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Spiritual Consultation ~

Are you ready to fully embody your spiritual capabilities? Are you ready to attain the Mental/Spiritual Skills and Techniques Necessary to Walk as a Master on Earth? Have a Spiritual Consultation with me, ask questions, receive guidance, understand galactic consciousness, and allow me to customize a Diamond Package according to your needs. Where you receive the tools necessary to have effective results in your Healing and Ascension Experience.

Starseed Origin Reading ~

Find out which star systems you incarnated from and reveal your galactic akashic history. This reading points to your most dominant origins, life path, past lives, and soul's purpose. Have a deep conversation with Indie and review your findings for clarity and guidance.

13D Chakra Clearing ~

This Session Includes: Deep Opening and Clearing of all 12-13 Dimensional Chakra System, 7-Dimensional Crystal Induction Clearing/Activation, Chakra Aerobics, 10 Dimensional Manifestation Attunement, Soul Purpose/Life Mission Guidance, Ancestral Clearing Regression & Inner-Child Trauma Clearing.

This is a 2 hour "Intensive Work" session. Please come prepared with water, two crystals (one light & one dark), and an open heart ready to dig in deep. Vulnerability required for best outcome. *This service does not guarantee a complete removal due to blockages you may have. Additional sessions may be required to reach a total clearing.

J-Seal Removal ~

This Session includes: Universal Tree of Life, Clearing 7th Tonal Line, Clearing Removal of all cords/attachments to fallen worlds, clears templar/reincarnation harvest traps, Removal of Crucifixion, Persecution, and Stigmata wounds DNA Repair & Miraculous Healing. Deep Throat chakra Repair, Full Biological J-Seal Removal, Full Planetary & Collective J-Seal Removal Liquid Light Cleanse.

It is recommended to Liquid Fast or intensive detoxing for best results 36 hours after Session for Best results. This is not required.

Draco Seal Removal ~

This Session includes: Protection Building of Astral Field & Spiritual Armor Installation, Universal Tree of Life Clearing- (if needed) 6th Tonal Line Clearing, 10th DNA Strand Repair, 10th Vagus Nerve Repair, Full DNA and Cellular Repair Restoration of Masculine Template, D-AO-Seal Removal and Liquid Light Cleanse.

Lemurian Regression, Female Implant Removal ~

This Session Includes: Personal Sacral Evaluation, Deep Sacral Chakra Opening and Clearing, Lemurian Regression Therapy, Stargate Repair, Removal of Implants and Tags (you may not carry all of these or you may have them all.) Moon Chains Breeder Harness, 12 Stars of Mary’s Crown (12 Patriarchy Stars), Fluer de Lys Clamp, Sion Cord, Motherhood Hooks (9th and 10th Dimensional), Gag Orders/throat chakra, Locator Breeder Tags, Empath/Narcism Tags, False Twin Flag Tags, Sexual Misery Tags, Gender Confusion Tags, Rape and Molestation Tags, Birth Control Implants (clips, cervix, arm). Other Female Implants, Cauterization and Womb/Breast Removal Trauma, Ulcers Abortion Scrapping and Trauma Ulcers.

Lemurian Regression, Masculine Implant Removal ~

This Session Includes: Personal Sacral Evaluation, Deep Sacral Chakra Opening and Clearing, Lemurian Regression Therapy Removal of Implants and Tags (you may not carry all of these) ~ Dawn of Time Emotional Seal ~ Estrogen Implants ~ False King of Tyranny Implant ~ Medusa's Gaze Implant ~ Masculine body carries all dark and distorted aspects of sexuality. (Major Focus on restoring fragmentation in the sacral.) Impotency or Erectile Dysfunction ~ Hedonistic/Belial Implants ~ Porn Implants ~ Sexual Misery Implants ~ Rape Tags & Implants ~ Empath & Narcissist Tag ~ Gender Confusion Tags ~ False Twin Flag Tag ~ The Circumcision/Black Magic SRA/Blood Ritual/Blood Covenant/Core Wound.

AAMP Session ~

Advanced Avatar Master Practices or AAMP, is a series of Visualizations one can use to focus on expanding the higher mind, getting the ascension codes up in the DNA, advancing the abilities to visualize, remote view, grid scan, attune to quantum energy, repairing and rebuilding your light body in accordance to the development and awareness of Avatar Mastery. Explore your self cognitive abilities, experiment and define your spiritual thresholds, obstructions, and blockages.

Includes ~

Grounding According to the Original Earth Template & Avatar Retrieval, Grounding to Release Distortion, Grounding to Strengthen the Rainbow Bridge, Taking Communion, Pineal Synthesis, Merkaba Synthesis and Pillar of Light, Crystal Synthesis & Crystal Chakra Clearing 13 Dimensional Energetic Anatomy, 12-48 DNA Strand Activation, Creating Sacred Spiritual Space, Planetary Stargate Attunements, Planetary Gridkeeping skills, Remote Viewing & Interactive Astral Channeling.

The Benefits are ~

Heightened Spiritual Bio-Metamorphosis, Enhanced levels of Spiritual Bio-Hacking, Connection to Higher Self/Connection to Star Origin and Radial Light Sources. Pineal Decalcification and Activation Clearing of your Bio-Energetic Field, Clearer Ability to see Blockages and Limitations, Increased Intuition and Dream Retention, Strengthening of the Auric Shield 24/7 (not just during session). Protection from EMF, Pollution, Negativity, and Syphoned Energy.

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Client Testimony

~“Indie should be teaching medical ethics. This is amazing the care and attention to detail she is providing about the ethics portion of this." - Implant & Seal Removal Student

~“I have never felt so confident in my ability to facilitate healing sessions. It’s like all the lights came on & my intuitive gifts landed right where they needed to. I was dialed right in to my partner as I practiced. WOW, thank you, thank you, thank you!!" - Implant & Seal Removal Student

~"You may have noticed that during the class, I was too scared to practice in any of the breakout sessions, and I was so scared that I ended up missing an entire day of the live class, wanting to come in to the recording so I wouldn't have to feel all the stress of knowing I was too scared to participate. "

"Anyhow, after the class ended, I realized that I COULD NOT do what I had done eight months earlier; taken a very intensive hypnotherapist training class taught by Paul McKenna and then been too petrified to do any hypnosis with anybody whatsoever. Feeling like a total failure."

"I decided that I was going to spend the next six weeks, up until the end of October, doing practice J Seal and Draco Seal clearings with as many volunteers as I could possibly find and really get confident, and good at it. So I hauled in a couple of my friends, and they had amazing sessions.....and guess what, I did pretty good, despite being totally scared and pretty sure I was going to bomb out! These friends put the word out, and then friends of friends were reaching out....and I built a big schedule that stretched through until October 30th. I began doing remote sessions via webconference, and telephone sessions as well..........and I can now say for sure that I have done my part to reach the 100th Monkey with this work; as of last night, I had completed 109 Seal Clearings, and I am now very, very confident and excited about my ability to do this work."

"Not only that, but guess what.......I'm now using all that great hypnotherapy technique that I learned in early 2023 and I'm using it without any fear! AND.......I decided I could learn Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique AND actually get myself to a place where I can do that successfully, as well; I finished at QHHT Academy a week ago and have now practiced theta hypnosis and past life regression with four volunteers, and guess what....I don't suck at that, either!"

"I really, REALLY have to thank you; both of you, for this most cathartic experience that I have ever had. This class completely catapaulted me into courage instead of fear, and now there is nothing that will stop me."

"Three months ago, I would never have imagined myself doing what I am doing now. I was doing gridworking before, and now this next level, and I'm confident enough to put this out on my website as part of the energy clearing that I offer. I also dedicated the testimonials page to Amanda, and gave credit as is most honorably due, on the services page also. Not only that, but I also added Indie's angel picture underneath my "about me" section, as "certified by Indigo Angel 2023" : it looks like this: Hopefully you don't mind, and I can change it up if you object, but I wanted to be really clear about where I learned all this magic. I haven't had too much time to focus on gridworking over the last almost two months, but winter is just around the corner and I will definitely be reaching out to hopefully do a remote mission with you." - Implant & Seal Removal Student

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