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Georgia Guidestones run the Aquila CONTROL MATRIX military complex, Rock Eagle Effigy

The Georgia Guidestones are an inter-linking stone circle vortex similar to Stonehenge- here in Elbert County, Georgia United States. It’s considered the American Stonehenge. Personally, I think it is some BS to be giving this site that kind of credibility. The stoning concept itself has officially been hijacked! The sacred knowledge of circle stone legacies according to our ancestors has been incepted by the elites of the Aquilan matrices. These stones and the funneling nuclear energy matrix they represent are an alien implant. These stones are an official grid marker of an alien device that operates a control matrix being implanted into the future re-establishing the Zeus- thunderbolt, Father principle. Also offering another threat against the divine mother.

The Georgia Guidestones were designed inter-directionally to stay undetected in the 4 pillars of man codes which is the Lemurian organic crystal grid systems that all function off of the 4 pillars of man codes down from the Easter Islands. The 4 pillars of man templating runs N/S/E/W and because of what the Georgia Guidestones represent they had to inter face them inter-directionally. There was way too much interference to run them N/S/E/W.

So they are pointing to N/W, N/E, S/W, and S/E making them hyper-dimensional inter-directionally powered. This works similar to how the angular ley lines run in the earth’s field they cross into the more undetectable earth’s dimensional fields.The ancients used to work inter-directionally for magic, inter directional magic was inscribed on the Lemurian wheels they used to use to teach their young occult spiritual knowledge.

Now they are funneling this ultimately for militarization development in the new world death orders and astral exploitation in the Lower D tumultuous fields. Militarization is important at this site because this is the core energy of the Aquila control matrix. I didn’t fully realize the extent of it when I went to the site but it's all just become very clear and I am going to share this with you guys how extensive this militarization complex is all over the state of Georgia to a global network from the Georgia Guidestones. It’s all about establishing patriarchal dominance with brute, destructive and lethal forces at any cost necessary. This is the immortal Aquila, immortal birdman, immortal Nephilim, Elohim. Annunaki- father principle/ Christendom quest to be the biggest strongest and most alphas organized collective bodies in unification immediately following a post-apocalyptic world. The world post the delush, devastating nuclear warfare, or come earth cataclysm trigger events post 10,000 years of amnesia. Suffering, death, harvesting, and rebirth cycles.

Re-established- under an Aquilan control network.

The Georgia Guidestones also interconnect to other sites energetically globally all over the world. It’s a time portal where particular timelines and locations merge in the astral, causal, etheric, and ketheric fields. Intuitively I see this gate system is pulling frequencies from the lower astral 1D and 2D fields in the earth’s planes and inner earth churning points of transduction from the hijacked rod and staff. These implants here in this space

connect to sites in the earth’s astral field that have tears and rips in the space-time continuum that seems to connect to quantum space dust souls, death screen trapped souls in the bardo planes, and souls that have been blown away by major trauma and trigger events in the earth’s memory fields.

Connected Locations

The WW2 Grids…. Germany & Poland.

In this space-time, continuum souls are wearing etheric yellow badges in the astral tagging and marking them for the attack in the astral, targeted individuals according to genetic design in the astral the yellow badges work as locator tags.

WWZ Grids & Operations Russia & Ukraine.

9/11 gate sites.

All Nuclear Disaster Sites.

Chernobyl & Fukushima, grid keepers and gatekeepers we need to be working on these sites most heavily at this time to alleviate the detrimental frequencies to mankind’s WWZ outcome.

Freemason and masonic templating (such as Washington D.C.), secret societies, particularly the knights of Pythias here in Georgia.- as they have a lot to do with the installation of the stones.

Also Georgia Russia as well.

These are all running interlinking

Hyper-dimensional portal activations to the descension cycles in the earth’s planetary Low D tumultuous timelines from the Georgia Guidestones.

What's so toxic about this control network is this is network that assists the soul harvesting soul collective egregores in the astral fields templar and dogmatic, crucifixion, persecution, loosh sites in the astral fields. A feeding system that consumes light, knowledge, and every aspect of the spirit. The Aquila network is in full participation here, they are the implementers, they are the enforcers, they are the builders, they are the eagle eye they are the sky are force quality assisting the trinity gate sites. The sites that work solely to harvest souls, and degrade grid sites, harvesting the homeless people, drug addicts, and nursery crimes and indigo light bodies in the descending and bleeding grids in California. Malibu Beach and also Manhattan in New York. (several other locations)

Many cannot see these gate systems because of blocked reality tunnels and overlapping bubble/sphere grids altering reality from block to block to block sometimes even on the same streets.

The Aquila control network assists the rips and tears in the space-time continuums at the nuclear trigger and trauma event locations on the earth field such as Fukushima and Chernobyl. Where the Souls are stuck in the bardo plains here, fragmented and quantum space dust souls ripped apart in trauma death memories feeding fear into the incarnation cycles and consuming that energy to feed the miasma traumas in the body.

These Guidestones were illusive in intent and create a mask of protection meant to guide and direct the next militarized globalized control power stations.

The agenda is much deeper and well thought out in its preparations, and is unimaginable how extensive this operation really is. With everything going on-site in the state of Georgia-

Where they have GMO seeds that are buried underground in a time capsule at the Georgia Guidestones- 50 different seeds with 50 different types of crops to grow. To re-establish a civilization and a manual and directions of what to do.To an extensive lunar tunneler going 300 ft underground the Georgia Guidestones. That leads to a well of nuclear waste.

With underground tunnels that would be extending off to an underground military-industrial complex, a junior pentagon, an underground rocket factory, an underground submarine station, and underground nuclear power plants being used for underground installations for secret military complexes.

Why I think this is such an unseen complex design is because Georgia is another base cataclysmic dedicated state to be energetically used for Aquilan control systems developments in the future timelines. Similarly to how DIA- Denver international airport is anchoring in Draco and dragon nations/factions and lineages (not-see factions- hijacked Aryan factions)— with their swastika run-way and planetary