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Golden Flower of Life 6-MONTH SPIRITUAL BUSINESS Coaching Package with IndigoAngel

Starting in July 2024 and running through December 2024, this exclusive coaching program is designed to elevate your spiritual business to the next level. Each session consists of a 2-hour teaching segment followed by a 2-hour coaching session.

Invitation to Transformation:

I honor your journey and your path to financial freedom and success. We are all part of the transformation to New Earth, where spiritual businesses will play a critical role in the internal processes that radically shift and change the ways we approach holistic healing. The current systems and establishments do not support true soul growth and spiritual evolution, but our holistic approaches are already serving, healing, and supporting so many.

In the New Earth, we will have cathedrals of learning and cathedrals of holistic health, with numerous indigo and star seeds lighting the way for others. This is your opportunity to be part of this profound shift, creating yourself within this emerging paradigm. By joining the Golden Flower of Life Coaching Package, you will gain the tools, confidence, and support needed to build a successful spiritual business and contribute to this global transformation.

This is more than just a coaching program—it's a movement towards a brighter future where spiritual businesses lead the way in healing and transformation. Sign up now to unlock your full potential and embark on a journey towards financial freedom and true soul fulfillment. Together, we can change the world.

The time has come to work more seriously at building our spiritual business brands and expanding our influence worldwide. We've recognized a deep fracture in the current online business community, with matrix AI metrics working against all avenues that support the spiritual business world. We do not submit to this push for annihilation; instead, we rise up stronger with fortified and renewed perspectives to grow our businesses.

I have spoken with many of you over the last year who want this so badly, but are not assured enough in yourselves to make it happen! If you are sitting on that ledge, it's time to make a jump into the unknown and start crafting yourself from the cloth of your own authenticity and reliability. Come and work with me over the next 6 months to harness this career growth, moving out of the 9-5 entrapment and into financial freedom!

On a deeper note, this transformation can come from the release of your J-Seals, as these limit your worth, value, and attainment manifestation levels within your field of consciousness, play be sure to consider removing these and getting this clearing before moving forward with business entrepreneurship as a recommendation, not a requirement.

Program Outline:

Month 1: Foundations of a Spiritual Business

Date: July 24, 2024

Teaching Segment (2 hours):

Introduction to the spiritual business landscape

Defining your spiritual mission and vision

Identifying your target audience and their needs

Basics of branding for spiritual entrepreneurs

Coaching Segment (2 hours):

Personalized mission and vision statement crafting

Target audience analysis

Branding Q&A

Month 2: Spiritual Marketing Strategies

Date: August 21, 2024

Teaching Segment (2 hours):

Integrating spirituality into your marketing strategy

Social media marketing for spiritual businesses

Content creation and storytelling

Email marketing and community building

Coaching Segment (2 hours):

Social media strategy review

Personalized content creation plans

Marketing Q&A

Month 3: Building a Strong Online Presence

Date: September 25, 2024

Teaching Segment (2 hours):

Creating and optimizing a spiritual business website

SEO basics for spiritual entrepreneurs

Utilizing video and live streaming

Engaging with your online community

Coaching Segment (2 hours):

Website critique and improvement suggestions

SEO strategy session

Online engagement tactics Q&A

Month 4: Financial Abundance and Management

Date: October 23, 2024

Teaching Segment (2 hours):

Spiritual mindset for financial abundance

Pricing your services and products

Managing business finances

Fundraising and investment for growth

Coaching Segment (2 hours):

Pricing strategy review

Financial management tips

Abundance mindset coaching

Month 5: Client Attraction and Retention

Date: November 20, 2024

Teaching Segment (2 hours):

Attracting your ideal clients

Creating irresistible offers

Building strong client relationships

Retention strategies and client loyalty

Coaching Segment (2 hours):

Client attraction strategy review

Offer creation brainstorming

Relationship-building techniques Q&A

Month 6: Scaling and Sustaining Your Spiritual Business

Date: December 18, 2024

Teaching Segment (2 hours):

Scaling your business sustainably

Expanding your offerings and services

Collaborations and partnerships

Long-term vision and planning

Coaching Segment (2 hours):

Scaling strategy review

Collaboration opportunities discussion

Long-term business planning Q&A

Program Features:

Duration: 6 Months

Format: Monthly 2-hour teaching session + 2-hour coaching session

Platform: Zoom/LIVE CLASSES

Focus: Elevating your spiritual business through strategic, personalized coaching and actionable teachings

Enrollment Information:

Start Date: July 24, 2024

End Date: December 18, 2024

Total Sessions: 12

Contact: IndigoAngel

Register for the class here:

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