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Spiritual Planetary Defense Systems

By IndigoAngel

I just did a video recently called Planetary Modification Weapons Technology-Armageddon Systems. Diabolical dooms day weapons of mass chaos and destruction. This was a significantly advanced video. Links will be below to watch. I highly recommend watching it as I gave profound insight into the different types of planetary weapons technologies being used against humanity, from underground tunnels, dumbs, and bases to DEW's and scaler weaponry to particle accelerators to planetary branding to the gears of Giza and what I have seen is as an advanced gridworker ~ I have had several boots-on-the-ground missions under my belt, so to speak, taking on major reversal sights such as the Vatican and Washington DC- as many of you already know ~ with over 100 remote sessions reading experiences globally around weapons technologies being used. I have also taught a gridwork facilitator course, and I am now teaching another one come January 2024- Gridwork Facilitator 2. Links and coupon codes above. We are currently registering for the next course! So, my insight into this is top-notch. You really not going to find this knowledge in many other places, if any. So, what is coming up right now is planetary defense systems! The polarization/opposite to the harmful and destructive planetary modification weaponry-. The source is pulling out The offensive playbook from the ancient spiritual ascended masters and guardians of the Earth. I want to discuss some planetary defense systems and how the Earth has been installed with ancient sacred spiritual systems that awaken at the right moments to save humanity from total annihilation and destruction. It's like the movie The 5th Element, where the fifth element was activated to save the Earth. Or, just like in the film Doomsday Prophecy, they had to dig up the sacred stones to stop the Earth from aligning with a black hole.

According to the oral traditions of the ancients/ indigenous on Rapa Nui, Easter Islands, the moai were placed and even moved according to the energy of mana! Mana means divine power of the primordial waters! Those who possess mana can move the moai heads and make them walk where they want to, and can strategically place the stones all over the islands to open vortices that clean the entire Earth in the spirit of the guardians. The Mo-ai. are monolithic human figures carved by the Rapa Nui people in eastern Polynesia between 1250 and 1500. The Island is most famous for its nearly 1,000 extant monumental statues, called moai. This is called the Island of 1000 Guardians. This is one of the most powerful planetary defense systems that the Earth has. It is considered a Krystal star fire gate system!

That activates a Lemurian pylon implant network of light that brings forward the 3 Lemurian light matrices- the original Lemurian template- the dove grid, and the swan grid template. It opens the four pillars of man and the alpha-omega codes from the inner Earth to the galactic core to the omniverse. It runs 12 sound pillar tones intersecting through all three Lemurian light matrices, earth planes, and 144 human genetic codes/memories. This Island of 1000 guardians was designed to restore the 12D avatar body of Earth and prevent the fall of Earth. We heavily worked on this in the gridwork session yesterday, so watch our last mission. The Island of the 1000 Guardians -rapa nui- This is where the four angels of four directions were born, and they use the highest frequencies here! That is why they hold the planetary defense systems of the four faces of man, which is another activated pillar system that can prevent the total cataclysm of Earth and extract the negative evils out of the spiritual Earth core body.

Where the rocks are activated with the song of the swan. The stones are 12 d sound attuned to awaken the defense system. The swan song ~ is a metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, effort, or performance given just before death or retirement. The phrase refers to an ancient belief that swans sing a beautiful song just before their death since they have been silent (or alternatively not so musical) for most of their lifetime. So, the music comes alive right at the end. Right at the perfect divine moment. Activating a powerful guardian healing spiritual network that bridges together all the sacred golden temples and golden light cities to activate in the planet.

We are registering for our next Gridwork Facilitator 2 Course!

This has come from high demand and request, and several people ask if I will do another gridwork course. The answer is yes! I think it’s only imperative that we continue to qualify and qualify those who are ready expand into gridwork facilitation getting people to the next level of global planetary shamanic work.

Dates will be January 31, 2024 ~ February 2, 2024, A 3-Day Live Class Event! With a group gridwork session on the last class day. You should pencil out these dates on the calendar!

In the Gridwork Facilitator 2 Course, you will gain in-depth knowledge in implementing high-level gridwork experiences in your remote and boots-on-the-ground gridwork sessions with critical techniques and methodologies known to bring forth significant planetary changes and revolution. This course will cover all basics and vital points taught in the first gridwork facilitation course in 2022/2023, with an expansion into more profound topic subject matters of gridwork, such as expanded gridwork fundamentals, extended gridwork anatomy, gridwork malpractice, detailed reversal stargate mechanics, starforts, and so much more. The focus of this course will be to excel past the previous course teachings and upgrade to the next level of gridwork abilities! So I hope my students from the first course come back and join me for round 2! It is also not required to take the prior gridwork facilitator course; it is only recommended. Early bird registration discount code: earlygrid10

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