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Golden Light Temples, Cities, and Star Civilizations! New Earth Prophecy & Predictions!

In the grand cosmic symphony of existence, our planet finds itself amidst a galactic planetary ascending cycle, slated to endure until the years 7,000 to 12,000 CE (Common Era) with the most transformation relative to our current collective and shared incarnational contribution. Within this celestial dance, the very essence of the cosmos, manifested as galactic light energies, imbues our planetary gridwork and inner core with a burgeoning vitality. This influx intensifies, amplifies, and concentrates, heralding the dawn of a New Earth, prophesied in visions of the future.

This metamorphosis transcends mere physicality, resonating within the intricate tapestry of our collective consciousness. It is a convergence of epochs, a convergence marked by the emergence of New Earth Root Races and the imminent arrival of the Golden Light Cities, also known as Star Cities. These celestial beacons, born of star civilizations and infused with future architecture, herald a new era of spiritual and technological enlightenment.


At the heart of this cosmic evolution lies the nexus of our collective psyche, tethered to the galactic light matrices that course through our very beings. The construction of New Earth is not merely a physical endeavor but a harmonization of mental and spiritual wave fields, intertwining with the planet's gridwork, lattices of light, bio-spiritual mechanics, spiritual immune systems, race morphogenetic field, and beyond her meta-cellular quantum world.


The vanguard of this transformation is the cadre of gridworkers, pioneers of technological evolution, whose artistry, indigo contract, 144,00 contract, Gridwork contract shapes the contours of our future. Through their tireless efforts, the blueprint of the New Earth is being etched into the fabric of reality, laying the foundation for profound change.


Central to this transmutation is the spiritual core of our planet, undergoing a profound metamorphosis. As we journey into the 3rd and 4th millennia, the Earth transitions into a violet core, a symbol of spiritual transcendence. This cosmic alchemy paves the way for the pinnacle of planetary ascension, culminating in the emergence of a double diamond core by the year 12,000 CE.

In the current tapestry of our planet's evolution, there exists a profound process of remembrance—a recalling of ancient technologies that once sustained the spiritual fabric of civilizations past. In this intricate dance of cosmic memory, elements of antiquity resurface to weave themselves into the very essence of New Earth's spiritual technologies. Yet, amidst this resurgence, there also lies a shedding of that which no longer serves—a graceful release of outdated paradigms and obsolete constructs, allowing space for the blossoming of new potentials.


Within this cosmic drama, another facet emerges—the enigmatic Dark Rift. This ethereal veil, comprised of overlapping non-luminous molecular dust clouds, casts a shadow upon our perception, obscuring the celestial vista that leads to the heart of the galaxy—the Great Central Sun. It is prophesied that the clearing of these veils, stemming from the meta-galactic core, will herald a luminous dawn, dispelling the incessant darkness that shrouds our universal time matrix.


Indeed, it is speculated that this cosmic obstruction may lie at the nexus of galactic conflict—a battleground where forces vie for supremacy amidst the molecular clouds. Here, the true drama of cosmic sovereignty unfolds—a saga where the fate of galaxies hangs in the balance.

As we journey through the cosmic tapestry of New Earth's evolution, profound observational changes are poised to grace our existence.


First among these celestial shifts is the emergence of the dove/swan light—a radiant symbol echoing through the annals of time, heralding the passage of ages and the divine presence of the Holy Spirit. This luminous emanation serves as a beacon, guiding us through the labyrinth of transformation with grace and wisdom.


In the ebb and flow of time, we are destined to traverse a millennium of peace, a sacred epoch where harmony reigns supreme. And from the depths of this tranquility shall arise a millennium of grace—a sublime re-unification of transcendence, where the essence of divinity intertwines with the fabric of reality itself, leading us towards ultimate fulfillment.


In the grand tapestry of prophecy, New Earth is destined to undergo a cosmic rebirth—a transformation so profound that she shall be bestowed with a new name. Envisioned as an eternal violet star, she shall orbit a new sun within a burgeoning universe, radiant with the promise of divine renewal.


Within the sanctum of this celestial realm, the heavenly and earthly realms shall converge, intertwining in a sublime dance of cosmic union. Here, the ethereal realms shall descend, infusing the earthly experience with a divine luminescence, elevating every facet of existence to a heavenly plane.


In this epoch of transition, the ancient lands of Babylon, Egypt, Syria, and the storied realms of Italy—Rome, Venice, Milan—shall succumb to the embrace of the watery depths. Palestine, Israel, and the revered Temple Mount, along with the planetary 4th-dimensional stargates, shall undergo a profound transfiguration, transforming into an underwater gateway system of unparalleled significance. The melting glaciers of Switzerland and Norway shall seed this sea of eternal change, catalyzing a vibrational upliftment that reverberates across the globe.


As these ancient lands are submerged beneath the waves, a profound cleansing ensues—a purification of the land codes and celestial vortices that have guided the course of human destiny for millennia. Through this baptism by water, the shackles of outdated systems and detrimental paradigms are released, paving the way for a new dawn of enlightenment and transformation.


Amidst the currents of change, Algeria emerges as the custodian of ancient wisdom, embodying the last vestiges of Atlantis amidst the shifting sands of the Sahara Desert—a testament to the enduring legacy of a bygone era.


In the heart of this aquatic symphony lies the Dead Sea, revered as the very thumbprint of the divine—a profound depression etched into the earth's surface, symbolizing the depths of spiritual revelation and renewal.

Golden Light Temples and Cities!!!


Golden light cities have fully emerged in even-numbered increments across all continental land mass, growing more vital and ever-increasing until they reach the tipping point in 12,000 CE. The 2’s, 4’s, 6’s, 8’s, 10’s, and 12’s will prevail in global light expansion and building-refinement processes within the light.


We are in the 21st century—the third millennium is the current millennium in the Anno Domini, or Common Era, under the Gregorian calendar. It began on 1 January 2001 (MMI) and will end on 31 December 3000.


Many of these changes begin in the 4th millennium!


Throughout times of change, etheric golden temples emerge and then will become golden, and cities of light will emerge from the land. The land is already accumulating these within the pre-matter light matrices of the Ancient Lemurian light fabrics and the dove and swan light matrices and fabrics.


The 144,000 chosen angelic humans cycling through in- are ushering in the templating for this as we speak through cellular awakening and guardian contract signatures. Through the efforts of advanced land shamanism, or what is gridwork.


The golden light cities will be the fabric that builds the new earth star cities and earth star civilizations—celestial/heavenly integrated consciousness built by heavenly harmony codes. Currently, the full expression of the golden light cities is underground, as they have emerged in previous timelines such as Lemuria and Atlantis, but they will appear again in a new way on the new earth. The light cities will work to check and balance the energies coming into the Planet. Each light golden town has a different function according to its ray diversity, area on the Planet, and celestial coordinate connection. These will vibrate into the heavenly realms and serve as the anchor points bridging heaven to the earth.


Each golden light city will bring forth a power center of a divine heavenly creation ray; these golden light cities will assist with changing humanity into the realms of peace.


In the golden light cities, there will be cathedrals of learning, with learning being one of the highest concepts of existence on the new earth. Cathedrals of learning will grant all students access to Akashic records, like the great libraries of Egypt. Within are ethereal templates within the cathedrals. They will be teaching a greater understanding of peace. They will teach the true history of humanity and how humanity transitioned through the spiritual hierarchies throughout the cycles. There will be more fruitfulness brought to families, more abundance gifted to beautiful families, and families will be brought together to manifest their family dreams. Healing between the masculine and the feminine working together in balance, harmony, and trust! There will be more purification in the elemental kingdom, vegetable kingdoms, and mineral and animal kingdoms.


These will all be upgraded in vibration, and we will develop higher uses within these kingdoms. Misuse of sexual trauma stuck in the chakras and planetary sacral chakra globally will clear. Higher heart levels will open up and higher third eye realizations. Greater understanding of healing relationships.


There will be ethereal realms and great halls of justice. People with access codes will be able to access the halls of eternal records related to all the great laws that have served all great civilizations.


There will be great schools for healing animals.


It will become more of a thought-based/feeling hologram more consciously- a more visible hologram experience will be present.


The inhabitants of the new earth will be more consciously aware and sensitive to the fact that every individual thought, feeling, and desire is recorded in the emotional and mental hologram of the Planet, subsequently creating the collective consciousness. More collective consciousness will play a role in significant events that shift the earth. This will significantly make a difference in cataclysmic occurrences or gentleness that brings yielding crops and beautiful, peaceful weather.


We will collectively awaken to the truth and power of being born all from one cell, this first cell, the origination back to the mother mitochondria. So, this is ultimately a cellular awakening. Thus, the basis for galactic consciousness to birth on the Planet is that as we go quantum hypersensitive cognition, we go cellular spectrum!!


If you live in fear, this will create fear

If you live love, this will create love


That awareness will be most heightened during the future and new Earth timelines.

Personal healing will be the quickest way to heal the Planet, followed by planetary healing, which is gridworker technology.


We call this new earth future Lemuria, but the truth is a present existing Lemuria in the future is no more- we will never be Lemuria or Atlantis again. Lemuria/Atlantis still exists in the planetary hall of records and within loop cyclical time fields that superimpose the consciousness particles and fractals that built Lemuria/Atlantis to exist within the grids and timeline fields. Still, the same collective consciousness cannot gain enough momentum to pull the fabrication of the timeline entirely back into existence due to the earth’s race morphogenetic field changing to the galactic quantum inherited by the planet in this present time.


Many psychics, remote viewers, and channelers can access the timeline fields and also pick up on super insets of the timelines to re-emerge back into this time cycle, but at the same time, they are still not able to in a total full revival of timelines.


What is coming in the future is a new earth, with total and absolute new earth technologies, mentalities, architectures, new cities, light cities, temples, buildings, lands, continents, and seas.


A new soul name- because the earth's body re-birth her soul, templating every apsidal precession, spans about 112,000 years. Her soul designs are marked by the 12/13 Dimensional field codes. These spans mark and change the earth's orientations/orbit relative to the ecliptic plane. These cycles also trigger the beginning and end of the glacial periods- the ice ages and the melting- the floods.


Predicted- 3 future pole shifts leading up to 12,000 CE; when they occur, they will occur only a few years apart. The excess waters at the equators will cause other lands to sink.


Geographical grid point Lake Titicaca- is the remnant of the ancient flooding of the earth because, at that elevation, they can't even grow corn. The water's chemical composition and fauna resemble an ancient ocean! Before our current moon- so this was the oceanic waters of Tara- pre-earth- 7d earth, pre-Tiamat earth soul body, the prior moon, the tide was higher than 13,000 feet above normal, and this moon crashed into the planet. The waters receded to the poles, raised the ancient late, and formed Lake Titcaca. That's how high the waters are when the floods come.


New Earth- Antarctica will be the central location for the lands of the crystal cities- new lands will form along the coast of the Antarctic shelf and the Atlantic Oceans. These crystal cities will sustain the Planet with protection and healing for mankind in the new earth phases.

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Bravo Hazaar Phenomenal Starburst weaver of Hyper Dimensional Quilts that stitch our Mother Earth from mega million Ashayana epochal Origin Mythos, through the folds of Stellar Mystery school initiations, that seeded the Lemurian/Atlantis architectures...

Guided into 26000 year Galactic rotations and fevered echoes of Earth headstone of interGalactic War and intruding temporary Peace until the Cosmic Archetypes lost vitality. Ye scintillating intuitive intelligence would launch beyond a casual reference to Gaia nesting in the 5D harbor... the momentum of Her catapulting, Mission traverses beyond the 12000 loop on pole shift markers

For meta  history , unhinged from Lyran scholarship. . Indeed the epidermal layers of what can be defined as New Age Ascension stair case frequency metaphors.... the ancient Ontology…

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