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Grid 13, Nursery Rhyme Crimes Harvesting Grid, The Magical Kingdom's secret school system

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

The corporate greedy bastards of the magical kingdom seem to be full force invested in the grooming of our nurseries.

Invested in..

The extensive lists of pediatric grave offense against human morality and universal laws.

Invested in...

The same old evil-parasitic-old dark ones genetics that were responsible for the intergalactic Atlantis slave trades are the same minded bodies responsible for our global pediatric crisis. Because technically they are using all of the same fallen portals. fallen timelines and control systems, slavery trade routes, the same areas of secret Caribbean islands for the same shenanigans type of current nursery trafficking and smuggling, slavery behaviors.

These are the same corporate elite disassociated poisoned bodies.

That are equally fully invested in the elementary education system. Not just because of the bill in Florida but because they themselves actually own elementary schools in the United States when I found this out my stomach turned.

I feel the magical kingdom genie agenda is just the start of a new awakening.

The corruption of our eduction systems and the depth of how deep this rabbit hole goes. It sent me on a mission to locate these magical kingdom nursery harvesting facilities and place them on my new chart I started working on called the nursery rhyme crime harvesting grid.

So much is bluntly being done out in the open right now.

There are currently, what I have charted in the United States - 13 ran funded and owned Walt Disney Elementary Schools.

There is no wikipedia list for these, there is no collective list or data search pulling the records for these elementary schools online. You have to look and verify each one by state. So I may have missed some. Because this was all I could verify but there definitely may be more of these, nationally and or even globally. (Which I later found) I wouldn’t doubt if there wasn’t a handful to 100’s of these in China given they have out numbered the US in magical kingdom parks that they have. These schools are hidden and are discreetly up on the internet.

The nursery rhyme crime (magical kingdom owned and funded) schools in the US are:

Alvin, TX

Tulsa, OK

Springfield, MO

Mishawaka, IN

4 locations in Chicago, IL

3 locations in California, (Anaheim, Burbank, and San Ramon)

Omaha, NE

Levittown, PA

I later found one in Rochester, NY

Surprisingly, these schools are also popular in Paris.


There is also a Walt Disney School in Casablanca , Morocco

If anyone you know has their children enrolled in magical kingdom elementary schools. You may ask them to re think their education choices.

On lighter note.. the Russian Army has rescued 35,000 nurseries in Ukraine.

And Disney has lost their ability to self govern their kingdom just like the Vatican.

But Now, it’s going to a whole new level, where public dictation of your parental rights at least here in the United States are going out the door before your eyes, and you are being mocked and laughed at while your children’s innocence is being overly sexually exploited, gender confused, and subtly subconsciously programmed by Donald Duck the grey and Mickey Mouse the Draco.

I do feel those who are in charge at the magical kingdom corporate top have made deals with the Dracos. As these are the ones known for consuming their offspring, experimenting on their offspring, and consuming the adrenaline blood of their offspring. How perfect to magically place CIA operations right over the fountain of youth.

This is known as a new cultural norm in a draconian world, and a "queerer" generation Z. The corporate predators are looking to capitalize off your gender confused offspring.

We live in the age of knowing no truths, all realms are distorted unless you are on the organic timelines. Natural law is the only basis of truth that can still stand in this falling age, but many are so far gone they entirely have no idea what that even means.

They are the ones that will go back into the cataclysmic timelines and suffer there, while the guardian’s on the earth rise and step into their parental roles, and build the light cities for those that are not fully marked by the beast, but it’s not many at this point, we are hoping at least 500 million pure-bloods, indigo’s, light worker’s, starseeds remain intact on the earth.

Picture of Black Cube Technology at Disney Primary School in Casablanca , Morocco. The Yahweh Matrix is a system that is connected into a Black Cube Matrix held through Saturn, that is siphoning life force from our Universal Time Matrix and routing it back into their fallen system. Saturn’s Black Cube holds a massive egregore that acts as a harvesting station for blood sacrifice from human beings, in this case it is prepubescent subjects.

The sole reason of putting this together is to help parents to see the bigger global picture, to help the little ones and the victims of the elite, the victims of the willy wonkas and prepubescent harvesting facilities. To assist dedicated grid-workers who work remotely to clear these ley lines, masonic templating, and pedo-dontia portals feeding the belly of the fallen dragon, AI vortextual systems. (Please see the group Gridwork video below and join our remote efforts to clear this energy from the earth.)

I’m basically working on this for the system busters.

Those who stand to make a difference with their psychic and spiritual mastery. Which makes crystal clear sense to me why they are so indebted to the passing of this bill, because this is what they want to teach in their own schools. One has to stop and think why they are fighting so hard to teach gender confusion to our young fertile minds with subtle susceptible- slowly acceptable subconscious programming.

They also know their power is in the numbers and the tipping of the scales by political party.

It’s so important for Americans specifically to remember right now you are not defined by your or a political party you can align a little right and a little left, and if you are feeling this somehow true-you are actually a balanced being. The truth is always somewhere in the middle, you will give and take naturally equally on both sides in terms of integrity and moral principles. Because we need moderation and balance of both sides both principles to be in a cohesive national state.

Extremism in any direction is out of harmony with growth and balance of universal proportionate direction. It’s important to remember this that people don’t feel locked into a be-lief or a be-lie that goes against the best interest of their offspring due to their guilted submission to their political party alliances. Alliances that are meant to be broken especially when they breach the threshold of violating the innocent.

Your gnosis is so much more valuable then you could ever imagine, your own gnosis is the gold within you, the gold that the anunnaki tried to make you believe your were indebted too. You are no longer a slave. You no longer should accept that which goes against your soul.

You may want to take in account for the fact, that if your ability to stand and protect the primal innocense threats to the minds of your offspring has diminished then you may have handed your power over to the willy Wonka’s authority.

This may mean that your soul is poisoned, non-existent, empty or genetically bonded and damaged to reversals and splitters.

And I am not talking about those reading my blog now, I know you guys are front line battle field astral justice warriors! You're here for a reason and that reason is to be armed in knowledge.

I’m talking about the empty seaters, the NPC’s, the soul less beings, the geo-engineered, the modified, and poisoned.

I have just recently upgraded my spiritual abilities quite a bit..

I have now acquired the ability to actually remote into someone else’s body. I had this happen on some recent j-seal removals that I have done. I seen the created funnel of frequency from within me through tones and rhythm, and I bi-located in fully and was removing the seals out of their body for them. This experience allowed me to see so much more pertaining to the crucifixion wounds.

I have always been doing this but this time the experience was stronger than normal for me. This time I could see more and I could see myself access fully inside their vertical ascension column and funnel my way down inside their field.

I seen that the crucifixion wounds were an extensive stigmata wound that globally was found at the Notre Dame Cathedral.

That the nails driven in the hands and feet were placed their not only to crucify christ, but intentionally to block your healing abilities in your hands and feet and plug the portals of light inside the body from flowing into the 3d dimensional realm. Plug up the christed activated plasma that flows from within.

Because your hands and feet are were you can touch and heal others, share and direct your light body, soul energy and send messages through the etheric fields into the eternal and immortal fields. The crucifixion implants are plugs that block these gateways. This is what has been taken from you that you have the power to get back.

But why this pertains to the poisoned souls, and damaged souls. Is during the j-seal removal we seen in this session together- me and the gal I was woking on, that those that are carrying the crucifixion and persecution plugs are leaking spikes out of the hands and feet around the implants and seals, liquid light spike protein around the crucifixtion stigmata wounds. That are from the Jims Jones elixir booster special number 9/moronicron-. The ones that had physical reaction, to the spike, are well under their way into the geo-engineering process’s modification process of Draco-cuthuluh hybrid DNA (part squid part draco) and hive controlled simulation of their reality and their souls have been poisoned….their light body energy itself is oozing poison from the crucifixion nails in their hands and feet from their plugs and seals in the life force energy.

1000s of Spike spirit protein has modified itself into the soul templating light structures and has completely taken over full control of what was once pure of the soul. This is visible now in the light body, the soul harvesting, soul hijacking, and soul snatching that they are doing.

And this modification will continue to effect the next generations and nurseries because we talk about these distortions invading the spiritual light body and snatching the soul, making their light body fields poisonous.


This will have a deep impact not on this next generation but the next next generation because everything skips one generation to fully manifest itself, these genetic DNA modifications may cause irreversible birth defects on the following generation. A generation beginning to be born with missing parts of the lungs, heart, brain, needed chormoosones for automatic functioning, and will cause links in the species to fail and reverse evolve, coming in and being birthed through soul less modified being or being’s poisoned or birthing through toxic spirit body reversal portals.

Same goes for infants being birthed through artificial wombs, such as trans humanism hosts for birthing, gender distorted males with artificial or donated wombs.

Babies here being born with blacked out eyes and pupils, again unable to pull in a soul because the portal it came through was artificial or it was poisonous. Since it can’t pull a pure soul into that womb due to the conditions and reverse templating, it may have trauma fragmented souls attaching to it coming in, sometimes 3-4 traumatized souls on the way in, pulling these souls from traumatized astral rips and tears in the space time continuum in the astral, from nuclear or war degraded sites, pulling souls from the 33rd parallel.

All carrying incomplete creation principles, incomplete masculine or feminine soul templating, and again will continue to distort and destroy any and all universal principle, gender law principle of existence here to organic human.


I know that the messages today are pertaining to a very serious nature. But the Time is now to wake up to the depth of these destruction codes running on the earth.

I deliver this message to inform you that the ones we have educating our children are the same ones running the nursery rhyme crime rings. This is unconscious mass ritual of sacrificing our youth to the hive mind to an AI modeled projection of what a grafted reality should be. No individuality and all will cease to be allowed we all must conform to synthesis and grafted, simulated realities.

So I am really beginning to think that Mr W.D. was just a front man. A smoke screen that completely faked the public to a massive CIA Draconian Operation, similar to how they claimed we landed on the moon or talked and ushered abled bodies into the Montauk facilities!

Mr. W.D was an actor paid to present to the world the most extensively branched (2nd Dimensional) implant, virus, bacteria, and cancer the world has ever known. A money trail that legitimately owns half of the media, and is incepted through so many portals getting rid of it would be like having to remove a million pieces of shared glass our of your foot.

This is a templating that runs inside the fallen dragon grid control system running reversals or anti-life codes into the grid.

The fallen dragon grid consists of:

The financial networks (crypto currency mining, global and national digital banking, the federal reserve, baphomet deception networks, templar systems, wall street, gambling, predatorial ideologies of money, egyptian money curses… etc)

Vatican and Obelisk networks, Patriarchal Demon Seeds, Ritual Nursery Sacrifice, Sexualizing of the grids, Female kill offs and sacrifices.

The silver blood networks, The Artificial intelligent networks, the artificial singularity vortex’s- that are being powered by AI.

The legal, political, and governmental networks, Military networks .

The corruption of the Laws of gender and universal laws and principles.

Prepubescent subjects are exceptionally receptive to the energies in their environment as babies, toddlers, until about six years of age and as a result, children are highly susceptible to Subconscious Programming throughout their formative years from age six and up. Which does seem to be the year they want to target their minds for gender programming, and damaging the Childs light body soul, and male female gender principles.

In the early developmental phases of childhood, reflection-neurons develop in the brain and reflection properties "like mirroring" through the child begins. Mimicking and imitating the repetitive behavior of their parents, teachers, and piers and the environment.

A Reflective Neuron is a nerve cell that fires when the person observes an action being performed by another person. This means that a child watching the behavior of their parent, teacher orcaretaker, is actually laying down tracks for the same neuronal pattern of action for their life, via the information that is being carried in their neural impulses.

Thus, during the child’s bio-spiritual development phase, a strong foundation is laid for the beliefs and behaviors that form in that individual in the future, when he or she reaches adulthood.

Subconscious Programming starts in earliest childhood when our brains are not fully developed but are instead highly suggestible to the social engineering, geo-engineering tactics of the death culture, of the fallen dragon grid simulation that further emphasizes the negative conditions that cause Toxic Stress and unhappy people, to opportunize transhumanist and transgender agendas.

The magical kingdom corporate greedy bastards are fully aware of the power of subconscious programming on young and undeveloped brains, and target your offspring as early as possible to gain control over that individual throughout their lifetime. Thus, they also condition the adults that have power in society and media- their staff and other media networks to include the grooming of prepubescent being’s as a primary Archontic Deception Strategy.

Nurseries are highly suggestible to subliminal programming contained in magical kings=dome movies cartoons, books, and nursery oriented media provided by adults or in educational material. Nursery Grooming through the use of subconscious programming is used with the intent to lower the prepubescent being’s inhibitions in regard to sexual behaviors, sexual identity, and sexual gender soul principles, and these tactics are commonly used by these predators to normalize sexual abuse and lure into into trafficking, and harvesting. This may be the secret key to the hijacking of the fountain of youth.

The destruction CEO’s behind the smoke screen man Mr. W.D know these psychological sciences all so well, and have invested their entire stock and bond into the business of grooming the nurseries. Clearly to a point they own elementary schools on their own behalf.

The big shocker people need to remember is that intentions people, friends, family, business partners, corporations, networks, groups, and lovers all the time. Your perception of this is detrimental to your ability to stand and protect yourself, your children, and those you feel you can trust. You need to be able to sense when someone or something is doing you dirty, when their intention has shifted. Things that shift intention are 7 deadly sins… Greed, lust, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. If you sense the vibration of any of these in another odds are there intention has shifted. What you once thought someone or something once was has the capability to turn to the dark side at any time, leaving one to think that the original intention one met this being or situationship is… is still the same as the original intent. Which is an archontic deception tactic.

Once the intent has shifted… it leaves those invested needing to dismantle the emotional cords to reduce damage control. This is what has happened with the dissolution over those with attached magical kingdom hearts.

Best and Beautiful Cosmic Blessings as we unite and break down these global evils one corrupted corporation at a time.


Collapsing Portals (any group member can recite this needed to close down fallen portals in magical Kingdom-one group member assigned from group to recite)

Say Now.

Disney world portal collapse and seal

Pedo-dontia gate collapse and seal

Pedo Islands, underground tunnels, facilities, warehouses collapse and seal

Child trafficking routes collapse and dissolve

Child gender confusion and principle distortions collapse and fully seal

Child Trafficking, harvesting, siphoning, hijacking, smuggling gates collapse and seal fully now

Extract, Remove clear and dissolve

All alien implants

Alien consciousness sweeping, siphoning and mapping

Alien control matrix holds, simulation holds, Aquila system, Orion Systems, fallen dragon systems, metatronic machines and portals, The alien big 5...

Extract, Remove clear and dissolve

Alien coordinated attacks

Alien time capsules, time weapons, bio weapons, bio labs, death ray technology, harmful artifacts, and etheric weaponry, nuclear weaponry, child sacrificing weaponry.

Extract, Remove clear and dissolve

Alien harmful portals, rips and tears in the time space continue, attacks on bardo souls, fragmented souls, and cataclysmic events memory soul holders. Astral waste sights, astral highjacking, astral targets and Astral nuclear attacks...

Extract, Remove clear and dissolve

Alien mind, emotional, body slavery

Alien mind control

Alien reversal frequencies

Alien scaler and tracker devices.

Extract, Remove clear and and close

Portals to nuclear waste sites- close and collapse Portals to mass exits sites- close and collapse Portals to ww2 and wwz grids- close and collapse Portals to the death shields- close and collapse Portals to lower astral fields- close and collapse Portals to purgatory- close and collapse

Portal to Armageddon close and collapse

Portals to genocide, holocaust, massacres-close and collapse..

Portals to spiritual betrayal, war and killing, orion wars close and collapse.... Extract, Remove clear and dissolve

Unify and heal

Unify and heal

Unify and heal

Unify and Heal


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Hi Amanda, living in France, I checked up on this school in France.

Actually, I discovered that the photo you show is a "Walt Disney" school in Morocco; French is the second language in Morocco, and their website ( is in French, which is probably why you were mislead.

I'll happily help with further info about stuff going on in France.

love, Rup

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