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Cosmic Grid Update: Pegasi and the Nexus Systems, Exploring the Galaxy and Occupation of Territory

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Learn about the Galactic Realms, and Inter-planetary Expansion


The Pegasi grid is a radial intelligence multi-identity, hyper space Nexus expansion, electrical fractal field flow within simultaneous and oscillating inner dimensional planetary platforms and individual human biometry running current, past and future timelines.


About this System

Pegasi is a very advanced intelligence system, similar to the Arcturians in technology, and they are highly discreet, undetectable… moving in-between the realms of human consciousness, flourishing more in the opportunities of human amnesia. Pegasi is an occult star nation meaning that they arn’t necessarily considered a founder nation in terms of humanities written tablets of galactic angelic ascendancy and cosmic human history. But there existence is none the less… They come through the occult mythologies…and deeper meanings of things….to really identify with the totality of what they are you gotta dive deep into the interconnectedness of how the unicorn, horse, winged horse and horse-deer extenuates throughout “time”, linear perceptions of history through physical manifestations, through the higher dimensions, and through revelations. And beyond the limitations of biblical democrazy and secret societal oligarchy, into the next world systems, future interplanetary federations that exist right now inside of your own galactic embodiment. Just to show you a global correlation, below will be my scribbles map, a map that I designed according to country national animal this is important because…(countries national animals are reflections into the origination of their influencing star system his and her story… That the original planet builders designed, guardian nations universal and occult…. according to country colonization fabrication within contemporary human existence/Atlantean/Aryan conception and pyramid technologies/plate tectonic design and control systems. The staple in which all things have ultimately been designed from on this planet, the most ancient technologies. Light Blue/Teal Pegasi grid by country national animal

Pegasi intelligence seeds and builds within and alongside other intelligence, hence there discrepancy and elusive invisibility.

To assist them in the process’s on earth connected to future portals, sephorotic empires (ruled by very advanced beings) which is an assistance unit to the first galactic federation periods in future earth history.

They are considered a force support system for expanding nations whether that is in war or in peace. They are an ally to both wars and to peace.

All of this underlies the fabrication and pre-matter/materialization and organization of existing control systems on the Earth today and through the development of the Atlantean boom of colonization.

They have their command centers from the pegasus star system and pegasi 51 B- the first exoplanet designed for interplanetary communications.

Which pegasi are partially into Andromeda. Hence why Andromeda has always held the future seeds of the future human, this is the true command center for all of this, working closely with pegasi for planetary implementation.

Cosmic Grid Update: Pegasi and the Nexus Systems, Exploring the Galaxy and Occupation of Territory

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