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Aryan Occult Seal Removal Session, Unnatural Draco Hybrid and AO Seals(The D-AO-Seals)

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

New Session Available

Certain unnatural seals in the human biology and planetary grids control particular timelines related to spiritual bio-warfare. The J-Seal’s were placed and implemented during the timeline of Atlantis and are fixated on the left side of the body to wreak havoc on the feminine energetic systems. These are referred to as unnatural death seals or the J-Seals.

  • The Aryan occult seals (the D-AO-Seals) were placed in the timeline of the Aryan root race and are considered the Draco hybrid tyrannical death seals affecting the central and right side tonal lines (3rd & 6th). To continue to wreak havoc on the androgynous and masculine template.

  • J-Seals and D-AO-Seals are two completely different sets of seal matrix implants in the human biology and planetary grid and should be removed in two separate sessions.

  • These timeline seals reveal themselves as planetary precession takes place, and root races evolve. Time seal cloaking dissolves and visibility becomes more clear. The seals essentially remain dormant in the planetary field and human biology until the new sub race awakens and is beyond the totality of the total time space marker of that era. Example: We could not see the J-Seal implants until we were into the evolvement of the Aryan race. We could not see the Aryan seals until we are into the 6th sub-race development, and procession of the 6th solar sun.

  • Every root-race is a descendant of their forefathers that came before that passed on occult wisdom, technology, sciences, mathematics, divine alchemy and so much more. Every inheriting root race of the descended knowledge is more advanced than their generational predecessor.

The Aryan occult seals were placed by Draco-Anunnaki (Aldebaran & Orion) hybrids and are preventing ascension capacities globally, which will continue to affect the 6th root race’s development. These are probably the greatest danger to earth’s population as we head into the 6th sub root race. Draco hybrids, Altair’s, Zeta’s and Orion hybrids are responsible for the placement of all seals placed in the south pole region, Antarctica, centralized planetary tonal lines, underground seal matrices, and crystal grid seals running manipulation technology here affecting the pole shift and solar sun manipulation. No one can stop these J-Seals and D-AO-Seals from occurring planetarily, as they were installed into the organic grid by highly influential and powerful beings working at the core of the Atlantean and Aryan Occultism secret networks. Each seal matrix rides a sealing current that activates at particular stellar cycles, astrological alignments, and what appears to be mass dramas is usually the activation or blockage from one of these seals. Each set of seals is anchored through a seal matrix and crystal grid systems, causing landmass memory to seep into the soul rivers of the earth and continue to affect every aspect of human existence and collective manifestation fields. We are at the cutting edge of these energetic sciences that allow us to remove toxic seals and implants related to generational curses, root race repercussions, ancestral suffering, dominating superior race complex disadvantages, and hierarchal oppression designs. Sciences designed for collective healing and sending reverse reverberation messages to the earth’s race morphogenetic field and interconnecting organic communication networks for new earth planning and design.

Aryan means in Sanskrit noble or distinguished, and the Aryans of India were the earliest branches of the Aryan race. (not sees) seized upon the term Aryan depriving Hindus of their birthright. As Arya means the holy original title of the Indian Rishis.

  • The word Aryan refers not only to the Indo-Iranian people, but also to Indo-Europeans. Including Romans, Greeks, Germanic, Balts, Celts, and Slavic peoples. The Aryan race came to represent all people descended from the proto-Indo-Europeans of the Caucasian race. So many beings that are extensions from these lineages may need D-AO-Seal Removal.

  • (Not see’s) Aryan occultist organizations made deals within the archon’s, nazi's(not sees), monarchy, CIA (continuation of the not sees- MK-Ultra) Vatican, Freemason’s, secret societies, and extended groups, teaching’s, and indoctrinations. They acquired knowledge from their Atlantean occult forefathers, knight’s templar, and King of Solomon (fallen Metatron YAHWEH Systems).

  • (Not See’s) were also the first groups contacted by white Draco’s, the royal Draco’s. Draco has always been here experimenting on humanoid reptilians before the grander experiment of modern man came to be within 40-60 super federation groups participating in the coming of angelic humans 500,000 years ago. They stronghold the Orion, Altair, and Aldebaran systems and have hybridized with 75 percent of other star races in our universal system and dominated their mass hybridization programs in the Aryan timeline. Here is where the Draco Hybrid Aryan occult seals were placed and solidified in the organic earth template.

  • Through specific events, technological advancements, and secret deals made within these groups during the timeline of the Aryan root race; biological and planetary seals were placed to keep oppressed the limitation of ascension capacities, to keep the body under immense stress, physical injuries and illness, fragment and erasal of memory to generational records, insert superior race complex disadvantages, create unequal and highly disproportionate collective wealth gaps, implement hierarchy tyrannical oligarchy, tamper with pole modification, and solar manipulation causing electromagnetic chemical human imbalances. By withholding the collective's ability to access certain healing passageways, altering the magnetic north pole, and altering the frequency of the sun; they can alter christ consciousness and create artificial christ consciousness and keep dominating power structures in place. They have basically wrecked the organic body and have made it extremely difficult to overcome and survive on this earth.

  • By doing this seal removal you are stating that you are god sovereign and free, that these planetary and biological distortions will no longer bog down your energy field with collective nuances that tie into planetary trauma and pain bodies that are still greatly affecting humanity. You release yourself from the karma loop cycles that are tied to the 4 cycles of time and the ancestral and generational dispositions cycling within this. Therefore healing yourself and the planetary body much more deeply and completely. This session focus's on individual healing as well as collective healing and works to completely and fully eradicate the dark forces working against humanity. This is the deepest work one can ultimately do at this time to greatly assist the light forces in winning against the negative forces.


Warning discretion is advised, the client must have had J-Seal Removal prior to Aryan Occult Seal Removal to understand the serious nature of this removal.

Client Must sign waiver and acknowledgement form prior to session. This waiver will be sent to you after the session is purchased and must be signed, dated, and returned prior to session.

The Aryan traumas are still very fresh within this generation's trauma wounds and collective pain bodies. The unhealed memory in a human energy field could be used to attach and even possess a human's spiritual body, these seals influence inherently through Draco hybrids and Leviathan's are being used to send transmissions to the planetary brain which reflects it's painful history since the timeline of Atlantis and even more so damaging to the current beings on earth the timeline of the Aryan's. This session to remove all Aryan Occult Seals may emotionally hurt, trigger painful memories, or offend you if not fully informed. Please only proceed if you truly feel that you are ready, and have read the description of the seals.

The D-AO- Seals primarily affect the main vertical ascension column of the earth’s grid with 10 larger seals within the central shaft, ranging from the 6th to 13th density field. There are 6 smaller biological seals that are placed into the 3rd and 6th tonal lines of the planetary field pertaining more to the central and right side (east side) of the earth’d grid. Human biological points are 6 smaller seals.

(Not See Seals)

Draco Seal- (Leviathan cross or Swastika seal in the planet, cosmological structure, large black seal in human biology)

This seal is most responsible for the great deceptions in the cycles of time, calendar systems, time-traveling, and anti-gravity technology. And is placed planetarily in the south pole stargate inside the earth in the silicate matrix in an iron seal. In the cosmic structure of our planetary biosphere, this seal is represented at the north pole star, the magnetic north. The seal was placed inverted in the planetary grid to distort the rotational movement around a center or immutable axis. Primarily this symbol without the seal distortion reflects the functioning of the north pole and the role of the supreme principle of the universe, in relation to the cosmic order. This was tainted by the Draconian hybrid humanoids (Aryan occultist) seeking to experiment with pole manipulation (pole flip prevention or exasperation according to agenda) and sun manipulation (altering the frequency of the sun).

Distorting the earth’s grid here in Antarctica allows for all time zones to be affected by the 4 hooks of revolving cycles. Purposefully placed at what is geographically called the threshold of eternity. This seal in place prevents the renewal of the world’s prophecy of the seventh race. Limits organic galactic time cycles and perception of galactic synchronization. In the biological body, this seal will need to be removed at the location of one's own alignment to the magnetic north pole in their pillar of light, this can be extended up 12 inches above the 12th-dimensional field in one's central vertical column.

Thule Seal-

The removal of this seal clears any grail or past life connections to satanism through ancestral contracts or blood covenants, curses, and black magic, and pulls plugs that may keep you connected to negative ET’s. This seal gains momentum from the black sun seal and is the main source capable of regenerating Aryan race distortions into human biology and the planetary grids. This seal needs to be removed at the 11th-dimensional field in ones central vertical ascension column. This seal has been know to attach to the templar seals and Atlantean host memory fields distorting memory here in ones bio-energetic system if a person is carrying both seals, a J-Seal is recommended first.

Vril Seal-

This seal is located planetarily in the center of the earth, biologically in the human body, this seal can take root in the 9th and 13th dimensions in ones bio-energetic sphere. Removal of the Vril seals will repair ones planetary connection to the original earth grid. This seal left in the body heavily affects the nervous system, particularly the tenth cranial nerve called the vagus nerve, as it interfaces with the heart, lungs, and digestive tract. This is how they control the functioning of your internal organs, skeletal system all the way to things like sensory and motor functioning. This seal also gains momentum from the black sun seal from the prima-material. This seal in the planetary grid feeds and continues to propagate the master race idealisms, and hive hierarchy reptilian mentality in the earth’s grids. The removal of this seal in the human biology will need to be removed from their avatar body, the 13th and 9th-dimensional field in ones vertical ascension column.

Black Sun Seal-

The removal of this Seal allows for 10th dimensional and higher consciousness to fully be perceived. This repairs the 10th strand of the DNA- the I AM TEN and awakens the oversoul and the monadic extensions. Which is necessary to expand into a much more complex universal tree of life geomancy in the biology that gains you access to the deepest quantum functioning of god sovereignty in the body. This seal was placed in the 19th century by Aryan Occultist/Draco Hybrids. Removal of this seal unbinds and no longer allows the dead being bonded to the kingdom of hell in passing. The removal of fear of punishment by God in the afterlife. Removes plugs of great illusion and deception. The removal of this seal in the human biology will need to be pulled from the 10th-dimensional field in ones vertical ascension column.

Vatican seal-

This is considered the seal of confession that hosts the global egregore food source and loosh station of fear from the wrath of God, and begins at the causal chakra as a large red seal and ties into D-Seal 5. This energetic seal damages, limits, and blocks our reproductive system, and clogs it with generational wounds of the patriarchy's control and loss of sovereignty over our bodies and creational gnosis. Many of us incarnate from birth carrying patriarchal wounds from the planetary Vatican seal of confession, that we can not trace back to any specific remembered trauma, therefore we cannot heal it. This is because the seal blocks the memory of the original traumas. This is happening to both men and women and distorts the souls innate and natural ability to procreate with soul mate 5th-dimensional alignment to bring in souls from higher dimensions and evolved re-incarnates prepared to anchor in the earth’s highest timeline. This is a Draconian Hybrid distortion that feeds into their forced breeding programs.

Both seals need to be removed at causal and D-Seal 5. This is the seal that prohibits sovereigns from speaking their truths directly to god and keeps shadow and phantom systems in loop cycles through frequencies of non-reconciliation and separation.

If you look at the Vatican Pope Papal coat of Arms, the crossed keys with two loophole bottoms signify the ovaries, the red rope connecting the two is the fallopian tubes, and the keys at the top of the cross are tied to the red rope at the intersection point through the keys of confession.

Baphomet Seal-

The removal of this seal unplugs the souls individual and collective wealth curse upon the monetary system and allows for reconciliation of the flow of currency in appropriation to the abundance of wealth achievable on the planet. Providing the principle flow of abundance of all values and virtues. This seal was placed at the time the templar’s established money lending from the treasure’s of Solomon, as Baphomet was the idol in which was worshipped to germinate the lands, and made them rich. The symbol of the skull and bones was laid across this seal. This seal has been sustained through the continuation of the freemason’s, secret societies, fraternity/sorority, and institutionalized indoctrination feeding systems that have continued to worship Baphomet holding this seal in the planetary grid. The statue of baphomet (indicator of planetary seal is in the United States) and was originally placed in Detroit in 2015, this was the same year that that city took a turn for a major decline, and filled the largest municipal bankruptcy case in the United States history. The statue has since been moved to Salem, Massachusetts.

This seal is inserted behind the third eye 6th dimension and has extension plugs into the 13th dimension. It is the main blockage on the 6th tonal line in the energetic body. It’s considered a universal principle seal by Aryan occultist/Draco hybrids that they keep at the heart of our nations wealth and federal reserve. This seal has been the root cause of culture capitalism corruption, where people define their relationship with the world solely through growth of business, accumulation of capital, lending, financing, credit, consumerism and sale of commodities, this is their looking glass in which all other organic human values come second to the golden horse or what is the symbol of greed.

Seal of Solomon-

This seal may look like a seal coated in wax in your energetic body in the form of a pentacle or a hexagram. Removes the beast of the earth plug (as he comes with the staff of Moses & the Seal of Solomon) and is usually stamped on the nose of the unbelievers. This plug can be one of largest seals in the body on or behind the nose with an extension of 44 DNA plugs that extend off of the main seal. This seal is installed by both Draco and Anunnaki hybrids.

Begins with blocking Ark of the Covenant technologies, preventing humanity from accessing the planetary healing energies that naturally flow into the earth grids from the Andromedan passageways. King of Solomon placed these seals to hide the true whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant all around the land mass of Africa.

Solomon’s temples where built twice and fell twice for a reason, the blocking of the third temple re-build is due to the blockages placed upon the golden gate preventing the coming of the third messiah. This golden gate is guarded by spirits and demons, that have manifested from the global planetary seals of Solomon because of the attempts to control the archons with greater and lesser keys. This also is at the core of specific prime creator wars on earth.

The seal was placed into the earth grids with brass and iron, and was used to seal written commandments to good and evil spirits, these commands are still running in the global hierarchy of spiritual structure. Demons have obtained possession of the seal and have ruled in place of Solomon. The picture depicted above as Solomon’s face is protruding horns at the top of his head, is believed to actually be Metatron, marking the fall of Metatron seal (fallen Yahweh Systems) that is 12th dimensionally placed in a J-Seal removal that removes all of the 55 reversal plugs associated to fallen systems. Today magicians and occultist still use this seal to invoke various demons.

Monarchy Seal-

Mono means one, and arch means ruler over top. This seal represents the plug that grants unconscious submission to the one ruler over the top of you because it disallows you from being able to have rights to the spiritual documentation or record keeping of your family lineage past 3-5 generations. As this is a necessity to keep a monarchy in reign, so all of yours is disabled within the 4th strand of the DNA and is sealed in a monarchy vault and code of silence.

This was a declaration seal in wax with the signed imprint of every living monarch that has ever reigned. It’s gone under code names of the great seal of the realm or the eternal monarch. This declaration is classifying all verifiable documentation of this, because of this, the seal is a very thick seal that has been stamped over and over again. This seal is plugged into the greatest rulership on the earth’s grid covering the extension of the most landmass ruled by one head of state. Encompassing, 16 commonwealth realms. This oligarchy hierarchy tends to be tyrannical relying on public obedience, oppression, theatrical mass dramas, smoke-screens, gas-lighting, veils of fame, popularity, and illusion. They also rely on their coalitions with other negative et’s or facets of their brotherhood to initiate planetary bio-warfare through pys-ops and denial, propaganda, distraction campaigns, open displays of public emotional manipulation, pole manipulation, solar manipulation, and DNA modification according to positive/negative rhesus. This is a multi-layered seal and can look like a very thick stack of seals on top of one another, inserted 2 inches underneath the Zeta Seal prior to J-Seal Removal. As, this is the marker that indicates all-white royals Draco’s involvement with zeta’s, Draco-Anunnaki hybrids, Aquila’s, Orion’s, Aldebaran’s, the archons, Illuminati, CIA, knight’s templar, freemason’s, nazi’s (not-sees), and several other extending secret groups and societies. All documentation of these nations' collaborative partnerships has been sworn in under this seal. Removal of this seal liberates one from one of the greatest intergalactic deals enforcing, slave trades & contracts, invasions, ethnic cleansing’s, mass deaths, theft & treason, amnesic and reincarnation harvesting & manipulation. This seal sits at the center of the chest in red, black, grey or gold wax.

Seal Matrix-

The removal of this seal matrix disallows plugs or seals to be placed into the 6th sub-race DNA and future earth grids. This can look like a double-sided seal with two matrix plugs. This seal should be removed in the 9th-dimensional field in one vertical ascension column.

Draco/Niburian Crystal Grid Seal-

The removal of this seal removes distortion in planetary earth’s shields, interconnecting tunnels, underground bunkers, and inner earth deals being made. This is a hyper security seal preventing much access into being able to remote view into these locations and to have visibility to the actual mechanics within the earth’s crystal grid.

  • D-AO- Seal 1- Right side jaw, right ear, right side temple, right side arm below shoulder

  • D-AO- Seal 2- Back of throat (throat chakra), voice box, larynx, lungs

  • D-AO- Seal 3- Right wrist, right ring finger, and right pinky finger

  • D-AO- Seal 4- Upper right abdomen, liver, kidney’s, gall bladder

  • D-AO- Seal 5- lower right abdomen, right side female fallopian tubes, right side uterus, or right side testes in males. Please double scan here that all red ropes have been removed from the Vatican seal from the causal chakra.

  • D-AO Seal 6 x 3-Right side bottoms of the feet (3 smaller seals). This blocks the release of electromagnetic energy to release into the earth, causing blockages on the right side for electric energy to be unbalanced and over stimulated, making one more susceptible to injury and illness on the right side of the body continually through time cycles.

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