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The Dove Grid "NEW EARTH GRID TEMPLATES" Healing of Hybridization Traumas, Expansion & Prophecy 2200

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

The cracks have began to split and the light has begun to filter back in just a bit as we make our way into the year 2022, to the full prophecy of the Dove Grid Network in the year 2200.

Several new and ancient spiritual dynamics are rising right now within the new earth encoding, light matrix and upgrades that are occurring where there wasn’t before.

New indigo earth grids are expanding into the planetary and biological structures.

What has been heard by the divine? Our Cosmic Heart Mother.

The crying out of the divine mother’s emotions, vibration, and frequency is what has activated this globally. This new ancient light Matrix to rise and overcome the chaos of the world for those who are ready. Too many mothers have cried too many nights, too many tears, too much weeping of fear for the loss of the children, for the family unit, for the division of their loved ones, and the loss of hope for humanity and its future. The diabolical energies on this earth have gone straight to the core of the divine mother.

This is something that the they's cannot actually get passed and continue to infiltrate if each tear of that mother is conscious. They have been Going after the mother arc gates and the aquamarine rays for many years now, tearing our wombs apart, fracturing our root chakras, and trying to shake every aspect of its foundation and how it simply exists organically.

Our, we, her heart can no longer bear its weight… and waves of surrender have been sweeping through the global heart matrices of the grids. Those that are starseeds, indigo’s, empath’s, and lightworkers. Those that feel they are part of the cosmic Christos mission- liberated from the binding of the crucifixion wounds- GSF, Melchizedek, Merovingian, and Maji grail lines are receiving entirely new gridding systems inside to function off of the new planetary biological "peace and freedom expansion" encoding. A light design that is unbound to suffering, that does not live according to mandates, death camps, concentration camps, yellow cards, artificial time warps, and transhumanism which is- post apocalyptic human era.

You can already begin to see the pushback and the infiltration of this upgrade….

The energetic sweeps and waves….

England has recently ended all their mandates, face diaper mandates, yellow badge passes. Biden’s bill was denied. All the truckers in the Canadian food distribution mandates are fighting back. We are going to start to see major shifts moving forward. The narratives on those that have had the Jims Jones elixir are starting to flip their polarity and new waves of those who have chosen the inorganic and artificial timelines will again be re-awakening in waves…..and re-awakening deeper than they ever have before….

That is set to heal and upgrade those who are ready….to carry that architecture in their bodies- to lay the foundation again for the next cycle….

All of this awakening is the dove grid…

The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch, Pg. 49 J.J Hurtak


Freedom Star, Lori Adaile Toye,

Lemuria's history must be known at this time, that it is vital in the next phase of our global spiritual healing and transformation which must be reconnected...

History of the Dove Grid

The ancient land of the dove grid was originally held in Australia Before the Hijacking.

You can find two of the original dove grids in the J.J. Hurtak, The Book of knowledge, the keys of Enoch- this being one of the systems that have hijacked the dove through the YHWH systems under the father principle. Let me be clear the dove does not belong to any human principle, this is ultimately an organic celestial light Matrices free of ownership.

You can see the hijacking of the dove held in the USA under the J-Seal pylon networks, under the artificial time warps along the N. Horizontal 30° Ley Line

Pg 315 J.J Hurtak

The dove was always encoded energetically to the motherlands of MU, through the hydra and swan (cygnusian) templates, all before any hijacking. Cygnus is the template that holds the oldest Indigo records on the earth going back to indigo neanderthal. The dove was Brought forth even before this time. The dove breaks down and manifests as its smaller counterpart as the swan, you can find examples of this in James Churchward’s work in the book, Symbols of MU.

Do you know why Lemuria feels so good when you regress in these records?

It’s because of the dove and the freedom and peace codes it carries. The hijacking of the dove happened at the time in Lemuria and was a base contribution to the takeover of the dark brotherhoods. I do feel this has something to do with the nuclear warfare that took place in Australia that blew up Uluru’s rock. As you can see the majority of AU is non-livable. This was not from natural occurrences. Uluroo’s rock, this was a grandmother tree that carried all the crystal seed templating to the perfected 24 chromosomes Pleiadian human and still contains this in its root networks underground. There were a lot of zones of destruction at this time, there were lots of migrations taking place at this time in Australias history, which was ancient Lemuria.

All of this the original dark brotherhood take over’s- where here hybridization traumas originated, through forced breeding, sterilization, and tearing apart of 5th-dimensional souls. Where twin flames were split apart, where the 144,000 were displaced, and raping and mass cleansing of the matriarchal tribal natives- the descendants of MU happened. The demonization of the serpent cults plagued the earth.

By who and what would they be called? The Nephilim, Anu-Draco, leviathan hybrids. The squids and Cthulhu cults.

This was a time where a lot of abductions took place, stealing of bodies and cloning took place, and then more torturing of hybrid children. This has left great scars in the etheric templates of the divine mother with deep hooks and wounds that distort the 9th-dimensional monadic structure of our shared earth experience. When the dove grid fell this was at the fall of Sophia, the Yaldabaoth was born. There was a great spiritual war that also took place hijacking the identities of the Seraphim. Which was technically a grand deception- they knew if they could completely hijack the seraphim they could hijack the dove and eradicate peace on the earth…

The Dove Grid was hijacked by the galactic federation. What they don’t want you to know….

They hold the pins to this because they have incepted the crucifixion wounds and have promoted this- and still do to this day- all over YouTube, they have continued to push the AI agenda through propaganda “med beds”. They tell you, this is the future of humanity, they fail to mention the bio-metric scanning they have installed in this technology. They are pushing and pulling on the integrity of the dove saying it is and it isn’t playing mind tricks of no transparency.

How you can tell this also, is the artificial time warp, that was placed on the earth’s 3rd and 4th-dimensional field. People forget the galactic web was supposed to be a peaceful co-existence. It is human hybrid traumas that have enslaved its meaning and have incepted human dramas into cosmic history. An example of this is that Orion is fallen in the 3D and 4D Artificial time warps, but in the natural galactic synchronization of time- Orion will assist with the opening chamber of the earth to provide shifting of this dove consciousness to the Americas for the dove grid awakening.

The purpose of this message today is to liberate the dove grid from the Americas, liberate and release the hijacking to allow peace and freedom codes to expand across the globe at a time when it’s so desperately needed. The dove has also been hijacked by Metatronic Systems aka the metaverse.

The AI Networks/vortex's, the fallen Dragon grid running the AI singularity headquarters. Working together with the GF, GA, and Ashtar command, secret space programs also work within this, and have launched new campaigns of super-soldiers, quoting they will rehabilitate you from mi-labs-Which is all false propaganda.

Diagram 1 (J.J. Hurtak Pg. 620)

Diagram 2 (J.J. Hurtak Pg. 315)

Delta force- is the most mind controlled. These are the most slave class, once they outlive there usefulness or programming they are often ran through some f...

The Dove Grid…. I have spoken about this grid before several other times on my Youtube channel, I spoke about it at the end of my last WW2 cosmic gird update.

I talked about how this grid held the freedom codes necessary to restore peace and harmony on the earth. With the under/inner/over-standing that it begins with each heart, each individual achieving this internal understanding of one another through the stars of freedom, the celestial imprints of GSF (God Sovereignty Freedom). Something the earth and humanity desperately needs right now. This is a grid that has not been fully activated and lies mostly dormant in North America- earth’s field because of the Planetary J-Seals. Which are selenite pylon rods that hold these distortions in place, that mock the holy spirits of the dove light Matrix.

The Dove grid is an expansion of an organic celestial multi-tiered light matrix grid in the earth. Representing an awakening of the light that carries the peace, freedom, and liberation codes in the earth’s light matrix. Since the planet and humans share the same composition you cannot disconnect the two, they are virtually one. These peace and freedom codes are what the diabolical are trying to repress in the genetics through their constant infiltration of bio-weapons.

The Dove grid in itself consists of many networks and is a multi-tierd functioning network that higher levels of star intelligence will activate higher evolution.

This activates through...

1. The Crystal caverns (locations where amethyst, selenite, and quartz underground caverns will activate)

2. The Inner Earth-light cities of the Seraphim, that are anchored through Inner earth gate sites and Agartha portals.

3. Crystal Ley line networks will activate that run to the 24 crystal pointed stargates, this runs through the highest earth peaks on Earth that touch the heavens down through gas lines, and down through the Deep Canyons, and Fault Lines to the volcano gods…

4. Stargates (universal, crystal, and occult) Mother ARC sites (13 D encoded vortex’s), and Sacred sites- they will all shift locations into the year 2200…

5. The Golden Light cities on a reformed future Tara- which is the future new planetary grid. There will be 3 sets of 17 locations called Golden Cities. (The golden cities will be like vortexes or spinning chakras. Each of these 3 sets of 17 vortexes unites to form a matrix totaling 51 Golden city vortex’s) As seen on the Freedom Star Map. (Lori Adaile

6. The Salt and Crystal Seas in the polar regions, and the new emerging Lemurian lands.

These will be considered the new galactic web in the year 2200.

Deep 13 Dimensional Chakra Clearing 7 Dimensional Crystal Clearing/Activation10 Dimensional Manifestation Attunement This is a 1 1/12 to sometimes 2 hour session, please come prepared with water, two crystals (light & dark), and an open heart ready to dig in deep. Vulnerability required for best outcome.

Waves of the dove awakening- in steps

This will be done in a light order that justifies the presentation of the expanding DOVE.

From the heart and dormancy in North America to expand into the world according to the unfolding prophecy, when great geological upheaval shifts and completely alters the earth to be representative to the new lands of the new world. Into the birth of the 7th root race from the swaddling lands in Brazil.

First, the Dove may expand through the white lion grid, as the white lion is its protector, it can flourish through this network and find its way into places of deep darkness, detriment, despair, and prophesied pain and suffering by having the beast of cosmic rishis as its shield. -again unaffiliated to crucifixion.

This will come as a rising of the protector’s of the divine mother, and the Sophianic grail.

You can see this through the King Arthur templates, and the White Dragon lineages. The purity rays of the divine masculine.

The next awakening within this comes as the code of the Guardianships that are coming forward. These are those that are ready to step up into parental roles and supporter roles of the earth. Those that hold this sustainability within them. The guardians will come to eliminate the clones of earth, as this was one of the first cracks in creation. Transgenderism being the next, and the spawns of the underworld being born from artificial wombs.

Transhumanism being the third, the guardians then will move on to heal the hybridization traumas. Anu-hybrids, Draco- Anu hybrids, Nephilim hybrids, and zeta hybrids traumas. Healing all alien hybrid traumas period.

The next process of this dove grid expansion will come through activation of particular sites, where the demonic encoding will be stripped from symbolism. Locations like the statue of liberty, and the liberty bell, waves of restoration of purity of sacred sites. Lemurian templating will activate.

Then global decoding of the selenite rods that keep that pylon network of the planetary J-Seals holding the fabrics of the dove contained to North America’s under the hijacking and siphoning will be released.

This is very important because this is the collective pinnacle point of the total release of global crucifixion wounds completely restoring the 7th-dimensional planetary monadic structures.

Now within the spheres of the dove- cities of light will come online. Through the heart of the Nephites- which are considered ancient Americans. Or what is considered “ stations of light command”. Now on a higher parallel level, this ultimately is coming from the future drawing energy to collectively build these from what is considered the crystal seas. The crystal seas will be locked primarily in the polar regions- on the future earth in 2200.

These locations will begin…

The Gobean’s The Divine Will Arizona, New Mexico Blue Ray

Malton’s Attainment Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky Gold & Ruby Ray

Waianae's Freedom and Justice for Humanity Georgia, South Carolina Violet Ray

Shalahah’s Abundance and Healing for Humanity Montana, Idaho, Washington Green Ray

Klehma’s Cooperation and Leadership Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas White Ray

From the present until the year 2200, the shifts that will happen will be…

The future prophecy of Creating the New Earth and Freedom star of the dove grid.

The polar shift region will become more directly over North America. This will change the inner earth rod and the central vertical locations of the dragon ley lines. Making new equatorial codes for total global transformation possible.

The excess water of the equator will cause an imbalance in the rotation of the planet. As rising oceans cover lands, the unbalanced weight causes other lands to sink. The proportion of land to ocean waters starts the shifting of the poles, which move at the north pole at a 90° angle. The final resting place of the north pole in the year 2200 will be near the south end of Baffin islands, Canada only 2000 kilometers from New York City.

Easter Islands will expand and become new Lemuria. New Zealand will also majorly expand and become New Lemuria. So Lemuria is coming back….The first citing of the new Lemurian lands will be at the Hawaiian Islands where the land will continue to expand out from the oceans.

New larger islands will expand next to South America…called the white dove islands,

more islands will come up next to the west side of North America called the diamond islands.

Oceans will collapse come in, California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Arizona will be completely underwater- called the bay of Harmony.

10 years into the newly reformed earth… the 7th root-race will begin to appear out of what will be called the swaddling cloth in South America… the majority of Brazil. These are the children who carry the new galactic web within them… they are extensions of us.

New lands will rise down by Antarctica. The crystal seas will expand from the north polar regions. Every coastal line globally will undergo deep changes, islands of light and cities of lights will continue to appear all over the earth, and new mountain ranges will appear. There will be an entirely new mountain range from the virgin islands to Cuba.

Take a sneak peak at our most recent Group grid session, to join

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