Elementals of the Logos

Welcome to an article I am calling, the Elemental Command center, “Elementals of the Logos” and Dark Matter.

The Elemental Command Center is about understanding the Dark Matter Body Template and Base Matter Structures.

This is the KEY to Interpreting and Decoding Light Language through this Understanding.

The Elemental Command Center would be going deeper and more Quantified within ones

Awareness of the 5 primary alchemical symbols fire, water, air, earth, and ether.

The Earth Representing the Bones and Muscles, The Water Representing our Blood, The Air Representing our Breath, The Fire Representing Bio-Magnetic, Electrical, Mechanical, and Chemical Energy. The Ether Representing Base Matter Structure.

These are the 5 Vital Forces of Life.

But this is only Scratching the Surface.

Elementals of the Logos is going deeper into the Sub-Atomic Realms of what all living things are composed of. The actual building blocks of life, as there are 118 confirmed elements and 144 Predicted, Hypothesized, or Assumed Elements Existing in the Universe and Possibly even more than that. Not all of these Elements are only on this planet, as we are talking about a Multi-Cosmo's not just a Multi-Verse!

Which is going above and beyond even the extended version of the periodic table.

Now the elements, are the organic structures of the earth planes, that are based on templates of spheres within spheres of the partiki bodies, which are equally apart of the particle and anti-particle realms or states of existence.

Particle Realms being the living formations of matter bodies in space according to 12

dimensions of physical matter. But is truth matter bodies are built upon dimensional sets of 15 and this is a continuation of 15-dimensional bodies built upon infinite sets of 15-dimensional bodies, both particle, and antiparticle (non-matter bodies).

Non-Matter being the void or the empty space.

The Emptiness or Anti-Particle aspect, science knows something is still having an effect, so

they are calling the matter you can’t see the Dark Matter Template.

This is Actually an Elemental Substance they are calling the Koilon.

Reference, Occult Chemistry, Charles W. Leadbeater

The Koilon being the Base Primal Foundation all of the Universe is Built upon,

Kolion termed the “Mother Matter” or “empty space” or "color-less spiritual fluid".

This is said to produce space as the 7th grade of Density, it is the Substance of All-Stars, and may belong to an entirely different order of Logos Consciousness.

Even when I attune to the vibration of the word Koilon I sense Serpent Energy as if to say the Vastness of Space was the Eternal Body of a Giant Kundalini Snake, and I feel I align to the kundalini rising inside myself. The Dark Matter is the Essence of our Prana, which breaks

down even more to specific elements.

Such as Oxygen- because on a Super Sub-Atomic level One Oxygen Molecule Essentially has one Male and one Female Snake.

Opening up your Awareness or your Consciousness to the Koilon is Accessing the ether and is equally the thinnest gas and simultaneously the densest solid. It's becoming everything in existence at the speed of thought.

It is the substance of all Stages of the Creation Process, Interconnected.

The place where atoms are manufactured and come into materialized form.

These partiki units having 15-dimensional hydroelastic rings, that correspond to the

Dynamic Core and Sparks and Generates Quantum, that allows the direct flow of living


This can be perceived more through the studies of Merkaba Mechanics.

The Fundamental understanding of the particle Importing and Exporting Systems of Bio-Energetic Fields.

Now, you can also think of the Dark Matter Template also as Gravity.

Gravity also Equally being the Incipient, Foundational Source of the Universe.

Before the forces of Magnetism and Electricity.

As every Star and every Planet, whether the planet has a Magnetic Field or not is still experiencing Gravity. It’s these Gravitons, Partiki or what some Spiritual Scientists are

calling “Partaves” combining the action of particle and wave into one word.

It’s truly a Partiki or Partave that makes up space, and once you inset mass into the fabric of space such as gas or any sum of an atom, you displace gravitons causing a gravitational field on the mass, the bigger the mass the larger the gravitational field.

The Mass creating pressure, if the mass grows big enough it causes a nuclear reaction and

is what powers the sun.

On a spiritual expanded perception leaving all prenotions of solar ascension aside and what right or wrong ways are as far as christed ascension.

One could come to see that Solar Ascension may, in fact, still represent our Duality.

As solar ascension, comes through Expansion and Contraction, Ascension and Descension,

and limits the mind to the even greater forces of the Galactic Center which is truly where all ripples and pulsations of the dark matter template echo from, but still is also the foundational Source to even the Central Sun…

Christed ascension is only the flip of a coin or should I say the Koilon.

As all source expression, ascension and descension would still be through the primal incipient foundation of Dark Matter.

So I feel the Elemental Command Center, the Elementals of the Logos, and the Dark Matter

Template Is the foundation for understanding the Galactic and Astral code to any forms of "light" language. This is the master key to reading it, interpreting it, and decoding it.