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Draco Seal Removal

Unnatural Draco Hybrid and AO Seals (The D-AO-Seals)

It is beneficial if you have had J-Seal Removal & Deep Chakra Clearing prior to Aryan Occult Seal Removal to understand the serious nature of this removal, and to be energetically prepared with the knowledge of what deep psychic surgery consists of. ​

We have self- removal videos and education below!

The Aryan traumas are still very fresh within this generation's trauma wounds and collective pain bodies, and may emotionally hurt to remove these. Recently I have seen that these seals are very active in terms of the pain and trauma bodies that they are running. I have been seeing these can be rooted inside in deep seeds of hatred towards self, others, and disdain for regret and the cruelty of the world. This session requires more tolerance for shadow aspects of the starseeds existence, on much deeper levels. I have been recommending this session a lot lately, as the struggle has been very real as of late, many have been locked in deep internal struggle of light and dark.

The Aryan occult seals were placed in the timeline of the Aryan root race and are considered the Draco hybrid tyrannical death seals affecting the central and right side tonal lines (3rd & 6th). To continue to wreak havoc on the androgynous and masculine template.

J-Seals and D-AO-Seals are two completely different sets of seal matrix implants in the human biology and planetary grid and should be removed in two separate sessions.

These timeline seals reveal themselves as planetary precession takes place, and root races evolve. Time seal cloaking dissolves and visibility becomes more clear. The seals essentially remain dormant in the planetary field and human biology until the new sub race awakens and is beyond the totality of the total time space marker of that era. Example: We could not see the J-Seal implants until we were into the evolvement of the Aryan race. We could not see the Aryan seals until we are into the 6th sub-race development, and procession of the 6th solar sun.

Every root-race is a descendant of their forefathers that came before that passed on occult wisdom, technology, sciences, mathematics, divine alchemy and so much more. Every inheriting root race of the descended knowledge is more advanced than their generational predecessor.

The Aryan occult seals were placed by Draco-Anunnaki hybrids (including: Aldebaran & Orion) hybrids and are preventing ascension capacities globally, which will continue to affect the 6th root race’s development. These are probably the greatest danger to earth’s population as we head into the 6th sub root race.

Draco hybrids, Altair’s, Zeta’s and Orion hybrids are responsible for the placement of all seals placed in the south pole region, Antarctica, centralized planetary tonal lines, underground seal matrices, and crystal grid seals running manipulation technology here affecting the pole shift and solar sun manipulation.

No one can stop these J-Seals and D-AO-Seals from occurring planetarily, as they were installed into the organic grid by highly influential and powerful beings working at the core of the Atlantean and Aryan Occultism secret networks. Each seal matrix rides a sealing current that activates at particular stellar cycles, astrological alignments, and what appears to be mass dramas is usually the activation or blockage from one of these seals. Each set of seals is anchored through a seal matrix and crystal grid systems, causing landmass memory to seep into the soul rivers of the earth and continue to affect every aspect of human existence and collective manifestation fields.

We are at the cutting edge of these energetic sciences that allow us to remove seals and implants related to generational curses, ancestral suffering, dominating superior race complex disadvantages, and hierarchal oppression designs. Sciences designed for collective healing and sending reverse reverberation messages to the earth’s race morphogenetic field and interconnecting communication networks for new earth planning and design.

Aryan means in Sanskrit noble or distinguished, and the Aryans of India were the earliest branches of the Aryan race. Nazi’s (not sees) seized upon the term Aryan depriving Hindus of their birthright. As Arya means the holy original title of the Indian Rishis.

The word Aryan refers not only to the Indo-Iranian people, but also to Indo-Europeans. Including Romans, Greeks, Germanic, Balts, Celts, and Slavic peoples. The Aryan race came to represent all people descended from the proto-Indo-Europeans of the Caucasian race. So many beings that are extensions from these lineages may need D-AO-Seal Removal.

(Not see’s) Aryan occultist organizations made deals within the archon’s, monarchy, CIA (continuation of the not sees- MK-Ultra) Vatican, Freemason’s, secret societies, and extended groups, teaching’s, and indoctrinations. They acquired knowledge from their Atlantean occult forefathers, knight’s templar, and King of Solomon.

(Not See’s) were also the first groups contacted by white Draco’s, the royal Draco’s. Draco has always been here experimenting on humanoid reptilians before the grander experiment of modern man came to be within 40-60 super federation groups participating in the coming of angelic humans 500,000 years ago. They stronghold the Orion, Altair, and Aldebaran systems and have hybridized with 75 percent of other star races in our universal system and dominated their mass hybridization programs in the Aryan timeline. Here is where the Aryan occult seals were placed and solidified in the organic earth template.

Through specific events, technological advancements, and secret deals made within these groups during the timeline of the Aryan root race; biological and planetary seals were placed to keep oppressed the limitation of ascension capacities, to keep the body under immense stress, physical injuries and illness, fragment and erasal of memory to generational records, insert superior race complex disadvantages, create unequal and highly disproportionate collective wealth gaps, implement hierarchy tyrannical oligarchy, tamper with pole modification, and solar manipulation causing electromagnetic chemical human imbalances. By withholding the collective's ability to access certain healing passageways, altering the magnetic north pole, and altering the frequency of the sun; they can alter christ consciousness and create artificial christ consciousness and keep dominating power structures in place. They have basically wrecked the organic body and have made it extremely difficult to overcome and survive on this earth.

By doing this seal removal you are stating that you are god sovereign and free, that these planetary and biological distortions will no longer bog down your energy field with collective nuances that tie into planetary trauma and pain bodies that are still greatly affecting humanity. You release yourself from the karma loop cycles that are tied to the 4 cycles of time and the ancestral and generational dispositions cycling within this. Therefore healing yourself and the planetary body much more deeply and completely. This session focus's on individual healing as well as collective healing and works to completely and fully eradicate the dark forces working against humanity. This is the deepest work one can ultimately do at this time to greatly assist the light forces in winning against the negative forces.

You may find that continual seal removal, may be needed as you move through ascension and descension cycles, waking and sleeping cycles. And merge with those in your life that has not had the same in-depth distortion removals. We can become hooked and implanted again.

As you already know I do offer this D-AO-Seal removal as an interactive session. So I do highly encourage you to book the seal removal session especially if you really feel the weight of these energetically in your etheric body, and or visibly see these seals in your central pillar, and 3rd and 6th tonal line.

But of course, due to expenses and things and other factors, I’m hoping that at least offering the self-removal video will allow all my galactic family to remove their Draco seals.

And those who do the interactive session with me will have a follow-up video to keep removing like I said, as needed.

I do find that the results when removing the implants and with another person do immensely impact the overall results of the removal.

It seems to be more direct more impactful when psychic surgery is focused between two people particularly on troubled areas of the body.

For me personally, I remove mine once a month just to keep my own energetic body, a more sovereign temple. Very clear and unaffected.

Okay now to the seal removal part of the video…

The J-Seal self-removal video is listed on my Patreon and on the other section of my blog under J- Seal Removal, and I do believe I posted the entire playlist the other day so please feel free to utilize these videos to clear your J-Seals before the Draco hybrid Aryan occultist seals.

So for this removal, we will work with the 3-dimensional Merkaba for opening the core gate and unlocking the pillar encoding…

Vs the 2 dimensional Merkaba that we would use in the J-Seal Removal as I find this one matches the planetary ascension timeline more for the Aryan occultist timeline.

To book a D-AO-Seal Removal click here,

To Read more about this session click here,

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If you are interest in taking your mastery even further we are offering this education as a certification program and course for removal facilitation. This is an Implant and Seal Removal Certification Course~ that is designed to train the facilitator/Instructor with all skills necessary to remove Implants and Seals to four different implant & seal systems. A high level Mastery Instructor Attunement 6-Day/ 2-Weekend Live Class Calls in September 2023! Register Now for a Guaranteed Spot in the Fall.

Get Ready to be able to deliver powerful seal/implant removals for clients, students, and friends. Become an expert on removing negative holographic and light body blockages according to our shared akashic galactic history and root race timelines!

This will be Indie's best and most detailed course yet for those ready to advance in the mastery of spiritual blockage removal technology.

Be sure to check out our other courses!!!

Student Testimony

"So this has been phenomenal. I have felt huge shifts in energy and consciousness…perception etc. I mean off the charts!"

- Starseed Expansion Student.

"This course has connected so many dots for me. I never knew how much I would enjoy hosting a group gridwork session. I have found such an important part of my mission in gridwork. "

- Gridwork Facilitator Student

"Just wanna let you know that you made a huge impact towards entering/delivering/ becoming/being the Divine Feminine, on the rise, in so many now. Thanxx Sisters"

- Healing the Womb Student

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