AU to Mu, Lemuria and the Conscious Crystal Grid Network

Updated: Mar 16

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Hydra Transmission:

We are seeing an artificial purge in the timelines (the organic vs. the in-organic) used to repeat the traumatic events that played out in Mu- the motherlands and Lemurian's history. This timeline in humanity's history has been an unseen driving force to what we see playing out in Australia, and globally as we speak.


The highly unseen spiritual battle taking place...

Lemurias history must be known at this time, that it is vital in the next phase of our global spiritual healing and transformation which must be reconnected and reconciliated to the land of MU and the Lemurian timeline to salvage the diabolical digression that has been placed on our feminine god technology on this earth. That expands from the stargate portals in the hourglass geometrics from the organic crystal grid locations. Part of this purge is exemplified now in the land of Oz where the heart base frequency is highest to the Lemurian encoding. Where the Crystal seeds to the original earth seeders are located in the core living light fields at Ulurooo(13D Cosmic Mother Heart site)! These seem to be purges of artificial timelines, polarity timelines, running the dark occult webs, Saturnian matrices, planetary branding, Draco-Annu hybrid systems, and removals of clones- where they are cloning at area 52.

Gridworker's note: Saturnian ring's of lead seem to be blocking the ley line transmissions between the organic crystal grid locations. I have come to see this as radio-active decay and black goo through the Ley-line network's, gas lines, and even through sewer systems where energy is getting trapped. I have come to see that the Saturnian matrix is not an over-lay on this planet. It's a template already built within that enhances dark vortices, such as, the 5d Dark Stargate portal at the Vatican. This is enhanced through Saturn and Draco planetary alignments and enhances the magnetic pull in the power points of the dark vortices that generate verticle black spirals. I have been seeing thousands of vertical black spirals pulling negative energies into it's center at the Vatican.


False holograms are highlighting the Hydra vs Draco Wars First and foremost, the squiddler's!

There is a parasitic invasion taking place going by the name Hydra Vulgaris. This has been identified through the Jim Jone's juice love booster #9. Throughout history and to this day Hydra has been taking the blame for the doing's of the dark brotherhoods. The black brotherhood, the brotherhood of the beast, and the brotherhood of the black pharaoh. These parasites are Cthulhu parasites masquerading in a Hydra template. If you examine the pictures closely you will see the parasites are not multi-headed, they are multi-tentacled. They are squids at a deeper parasitic insight. Cthulhu is in the orders of the Dragon, and is a Octopus Dragon with wings. This is at the core of this parasite invasion of evil vs evil. Be aware nothing is as it seems.

So This message today has come through hydra transmissions, as many of you know I am an ambassador of this nation. Hydra carries the wounds and memory to the destruction of the mother principle which I have been highlighting in several of my hydra updates and transmissions. Hydra carries the recollection to the first genocidal missions on this earth, missions that never cease to demonize what has been taken and destroyed. That are distorted from the victor's perspective in the book of revelations, the victor's of Christ ,the order's of the Dagon, this fish god's, and Vatican City.

The purest forms of Hydra are felt through through Tiamat and the black mother principles, through Alesha, Hydrobius, and Alphard. Essentially, the wars are over domination and control of this earth and the ascension programs that run in the earth’s field and the human celestial genetic biology are rooted in Hydra vs Draco wars.

and here is where the forthcoming of true history should begin.

Energy Update: Hydra Transmission, Cosmic Global Womb Network & Sophianic Core World Wound

They are trying to prevent the full embodiment of the solar feminine and organic mother principle. Mother God Technology.The hydra's truth of creation...

That ...

So let's get into Mu- here is a picture of the motherland, from the books of The Golden Age by James Churchward. Mu is the true cradle of humanity. Mu is essentially a grid network sitting at the bottom of the pacific. (picture bottom)

Gridworker note: There are still energetic imprints and crystal seeds at the bottom of the pacific that can be activated in accordance to the old equatorial codes of Lemuria and Mu. One can access these through inner earth codes and networks by using inner earth gate sites in Hawaii, permissions must be granted there by the spirits of the volcanoes.

This grid is the most extensive and most important running grid known on the earth that cultivates in our most primal sustaining parts of history. It’s the unseen grid that runs the oceanic principles on earth that is beyond any limitation of any other collective grid and radial root race overlays because this grid is the defining underlay, the unseen, the forgotten, and the collective subconscious shared experience. You can't forget this because

it truly represents the cradle of civilization and is unified through the old and still running equatorial codes of Lemuria, Gondwana, supercontinent Pangea, kumari kan-dam, the connecting land bridges that brought forth Mu and the seven ancient races of Lemuria to life.

So Mu- the motherland-This was a highly enlightened civilization that existed over 50,000 years ago, what I am coming to see is that it probably actually existed over 200,000 years ago and sunk in the pacific ocean. It’s said that Mu was populated in its glory with about 64,000,000 million human beings. This existed before Lemuria and Atlantis. In a time when Draco and Hydra seemed to pledge their allegiances to humanity. And my hunch is that it is an obscured perspective of Pangea. That theses timelines and landmass memory to Pangea is highly encoded in MU.

Whats’s left of Mu today is

Hawaii Easter Islands Fiji Samoa Tahiti And some other pacific Islands

Given MU seems to play a part in history that was before the great Pleiadian seeding into the human 24 chromosomes and the essence of the Lemurian celestial blueprint.The beginning of the spiritual core of the human being. I’d say the 200,000-year-old time frame is the closest to accuracy that I have found.

But again there are no ways to prove or disprove this information…


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When Mu sunk the refugees became the Lemurians, and they sought other lands such as North and South America. The yucatan-the mayans, Asia, Australia, Aboriginal Australians- the Anangu's- the 4d Taran incarnates.(the Pleiadian incarnate) and continued to inhabit Hawaii, the easter Islands(Rapa Nui), and all of the islands left from what was left from the sinking. Then As you may know Lemuria and certain aspects of it were also then destroyed from great geological upheaval’s.

Like Kumari Kandam which I was trying to say in the last show I did, here is a picture of it connecting the tip of India and Australia, this was another aspect of Lemuria the landmass that is to have sunk into the Indian Ocean. Kumari kandam is said to have held the 7 ancient races of Lemuria… all serpent cults- hydra bodies.

In the Indus Valley, the Naacals where the original Mu peoples— the Dravidian cultures, the Tamil civilization, the true descendants of Mu and Lemuria from kumari kandam all pre-date Sumeria by about 3000 years. So you can cake the Anunnaki the Anunnnagi.

And these ancient Lemurian civilizations are rooted in serpent cults. The Naacal tablets, the Naacals being direct descendants from the continent of Mu, and they left hieroglyphic tablets that were Brought to India… through the trade routes of Kumari Kandam…These naacal tablets were written in naga symbols from the motherland… Hydra symbols. These are some of the oldest known tablets to ever exist holding humanity's true origin and creation stories.

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Some parts of Lemuria were destroyed from nuclear warfare between wars from hydra vs the Draco’s Anunnaki hybrids. Atlanteans vs lemurians.

You can see the Lemurians as hydra- Pleiadians.

You can see the Atlanteans as Draco-Annu hybrids.

The dark priests of this time brought forth the dark technology on this earth- the brotherhoods of Nimrod and the great Babylon- now the Vatican incarnates. They Brought forth DNA modification, mind control programs, false timelines, psycho-spiritual warfare tactics, crucifixion…implants, etc…beast machines…

Enforced by grey’s...

There were even great Cassiopeia wars that laid their eyes on the heart of Mu at one point in the beginning… these are galactic wars before anything that even transpired in Orion.

Wars here in this system that I have yet to fully decode.

Australia is one of those locations still existing today, that I feel was nuclear warfare grounds when Atlanteans decided to invade the Lemurians. During the time of Atlantis, this grid (Mu) became harmful and hijacked due to ascended egos and the forefathers of patriarchy and the hybridized races that attempted to bury its remnants, through amnesic technologies, DNA manipulation by disabling the 2nd 4th, 5th, 6th, and 10th stand of the DNA, placing grid seals in the unconsciousness of humanity.

During this time Lemurian holocausts took place, the nuclear war took place, forced breeding programs took place, and sterilization took place. The core of the mother wounds was formed in 9th density.

The identity of the hydra systems was hijacked, demonized, and tampered with as well.

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