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Grid 13, Nursery Rhyme Crimes Harvesting Grid, The Magical Kingdom's secret school system

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

The corporate greedy bastards of the magical kingdom seem to be full force invested in the grooming of our nurseries.

Invested in..

The extensive lists of pediatric grave offense against human morality and universal laws.

Invested in...

The same old evil-parasitic-old dark ones genetics that were responsible for the intergalactic Atlantis slave trades are the same minded bodies responsible for our global pediatric crisis. Because technically they are using all of the same fallen portals. fallen timelines and control systems, slavery trade routes, the same areas of secret Caribbean islands for the same shenanigans type of current nursery trafficking and smuggling, slavery behaviors.

These are the same corporate elite disassociated poisoned bodies.

That are equally fully invested in the elementary education system. Not just because of the bill in Florida but because they themselves actually own elementary schools in the United States when I found this out my stomach turned.

I feel the magical kingdom genie agenda is just the start of a new awakening.

The corruption of our eduction systems and the depth of how deep this rabbit hole goes. It sent me on a mission to locate these magical kingdom nursery harvesting facilities and place them on my new chart I started working on called the nursery rhyme crime harvesting grid.

So much is bluntly being done out in the open right now.

There are currently, what I have charted in the United States - 13 ran funded and owned Walt Disney Elementary Schools.

There is no wikipedia list for these, there is no collective list or data search pulling the records for these elementary schools online. You have to look and verify each one by state. So I may have missed some. Because this was all I could verify but there definitely may be more of these, nationally and or even globally. (Which I later found) I wouldn’t doubt if there wasn’t a handful to 100’s of these in China given they have out numbered the US in magical kingdom parks that they have. These schools are hidden and are discreetly up on the internet.

The nursery rhyme crime (magical kingdom owned and funded) schools in the US are:

Alvin, TX

Tulsa, OK

Springfield, MO

Mishawaka, IN

4 locations in Chicago, IL

3 locations in California, (Anaheim, Burbank, and San Ramon)

Omaha, NE

Levittown, PA

I later found one in Rochester, NY

Surprisingly, these schools are also popular in Paris.


There is also a Walt Disney School in Casablanca , Morocco

If anyone you know has their children enrolled in magical kingdom elementary schools. You may ask them to re think their education choices.

On lighter note.. the Russian Army has rescued 35,000 nurseries in Ukraine.

And Disney has lost their ability to self govern their kingdom just like the Vatican.

But Now, it’s going to a whole new level, where public dictation of your parental rights at least here in the United States are going out the door before your eyes, and you are being mocked and laughed at while your children’s innocence is being overly sexually exploited, gender confused, and subtly subconsciously programmed by Donald Duck the grey and Mickey Mouse the Draco.

I do feel those who are in charge at the magical kingdom corporate top have made deals with the Dracos. As these are the ones known for consuming their offspring, experimenting on their offspring, and consuming the adrenaline blood of their offspring. How perfect to magically place CIA operations right over the fountain of youth.

This is known as a new cultural norm in a draconian world, and a "queerer" generation Z. The corporate predators are looking to capitalize off your gender confused offspring.

We live in the age of knowing no truths, all r