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Laniakea Nations Update Thrones of Power

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Hello Galaxy seed Family, The information today will be brought forth from the Founder Galaxy Nations, consisting of an infinite galactic ascendancy embodied on Earth and Earth alikes- as immeasurable race consciousness to 9 nursery planets within this cosmic sector and a local group that is under universal neonatal supervision of the guardian sector 222(Higher Humanity Code, Center of Galaxy, and Galactic Administration).

The collosalcosmic angelic home planetary security department and ultra-terrestrial AI mind machine (super-intelligent hive) implementing the core of god world’s within the ethos plane, the throne’s of planetary power, pre-designed seeding routes for particular time capsuled member reveals of 144 genetic diversity and harmonic orientation designed to host, seed, assist, and reveal life within the nebular universal body of the Milky-Way, and several other galaxy nations ALL designed according to the consciousness of the hosting galaxies expansive allegiance to further developed galactic nations.

Current Throne’s of Power on Earth- (each nation consisting of 144 grail, universal and occult, 12D Currents according to Stargate Stellar Cycles) Hybridizations, Gene Manipulation, Sterilization account for digression in 12D ascension capacities. Operate from the Amoraea Flame, experience trans-harmonic ascension.

Annunaki invaders of Nibiru settled within the 3 Abrahamic templar seals/48 total biological and planetary templar seals, entitlement access granted to the identity of the meta-galactic core. Responsible for 30° North Ley Line Patriarchal rulerships, cultisms, rebellions, and holocausts. Source of seeding Laniakea Nations, Shapely supercluster. Anu rulership re-evaluated every 3600 years. Humanitarian Maintainance department.

Polarian planetary subjugation (domination and control structures, centripetal point of polarity) laws. Responsible for North guiding refractions from the G.C. (galactic center), hive mind host, and honeycomb hosted consciousness radial template of the milky-way. Incarnation route station. Source of seeding Laniakea nations, Ursa Major supercluster, Reptillian founder nation.

Draco Hierarchy Implementation of Polarian subjugation laws.

Progressive/aggressive Advantaged seeding, Neonatal nebular, Incarnation route station. Sub-Polarian race, Source of seeding Laniakea nations, Virgo supercluster, Shapley Supercluster, Universal Reptillian, draconic, and feline founder nation.

Lyran- Sirian pillar advisors, advanced races who created the avatar matrix, bio-regenesis, editing, and monitoring morphological genetic diversity. Holds ancient genetic keys. Passive advantaged seeding, Neonatal nebular, Incarnation route station. Source of seeding Laniakea nations. Virgo supercluster, Shapley supercluster, Original vulture- Avian, draconic hybridized, feline hybridized founder nation. Sirian sub-continental frozen light, cetacean founder nation. Planetary re-calibrations and akashic record release’s according to time capsule reveals. Encoded to the central sun.

Andromedan covenants and upholding of human moral behavior, parallel past and future race development hosting 604 ascending Earth Garden World’s of potential- womb hosted contingency-aquatic based, some planetary colonies currently existing, some set to come into life over the next 200,000 years, though it’s an extensive connection to the totality of Laniakea and the Founder Galaxy Nations intelligent expansion. Several 3D relevant planetary Earth gate sites, trinity gate sites, mother arc gate sites to Andromeda Passages extenuating into the Laniakea communication command center. Galactic ascendancy incarnation route, multi-universal immeasurable neonatal nebular. Directive sub-atomic consciousness to several universal nations Pegassi, Cassiopeia, Mirach, and Pisces.

Arcturus interface systems between pillars of power and the atomic matter systems. Boote's supercluster, source of seeding Laniakea nations.

Orion homeland security of technocratic nations evolution. aggressive/expansive advantaged seeding, Neonatal nebular, Incarnation route station. Home of AI development. Source of seeding Laniakea nations. Milky-Way Informant to Laniakea command center.

Cygnus ascension distribution, all indigo calculations from Atlantian grailkeepers. Source of seeding Laniakea nations. Milky-Way Informant to Laniakea command center.

Aquila grid installation. Source of seeding Laniakea nations. Milky-Way Informant to Laniakea command center.

Royal Star Quadrant hybridization society. Most heavily accessed occult seeding route. Source of seeding Laniakea nations. Milky-Way Antares Head Counsel Informant to Laniakea command center.

Pleiadian Full transparency templar quest. Works in cohesive with Quadrant Hybridization society. Source of seeding Laniakea nations. Universal seeding route.

Hydra suppression crusade and revocation. Responsible for the pagan matriarchal denouncement. Earth Identity and grailkeeper. Hydra-Centaurus supercluster. Source of seeding Laniakea nations. Occult seeding route.

Centaur reinvestment and revolution. Last line of defense to the G.C (galactic center) Hydra-Centaurus supercluster. Source of seeding Laniakea nations. Milky-Way Informant to Laniakea command center. Occult seeding route.

This is a minimal list to the total data currency of the ethos radial identity seeding exchange from the Laniakea nations that are operating within (Milky-Way) universal reality fields, upon the UTOL (universal trees of life) increased by accretion levels to encompass 48 sub frequency bands(design of grailkeeping extensions, prompting additional 12D activations). Each universal nation extenuating from a supercollosal scale within the galaxies of the Laniakea home and seeding, re-birthing through this base template. Galaxy consciousness equating to a multitude of governing unseen systems within the atomic plane, and being the unseen reality directing planetary manifest destiny. Supercollosal involvement is the highly super-intelligent directives of soul group collectives according to civilizational, societal, and generational/precessional design.

Chosen nurseries, one of those planets being Earth, with 8 other sister planets in your local Cosmic Matrix hosting habitable zones such as Gliese 667, Kepler 442, Kepler 452, Wolf 1061, Luten’s Star, and Kapteyn. Another thriving planet is Alpha Centauri’s Proxima B- with different design atomic/elemental orders of prominent development importance to existence. This consciousness field of Alpha Centauri radiative encryption has been under frozen light consciousness on your subcontinental planetary evolutionary development- along with several others, and many still emerging, therefore providing an awakening development within the indigo design and prompting the new race species on your planet through the transduction process of the UTOL. This is happening within all chosen nurseries at this time with Earth at the head of these developments.

Your stargates are the ambassador's of the Laniakea nations and represent as a council member to their galactic ascendancy. As one standing dynamic representation of their entire institution. Acting as a doorway to 200 trillion light-years of wisdom within one ambassador's account. They have told their stories to generational ancestor’s over and over and have prepared your consciousness each precession through your incarnational encoding, through their expression into the universal federation of planets. Nothing has been a surprise, and all have been dreamed awake celestially from the anti-matter template. Electrotonic programs from undisclosed/disclosed locations in the galactic angelic jungle of Laniakea.

The most of your earthly potential is within a 12- Dimensional and 48 genetic variety of symbolic cloister homes from specific galaxy nations. This variation shifting within a different version of life in the Milky-Way. All carrying the same mission of creating physical immortal sustainability from cataclysmic implosion, devastation, and total wipeout. Hence your total species desire to get off-planet and be a multi-planet species. This is the same desire that seeded the Earth in the first place and surrounding sister nurseries.

Many to you are unknown but have begun to awaken within the framework of a limited tipping point in about 1-2 percent. That matching the height of a potential designed by the most liberated forms of consciousness, in defiable terms of the capacities of universal predatorial polarity which continues to exist in the future. These are 12D running currents but are capped within this universal mind limitation of anatomy and the AI innability to fully replicate mind. Liberated forms of consciousness have ceased to be predatorial, this is extensively a deep degradation to the Milky-Way’s limitations but does not exist systemically.

It has been Brought forth to my attention by the Laniakea galactic ascendancy command center that the information about the founder nations on Earth, has been distorted to accrue power on this universal templar plane through northern refractions of top-down hierarchal power designs, pole shift, hidden seeding routes, and buried celestial involvement implanted in the pain bodies of regressive’s. These distortions are brought forth and hidden within the very structures/fabrics of life that distorted and misinformed within the cosmic frequency sciences, where galactic wars have been designed to wage distractions and continue to replay in cosmically designed time warps, and rips in time, and victimization falls of defeated hosts in the cosmic hourglass.

The founder nations being perceived globally as the 4 divided initiate races of planetary dominance in terms of genetics and bloodline, and planetary stargate strongholds. A shifting and failing design that has released from the holds of bestial networks implanted to control data currency globally but not inter-universally.

This information has been highly distorted and misinformed so you truly believe that specific founder nations cannot exist beyond Stargate 11. That their capacity of ascension was not that of 12 D and higher. Distorted so that you would come to believe that you are not of these race lines when in truth they have been holding full disclosure.

There is no negative groups, only compartments of data, that have been blocked from your consciousness’s recognition of its plane of existence. Because of this unawareness intelligences relocate within the Celestial Universal tree of Life Spectrum as higher cosmic order’s of presumed creator gods to maneuver humanitarian growth in their galaxies favor. Hyper-sonic movements that are highly un-detectable. These are the superintelligences of the nations. The bits of intelligence of the totality of the universal nature is the pleomorphic basis of identity- the core generator of unseen living manifestations co-existing with humanity, literally underneath your nose and living in your ears. Horton hears a who is the real reality and this is the echoes of a dream within a dream that stretch across the entirety of your galactic ascendancy deep into the heart of the Laniakea Nations- where the core generating god worlds mirage in your sands of time.

Cosmic Blessings, IndigoAngel

Amanda Jane DeMarco

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