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Inverted Pentagram Clearing GuardianRescue Mission 2023 Washington D.C. Reversal Stargate Correction

Premiere's Today 6/1/2023 @6PM/CST

Set your Reminder! You don't want miss this!

I just wanted to give a Special Thank you to our Fabulous Team, Guardian Rescue Mission A-Team! Thank you to Noko, Felix, Nataliya, Dillon, Satayam Nada, Karen, Margaret, Richard, Cheryl, MJ, Elizabeth, Cassiopeia, Avery, and Leonard. Some of you were able to be boots on the ground, and some of you donated, or participated Remotely! It was a true Success and this work we have done has truly made a big difference! We love you!

Below you will find all written versions of our Collapses. Enjoy and Re-use as needed!

Clear and Extract the Inverted Pentagram, Center of Lafayette Park.

We come in the guardians' highest divine light and angelic order to correct the inverted pentagram matrix by standing in the inversion and moving in 3 clockwise circles to correct the positioning vortex to upright ~ back to the divine spiritual will of light and life. (We will need 5 total at the center, with remaining sealing and protecting the field.)

We send these corrections to five main points in the grid:

Starting with the White House, Lafayette Square, Washington Circle Park, Dupont Circle, Logan Circle Park, and Mount Vernon Square.

Washington D.C. Reversal Stargate portal ~ collapse, dissolve, remove, extract, and seal.

Collapse and Dissolve all running blackholes, underworld systems, and wormhole systems.

Inverted Freemason/Hijacking Architectural Systems ~ collapse, dissolve, remove, extract, and seal.

The Great Global Unholy Trinity(London, Vatican, Washington D.C.) stronghold and Seal ~ Removal, fully dissolve and extract.

The Great National Unholy Trinity (New York, Washington DC, LA, Hollywood) stronghold Seal ~ Removal, dissolve and extract fully now.

All Draco and J-Seal Systems ~ Remove, Dissolve, and Extract. Send these words, intent, and vibration into the deepest correction of the vertical rod/ staff and all pillar systems all over the earth into the 4 pillars, man.

All Luciferian and Satanic Strongholds, entities, spirits, archons, and evil-minded bodies ~ remove, dissolve, and extract.

The Black Tesseract Cube~ Removal, dissolve, and extract

All Saturn matrices, Labyritnth's, and stronghold~ Removal dissolve and extract

Pedophilia, Pedo-dontia, all sexual desire/financial profit in an adult or intelligent entity for a child in dark politics and dark money ~collapse, dissolve, remove, extract and seal/final final final.

Political Pedo Islands, underground tunnels, Washington sewer systems facilities, warehouses, churches, and private/hidden locations ~ dissolve, remove, extract, and seal.

Child Trafficking, harvesting, siphoning, hijacking, and smuggling gates collapse and seal fully now. Extract, Remove, clear, and dissolve.

Child trafficking routes collapse, dissolve, extract, remove, and seal Child gender confusion and gender principle distortions and inverted chakra systems ~ remove, collapse, dissolve, and fully close.

Predatorial Political leaders use their power to prey on the innocent, the collective, and American global original angelic humans- through sexual misery and sexual/spiritual enslavement/financial/educational/ indoctrination enslavement of every kind collapse, dissolve, remove, extract, and seal.

Moloch, all pedo gods, all harmful gods, all hurtful angry gods, Belial, Baphomet, Baal, and Yaldabaoth envious, jealous, and wrathful gods, all templar gods- dissolve, remove, extract, and seal - we rebuke, we rebuke, we rebuke and fully extract you now from this stargate and correct the inverted pentagram all the way to the pentagon, pentagon city, and the 555 Washington obelisk network.

We extract all evils from this grid location; we extract all evils that have come between a woman and her existence; we extract all evils that have come between a man and his existence and innocent children and their existence and right to bear life and energy to and from the sun and earth and moon.

We rescue, heal, rehabilitate, and restore all souls from all humanitarian core world wounding and trauma from this grid location across all time and all dimensions.

Cross, pass, and clear-spin

Cross, pass, and clear-spin

Cross, pass, and clear-spin

We hear and acknowledge all prayers and set them free from this reversal gate and inversion of the pentagram and unite them with source; we restore the white ray purity and innocence of the lands and grant the wishes of the natives and the assemblies of choice and freedom, We plug back in all organic templating and now set the Merkabah at out feet to spin this gate in the direction of life.

So shall it be.

Washington Monument Collapse

Warriors of divine principles and cosmic justice, guardians of sacred sovereignty, defenders of perpetual, eternal light serving the one from across all cosmic nations. I call upon you to unify, renew, and sustain the divine light within us. We are now dedicated to the consecrated truth and purpose of being a way shower of good.

We hold our mission now in the highest purpose of service and sustain the cosmic Rishic principle~ we set what has been in retaliation to humankind's organic way of beauty, purity, and organic holy life free now.

We clear the Washington Monument land grid, Vesica Pisces, fields/atmosphere/environment/original Tiamat 5D geometry hijacking tree and root systems, all water systems, the forces of nature and all buzzing queen bees, and all holographic templates, fabrics, and energy weaving in near and through the washington monument, to the capital, to the white house ~ we clear all of the physical, emotional, mental, aura, astral, and etheric snakes guarding and protecting the strong-holds of the white Draco predator, reptilian, archon deception, illuminati, and cabal!!

We request your total extraction! We bring forth the sword of truth and the heart of gold and place your powers and authority in submission to the righteousness of good for all life.

We clear all contracts of the White Draco's design/hierarchical/and corruption through wealth over humankind's integrity serving the self, serving draconic law, serving the divide and conquer lattices, serving the hive mind and group thinking control systems, serving the pharming/recycling of human's light body, spirit, and soul to the soulless god's of AI, serving the hybridization and forced breeding programs going back 500,000 years on this earth.

We rebuke clear to cross and pass

We rebuke clear to cross and pass

We rebuke clear to cross and pass

We rebuke cross pass and clear these ley lines to the Statue of Liberty, and Temples in Palatine Hill.

Temple of Venus, Temple of Jupiter, Temple of Saturn, Temple of Mars, Temple of Minerva, St. Mary's Temple,Temple of Castor, and Pollux Temple of Juno, Temple of Vesta.

To China, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, France, Spain, and London, clearing the 33rd Parallel, removing more profound layers of these draconic seals through the horizontal/vertical axes on the earth.

We clear the suction cup vortex of Washington D.C. and release the power accumulated from Oppression in all egregores, timelines, degraded land, and spiritual zones and return all back to the original owners.

We authenticate relics of the goddess of Liberty to be reactivated now!

The Vindicta Rod, the White Cap, the White Robe, We repair her Scepter and speak to the power of choice. We activate the freedom flame and send enlightenment through the world!

We collapse down your political false light holographic architecture and lay the new lattices of light for the new earth and the coming of the golden fair cities in which these grandiose statues of pride are there-in reabsorbed into the light!

So shall it be!

Capital Building Back Reflection Pool/Potomac River

Recieve Transmission Ley Line Clearing From the Devil’s Tower

Collapse Architecture of the Dark, Decompressing all memory files held within the capital. Seraphim Restructuring of Holographic Templar in the Capitol Building.

We set free all global compassion now locked in the trauma and ego bodies, war bodies, nuclear bodies, purgatory bodies, armageddon bodies, locked in un-worthiness, un

acknowledgment, un-willingness, frames, gates, cells, grids, containers, and prisons.

We set free all global compassion now

We set free all global compassion now

We set free all global compassion now x 3

We activate all guardians on Earth now

We receive the prayers, transmission, and ley line clearing from the Devil’s Tower from our friends in Wyoming and clear all density locks in the ley lines. We clear negative ET technology from grey, zeta’s, Orions, reptilians, and Dracos used at the Reflecting Pool.

We hear and acknowledge all prayers, set them free from this reversal gate, and unite them with the source; we plug back in all organic templating and now set the Merkabah at our feet to spin this gate in the direction of life. Taking 12 steps in a clockwise motion.

This was a special piece that was not able to make it into the main video, as we had many boots on the ground in other locations fully assisting the total success of this clearing in Washington D.C. Special Thank You to Margaret Jacobson and Susan Allred.

Giant's Ankle clearing – With Margaret Jacobson and Susan Allred – on 6.21.23

Leading up to this location that many would call Devils Tower, I began doing light research and setting intentions around the planned Solstice 2023 ritual clearing. In my research, I re-watched a YouTube video where the researcher explains that this earthly feature is not a geological wonder nor a giant petrified tree. Still, it is the ankle of a giant. I re-watched this video along with others and concluded that I would refer to this location going forward as the Giant's Ankle. Here is the video I watched:

I brought this Giant's Ankle into my sacred ceremony with Blue Lady Lotus. I activated this sacred plant in my body and stimulated a recalibration of peace.

I also researched that this location was made the very first National Monument when the Antiquities Act was enacted in 1906 by Theodore Roosevelt. It made me very curious about the Antiquities Act's real and true purpose. Why would they want to make this location into a National Monument? At many National Monuments, they have things buried or hidden. As the days progressed, I sensed they were hiding our true history. They made it a monument to provide an educational place to push the narrative of a geological story.

"The Lakota people believe that permanent occupancy of the Black Hills was set aside for the birds and the animals, not humans." The Black Hills are considered the mother's womb and are set aside for ceremonies, vision quests, and burials. Wind Cave in the Black Hills is where the Lakota believe their ancestors emerged. There is a site that is a pilgrimage to go where the Earth breathes. Also, the sacred buffalo hunting takes place within the Black Hills. The Black Hills are a container for spiritual needs as well as a container for food and water for the physical body. It feeds the entirety of the humanoid.

The native people have stories of a connection to the Seven Sisters. They also reference the Big Dipper. It is also near the Black Hills, which is thought to be the origin of life.

On our drive out on June 20, 2023 – we received a tornado warning just before entering the Wind River canyon that leads into Thermopolis heading from Shoshoni. We decided that tornados don't go through canyons – they are mostly way out on the plains. So we kept going.

We continued until Ten Sleep, where we headed up and over the pass, a very steep grade. The car was acting strange, making me nervous. When we reached Buffalo, I pulled over to a car part store. The guy there took a quick peak and just reassured me that it was only because it was a super steep grade up and down that pass that the car was pushed quite hard. Also – when coming over the key – the fog was SOOOOO thick. It was so incredibly wide it was really hard for me to see. I had to go maybe 20 mph.

When we finally arrived outside of Gillette at our friend's house, within a couple of hours, a HUGE storm came through with 60-70 mph winds, hail, and a TON of rain. It was really disconcerting. She told us that in the 7 years, she had lived there – that had never happened.

We kept trying to make sense of the weather – but I think, in retrospect, there was a LOT of shit going on on the planet. So I don't think we were being kept from our mission, but it was just a reflection of the Earth responding to big shifts.

That morning at breakfast, our friend told us that an entrance near The Giant's Ankle led into the Inner Earth.

We headed towards The Giant's Ankle the next day, and the weather still looked iffy. Our friend provided us with more adequate jackets. They definitely came in handy.

As we were getting closer and closer to The Giant's Ankle, the road was lined with bright yellow flowers, and it felt like we were going down the yellow brick road heading to the Emerald City. We felt a veil needed to be lifted, much like in The Wizard of Oz…what is behind the curtain.

We exited the car and headed to the trail circumnavigating the Giant's Ankle. Just as we approached the trailhead, the rain began to pour. Many people were running back on the trail or at least walking quickly to get out of the rain. We carried on, and within a short distance, seeing many of the trees covered in prayer flags – likely by the Native peoples, we pulled off the trail to do our ritual.

The rain continued in full force, with thunder booming in the sky. When you looked up, you could no longer see the Giant's Ankle…just mists surrounding it. We took off our shoes to have our feet fully on the Earth. We called in all the guides and guardians to assist us in our work – we had already been setting this up during the last part of our drive – so it was lovely to naturally flow into the work we were doing. We commanded that any negative entities or technologies that may be being used to siphon energy or distort energies immediately cease. That the energies that were organic in nature to this location be restored. We asked that all veils be removed and that true histories be seen. We were noticing nearly immediately our ease in breathing. We felt very calm and clear, and peaceful. It felt like coming home – when you get there, and people are so happy you're back. We called in the elementals. We asked to be alert to observe what transpired after our ritual to see the effects -see the interplay of nature, other animals, and life forms with us and the area. We asked that all false stores be removed – all miseducation. We asked that our mother lines and dragon lines be cleared and cleansed. We asked for the presence of Merlin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, and Saint Germaine to be present. We asked to clear any funny business related to the corporate governance structure imposed upon this structure when it was turned into a National Monument to be removed. Any negative and detrimental deleterious energies related to that will be immediately removed. We also asked that any Hollywood impositions related to Close Encounters of the Third Kind be removed. We felt a sense of restoration. A filling up – a deep loving emanation of Mother Earth coming at us and holding us. We restored the energetic flow of the lay line to DC, envisioning peace and love being the only vibrations allowed on that highway to transmit. Feeling that all of the people of the land would be restored to their natural state on the Land and Soil and that anything inhibiting would be removed.

We then hung our tiny American peace flag on one of the aspen trees with other ribbons and flags.

Nearly immediately after, it started to clear up. When done with the whole walk and back to our car, the sun started to come out.

We continued our walk circumambulating the Giant's Ankle in a clockwise direction – we thought it was interesting that most people seemed to be going counter-clockwise. During the ceremony, we included the elementals. We invited them to walk in the procession with us and felt they were with us. We could hear many birds calling to us…a robin landed near us – a chipmunk crossed our path and wandered around us for a sec. The crickets were chirping as we passed. Interesting bird up high that was calling out loudly. A yearling deer showed up at the very end of our walk and was pointed out to us.

Aspens, Oaks, pine, mushrooms.

Susan and I feel that something within our own physical structure was doing some kind of deep reciprocal work. We were unlocking something for this location, and the location was unlocking something in us.

Later on, after our ritual – as we were walking down the path in the clockwise direction, about 20 minutes down the path, we realized we were sort of stumbling around – looking drunks….slightly disoriented. We then commanded that the Giant's Ankle be reconnected with the Earth's original organic lay lines and architectural systems.

We read my friend, Luma Lor – Oracle Pegaus's book Starfire Wisdom – which seemed to explain a lot of what we were unlocking there, and discussed a section on admiration and praise. Heartfelt, beautiful description of what that offers both parties in that interaction. We had asked the question - what language we need to know to understand The Giant's Ankle before our reading. I have attached the section we read, as it is quite powerful. The interpretation we received is that we received inputs physically, mentally, and emotionally. Spiritually that would act as triggers when we recall or are exposed to them in the future…little tidbits to take along for snacking on later, if you will. The part about admiration and appreciation and praise showed us how powerful it is to participate in this practice to raise each other up and to up the vibrational frequency of ourselves and each other.

We stopped for a snack and set up some things - we had The Constitution for the United States of America, The Declaration of Independence. We had Starfire Wisdom, Blue Lady Lotus flowers, and my quartz crystal.

As we walked and saw the many mis-educational signs that were out to create a narrative for those visiting, we were very attentive to unwinding any programming in place for misleading and intentionally miseducating – the public about what the structure is. We also opened it as a portal and made it available to the inner Earth or other planets as long as you are in the vibrational frequency of love.

Everything we were doing – we continually qualified that it be in the vibrational frequency of love. Nothing was allowed to be present unless it was vibrating at that frequency.

We felt a big connection to Saint Germain, the original trust, and the family line. We felt a lot of Ireland there – and a lot of Leprechaun energy – a lot of abundance.

I felt a lot of peace and relaxation in our physical body – we felt peace – with deep breaths. We felt clarity.

We asked that over the coming weeks, we continue to gain insight to continue learning about it…open to beings that wish to communicate to us in dream time or other going forward.

Good hit around it being a Giant's Ankle and that some cataclysm took place to cause the petrification of the body.

We also got a connection to Atlantis. Interestingly there also seemed to me when I was looking at online photos of some Black Hills areas that look similar to some rock formations I saw when I visited Madagascar.

We felt a lot of womb-healing energy.

A lot of goddess mother earth healing going on there.

When I first drove up – a beautiful river around part of it – almost looked like a moat around it.

The views looking up and seeing it in the mists was MAJESTICAL – this word kept coming up repeatedly. Very majestical.

Seeing it cleared from the mists was also amazing, and feeling the sun come out once we were all done and had driven down from the site and had changed our clothes. It was just unbelievable as it had been SOOOOO wet.

We are continuing our connection and journey with this sacred site over the coming weeks. -

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