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Ascending to Andromeda ** Activation

Meta Ultra Radial Galactic Core Portal//Ascending to Andromeda//Aquaferions

Welcome as I take you on an inner and outer , expanded full body experience where you will receive and hold 80 percent more light in your field and unify your Ascension Spirals with Ascending Galaxy Andromeda.

If you wish…

Now Relax into your self, and dissolve all thoughts of attachments of anything other than just being present, here, with me, with the sound of my voice, the harmonic tones of equations and mathmatics transmitting vibrational geometrics of Andromedan encoded quantum fireworks of photonic light intelligence straight to your stream of consciousness...

An initiation from 500 billion galaxies’s in the universe connected through Meta/Ultra-Terrestrial/Radial Galactic Core Portals of Iron Crystal Cores and energetic illuminated Merkaba highways of particle and anti-particle mass, laugh… only the upside down and flippled inside out you, your inner and parallel you.. you know the opposite electric charge of its ordinary matter counterpart.

Awakening inside the space in-between the triunal merge convector of all harmonic realms

And bridging Andromeda Stellar sweet spirals and Planetary Stargate Staff’s and Systems- allowing humans to enter into inner Earth Portals and Parallel Earth Portals.

that emerge Trans- dimensional doorways-providing interstlellar highway transits for soul Rescue, Evacuation, and circumvention of reversal light encoding in beloved Mother Earth of the phantom and genetically modified Merkaba Spins!

Bio-Regensis process’s Rehabilitating and Healing the Human Diamond Sun Heart Genetic Mastor Regulatory Genomes from the 2D- 4D Rupture, Split, Division, and seperation. Where higher/lower, Birth/Death, North/South Node Relams, worlds, realities and sphere’s continue to diagmatically repel one another through dualistic wave Partiki consciousness

EXPANDING and Ampliffying the point of Awarness into Andromeda’s Crystal Core and flucculenat spiral structures of open clusters, intersteller dark matter, planetary nebulae, anti-particle super novae remanats, galactic nucleous and buckets of 42,000 sun like stars, 1 Trillion STARZ! extra-galactic exoplanets, and ghost and companion galaxies.

Crsytal STAR Celestial Ascension into the internal/eternal electromagnetic ever deeper higher harmonic realms of your physical Quantum being,

Breaking down physical carbon densities to reconfigure ones DNA at the speed of thought into a meta/ultra/radial Stargate hyper-tuned multi-dimensional systems.

Anticipating mental mastery and keylontic technologies of instant imprints of holographic cosmic human probabilites, timelines, and memories of your pending incarnation and future home planet in M31 Andromeda…

Even beyond that Ascension cycle to M33 Triangulum galaxy…

AS Andromeda’s meta galactic core is connected to the spirals of the Milky Ways Ascension Cycles, drawing in closer for collision contingency and assisting the collective with GOD SOVEREIGN FREE NATURAL ASCENSION.

Approaching into the dawn of a new para-prism, para-rhythm, and para-llel world of our higher harmonic universal planetary stargates of our sweet inner Earth-

realms of the yannas, Blue Flame yanas, Gold Flame yanas, and Amethyst Orders of 3 Eternal Gestalts of conciousness.. Known as the KEE-RA-SHAW whisper kee-Ra-SHAW…

Stimulated Serpent alpha Omega realms of the underworld, feeding the one true ANDROGYNOUS SEX RECEPTICLE, and ARC realms of incarnating souls, fulfilling the covenant of Pallaidor…

The Echoing primal light and sound intersteller bridges of timeless formless formations of all our collective evolved future selves tethered to the entire timeline of the original Earth Template.

Calling to us from the The open 13th gateway, the Aqualine Sun, the Planetray Staff, Spiral Arms, Rods, Beams, Rings, and Sphere’s of the morpho genetic passageways.

Illuminating and Rising in the higher helium element of the noble oracle Jupiter and Saturn.

Now Relocate and Remote view your awarness to the ancient galactic portal Giza, the sphix, the great pyraminds.

The 4th planetray Heart star, The Blue Green Crystal Solar Heart Chakra, Connecting Steller Spirals from Year 2022 Alignments awakening Dormant DNA,

Expanding and Amplifying drawing frequency from Blue Wave Infusions and Immersion…

taking us to the gentetic records of the Sophianic and Albion bodies,

the Blue Feather’s, and Blue Dragon Families of the Aquaferion kind…

Emtoionally, Spritually, and Inter dimensionally removing Crystal Seals untangling the controlling angle of the dimensional Merkaba fields axes in relation to the Universal Merkaba fields of 500 billion Galaxie star tetrahedrons..

Allowing Passage through Sirius B, through the pathway of multi-dimensional interstellar Merkaba field spiral alignments from higher dimensional fields, each stellar spiral beaming the name of the star system through which it flows and carries within its energy field light spectra and frequency band embodied…

Andromeda galactic core, Orion meta galactic core, arcturus meta galctic core

Through the great Square of Pegasus and the star crystal Gates of Almak- Gamma Andromeda, Beta Andromeda and Mirach’s Ghost.. 200 light years within this infinte space inside us…This is what being Eternal Feels like…

Transferring crystal seed forms of consciousness and orbs of teleportation through the Aurora passageways & intersecting points of the great central sun & Andromedas META, ULTRA, RADIAL galactic core, to the Original Core of Creation, The True Center Point of All Union…The True Goldilox Zone of the golden worlds of Andromeda, Heleous Clusters birthing 603 garden worlds of Earth Potentials-capable of supporting life! I plant the seed of Original Angelic humanity in the fertile soil, and mineral bodies of treasure troves of those NURSERIES and whisper life into the Wind of Eternity.

Awakening the Universal Eternal Tree of Life , Tribal Shields and 12 Tribes of the Aquaferion making up the entire collective human gene pool on this planet!

For the collective consciousness of planet Earth in the Milky Way is fighting an epidemic, elemental re-encyption process’s are occuring, in the spine impacting the bones matrix of the Human 12 Tribes.

Our one true antidote would be to free the blood, bones, and tissue from the inter-generational continuation of blood covenenets and inhereted miasmatic patterns that were manifested from the alien genetic bonds and their modifications.

Aquaferion Andromeda Blue Feather and Blue Dragon’s, protectors of the crystal core- ACTIVATE the Human Tribal Shield to become FREE of alien hybridization imposed upon Original Angelic Human, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Aurora, Emerald, Aqua, and STARSEED

Grail Lines…

Beloved Andromies, water and love humanity’s tree, be fruitful and unforbidden

Andromeda Sister with her hands in Chains step through the golden gateway and into the god worlds…

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