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Gaza–Israel conflict ~ AA Michael Ley Line tampering, ANTAGONISTIC ENEMY Codes

It's important to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and information for Gridwork. Recently, there has been a lot of discussion among gridworkers about AA Michael Ley Line Tampering and the impact it can have on implant removal. Additionally, there are ANTAGONISTIC ENEMY Codes that can make the process more difficult. Fortunately, clearing and healing these codes is possible through a combination of energy work and intention setting. With the right tools and support, anyone can successfully remove implants and restore their energy balance. Keep an eye out for gridwork updates and consult with a trusted practitioner to ensure the best results.


So much has been going on in the planetary collective field; we have been on level 10 energetically speaking in all directions- all Atlantean pylon networks, all Lemurian pylon networks, all Aryan pylon networks/systems- running global encoding that began a powerful energy wave kicking off multiple sequences of current international events rooted in the basis of deep Anunnaki bloodline god wars for territory, religious belief, stargate rulership, elitist and negative alien agendas.

If you don't already know, the Anunnaki were alien gods- that came down to Earth to mine mineral resources, and because the work was so laborious, they mixed their DNA with homo- erectus so they could use them as a slave race to mine the gold! According to Sumerian text, this is the base belief for how humans came to be. I personally feel this is not the entire truth, as this history only goes back about 7000 years, and human origins precede 500,000 years on this Earth. But it is believed that the prophets we come to understand in the 3 Abrahamic religions- beginning with Abraham came with an Anunnaki gene code. Because Abraham himself was a priest of Enlil- Enlil went on to develop a priestly group that created a more intelligent and sophisticated version of humans to guide Shepard, the humans- and let them train and nurture humanity spiritually. These men passed on their genetics through breeding to all of humanity.

A lot of it is through forced breeder programs, which I am not going to touch on today, but if you are interested in this, I have several blogs that I have written about on my website, and also extensively taught about this in the Healing the Womb Course, and also the Seal and Implant Removal Course. (Links Below ~ 30% OFF Coupon Code: implantcourse30)

So we have to understand all 3 factions of the Abrahamic religions are extensions of Anunnaki bloodlines and branches. And what we are seeing playing out with the 2023 Hamas and Israel war is underlining the brutality of these bloodline wars from the fall of Atlantis. Jehovian Anunnaki vs. Aquila Anunnaki factions. It's so much more than what meets the eye vs. unresolved conflicts of territory and holocaust wounds of current times. These are deeper akashic truths that reveal themselves through what appears to be current world dramas that appear to be setting off a WW3 chain reaction. And Stargate territory is a significant battle for access points into our Earth- in which the al-Aqsa mosque/temple mount is an Anunnaki stargate point. (Read more below)


Many have been wanting me to touch on the breakdown of Israel and Gaza and the Palestinians and give my spiritual insight into the events and war tactics according to a cosmic grid update. And I have wanted to and trying to, but the grids there seem to be highly heightened at this time with very complicated, concentrated, dense, destructive frequency fences running there, like as soon as you tune in, you get zapped. It hits you right at your core solar plexus and makes you weak down to your knees and up to your crown. I was seeing the crown chakra fragmented collectively in Israel over all religions factions. (which frequency fences impale crucifixion, persecution, martyrdom, and holocaust implants into the Earth, into the 33rd parallel, and into the Consciousness of the Abrahamic templars/gene codes) There are also multiple spikes running through the Al-Aqsa mosque -the temple mount, and also Abrahamic temples throughout, specifically where major conflict is taking place.

So, you can imagine how disorienting this is.

I scanned into Israel's star core fire template on October 10th. I immediately was updated/hit with deep, deep persecution for religious belief- codes, active soul rivers of hatred, fire searing serpent swords, gods at war with each other, seen reversals running in the universal tree of life in the Anunnaki stargate, seeing a broken down stargate system, visited the spike matrix running, heard blasted sound frequencies of disempowerment, seen spiritual/mental body scrambling disruptors machines that wanted to consume life/light into it like a giant reversal vortex, and turn it into dead and frozen light- cold & unbearable light, crucifixion- stigmata layers, holocaust encoding, it was like a swelling pool of all core planetary soul wounding.

And the severity of the frequency fences.

Overlapping detrimentally in Israel to attack the beings that cross into its field. They are coming from all sides. Remote viewers, be careful- the psychic attack from tuning in is immediate. I can't even imagine what this must feel like on the ground- no matter what side of the territory you stand on. It must be so intense most are probably numb and suffering from extreme war/religious PTSD, being relentlessly divided/fragmented through the crown chakra.

What I have seen when I pulled up my map is.

This is my stargate map, where I have mapped out multiple stargate systems; some of you have asked for access to this before, and we can give you an un-editable version of it if you message us at

But essentially, what I am seeing is, The negative controllers, according to the grids and ley lines, are utilizing the Archangel Michael ley line, first and foremost, ~

Which runs directly into Israel at Mount Carmel from Skellig islands- Ireland (and touches through significant points such as Cern and the 5d reversal Stargate at the Vatican.) and continues to transmit down to Israel. The temple mount is just a short distance south of Mount Carmel. I think they have utilized and polluted the AA Michael Ley line and hijacked it at a much higher degree to tamper the blue ray spectrum- a Ley line and global frequency that we know has consistently been at the forefront of worldwide conflict and dramas. Where they are running scaler wave armageddon pulse technology (as we know how much blue beam technology ramped up in the prior months to these events), it may all have been pre-cursing the total tampering of the planetary blue ray spectrum.

Thus, tampering with the mental bodies of humankind to the superior influence of divide and conquer mind control and using the ley line to run antagonistic/enemy patterning into the stargate system there at the temple mount- then, in turn, would expand out into the surrounding land grids and realities. REALITY BUBBLES AND SPHERES. I saw that god belief structures are dissolving collectively along the Ley line in some places and then increasing in pain and intensity in others according to the splitting of the timelines along the Ley line- and the bifurcation processes of the Earth. Also, with targeting techniques according to the controllers, which again, I think stems from the planetary internal tesseract black cube and spike matrix system.

This is ramping up the trauma, religious-based fears recorded in the collective fields of humanity, in the Anunnaki bloodline genetic god war codes, the grid's cellular memory, and the Stargate's location holding enemy patterning in the Earth.

Lisa Renee recently wrote about us clearing Enki overlays collectively. She writes in her most recent update, This requires the shedding of lunar overlays that include the process of atomic transmutation of corrupted elements at the 1D base shield level and the ongoing extraction of Enki DNA Overlays and all related Enki skins used to falsify or clone identities for the use of NAA invaders and imposter spirits. And I can't help but feel this is all deeply tied to wars of Anunnaki bloodlines in Israel and Gaza. They can control these groups in armed and aggressive conflict wars.

This is then controlled through the Victim-Victimizer mind control programming that is clearly directed at Israel and Gaza…./through their stargate access point from the AA M ley line— related to a point in time where Consciousness first experienced extreme death trauma which reverberated throughout the entire Universal Time Matrix, and seeded itself really along the 33rd parallel globally and influentially. Hence, we all feel this so deeply and globally.

The wars and genocidal campaigns generated damage in the consciousness matrix that then became the seed of the Antagonistic Patterning, which continued the re-enactments of the same holocaust histories on the Earth through Mind Control. I have always believed they are doing this through CERN. Cern plays an imperative role in the allowance of frequency fences and implies that the persecution spikes into temples and stargates. Antagonistic patterning can be seen when certain areas of Earth have the most ancient landmarks, historical landmarks, and massive wars that are clearly still visible, with a lot of death, destruction, war, and killing, such as the temple mount- such as the multiple locations running along the aa Michael ley line. I have recently remotely viewed the temple mount location- you may have seen in the last update, with the basis of the spiritual contention being held in this Stargate. I understand that this remote view I put out was not sensitive to current events, and this was a remote view I did almost two years ago. So much has shifted and changed since then.

But overall, regardless of who controls the Temple Mount in terms of current groups, Temple Mount holds antagonistic patterning. - that is significantly activated. The temple mount, which is the Al Aqsa mosque, is the Temple rebuilt of the Temple of the King of Solomon ~ which is an Anunnaki spaceport underground Temple and well of souls.

Solomon's Temple, also known as the First Temple (Hebrew: בֵּית-הַמִּקְדָּשׁ הָרִאשׁוֹן, Bēṯ hamMīqdāš hāRīʾšōn, transl.' First House of the Sanctum'), was biblical in Jerusalem believed to have existed between the 10th and 6th centuries BCE. Its description is primarily based on narratives in the Hebrew Bible, in which it was commissioned by biblical king Solomon before being destroyed during the Siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar II of the Neo-Babylonian Empire in 587 BCE.[1] Although no remains of the Temple have ever been found, most modern scholars agree that the First Temple existed on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The consistent desire to otter down and destroy this Temple of beliefs is at the base of the antagonistic patterning activating the Annunaki bloodline wars. This Stargate here is being invaded with multiple mutations of alien mind control programming while siphoning our life force off to other planets that serve negative alien agendas. The largest Stargate in the world that is dividing our human race over false gods. The Stargate has much karma to clear, and I think it should be a significant focal point for all gridworkers to clear the collective shared war body alien mind control programming over woman-kind at Dome Rock.

What's interesting and something to take note of is.This war began under Operation al-Aqsa Flood or Deluge. - this was the code words used that initiated the current 2023 war. And I think there is much to be said for this- where we should look within the Earth, stargates, and man-made structures to clear the armageddon pulses.

The temple mount holds the world's most severe crucifixion and enemy patterning codes- in accordance with Anunnaki bloodline wars and religious persecution. What I am seeing is that the crucifixion encoding runs deeply through Judaism, Christianity, and Catholicism but does not fall under Islam- Why? Because Islam does not see Jesus as their king or prominent prophet, they follow the prophet, Mohammed— therefore, they do not submit under the same crucifixion as the other factions- DNA modification as their Abrahamic followers of religion. This may be the root of the underlying contention between Judaism/Zionism and Islam fundamentals. One has been crucified, and the other has not undertaken this belief.

When I physically scanned in here, I saw the spike matrix running. I noticed a spiked rod coming from the mechanical black tesseract cube of the inner Earth, impaling Israel with a black spike from the inner Earth.

I think this spike matrix serves to hijack the planetary logos. The planetary brain. Causing gravitational anomaly relationship to how that magnetic resonance/mind control was being put into the planetary body in the core of the Earth so the natural magnetic field of the Earth would carry these Mind Control carrier waves from the Stargate at the Temple mount into the lower atmosphere and into the surface of Earth- and into the people. It's just another playing on the contention of gods of war.

Another thing that we saw in our group remotes session work yesterday- I highly recommend going and watching this video posted yesterday (see below)- is vindicata rods running through the dome rock and also Abrahamic temples.

These are ceremonial staffs used for punishment and vengeance, treachery to the nobles- the justifications rights of these mental and spiritual beliefs, running through invader king lines. These can also represent gorilla warfare missions.

We worked to energetically and spiritually, holographically remove these implant blockages. Another thing they are utilizing as symbolism to highlight their agendas… is that the Vatican can best describe what we are up against right now, which is the sphere within the sphere!

The centerpiece of the Courtyard of the Pinecone at the Vatican Museum. Globe-like pieces, each depicting a different map of destruction. Each tremendous ball is fractured, revealing an intricate interior that unveils another cracking orb. The design of the internal layers mimics the gears of a clock or the inner workings of a mechanical gear system or beast machine, making it appear very complicated. As we know, this war between Hamas and Israel is, as we know, the depth of planetary modifications and weapons systems that are working against humanity to divide and conquer.

But we found out in our gridworker remote session yesterday that these spheres of internal Earth mechanical destruction are placed worldwide, having these in Mount Sinai Hospital NYC, and several other locations. Read Wikipedia locations. These statues and symbols enforce primary persecution layers- energetic signatures running in lands, grid, ley line, and stargates.

In order to justly kill other people, the mental belief here has to be that one has an enemy and that the enemy is a threat to him. Thus, the threat must be eliminated. So they transmit the heavy enemy/antagonist patterning. They are not really hiding it when we have the knowledge of where to look. The Controllers are running the persecution program from the crucifixion implant energies, statues, symbols, and particle accelerators so that the masses will automatically accept attacking and killing those perceived as threats is acceptable- the symbolism has been slowly introduced into the conciseness for some time. The majority of the human race is under the constant stress of feeling persecuted and oppressed by someone or something else in the environment, as that is the setup to keep the masses in fear-based thinking.

This seed of unconscious trauma goes back to the point of the earth invasion, as that dark force invading the Earth is the true causal source of why the majority of the human race feels to exist in a constant state of fear and perceived threat. There are areas on the Earth that are littered with massive war histories involving mass death and killings that are based on persecution of a certain ethnic group, Genocide or any classification group that they found convenient to scapegoat to gain more power and control over the population.

These areas are an epicenter of the massive psychic residue of persecution complex running in the grid network. If a sensitive or Intuitive Empath enters these largely uncleared areas, the feeling of persecution energies for the Intuitive Empath will be highly magnified.

The ongoing armed conflict between Palestinian Militant Groups led by Hamas and Israel, it will resolve when the spike matrix shifts inside the Earth, when the Anunnaki god war gene code dissolves, and when war symbolism and statues are noted for what they are and represent. So, on an individual level, we must remain in the heart and see beyond the veils of destruction in the splitting and fractured lower timelines.

I continue to recommend J-Seal removals to continue to assist the collective from the suffering extensions that keep them tied to the persecution, crucifixion, martyrdom, and holocaust codes. I have recently had several new openings for November 7-17. If you would like to book with me for this removal, I do recommend for everyone the three implant removal sessions.

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