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Laniakea The Immeasurable Races from the Super Colossal Clusters

Laniakea the immeasurable heaven considered the immeasurable angel of the cosmic womb.

Where we are an ever unfolding and biological extension of this unbounded celestial life form. Trillions of galaxies merged together to create a beautiful streak up against the darkness of gravitrons, and fabric fibers of the threshold.

The angelic inheritance seems to be the substance of the galaxy itself, all life forms interconnected from the eternal bodies of pre-universal garden worlds.

We are no longer starseeds.

We are galaxyseeds.

We are cosmic dandelion seeds floating to the tip of the tentcale called Milky Way.

We implanted inside her cosmic ocean womb.

We birthed into her reality.

We brought the fragmental memory and reincarnated emotional knowing of our home galaxies snuggled within our DNA molecule. We labeled are parable in the stars to remind us of who we really are. We identified with the celestial pre-creational gods to not let us forget where we came from, for they inscribed to uphold our greater nations as the scrolls, scribes, and keys to the kingdoms of all worlds.

We are the rarest and the most adventurous, our existential eternal continuation in a colossal scale, multi-universal multi-galactic super colossal cluster scale. Immeasurable race consciousness that lives beyond the Milky-Way universal time/matrix systems.

Live beyond a 250 million year revolution.

Live beyond 13.7 billion years of universal birthdays.

Live beyond a 950 billion years angelic ascendancy.

The Greater Cloisters and Clusters that have been the very UNSEEN Master Builders.

The Races from the Super Colossal Clusters.

Galactic Ascendancy

These Laniakea Founder Races/Nations/Clusters/Cloisters:

The Bootes Supercluster ***Arcturian Founder Nation

The Virgo Supercluster **Spica Founder Nation

Leo Super Supercluster ** Feline Regulan Founder Nation

Centaurus Supercluster ** Centaur Founder Nation

Hydra Supercluster** Snake, Squid, Octopus Founder Nation

Perseus Pisces Supercluster ** Cetacea Fish Founder Nation

Ursa Major Supercluster** Reptillian Founder Nation

Phoenix Supercluster** Avian Founder Nation

Pegasus Supercluster** Winged Horse Nation

Shapley Supercluster**Unknown

Sextans Supercluster** Unknown

Several Other Unknown Ultra Terrestrial Nations

Major ET/Angelic Founder Races