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Cosmic Grid Update: The Original Creation Grid// HYDRA, Lemuria and the Anunnagi

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

The Hydra radial celestial identity, according to human biology and planetray definition; this consciousness is probably one of the most intelligent out of all systems. 9 heads of hydra equals 9 heads of consciousness. You can imagine having 9 separate heads of intelligence to access at one time all with highly advanced data processing systems. This is super angelic human capacities particularly when this is anchored as a starseed origin and even more highly multi-dimensional and advanced in creation, transformation, regeneration and immortality across a broad spectrum of human cosmic history and planetary ascension.

Hydra is considered a guardian spiritual celestial identity descended from the seraph, the ser in seraphim for serpent. They are considered the burning ones, These are celestial angels that have 6 wings and serpent bodies and they usually carry out the acts of ritual purification. They are guardians because they implement the acts of god and are closest to the thrones of god through a solar consciousness. It’s mentioned in the second book of Enoch that Hydra the water serpent was seen as brazen hydras, copper serpents and were described as flying elements of the sun. They are seen in the 4th and 6th heaven and are said to have up to 12 wings. Now not many presume this to be true because these identities have been hijacked by the fallen Aquila/ hybridized Jehovian Anunnaki Draco galactic nations according to landmass grid networks of colonization. They have distorted the true forms of the seraphim throughout his-story.

This is also an angelic reptilian nation that's hybridized serpent, feline, avian, and centaurian. Additionally Hydra is the celestial template foundation for the DNA Helix containing the crystalline frequency of all morphogenetic fields and original primordial races. If you simply just look at the hydra constellation it is the largest in the sky, it dominates the entire southern hemisphere and contains 14 other constellations in its reach. It is the mother of the cosmos. Hydra's primary sister constellation Alpha Centauri, is a true progenitor nation deeply tied to Africa, where A. Centauri stargates reside globally. Africa the supposed true birthplace of humanity. A. Centauri also contains the most stars out of all constellations. So their influence is undeniable- yet still denied. Demonized, Rejected, and Abandoned. Hydra is the radial root of the dark mother templates, and dark feminine archetypes that exist dormant in the earth's grids. Until Tiamat growls from her belly and forces people to look up. Both of these cosmic nations. Hydra and Alpha Centauri birthed from the Hydra-Centaurus supercluster in Laniakea, which is the closest neighbor to the Virgo supercluster. This takes this universal intelligence and creation into multi-verse systems.

This grid is the most extensive and most important running grid known on the earth that cultivates in our most primal sustaining parts of history. That is beyond any limitation of any other collective grid and radial root race overlays because this grid is the defining underlay, the unseen, and the forgotten. But you can't forget this because it truly represents the cradle of civilization.

The Hydra grid is unified through the old and still running equatorial codes of Lemuria, Gondwana, supercontinent Pangea, kumari kan-dam, the connecting land bridges that brought forth Mu and the seven ancient races of Lemuria to life. In A time where Hermes-aphrodite beings with 4 arms walked the earth. True honored androgynous beings that were worshipped as gods. This is highly connected to the planet Venus. Which today is exonerated and expressed through the heart of India, Hinduism-

Why do you think their gods have multiple arms? Shiva has 4 arms; this may have been depicted from the multi-arm androgynous beings from the original human root race of Lemuria. These are from the original ancient snake cults, and the nagas and the Anunnagi. Which are semi-divine beings half-human and half cobra.

India is the last standing country defining this Hydra template to contemporary human existence. As one of India’s national animal’s is the cobra. So you can see I have charted my scribbles map. This map just keeps getting more and more defined the more updates that I do, I'm in love with it! (Please watch the video above for deeper explanations of this grid.) India runs the Hydra grid. I have labeled it in yellow.

The southernmost tip is where this Hydra stargate is most activated. This is the connection point from where Lemuria sank. That was connected to the land bridge connecting Australia, South America, Meso America, Africa, parts of Hawaii, and Madagascar. And I charted some of these points, here that are activated.

Poojappura Nagarukavu temple-honors the queen of the naga. Nagercoil- the temple of the naga. Nagaraja- honors king of the nagas, Thangodh, and is considered the land of the snake people. Also the Kerala temples, where they worship snake shrines called Sarpa Kavu. They smear snake shrines in turmeric and light a lamp of fire next to it.

Here is the root of the serpent cults, the Dravidian and Tamil cultures.

In 1947 when India finally achieved independence from the Drac’s, pegasi, Lyran hybrids the Cobra became its national animal. The national animal is highly fundamental in many ways. It pertains to the energetic grid that a country follows according to Atlantean contemporary running systems, but in this Hydra grid in particular it goes off Lemurian systems and that's why it’s harder to see.

The national animal is encrusted on the governmental, and eusocial energy signature of power capitals, thrones, and colonization headquarters and is ultimately the expression of how they are implementing their radial identity reigns and regime changes. This extensively defines electrical fractal field realities and landmass geometry that humans base the entirety of their existence off of, from their everyday behavior to the designs of their infrastructure and architecture and dealings of nationalism, military, war, and worldly agendas and affairs.


This grid runs a Hydra to