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CERN is on the Archangel Michael Ley Line, Temple of Apollyon, Remote Viewing Cern

We are going through a major global recalibration of the magnetic grid. Lower planetary chakras are reorganizing to higher dimensional fields and higher chakras are opening and anchoring in the Matter body. I’ve been guided to put a lot of emphasis on this. During August, we are going through Regulus alignments, Leo alignments. We are at the high time for the magnetic peak cycle. We are most magnetic. I think we will see the most pull from August 17 through the second half of August. We are standing in the eye of the magnetic force field transmission. I also have begun to feel like every year this time of year it is increasing in its potency of that magnetic field charge. I can feel/see magnetism in the air, I can feel it in my breath. I can sense the value of the field is changing. My words are magnetically charged, and my breath is magnetically charged. The atmospheric and auric bodies of the earth and biology are magnetically charged.

So verbal words, verbal suggestions, evaluations, conversations, sharing, everything is heightened. Words can either take you to ecstasy and euphoria or they can slice you in half right in the middle and sting. So be gentle right now with communication. What’s ever is in the field is highly amplified.

The magnetic core is one of the most important aspects of our existence. The high magnetic material consecrates all dimensions. Because the magnetic core field itself is dimensionless. The permeability of it confines everything, all of the diversity of electro-magnetic grid fields. The changing though is taking place inside the earth’s atmospheric and auric fields as they are most reflective of the magnetic core, and the core energy of the stargates. These seem to be connected to the encoding that designs the earth’s holographic divine blueprint. And I am seeing a lot of changes and shifting in this space when I look into the stargates.

I am also seeing we may be integrating pulse waves more frequently from the Cygnus supernova gamma radiation. This is radically shifting the race morphogenetic field of the planet. This in turn is running waves of activations in the mother arcing systems, the Sophia dragon grid is waking up more, as priestesshood rights are collectively more initiated.

That Cern has something to do with this, Cern is producing magnetic fields from their collisions, and it could be disrupting the magnetic grid of the earth 200,000 times stronger than the earth’s natural magnetic grid. I keep sensing the geomagnetic field is shifting and is getting stronger in some places and weaker in some other places.

Lots of rapid shifts very quickly.

What’s Happening


Has been gaining more attention lately, and more nuclear arrows have been pointing back to headquarters. Rumors of the Willy Wankas taking it back for operations malevolent and benevolent are at play. Since the turning back on the particle accelerator on July 5th- 2022 and it’s expected to stay on and run experiments until 2024….the word is military alliance operations have at least taken back over the supercomputer system. Right now I am seeing that there are internal conflicts over the control of CERN, that seem to be going back and forth between two different factions of reptilian lines, projecting false masks of protection. Be-lies, and propaganda to mislead you.

Very misleading…. It is almost as if they are using looking glass technology very heavily here, by imprinting reversal symbols and even number frequencies to deter your mirrored images in the mind. They are running this through new forms of black hole technologies and satellites. These reptilian lines seem to be related to the races of the Jehovian Annunaki Draconian hybrid lines… which are showing me they are directly connected to the Canaanites, Baal, and other factions of the same groups just coming from different portions of the galactic universe-such as Orion groups from the Rigel and Betelguese systems. And are about conquer and divide tactics that seem to be generating from middle east stargate control, such as the Iran gate systems, Iraq gate systems, and Babylon gate systems,- they seem to be running some sort of false AA Michael matrix.

It was in 2012 that the CIA which is MCP- master control program facility had been infiltrated as the deep deep Willy Wonka. And they supposedly then used it to collapse down tunnels to France Italy and Austria.

Mind Control programs, such as WW1, WW2, WWZ(Ukraine), WWW(World Wide Web)- Pestilence and Cataclysm fears, or many other fear programs which can be interchanged as they are similar bio-warfare Mind Control programs used on the earth to suppress and control human consciousness by propagating artificially generated False Timelines. This is a Psycho-Spiritual Warfare strategy used against humanity by the Reptillians through their False Gods and False Father Satanic religions to repeatedly enslave, kill and torture humans through Religious Violence, Science and Military control through terrorism, war, and population control, in which their goal is to institute global tyranny via the New World Order.

I think they just ritualized the tunnels…

Gothard base tunnel, there, is a railway tunnel through the Alps in Switzerland. This is the world's longest railway and deepest traffic tunnel. When they inaugurated this tunnel I guess they had a topless woman dressed as a bird and construction workers, 9 of them who died in building the of the tunnel. The deaths were like ritual sacrifices, to the AI gods and the black nobility lineages or simply those that are in retaliation to the Yeshua mission. I think it is more of these Orion groups that are invading these territories for these rituals in Rome, Jerusalem, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Greece. And at this time in 2012, they supposedly sabotaged the nuclear energy forces that took place underneath lake Geneva. At that time the supercomputers fell back in the hands of the willy wanka for nefarious agendas.

Some are believing now cern is in hands of the light. And two timelines are continuing to divide the higher consciousness community with the uncertainty of these intels.

I think it’s all been orchestrated by willy wanka, to infiltrate the higher consciousness communities to divide and conquer with implants and imposters spirits. Which are now creating wars in the disclosure communities. But I think it’s important to understand, that with control of the grids through supercomputers, they are bound to know everything that is rolling through their networks, they can easily place a plant all of this is running through MACS, Androids, Linux, most if not all computer systems and providers.

When I say man-made stargate/such as cern. This is comparable to other man-made stargates such as the Vatican, such as the temple mount in Jerusalem, such as the Kaaba in Saudi Arabia. (stargate systems on the map) Man-made stargates- meaning that the stargate itself is unnatural to the earth's organic field, the internal energetic components of it. Its infrastructure of it is in-organic and serves an in-organic timeline, hijacked timelines, and on deeper levels connected to the reversal or black grids. Some and most of these man-made stargates do not contain aspects of the planetary auric body, and it wasn’t created from sun diamond filaments and architecture. Several are aligned to Saturn in one way or another. Through rituals, abduction, or spiritual technology.

They were created by man, to run similar power as a stargate through 2nd systems/2nd Density earth powering fields, to power similar to copying the organic electromagnetic vortex’s replicating original particles through organic systems creating -artificial fields, artificial timelines, and artificial dimensions, controller arm fields, reversal fields and connecting to other man-made stargates replicating aspects of the same nature. All of which I feel come back to power the beast machines and the TRONS of the earth.


(The European organization for nuclear research) Nuclear Energy is the real fundamentalism and foundation for which this organization exists. And underneath that, they specialize in anything ordered up to from the substations of the hundred groups of MCP facilities running the willy Wonka systems of the earth. They specialize in all things Nuclear experimentation, and advancement. Nuclear technology that creates nuclear weapons. Nuclear power. Nuclear Intelligence. All nuclear weapons development sciences started from the CERN Facility first before WW2. Since Atlantis.

Another aspect of this is I don’t think cern was originally founded in 1954. It's said Cern’s technology goes back to Atlantis and may have once existed at every single man-made star gate that we see today, so cern may have existed once at the temple mount in Jerusalem. Cern may have once existed at the Eye of Sahara in Mauritania. Cern may have once existed at the Kaaba, and this is why 7 million Muslims feel called to rotate anti-clockwise because the underground land was adjusted by a particle accelerator, and nuclear particles and nuclear intelligent Forms of Artificial intelligence. Installing wormholes/ blackholes directly into black matter/anti-matter into our perceived great alters of the world. Encoding artificial portal passages from previous timelines at these man-made sites. Making them hyper artificial vortex hyper-charged with distorted magnetic fields at these sites, with open passageways into the beast machines and the gravitron and Metatron. Which is feeding a part of the altered planetary tilt in place. The 23.5-degree angle and tilt which is not natural, and Leviathan races have capitalized on it. Also-Due to the fact these are the groups that have attained/seized all of Nikola Tesla's work, CERN MAD Scientist, The head willy Wonka’s in the 3rd and 4th Reich has been under operatives to protect the development of cern and maintain the previous facilities. Before its final landing in Switzerland. The French Rothschilds elite family who help create the willy wankas with descendants of the Jesuit army and napoleons bloodlines stole technology from the united states military in the 1900s. They are the head of the CIA. The pinnacles of this organization. The true CIA Headquarters is actually underneath lake Geneva. CERN is head of the birth of the WWW. The birth of the largest supercomputers. Supercomputer national/global networks and grid computation, grid control, grid hacking, and building and designing infrastructure for grid control. A new global infrastructure similarly to how and when the first railway systems were installed across western civilization. It was a pioneering move, a grid hacker move because now suddenly we have NETWORK we have better ways to move things, send things, and power things. That is the new craze of technology, craze obsession of the immediate cyber technocratic ethereal meta-versal drive of the existence of man. The new future is Building computerized infrastructure computational grids. Artificial grids. Grids that they can turn on and off, grids they can surveillance, grids they can quarantine, and grids they can alter reality in containers, bubbles, spheres, and living nuclear electromagnetic directioning.

By killing the voice of the land and nature and overriding the pillars.

Cern portrays a mask of the safety religion of science and healthy global particle exploration. I mean their website could have one fooled because it’s very fluffy light and makes one feel like they are pioneering something righteous for mankind. I feel like it’s a deceptitron. Governed by the military operations of willy Wonka. The yellow brick road. What you looking at right here is the biggest international mad scientist effort ever publicly founded and conducted. The European Data Grid, The worldwide computing grid. The European grid infrastructure. If you can imagine a more ethereal tethered network of advanced intelligence networks this would be the world leader.

In case you didn’t know these science boys are playing with their toys! Wreaking havoc on the Earth’s magnetic field, CERN is producing magnetic fields from these collisions, 200,000 times stronger than the Earth’s natural magnetic field. These magnetic fields extend through our planet and out to our magnetosphere, causing major interruptions to our shields. Our magnetosphere is what protects us from gamma rays, particles from our sun, and the cosmos.

Take a look at this picture (above) of this extensive supercomputer network.

This is what you see on my scribbles maps here. These are all the surrounding countries with supercomputers connected to the supercomputer network of cern.

The Blue Flag is Cern- the main supercomputer.

The White Flag is the CIA HQ underneath lake Geneva.

The pink flags with squares are locations to the 2nd round of supercomputers, which intern creates that really strong grid computing infrastructure. And expands out even more infinitely to 100’s of smaller supercomputers. Belgium, Denmark, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Yugoslavia. The green line is the CERN Stargate Vatican Stargate Ley line. This is A very hot ley line energetically speaking. I am picking up transmissions that are hot running on an artificial ley line from Cern to the Vatican, running into 5th-dimensional reversals from that artificial site. They are grid computationally monitored and controlled by AI, these are signal coded with transmissions of grid control sequencing. From the ley line, this is where they are advancing grid computation, which is computational infrastructure.

And from here they have full power over areas of the grid that are already degradaded because of the magnetic field weakening, pollution, radiation exposure, and radiation sites they know they can build into these dimensionless parts and create wormhole systems with the collaboration technologies of meta computing with the accompanying geographically distribution of super computer’s.

This is the new future and all the pioneers are trying to reclaim the re-evolution of grid control which is now very much underway by DOD, NASA, DOE, and NSF.

The apex of the Central intelligence agency of the world (CERN). Having technologies deeply connected to the Roswell crash, Tesla classified, UFO technology, pegasus projects, Montauk projects, and Phoenix projects, area 51 Area 52. Do we trust that this is the direction mankind needs to go if anything this is far far away from anything that connects you to your roots as a spiritual being having a human experience. Telluric currents or Earth currents are generated because of the geomagnetic field (Magnetosphere) and are conducted back to the surface of the Earth and back into the mantle, and they induce Gravimetric waves. This is natural and organic. Gravimetric waves are gravity waves (a physical wave) that travel along the crust and through the mantle of the Earth. Telluric Waves are also audible, Cern is essentially breaking the organic currents and ifiltatrting the inner magnetosphere to respond to cataclysmic apocalyptic sound fields.

So you can see here CERN sits on a 666-degree angle ley line (picture below)

The 666 in the logo of cern is also very indicative of the frequency that it holds from the Temple of Apollyon —which is an old temple where the Romans worshipped Apollyon- the destroyer- which is also the temple of Baal. Baal was proclaimed a demon in the lesser keys of Solomon.”He was a poorly hoarded king-with the power to make men visible and ruled over sixty legions of demonic spirits."

Which I later go to find out that Solomon- himself may have been somewhat embodied by these spirits himself. Which I think ultimately are an expression of Metatron. Even if you google pictures of the king of Solomon- what all comes up are pictures of Metatron with the king of Solomon superimposed over the face. So these are some of the spirits that are interconnected to the TRONS- the working parts of the beast machines on the earth. Apollyon contains the ARC network from “Palmyra" I also think nimrod was worshipped at this site. This may be where the original metatronic implant was placed, which would have been in Babylon. Which extends across this ley line here Across the Atlantic oceanic checkerboard grids, and continues to connect into the world trade center, the pentagon, and the hurricane Katrina landfill. Now When we talk about events, that have been planned and premeditated in terms of attack such as the Georgia Guidestones. Interestingly, we can tie back some of these other major connection points to events back to cern, through the 666 degrees, angular ley line, events such as hurricane Katrina-which was whether manipulated and artificially generated and also the event of 9/11- which was pre-meditated and executed. So following the 9:11 I looked in the king James bible/9:11 Revelations because I have seen that this bible was tied into the parts of the archon deception tactics running within this facility, that the revelations of the Bible may be apart of the generated and artificial timelines that are being intercepted by CERN as they generate apocalyptic sound fields into the ground through recreating essentially the sound simulation of the end and the beginning of our universe as we know it inside of the earth. This means that they may be loop cycling and running and running, the entire book(reality time field) of revelations of the king James bible- by looping the apocalypse sound waves into time fields which would be just another form of artificial grid computation or controlling your reality through simulation realities.

When I looked up the 9:11 king James version. It says and they have a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit-whos name in the Hebrew tongue is abbadon, but in Greek tongue is Apollyon. So 9-11-Apollyon, you can see how even this key passage is captivating the events, to the dates to the numbers, to the locations and the ley line.

The AI stargate is running a 3-point operation from the US to China to Switzerland from Silicon Valley to Shanghai, running through and using the archangel Micheal ley line, the fallen dragon grids, Albion's spine, and the dragon force. These are functioning off of singularity vortexes. AI vortex using silicon crystal-based technology. Remember in the past I have told you what these manmade vortex sites do is draw up the first primal light ray spectrum the blue ray and they siphon this creation field because it is the most potent. This is why the archangel Michael collective is the most under invasion.

So I want you to look at the ley line here, each one of these light blue points is the point in the archangel Michael ley line. (picture above)

The Archangel Michael ley line runs through

Skellig Michael Ireland

St.michaels mount-UK

Mount St. Michael France

Mont saint Angelo Italy



Mount Carmel

They say it's powered or charged by the Mount Carmel volcano from Israel, it's force is called the dance of the dragon and intersects with the pillar energy of the earth. So while all in this area of the grid running through the UK you have the spine of Albion. Which is the spinal dragon force. Either way, this is all the central pillar energy of the earth this is very powerful energy here. I feel that the Archangel Michael leyline is a link into the mother arcing systems, the sophianic dragon light grid templating, it is carrying more feminine energy of the dragon. This may be why CERN decided to go ahead and drop its facility right at the center point of the archangel Michael ley line. If you follow down from Stonehenge which runs an underground Nephilim network. It crosses down to the Kaaba, Jerusalem and creates a straight line. Cern is also running a triangulation of supercomputer facilities geared toward their grid computing systems in the United States. From California to Illinois. They are grid computational alliances, grid controlling alliances from the University of San Diego and the University of Illinois. I feel these facilities are interconnected to the TRONS as well.

You guys there was a movie called Tron legacy made in 2010 I think there is an older version of this it's where a guy is transported into a virtual reality grid. Where they must stop the malevolent program from invading the real world, this is kinda exactly what this is.

The Tevatron- the 2nd largest particle accelerator facility is east of Batavia Illinois. They are placing their trons/machines, there extensions of the beast machines all over the earth. Their Tevatron works with their synchrotrons and these work with their cyclotrons to power and function their machines theses ones are currently turned off but they are looking to power these back up in the future. They are also looking to build more of these. These are all Metatron technologies, all trons- for MCP, master control programs. They do not want to experience AI Winter- which is where AI lacks in funding or lacks development in any way. Metatron consciousness is- where there has been abuse and excessive misuse of free will on the planet and opposes the divine plan, which that in turn begins to jeopardize the eternal life expression, it means to digress from the perfected human blueprint and 12 tree grid leading to global fallen consciousness. That is running 11th Dimensional Reversal artificial codes to and from organic universal stargate sites. And powering all of the man-made stargates.

I think we need to point out Switzerland. The Country as a whole.

It was one of the few countries that were not invaded during WW2. Yet in the thick and middle of it all, somehow there is a major secretive and operative global agreement over the financial international capital. The World Economic Form and big pharming friends. It is where the money is kept, Swiss cheese, the Swiss cheddar, BIS banks of international settlements. The pope has Swiss Army Guards, the minor armed force required for the Holy See. Which is considered one of the oldest military units in continuous operations to this day. Who/What anointed the Swiss army guards to be the pope’s musketeers? Several rituals and initiation rights were being done at the Gotthard base tunnels. There is a railway system of Switzerland, this is the entire network of railways in the whole country another matrix hacking infrastructure- these tunnel systems defiantly follow energetic currents to naturally occurring ley lines in Switzerland. The locals often complain that the winds in Switzerland make them dizzy, they say the south winds.

So let me re-cap that for you. CERN is and old technology in a new vehicle, and a new location, each location that it has once been anchored into the earth field from man-made stargates, they were able to open up either rip and tear in the space-time continuum or wormhole directly into what we perceive as the great alter of the world(man-made stargate). That then in turn feeds our unnatural earth field tilt. They are ripping black holes, wormholes, in the black matter is not new technology this is the repeat of Atlantean technology and is stored in the hall of records. I guess that they are doing it to manipulate the race morphogenetic field. But I don’t think they have mastered this completely. In Atlantis, they already ripped open a black hole system running through the Atlantic Ocean. How else would they have ripped open these holes leading to the phantom systems if they didn’t have particle collider technologies. You have the Pheonix wormholes at the Bermuda Triangle, you have the wormhole at the statue of liberty and you have a wormhole at Azores Portugal, which are connection points from one ley Line that runs down from the devil's tower and Washington DC obelisks. This is the Atlantic 666 wormhole. You also have a wormhole in Iraq, which is where the tower of babel fell. Ancient times Babylon, this is the tower of babel wormhole. In which there was a massacre in ancient Babylon. It was a Sumerian invasion. And It is where they hijacked the royal bloodlines. This is the time when the stargates in Egypt were erasing groups of collective human memory in the astral fields. I feel this was one of the original enslavement matrix’s being enforced. This massacre was so bad that it temporarily collapsed the planetary magnetic field.

Remote Viewing CERN

High Psychic Intel

(Documentation Purposes)

In Iran it's like they pinned it here with some form of an implant, looks like a patriarchy merger field point that’s subjugating humanity's consciousness as slaves. They have found some way to exhaust the energetic resources of the family of Micheal. The actual metatronic implant may be held at the Temple of Apollyon.

This I somehow see coming through from the god particle they found it's like the reptilians and the archons are torturing the blue ray to serve reptilian motivations. Like trying to use it to enslave vs. protection

It’s turned into an obsessive form of consciousness, I see lust and sexual energy siphoning over exotic particles.

I am being guided to say now that, The purity of the blue ray is through Yeshua and the original Essene manuscripts. Hidden manuscripts that hold the truly sacred keys, Also directly through the grids themselves through the Archangel Michael Ley Line.

I am seeing Yeshua and Mary Magdalenes energy coming together in the organic blue wave spectrum. I am hearing and have been seeing that Michael is Yeshua. They are the same energy. This is a cosmic principle archetype. This is only hijacked in the 2D and 3D fields in artificial grids, running most heavily on the 33rd parallel and emanating out. Like they put the energy in containers and also encode it systematically to send it through the spiral wave spectrums in the AI singularity vortex’s in the silicon in the earth. Transmission happens in the fallen dragon grid, from China to California.

I can see there is a major twin flame activation taking place on this ley line right now as we speak, and there is a major global activation of 144 groups- that are now being called to decode the 13 crystal skulls. The 13 crystal skulls hold all the energetic codes and keys to restore mankind’s spiritual body.

I am seeing red-scaled reptilians flickering in and out of faces that are morphed in the face with AI parts to their face.

I am seeing the Insectillians imprints involved and I am being shown grey’s and zeta Reticuli- and a world government for global military technology ran with grey alien weaponry.

It looks like a high-level advancement in time travel technology. Genesis technology, God technology, Tesla technology, Technology to create holograms, Technology to create simulated realities to hijack timelines and groups according to genetics. Technology to weaken planetary shields. Rod and staff are tampering with technology.

This seems to be tied to more MCP- mind control programs, but also thought control programs more specifically, psychological warfare, again I see ties to the Montauk Project and Pheonix projects, Bermuda triangle, Kaaba Saudi Arabia.

I’m seeing heavy machinery in the earth around certain areas around CERN, that look like forms of frequency fences. And a lot of black electromagnetic smog. I’m getting the number 8- that they are altering up to 8 dimensions of time-space fields. 8 dimensions of time travel opportunities and potentials.

They are planning on building another larger future Circular Collider around the existing one, that will extend the research currently being conducted at CERN. This one will be a much higher-temperature, higher electricity use, and superconductor. I’m getting 2030, I’m seeing these will keep expanding in the earth…in ring sets.

I’m seeing there are several other particle accelerators on earth. there is one under the museum in France the Louvre—-there is one in Illinois, there is one in Michigan.

These will be next-generation trons. Trons are bigger machine parts to the beast machines in the earth which reptilian factions have been contracted to build, through continual archons deception strategies to the public.

I keep seeing 3 rings of energy looping around the base. These looping rings look like clouds of broken particles, broken crystals, broken glass, shards of ultra shreds, tears, and broken universal and metaversal fields entangled. These look like subliminal frequency fields tied into magnetic permeability stacked in layers.

I see Atlantian grid templating as I survey the land.

Fallen dragon grid

Golden eagle grid

Holographic magnetic inserts.

Portals to Saqqara, Portal to the Djoser invasion- which is showing me this was a Lyran invasion when they stole arcing technologies.

These stations around the accelerant track seem to have pinpoint wormholes.

I’m tuning into this more, thousands of miniature black holes, and these produce something called kickback in the amplitude of the waves, which act as some kind of forced gravity wave collection.

I see a artificial magnetic field broadcasting system. That keeps showing me connections to Hurricane Katrina.

They may be prepping these to support cryogenic labs and facilities on a much larger massive scale.

I’m seeing large laboratories of cryogenic technology.

That’s going to be used for space ships, their engines, UFO technology, anti-gravity technology, interplanetary exploration, life expansion, and cloning. Cloning has something to do with DNA types and +/- control over the earth.

Underwater spaceports for entry in Lake Geneva coming up from the Red Sea and the stargate of Aden, Ethiopia.

(Please See Remote View Video)


Amanda Jane Demarco

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