descended from the Tudor monarch.

Project monarch literally means mind control, fascisms of mind control projects that are set to take root in the biological clock of the planetary field.

Now some will say, "oh dragon symbolism doesn't immediately mean there Draconian." Okay, I can see your point, but it still doesn't negate the fact that the UK is and always has been dripping in draconian symbolism- that good old el-lizard-birth, Elizabeth the second is not a Draconian. I have in fact done several of the royals charts, and have extensively found Draco markers in almost every single one. Some also will argue and say that, "not all dragons come from Draco." Okay I can see your point, they are spiritual guides, and many work on the side of benevolence, but so do many Dracos- not all Draconian are malevolent. Many dracos are peaceful and are also victims of their own kinds doing. Dragons can manifest from many star systems and spiritual realms. But who’s to say that every dragon is not from Draco primordially? When we know that this is technically the only dragon symbolism celestially in our universal sky, and we know that all spiritual emanations originate from a radial template. All are technically speculative truths and not truths, I can neither prove nor disprove the information therefore the point is to keep an open mind as we move through the information.

But, it is said that the ancient British god- is the dragon ruler of the world. Called hu- for the hu-in human. These hu’s energetically live underground according to Chinese mythology. The other dragon capital of the world. These British dragons are underneath Wales, Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury, and underneath the main vortex sites where the dragon ley lines cross over into vortexes. Also, good to notate there are several monarchies, aka mind control projects globally and also within this northern territory, not just the English one that sits in Buckingham palace. The English one being the most collected and diverse in colonization technology overall- having the radial fields of the 3 units of celestial intelligence that they do. Pegasi, Draco and Feline, basically owning the commonwealth globally- 16 countries in total! Canada, Australia, Jamaica, etc. You can visibly see the countries capitalized by these systems. The combination of their celestial power units combined is what makes their expansion possible and elite forces of coalitions, the rest of the world cannot compete, particularly with having Pegasi technology. These were pre-designed cosmic treaties to do so. I have talked about the extensive colonization technology Pegasi has in my other pegnusian cosmic grid updates (please see this video below).

The red Welsh dragon is considered to be one of the queen's beasts and fights with the invading white dragon- which is said to be the most royal of the draconian lineages.

The Trinity River in Dallas is a Stargate Portal to the Pegassi Star System...A Natural Spring would Bubble Up at every spot on the ground that Pegasus touched...

Pegassi will bring about noble changes in our human heritage but also our own personal self perceptions in how we relate to the expression of the spiritual r...

The Nexus is the underlying foundation to the Pegnusean total cosmology and historical civilizational future driven account here on Earth. Since the beginnin...

The unicorn being chained, this symbolism is at the heart and root of race degregation and race suprmacy, as it's literally represented Scotland being chaine...

Even Corey Goode has Said, whether you like him or not that white Draco royals maintain that they are entitled to the earth because they were conducting humanoid reptilian experiments here even before the grand experiment began- they have extended prior to 500,000 years back to 40-60 groups in the supergalactic federation. And the first group that they contacted here on earth was the nazi’s or the Germanic bloodlines (Aryan's).

And whether you want to hear it or not, the malevolent Draco’s have always been in the business of taking lives for soul harvesting and experiments.Take the Jonestown CIA op, orchestrated by James warren jones (Irish, Welsh, Germainic Draco descent) mass suicide experiment where over 900 people drank the kool-aid. (Cyanide) Including 300 children, in which what royal Draco’s consider a delicacy. A terrible sickening event. This was a Draco operation. Or the Holocaust experiment where over 6 million Jews across German occupied Europe lost their life, mainly beginning and taking place in Poland. Why do you think all of the polish currently reside now in the UK? Coincidence? The most polish came to the UK after the German soviet invasion took place around WWII. All of this Draco has a hand in.

Some have said that Draco has already colonized mars or originated from mars, but my intuition says Thuban-on that one and then proceeded to dominate Orion and then colonized other systems. They colonized Lyra prior to Orion, that's WHAT THE LYRAN WARS WERE

ABOUT, BUT Lyra put up the most fight and still does to this day.

But this red vs white, which if you have seen the movie Ace Ventura pet detective- he mocks it when he knocks on the door and states is this the red or the white? Have you seen this movie? This is referencing these lineages here. Which ultimately breaks down genetically to Welsh vs Anglo-Saxons, red vs white. So you can count on these bloodlines being the epitome of the Draco inhabitance here on earth. And these two warring forces grew the legends of the Pendragon bloodline. The Arthurian king. Which in my opinion is a hoax or again another cover-up story, or seal to protect the ruling bloodlines to not expose them.

Then also the Feline/lion in the remainder of the UK here in orange. (see picture above)

That encrypt primarily within the 4 royal stars/Regulus/Aldebaran- the 4 quadrant hybridization society and Lyra or Vega. The UK also runs extensive radial signatures from Aldebaran- that again is one of the 4 royal stars. AND REPRESENTS Royal bloodlines, this is where major Anunnaki lineages come into play and how and where possible these two genetics crossed/ hybridized- was in the UK. Now, St. Micheal ley line cross’s the the main verticle dragon line that runs down into Antarctica and you can see I highlighted this dragon line here.

These are the same ley lines CERN is using to Open The Abyss Through Ancient Ritual Sites and Ley Lines. This same dragon ley line is also running radial encodement from Sirius (Canis Major), Polaris, and the Meta Galactic Core.Stellar transmissions occur between Canis Major and Sirius for flow to be directed towards dormant sites. Particularly in Avebury where 12 lines meet and go down into the earth, these megalithic stones define this, and sub currents, that run a galactic round table encompassing all 12 and 13 astrological templates.

I say though overall they are running 24 strand radial fields and genetic identity templates at Avebury, Stonehenge, and Glastonbury they emit these round tables.

That's all for now, this UK Grid will be continued as I have not been able to finish the extensiveness of this information, please expect multiple updates on this grid in the future. With a potential for a new seal removal session regurading the existing UK Seals.

Cosmic Blessings, Indie

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