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One lesser-known but profoundly impactful chakra is the Alta Major, often called the "Chakra of God" or the "mouth of God." You may or may not have heard of this chakra; it came into my field of awareness some time ago when I was in an active J-Seal Removal session. I saw a seal covering this gland connecting to the residing J-Seals on the left side of the neck. I thought how peculiar and beyond what I had typically seen in prior removals. So why would these fallen beings be responsible for installing J-Seal's place seal/implant right at this place?


 It only makes sense to me that it is due to the spiritual significance of the Alta Major Chakra or what the Medulla Oblongata is. It is believed to be a divine gateway, connecting individuals to higher states of consciousness, divine wisdom, and merger fields that bring about full enlightenment. It is often associated with the "mouth of God" or "chakra of god" because it serves as a divine communication and guidance channel. It also represents the Bridal Chamber, which holds all the energy valuables in one's field of consciousness and unites the heart/body with that of the third eye igniting the point of the merger field of Diamond/crystal/emerald body activations. A seal here would prevent the heart and the third eye from communicating causing unknown third-eye blockages, and deep heart chakra blockages. 


 This has something more profound to do with generating the central nervous system back to health- a key location in the body where invaders/entities like to consume the most energy. A place where fear is most activated and generated physically into the sensing systems of the body. The Medulla Oblongata dances with the Vagus Nerve, which ranges in the function of your major systems ~ the brain, digestive, spinal, endocrine, CNS, and lymphatic. So placing a seal here could wreak havoc on the overall functionality of the body/spiritual bio-field. We must remove seals at this placement. (Please see/read below for a detailed description of J-Seal's and how they impact the body/consciousness.)


 Once the seals are removed, it would be vital then therefore continue to work with the Alta Major Chakra:


 Meditation: Engage in regular meditation practices focused on the Alta Major Chakra. Visualize a radiant light diamond/emerald at the base of your skull, opening up like a gateway to the divine. Practice expanding your heart with the third eye. Imagine this light expanding and filling your entire being with spiritual wisdom and guidance.


 Affirmations: Use affirmations to attune your consciousness to the energy of the Alta Major Chakra. Affirmations like "I am open to divine guidance" or "I trust the wisdom of the universe" can help align your energy with the higher frequencies associated with this chakra.


 Breathwork: Practice conscious breathing exercises to stimulate and balance the energy flow in the Alta Major Chakra. Deep, intentional breaths can help clear blockages and enhance the connection between the physical and spiritual aspects of your being.


 Crystals and Gemstones: Certain crystals, such as Selenite and Amethyst, are believed to resonate with the energy of the Alta Major Chakra. Place these crystals near the base of your skull during meditation or carry them with you to amplify the chakra's vibrational frequency.

Everyone is born with the energetic distortions in the human body known as unnatural seals. These were creation-ally designed within the pre-matter bio-energetic templates of the genetics. These seals were NOT created by Divine Source, they were descended through slavery collective soul genetic encodement of the fallen sons of man. 

These were also installed by fallen adashis who achieved rishic bodies in this form, the higher realms of intelligences, the giants walking around in the 6th dimension looking down on human. These beings typically command from here- and they are currently installing frequency nets in the cosmic structural orders causing possession or entrapment. Eons ago, fallen intruder races called Jehovian-Annunaki implanted the J-Seals in the planet’s grid, this then has meta-morphosized into Vega quantum systems, which subsequently created reverse mutation genetics for the human being. This was done intentionally to digress our DNA which resulted in a full disconnection from our higher reality fields, limiting our awareness, limiting all our multi-dimensional abilities. It was meant to destroy our Silicate Matrix Template (the original human genetic imprint) permanently, stripping away our divine inheritance and our ability to ascend and evolve.

We have purposely been cut off from knowing our Higher Identity, the true structure of our multi-dimensional anatomy and the means by which we can expand our awareness and transmute our DNA / biology beyond the limitations of 3-dimensional reality. These distortions have prevented us the ability to embody the DNA Resurrection Codes and the Ascension Codes in order to transmute or leave the lower planetary consciousness fields of reality experience.


It is time to awaken from the hologram of our genetically imposed mortality and reclaim our eternal nature and finally re-enter the space-time matter fields of higher evolution and beyond.


It is time we reclaim our birthright of the Silicate Matrix Template.


Jehovian-Annunaki designed the J-seals to drag earth and all of its life forms into the Phantom Matrix, their matrix, in order to fulfill their agendas of continually recycling us for food and to use us for their resources. When the J-seals fully activated (they started to activate in the year 2000) it causes biological death with the astral body consciousness being drawn into the Phantom Matrix. In other words they were intentionally created for the specific purpose of sucking earth and all its inhabitants into a Shadow Earth that will descend. Do NOT go into fear with this information. Becoming consciously aware of what has purposely been hidden from you only empowers you to take positive action for yourself.

Also keep in mind the historical context in which way we identify the J Seals, The Hebrew Israelites are the 3D Descendants of the Annunaki. The Annunaki, were our Hebrew Israelite ancestor gods and these gods had a hand in the creation of mankind. 

So the removal of these Seals is a highly spiritual, symbolical, metaphorical, emotional and genetic experience in balancing the divine feminine collective energy. Because Enlil-Annunaki god passed down to the hebrews patriarchal customs, hence why all the seal are on the feminine side of the body. And the seals continue to represent the etheric acts of suffering, the progressional revelations of spiritual warfare, they represent the Annunaki family feud- played out in Sumerian and biblical texts. 

Removing the seals offers ancestral redemption in the bloodline, freedom of ancestral slavery contracts, and a free will act of self realization that echos through eternity and future collective identities of self.

This will also be re-wiring your brain through it’s all seeing eye, to think without the intermediary lenses of mind control like the Eye of Yahweh, Eye of Metatron, or Eye of Horus and other religious control mechanisms requiring salvation or redemption, must be broken away in order to see the mind of One God.

What is hidden manipulates. What and Who attains higher consciousness will be tempted to manipulate lower life forms. This total self-awareness, sovereignty, and humility as a soul is also a crucial practice as you remove the plugs and ascend higher….You now also are being given access to the same knowledge as the original sin. 

What is exposed no longer has power. 

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