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Circumcision SRA ~ Sexual Misery Spell, MASCULINE IMPLANTS (King of Tyranny Implants)

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Masculine Wounding

Implant and Seal Removal

Lemurian Regression

Golden Temple Healing Technology

Today I have a vast offering I want to share with you regarding the history of Lemurian Implants. As you may know, I have been working on female implant systems for some time, and I am now looking at masculine templating. I spoke about this more directly in my last show with Laura Eisenhower. That revolves around the original Eiyani Massacre on the inner Earth D-12 Stargate in Kauai, Hawaii, about 22,000 years ago, resulting in a great sexual misery spell over the collective. This was the first real core wounding that sabotaged the matriarchal tribal rulership on Earth, and tipped the scales completely in patriarchal rule.

This ultimately plagued and affected gender twin sets, Maharic twins ~which are twin souls carrying the 12-dimensional 12-strand DNA Avatar bodies with strands 1-6 polarized and 7-12 matching DNA Strands.

It affected the ascended master race lines of this time, known as the Maji Grail King Lines, and both men and women were considered of the king lines. These descendants were targeted in a massive deception from Thoth, called the Luciferian Rebellion, where they betrayed everyone who trusted them.

Because these Maji Grail King lines had the ability in Kuaia to open the Amoraea Passages- and Stargate 6, which is Sirius B, they could override the planetary J-Seals and Nibiru Crystal points on the Earth- cleansing the world from these spells over humanity, Thoth got word they could do this and stopped them.

Importance of Amoraea Passageways

The Amoraea Flame is activated when we can bring the three layers of our Soul Matrix into a triad body connection and begin Monadic integration. The Amoraea Flame is the Inner Holy Spirit that ignites in the center heart of the Permanent Seed Atom, located in the higher heart complex. This higher heart complex function is located in the 8th Chakra at the thymus gland.

They ultimately used sound frequency to do this. Amoraea is a sound frequency that acts as the carrier wave for the Override Pillar Gates. Once the Amoraea sound frequency runs in our Universal Tree of Life, it splits into the Mother and Father Arc; Mother Arc manifests in our density, while the Father Arc anchors in the Parallel Time Matrix. As we embody both, we override the False Parent energies running in our field and anchor the merge of the natural Mother and Father principle as embodiments on the Earth. This is why they had this technology here to clear incarnation lines of the maternal and paternal templating.

Ultimately Thoth forced the woman and offered them - if you don’t want your husbands dead and killed, you need to come with us to Nibiru and Mars and breed with Annunaki. So many women tried to save their husbands, but all the males were slaughtered anyway.

This was the beginning of the forced breeder programs. Also, the great sexual misery spell began, which resulted in implant systems connected to deep levels of betrayal, core world wounding, and core world suffering tactics to disempower the soul and spirit body through our genitalia, gender, sexual organs, reproduction, relationships, fertility, endocrine and hormonal systems, the mental mind complex, and the mother and father arcing system. The power elite, harmful invaders, and satanic and Luciferian Thothians have conjured many deep forms of black magic through dark ritual abuse from the core world wounding/the original fall of man in Atlantis Cataclysm 2 within the many groups of brotherhoods throughout history, to manipulate the collective through patriarchal domination.

The separation and slaughter/betrayal trauma in the Maji Grail King lines is where the first original masculine core word wounding began during the Eiyani Massacre. That took place on the remnants of the Lemurian/Mu continent.

The masculine body is the first altered templating according to the invader races, and this is true because of the outward expression of the male role in gender, society, and the exceptions of the masculine role in the nuclear family dynamic. He is expected to lead and hold the container for the feminine and teach his woman and children, therefore he must be implanted first therefore can set the family up for degradation.

They then targeted the Maji male from birth to receive many etheric lashings on the soul, degrading and stripping his consciousness of his masculine principality through wounding, tagging, and implanting. There have been many attempts to modify and manipulate the genuine divine masculine alpha/tribal/warrior codes and systematically break many lives of his spirit body down to keep him in a state of disempowerment.

Dawn of Time Emotional Seal~

Elite/Illuminati mind control & concealing of Emotional body. This seal has many levels and layers in which it is seated in the consciousness of the masculine mind field. The seal is passed on generationally through semen and soul monadic universal trees of life/blood covenant binding and then ultimately societally and generationally/ancestrally. The seal is a global grid seal of black magic over the masculine collective and is anchored into the Earth energetically through the obelisk network. That places energetic seals blocking the ability to connect more profoundly and intuitively with the emotional body individually and planetarily. This is one of the leading seals supporting the patriarchal domination control structures, like energetic cords linking seals in the body to obelisk networks globally. Typically the seal is on/behind the visual eyes acting as a veil through which one sees themself in the physical world, on their hearts blocking the perception of the 1st eye, and on their hearing, again acting as a feedback sound loop that rejects emotional tones in the ears. This seal incurs massive amounts of chastisement. The seal in the heart is like a disease, and internal grievance incurs because they are false to themselves, their true feelings, needs, wants, and desires of the true divine masculine heart.

Estrogen Implants~

This is an energetic/holographic implant accumulation of toxins and over-inundation of artificial estrogen hormones that form in areas of the male body such as the testes, the brain, the endocrine and glandular system, and the chest/breast tissue. They can be seen as implants even though it usually looks like cloisters/clusters of geometries of 6 sides backing up in the DNA in the body. They are acquired from the outside environment, new age modern genetically modified diets, overconsumption of dairy/modified animals, exposure to plastics, BPA, bio-weapons, needlecraft technology, big Pharma, government regulations, and societal disconnection from nature, nurture, tribalism, and/or organic lifestyle that best suits the human being's existence. While the body is breaking down the physical over-processing of artificial estrogen, the spirit, light body, and energetic field also struggle to regenerate due to the implants. As a healer/facilitator, it is best to remote into the body internally, looking at the DNA in and around areas that would accumulate the estrogen implants, such as the testes, the brain, the endocrine glandular system, and breast tissue. Run recalibrations here in these energetic bodily spaces and remove implants. This implant can be deeply connected to shame, self-loathing, laziness, and indifference to the self, causing deeper fracturing and creating more walls of separation within the root chakra. These implants seem to affect the impotence and erectile dysfunction of the male body intimately and through sexual performance, which can significantly diminish his personal empowerment and success in life.

False King of Tyranny Implant~

(Dictatorship~ absolute power/root chakra/prostate implant that plugs into controller/predatorial archetype mental body through a monarchy crown (trail of destruction, rape, and pillage crown). This implant originated in the 2nd cataclysm of Atlantis. This is the direct implant that ensues the war of enslavement over mankind. Those implanted with the False King of Tyranny are rewarded monetarily with status, power, and fame over the rest of the underlings on the Earth. This implant can also be in females, but most predominately, it is in males.

This implant was placed through the Orion stargate on Earth and funnels back to a world pillar of power, an artificial hijacking of the planetary rod. It looks like an anti-life holographic rod inserted into the planet. This implant was placed through technological AI mind control, a parasitic invasion of the reptilian brain cortex, which runs subconscious predatorial mindsets. This implant continues to divide and conquer the human population. Men who carry this will have very self-serving levels of intimacy and relationships, and if the implant responsible for the narcissistic templating is left not removed, it can develop into this mental field structure. This implant tracks devices installed for forced breeder tracking, programs, and alien hybridization.

Medusa’a Gaze Implant~

This implant comes down with the Hercules Family and victims of the original Eiyani Massacres that these masculine's find themselves calling forward and manifesting divine feminine in the depth of their wounding, carrying hatred seeds towards the masculine. They may be scorned and judged by Medusa's glare, emasculated and stoned by her wrath. If a masculine has had multiple accounts and encounters with several Medusa archetypes leading to a traumatic and damaging situation, he may have the Medusa's Gaze Implant.

The masculine body carries all dark and distorted aspects of sexuality.

Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction~ Removal of False King of Tyranny Implant and Estrogen Implants may help this.

Hedonistic/Belial implants~ This implant will piggyback itself from the false king of tyranny implant. This implant promotes mental and lower astral architecture of lust, adultery, and general deception and lies in the lower 3 chakras root/sacral/solar plexus. This one is enmeshed and created in layers and layers of reversals and can come in the forms of entities and lesser/lower spirits such as incubus/succubus.

Porn Implants~ disable their ability to focus on meaningful, accurate, and truthful things. When people cannot concentrate, they effectively have attention deficits and scatter themselves. Thus, it is much harder for them to manifest anything meaningful to their spirit that requires a deeper concentration/connection of focusing one's energy and intention.

Sexual Misery Implants~ Sexual Misery implants can manifest genetic distortions, generally known as "sexually transmitted diseases. This implant has a shady side that can be difficult to overcome spiritually and energetically. Some health conditions that need additional healing and continual spiritual nurturing due to this implant have been genital herpes, HPV, warts, hepatitis, and HIV. The irreversible and life-changing. As a spiritual practitioner, removing the sexual misery implant should be considered if the client is looking for more profound healing in permanent health changes. This implant can also lead to deeper levels of disconnection from intimacy or overactive intimacy. Unbalanced sex life.

Rape Tags & Implants~ Men equally carry the rape tags, many distortions in self-sexual ideology, sexuality, and a person's identity concerning the gender or genders to which they are typically attracted; sexual orientation can often be distorted early on in age by same-sex rapes or grooming through other typically older males. Young men are also often sought out by older females and are taken advantage of by cousins, aunties, and in some severe cases, the mother. They may also be approached by babysitters and very young age and early sexual experiences that cause lifelong distortions in their sexuality.

Empath & Narcissist Tag~

Gender Confusion Tags~

False Twin Flag Tag~

Soul Union Withholding Tag~

The Circumcision/Black Magic SRA Ritual/Blood Covenant Wound~

All blood sacrifice is satanic ritual abuse; removing the male infant's foreskin is a form of SRA. They bind the Soul to Moloch during Circumcision. The blood spilled from the baby marks a claim on the Soul to be attached to the Moloch entity that poses as a False God to lure humanity into servitude bindings in the afterlife.

"God concluded a covenant with Abraham (Gen. xv. 18, xvii. 2, 7) by which He entered into a special relationship with him and his descendants for all time; as a sign of this covenant, he enjoined on them the rite of Circumcision. This Abrahamitic covenant, expressive of the religious character of the descendants of Abraham as the people of Yhwh, the one and only God, was renewed on Mount Sinai when, before the giving of the Law, Israel as a people pledged itself to keep His covenant (Ex. xix. 8). After the giving of the Law Moses sprinkled "the blood of the covenant sacrifice" half upon the people and half upon the altar of the Lord (Ex. xxiv. 6-8), to signify the mystical union of Israel and its God. Of this "everlasting" Sinaitic covenant between God and Israel, the Sabbath is declared to be the sign forever (Ex. xxxi. 13-17). At the same time, the tables of the Law upon which the pledge was made were called "the book of the covenant" (Ex. xxiv. 7), and the Ten Commandments "the words of the covenant" (Ex. xxxiv. 28); and so the tables containing these became "the tables of the covenant" (Deut. ix. 9, 15).

This is one of the most significant spiritual wounds placed upon males. Circumcision is a background cultural black magic spell that devalues the male human genitals and mutilates them. That has been medically normalized due to the caduceus implant. The caduceus implant must be removed for more profound spiritual healing when working on the Circumcision/black magic/SRA removal from someone's field. This procedure falls under a medical cult/religion, as when doctors do this to infants, it releases a god power within them, which is an inverted and reversal false god ideology. This is black magic on male infant genital mutilation leads to:Deeper layers of unconscious and subconscious safety issues. Spiritual/physical mutilation is a breaking an essential aspect of your identity and leaving a lesser human behind. They do it to break part of the sexual power.

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