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Origin of the Feline Race "Lion's Gate Special"

Welcome to This Lion's Gate Portal 2019, as we journey straight to the Heart of the Cat's Eye Nebula, and for those of you who don't know, The Cat's Eye Nebula is a permanent fixture within the Draco Constellation.

Cat's Eye Nebula in Draco

This potent activation July 26th -Aug 12th, kicking off the Galactic New Year in full acceleration of gamma bursts has guided me to buy a Mercator map of the starry heavens, comprehending the whole equinoctial and terminated by the polar circles. A map that highlights the trailblazing path of The Comet of 1807. This map also highlights the locations of the celestial bodies according to a gridding system of longitude and latitude, making references to being able to really see the placements according to the path of the sun.

This map has assisted me in withdrawing in some concrete conclusions that have been ringing in my ears for the last six months, and that is this overwhelming frequency and inner guidance, as a repeating scaler wave, blinking on and off saying, "The Feline Race Originated from Draco."

Of course, I have tried to tuck this one away. Knowing these statements are going to go against the more significant bodies of the Starseed communities belief systems, for the only thing anyone has ever known about Draconian's is that they are an intruder lineage of Drac Reptillians that have infiltrated the Orion Stargate system, and have been the predominant lineage of the Illuminati gene code, right?

Well, today I'm asking you to expand your mind to new possibilities, new theories, and a new thinking because I wouldn't be putting this on blast if I didn't think this was worth at least hearing out. Beautiful, so now that our explorative galactic thinking caps are on. Let's proceed!

One of my most notable observations, when I look at this map of the stars, is that all of the constellations that run along the equatorial plane are connected to the race lineage that mostly has to do with our most primal seedings and root identities. Hydra, for example, runs right along the southern belly of the equatorial plane. Her marking on the planet has come in the form of Gaia's true identity and has reactivated the serpent lineage emerging from the psyche of the unconscious collective. Then we can also observe that the constellations to the 12 zodiacs seem to run fairly close to the equatorial plane, having made their undeniable mark on the consciousness of the world in all astrological ways. In addition to that, all of the Royal fixed stars of Persia Aldebaran, Regulus, Fomalhaut, and Antares seem to travel the alignment of the equatorial plane. All of this is beautiful magnificent and fine and dandy, but the most interesting notations come when you start to look at the highest aspects of the Northern Hemisphere and start diving into the depth of the celestial radial light sources that have reigned as Pole stars over the last 12,000 years. Now, these stars here have held the advantage, supreme position, and have contributed to the highest most expanded state of enlightenment and consciousness one can attune too according to Celestial Universal Kathara's and Templar's of galactic madness.

The Reigning Pole Star in it's time of rule has had the advantage of the seeding into the planet, into the consciousness and identities of Gaia through the holographic templates of the morphogenetic race field. For instance, Deneb, Altair, and Lyra were all once true North Pole stars 5,000-12,000 years ago, and Lyra has taken the crown of jewels as the founder soul genetic lineage on the planet has had influence over all major root races, and seeding's on the earth, especially the Atlantan right? Well didn't the Atlantean's fall because of intruder mentalities and didn't we all feel like we are living out the cataclysm into the present day Aryan race? I mean everyone I have talked to lately seems to state this to me at some point or another. But the point is, and what you may not realize is that Thuban in Draco also used to be a reigning North Pole star and is currently the closest ex pole star to our new shinning leader Polaris. Surely Draco's natural extension that sits even higher in the northern hemisphere over any other constellation, spanning across Virgo to Sagittarius might have something to do with the original seedings.

You'll be more fascinated to know that the Nebula's we marvel over is considered our Nurseries for consciousness, like the cosmic womb and immaculate cell storehouse incubating the birth of a new generation twinkling between the vast lands of dark matter and gravitons. So conveniently, the Cat's Eye Nebula sits it's alluring cosmic space station between the head and the heart of Draco. Let me repeat, not the tail, not to the side, not the body, but right smack dap between the head and the heart! Hmmm, I don't really recall there being any other feline star systems, nebulas, or cosmic structures so high up in the Northern Hemisphere, making such big statements, screaming through the roar of the lion. Now, I know your saying, but what about Regulus?

Well, I have this theory based upon the trailblazing path of the sun, also called the day-arc. Rises Far East travels angularly from north to south, culminates in the south and sets in the west. That it activates and illuminates the stargate transits that a star may take advantage of for seeding, like an internal and external all simultaneous planetary transmission exchange of incarnation and hosting, so when I come back to my starry map, I can literally take a ruler and draw a straight line from The Cat's Eye Nebula far Northeast, travel west go straight through Regulus, and actually go straight through Sirius in the lower half of the southern ecliptic. All in one straight line of my magical ruler. So this only turned on all my switches to my chakras, and window washed the lenses to my third eye.

Sun Transit Directly through The Cat's Eye Nebula, Regulus, and Sirius

Now, another interesting fact about Regulus, as it's the only fixed star to technically sit smack dab in the center of the equatorial plane, and according to my planetary grid locations it's coordinating mark the exact center point of the planet. At the center point of the planet, is the well known mysterious oooh and awe of the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx. So, isn't the Sphinx a half-man, half-cat? That no-one seems to really know who left it or built it, that there is a multitude of swirling great ideas and downloads as to what and who left it, but still nothing that anyone can say they have the definitive answer?

Let's get this straight I am in no way saying I know the answer definitively, but my internal lunar endocrine, sensory cell keeps pointing me to The Cat's eye Nebula. As, I strongly feel that this Nebula has found transits to seed through the gateway of Regulus, making the

Sphinx a homage to the Draconian Empire.

What you may find even more interesting if you study the APIN Networks by Ashayanna Deane, is The Great White Lion's APIN Grid Network holds the four faces of Man, and the Four faces of man actually align at the cross-hatched grid with planetary locations of Giza Egypt(Draco), Abadan Iran(Lyra), Gobekli Tepe(Deneb), and Mecca Islam(Altair) — creating a Meta-Galactic core Melchizedek Grail line Cross planetary imprint into the center heartbeat of Gaia. Ashayanna also states, the first creation by the creator god's, was the Sphinx. You wouldn't expect these creator gods to be so straight forward about their imposing heritage, would you? To design a statue showing you the cross genetic's of internal manifestation templates? Well, to be honest, I think they were extraordinarily blunt and any feline mentality you know would enjoy the flattery of the catnip by putting out the homage of the cat's Meow!

Mainly, because the Sphinx sits East pointing to the location of Abadan Iran, according to the Universal Planetary Stargate Templar, Abadan Iran is Lyra. My coherent wave patterns ringing in all these possibilities that Draco seeded Lyra through its feline soul genetic. The Feline Race, the benevolent form of the Draconian Empire? I mean surely it could make sense, Right? The Feline, the King of the Jungle, the King of King's! Surely the Melchizedek entity from the Meta-Galactic Core enjoys the purest expression through the heart of The Cat's Eye Nebula.