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Galactic Energy Update from the Laniakea Nations

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Galactic Message

Welcome Galactic Family Welcome to My March New Letter, So much has been happening over the last week, I hope everyone has safely prepared themselves for the next 15 days of quarantine, issued by the United Snakes of America to reduce contamination and spread of the viral mutations. I hope all my family members, subscribers, followers, and Patreons are holding up during some times of uncertainty. The Update I am delivering today is from the Laniakea Nations and offers a galactic perspective as far as the historical role in the development of the human species in accordance with viral mutations. These continued pandemics and plague initiations have always been pre-designed in accordance with natural selection, continental drifts, pole shifts, ice ages, and cataclysmic times and events. There is a natural planetary alarm system for this that defines the timelines and activations in accordance with the memory bodies stored in the precessional cycles. These would be the planetary Seals and right now we are in the process of these revelational spiritual unfolding's. Release of the Planetary Pestilence Seal along the 30° North Horizontal Ley Line. The Pale Horsemen represents the 4th J-Seal Planetary this being located at 70W/41.7N which sets right North above the primary horizontal tonal line that extends through major stargate locations Giza, Egypt(Solar, Regulus, Draco Stargate), and Wuhan, China (Orion Stargate). This would be within the range of all Seals founded by the original Jehovian Annunaki traumas encoded in the landmass, and divine masculine continent formations. The continents that came later to break off and extend from the 5 original goddess continents of Gondwana. These are the true original Lemurian codes following the pole tilt of the Old Earth Equator. Gondwana has been called Ma (a child's first words and recognition to the divine mother) for she is a higher density grid imprint of Mu. The continents of Gondwana are Australia, Antarctica, South America, India, and Africa. This is highly symbolic to current Corona Virus events for many reasons; One being the unthawing of Antarctica unlocks planetary staff codes to original 5 goddess continents, the collective consciousness of the feminine sleeping sub continent's new role in the evolution of the new race, and Pandora's box through melting permafrost opening 8 million new bacteria and diseases contracted to design our next evolutionary steps. Two being the galactic agenda of the evolution of the species to an Aquatic race, viral lung attacks (SARS) may be necessary to mutate the DNA to acquire gills, and proper lung development to hold longer breathes and underwater submerges. Also eradicating and assisting with the exiting strategies of particular genomes of less melanin, for these particular genetics will not be able to host the amount of radiation on the planet and the genetic bond will begin to decode. (Ascension is conscious microevolution awareness of the totality of the existential species identity within you.) -Grail Retrieval For viruses take the role of mutating DNA in the human Genome since the beginning of the population of humanity and will strategically follow the population growth rates through the continued outbreak and releasing of the pestilence seal. The oldest standing kingdoms/dynasties will be the first genetic lines to be tested for the mutations in the DNA. Humanity wouldn't be alive at all if it wasn't for ancient viruses infecting us. Our DNA is not all human, some portions of the creational genes carry 10 percent remains of viruses. Particularly retroviruses from the common cold to HIV, AIDS. This has essentially defined the evolution of the species of humanity by awakening the dormant portions of the 64 codons in the body. Humans currently only using 20 and awakening more increases the anti-bodies which ultimately hosts the platform for race/genetic development- where ultra-terrestrial nations/cloisters/ and clusters connect the passageways for all the race lines master tinkering. Right now we are going to be living in the time of hypermutations while the earth increases the speed notch on the radial aquatic evolution. Where mutations from viruses begin to change genetic information that is being passed to the next generation. Generations are therefore defined as cell infection cycles. The mutations are editing the genetic material, and the higher the mutations, the higher the genetic diversity, and extinction of designs that don't fit the next earth frequency. An example of this is when a particular viral mutation took place throughout a human creational history there was a defining point that allowed humans to reproduce life. The virus in you that gave life to the Placenta. An ancient virus that gave us an evolutionary advantage. 150 million years ago the Syncatin Protein was mutated creating placenta in mammals. This has since evolved into different formations of this particular protein but none the less it has been responsible for placenta mammals. A virus is a reason you can reproduce on your planet. From a human perspective, the focus's are immediate as they should be spent on safeguarding your physical body, for dematerialized consciousness cannot anchor into the earth's grids without a body. But from the perspective of the Ultra-terrestrial, these processes have continued to evolve and define humanity for over 150 million years extending into the time capsules of your pre-universal ancestors. The mutations on your planet will continue to be mutated by the ocean as this is the elemental awakening needed to alter the remaining life forms genetically encoded to continue to attain life on this planet. The 7 unnatural seals biological and planetary are located on the left side of the human body, the 7th axial-tonal line that feeds our energetic meridian system and the feminine aspects of ourselves. They cause the progressive and unnatural deterioration of the mental, emotional and physical bodies and the energetic block will manifest itself as a severe illness. If you haven't had you J-Seals removed this is an interactive vertical ascension column release of any energetic record or contract to all of the seals and particularly pestilence for Corona Virus and all future viral mutations. Getting a removal session will boost you light body and immune system and prepare the body for future sovereign reality fields.

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