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The Dove Grid "NEW EARTH GRID TEMPLATES" Healing of Hybridization Traumas, Expansion & Prophecy 2200

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

The cracks have began to split and the light has begun to filter back in just a bit as we make our way into the year 2022, to the full prophecy of the Dove Grid Network in the year 2200.

Several new and ancient spiritual dynamics are rising right now within the new earth encoding, light matrix and upgrades that are occurring where there wasn’t before.

New indigo earth grids are expanding into the planetary and biological structures.

What has been heard by the divine? Our Cosmic Heart Mother.

The crying out of the divine mother’s emotions, vibration, and frequency is what has activated this globally. This new ancient light Matrix to rise and overcome the chaos of the world for those who are ready. Too many mothers have cried too many nights, too many tears, too much weeping of fear for the loss of the children, for the family unit, for the division of their loved ones, and the loss of hope for humanity and its future. The diabolical energies on this earth have gone straight to the core of the divine mother.

This is something that the they's cannot actually get passed and continue to infiltrate if each tear of that mother is conscious. They have been Going after the mother arc gates and the aquamarine rays for many years now, tearing our wombs apart, fracturing our root chakras, and trying to shake every aspect of its foundation and how it simply exists organically.

Our, we, her heart can no longer bear its weight… and waves of surrender have been sweeping through the global heart matrices of the grids. Those that are starseeds, indigo’s, empath’s, and lightworkers. Those that feel they are part of the cosmic Christos mission- liberated from the binding of the crucifixion wounds- GSF, Melchizedek, Merovingian, and Maji grail lines are receiving entirely new gridding systems inside to function off of the new planetary biological "peace and freedom expansion" encoding. A light design that is unbound to suffering, that does not live according to mandates, death camps, concentration camps, yellow cards, artificial time warps, and transhumanism which is- post apocalyptic human era.

You can already begin to see the pushback and the infiltration of this upgrade….

The energetic sweeps and waves….

England has recently ended all their mandates, face diaper mandates, yellow badge passes. Biden’s bill was denied. All the truckers in the Canadian food distribution mandates are fighting back. We are going to start to see major shifts moving forward. The narratives on those that have had the Jims Jones elixir are starting to flip their polarity and new waves of those who have chosen the inorganic and artificial timelines will again be re-awakening in waves…..and re-awakening deeper than they ever have before….

That is set to heal and upgrade those who are ready….to carry that architecture in their bodies- to lay the foundation again for the next cycle….

All of this awakening is the dove grid…

The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch, Pg. 49 J.J Hurtak


Freedom Star, Lori Adaile Toye,

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