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Medusa's Head Reattachment Assignment

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported my journey, my work, and my travels through spirit, prayers, watching, sharing, financial donations, and those who have also traveled to meet me for live boots on the ground gridwork. Your efforts and dedication to a bigger picture has been all inspiring and shows me how powerful we are when we come together. Happy New Year even though it's a couple days late, and many cosmic blessings for 2023!

 I have returned home safely, but I have gone somewhat quiet from my trip due to catching the KRAKEN (AKA COVID). Unfortunately, I knew the energy at the 5D Reversal Stargate was going to be intense and I was willing to put myself out for the greater good to clear and heal this stargate site. But I was attacked and hit in a multitude of ways such as, decapitation of my wings, astral attack, sleep paralysis, bio-weapons and sickness. They wanted to take me out, I was being watched and monitored and the darker spirit draconian forces that stand and protect the evil institutions did not ease up on me for a second. Regardless!!! I refuse to give up and I pushed on through, as I know how much it means to humanity to re-attach Medusa's head. She may be the missing link to restore and revitalize what has been lost all this time. Rome seems to be the kept storehouse to her spiritual energy and everything that's connected to Medusa. The Vatican and several other locations throughout Rome memorialize her tale by suppressing her energy through decapitated idols, while venerating that of Athena at their tallest building at the The Altar of the Fatherland.

 I also wanted to tell you guys about how I received the calling to do this work with Medusa. January 18, 2022 I had received a pendant in the mail that I had ordered of Medusa's Head, and on the back of it was a carving of a Fluer De Lys. I did not clear the pendant as I was in a hurry that day, and I just put it on quickly to run an errand with my daughter. Well that day as I was driving I was t-boned by another driver, and full on totaled my vehicle. I couldn't believe it, I was in complete shock! But, I couldn't help but know that it all has something to do with Medusa, the pendant, and the fluer de lys symbol on the back. Someone was trying to get my attention!!! I just needed to listen to what spirit was trying to tell me. It was a real wake up call but somehow I was already interweaved into her tale, and since this day I knew I had a deeper and more imperative part to play in restoring Medusa's energy.

Below you will find the Script to the Medusa Head Re-attatchment Assignment.

It's a beautiful journey, you may enjoy...

(Indie's Part)

I can feel Medusa’s voice turning inside me again and again.

And... I can’t hold back.

(Here she comes-whispers)

(She’s wants something from me)

She only comes when my tolerance is gone, my senses are heightened, and my heart is weak. I hear Medusa speak to me. I listen to her cry…to me

And she says.

(Medusa's Part)

I am the Queen of Gorgons, a female amazon warrior huntress of Libya in the North Africas with the crown of snakes. Ultimate guardian protectress from the evil eye.

You can find my story in the book of the damned and threaded through the wheel of torture.

I have been searching for my head and a replantation for what was avulted. The one that they capulated and took as their trophy.

My eternal body is longing for what’s been lost and demonized.

And I have kept my patience of antiquity for centuries, but my heart still beats.

A knowing… that the time has come to reclaim my severed body parts.

A remembering of who I am, my power, that I am auto-genetic mother god- and I have come from myself.

And The blood of my neck has the power to heal.

Sssssss, snakes slithering.

(Whispers- Medusa, re-attach your head)

My topmost was decapitated, castrated, capulated in terror dark as night.

An avulsion, an amputation. Perseus came for me with the sheath of his sword, pregnant and birthing Poseidons spawn.

The perfect storm of the cost of beauty. Which one may never know until they bear a pretty face.

Envy, jealousy, lust, and greed.

Cursed for breaking the vows of celibacy.

Tempted, lured, seduced, and raped in a ritual trance.

My Hyman was hunted and torn purely from primal and carnal drive that the gods supposedly are to be above.

(Whipsers-poseidon did this to me)

Punishment for a Vestal Virgin who lost her virginity was inhumation.


To become like a monster.

Virgins were a storehouse of untapped energy, like a charged battery. Kept like bouquet’s of Fluer de lys in the cardinal’s garden’s of fertility.

If a woman was neither a virgin nor married, she became a threat to the patriarchal.

I dared to compare my beauty to that of Pallas Athena. An inflamed goddess of contention and wrath and supported war with the gods. She had a reputation for Female on female violence.

The audacity in me they couldn’t bare. My loyalty was to Neith. Parthenogenetic Goddess of the first Egyptian dynasty, goddess of Atlantis. Woman of the red crown, and two arrows crossed over a shield. Mother of the great flood giving birth to the sun daily.

Ruling the primordial waters and traumatic amnesic birthing process’s forgetting the primordial soul.

Nightmares and visions after vision of his driven order and her casted black shadows.


They were coming for my head. Coming for a historical rupture that would strip the priestess hood right from me.