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Stargate Repair, Lemurian Regression, Golden Temple Healing, The Womb Temple Implant and Tag Removal

It started with seeing the motherhood hooks in the 9th and 10th-dimensional field in multiple women, hooks that debilitate the flowering of motherhood sophianic codes into its highest divine potential resulting in extremely damaged maternal lineages going back up the bloodline. To the daughter, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and so on are shrouded in pain, betrayal, abandonment, scorched earth, and passed down curses and blood covenant magic.

I am now offering a session called Lemurian Regression, Golden Temple Healing, The womb temple, Stargate Repair. Stargate Repair for deep womb, cervix, and woman anatomy energetic restoration, as the stargates/the incarnation gates are inside womb-portals.

A session that I have been seeing for over 3 years now needs to be created, I kept getting flashes and images of this.I just didn’t quite have all of the pieces yet, but I have been seeing this extensive divine feminine implant system for a very long time.It started with seeing the motherhood hooks in the 9th and 10th-dimensional field in multiple women, hooks that debilitate the flowering of motherhood into its highest divine potential resulting in extremely damaged maternal lineages going back up the bloodline…. Daughter, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and so on are shrouded in pain, betrayal, abandonment, scorched earth, and passed on curses and blood covenant magic. Over and over again the same implants I would see and more just continued revealing itself to me from there. So this is an implant and tag removal that applies mostly to isis bloodlines, and Mary Magdelene bloodlines. As they are the ones carrying the Fluer De Lys implants in the uterus. This also applies to Some carrying the Sophia dragon heart wombs, templar Anunnaki, Hydra, Pleiadian star lineages. More ancient races carrying these, the crux nations, Cassiopeia's and Cygnusians as well.

I find that every year this Sirian sun seems to have both positive and negative impacts on the earth’s evolution because even though the Sirian sun brings through the divine mother energies, which is bringing in high cosmic solar sophianic flowering radiation crystal seed codes straight through the stargates in creation spirals into the womb world networks, and straight into the planetary pyramid networks. Flooding this like no other in high Sirian upgrades.It also brings forward more of the portions in the timelines through Sirius b that were corrupted. Through Orion invasions and reptilian invasions, Anunnaki invasions, Maldek, and narcissistic templating invasions. Atlantean invasions, predatorial invasions. So the battle of light vs dark or what feels like the Healing of the global struggle with Evil. The Healing of the struggle of Enmity.(Enmity means hostility, anti-empathy, antagonism, animosity, rancor, animus, deep-seated dislike or ill will against something in this global case it is life. Enmity also suggests positive hatred which may be open or concealed and purely psycho-spiritual warfare.)Enmity between Woman and knowledge, and the Woman and her Children, the womb-man and her womb. Woman and her ability to bring in karma-free souls, as the divine creator of matter. The only way a soul can come into this earth plane is through incarnation star-gates.

All of this is amplified at this time…….

This is the real battle between Mary and the crowned 12 stars above her head and the red dragons, Sophia and the Yaldabaoth, Creation fracking vs the divine mother. We can see the amplification of this energy in everything happening around us, from a cosmic level to a political level. I haven’t put out anything since they overturned the Roe vs Wade decision, to put out my 2 cents in about that. This is something I typically would have done sooner but I have been collecting my thoughts and observing the mentalities that are revealing themselves about the big national ideological spiritual shifts that are taking place. The enmity between life and anti-life beliefs, chaos consuming the heart chakra energy of the earth. Shifts that I feel wholeheartedly were part of a bigger agenda according to the elite Luciferians, leviathan races, population control agenda. That decision that came down was ultimately from AI and ritualized by the Georgia Guidestones and implemented but eh man behind the curtain in Canberra Australia,

follow the yellow Brick road. Meaning all of this is still all about population control. End of the day. The ability to control life at the highest scales of policy. You should be so grateful, they even allow you to have what they do. (sarcastically speaking)

Black sun Agendas, draconian manipulating reptoids, masterminds of the councils of Rome, catharsis templars, crucifixion, military-industrial complexes, and global health mafias, global death organizations, Willy Wonka's.They are trying to salvage something right now. Giving the green light geographically to bring in more incarnates. But Why? Birthing forced breed 500 reptilians hybridized cuthulu's, to 1 indigo 5d soul incarnate per incarnation stargate. They know whoever controls the mother arc gate systems- which is currently plagued with parasitic energy, controls the incarnation gate system of nations, The most precious human resource of life. The whole point is that they maintain power over the stargate networks that pull in souls from the universe. This supreme court decision was like a control button override from the control panel that controls which races seed the race morph genetic field of the earth.So right now they are opening the incarnation gate systems, by placing bans.These gate systems turn on and off all the time according to different geographical locations on the earth. This is nothing new to this global era of death civilization. It just feels new, but they have been doing this for thousands of years….turning incarnation gate systems on and off. China is an Orion and draconic gate system, and they turn this incarnation stargate one on and off all the time. Right now it’s the Pleiadian stargate systems that are getting turned back on. Hence the massive Machu Picchu activations taking place right now. This is a pleading stargate site, the divine seven sister energies. Incan, Quero, and Mayan energies.

But this is also a cygnusian-dominated time cycle so more indigos are making it through into the time cycles more now than ever before because Cygnus gamma radiation holds the seed caricature for all 4 indigo types. Cygnus and Pleiadian factions seem to be what is overriding the race morphogenetic field of the earth. So a lot of divine feminine ethereal tribal ancient messages are flooding the grids of the indigos 1,2, and 3.. template holders, and this is brought through a global planetary womb healing to the earth.The Sophianic dragon light grids globally all expanding within the organic d 13 currents of the earth, tripple organic grid systems. Stargates are being purified, higher Sirian energies. The ring of fire has been clearing energy. The volcanoes have been clearing energy. The stargate vortexes have been opening more and more down in Peru, Uluru, and the crystal nodal points.The planetary womb brain and womb heart has been clearing energy. The Planetary sacral chakra locations on the earth. Are clearing as purity is being restored. This is a great sacral reset, clearing, mourning at this time, and mentalities will be tested at this time, entire belief systems are being tested at this time, programming is being tested, the shadow is being tested at this time, and a deeper greater awakening is happening more and more. The value of life, the value of children, and the value of a woman are all being tested. What we are dealing with right now socially, politically, regarding abortions, Is all connected to the womb, the womb of this earth. The woman’s womb has the strongest magnetic field in the body and is held within the magnetic field of the heart. The earth’s womb is the strongest magnetic field component within the entire bio-energetic field. Hence why these particular issues of life vs anti-life is and have been an issue that has continued to come back time and time again with a vengeance. Because this held closest within the magnetic field of biology, so Roe vs wade was overturned

maybe what was needed to shift the collective perspective to one that values life. I'm sure many of you are seeing it right now. Feeling it deep inside. Although Infanticide is something that has been practiced on every continent and by every people on every level of cultural complexity from hunter-gatherers to high civilizations including our ancestors, Atlanteans. Rather than it being an exception, it has been the hidden rule. There have been natural remedies handed down culture after culture beginning from the fall of Atlantis 70,000 years ago and working their way to modern times and I say Atlantis because, in Lemuria, the children were loved, and seen as gifts, abortion was not common in Lemuria, actually unheard of…. Because the act of creating life was understood at a much higher level.

Many divine feminines had mastered the art of birthing souls without karma through parthenogenic creation. Which is replicating the chromosomes of the DNA in different orders to pretreat without seed artifacts. Communities were tribal, and all people raised the children in group support. It did not matter who seeded the child, all men raised the village, all sisters loved each other and had their breasts out to show the eyes of the heart. These acts of procreation were spiritually sacred, and creation fracking had not yet plagued the earth. But Atlantis's post towards modern times deeper more diabolical agendas has built upon the promotion of infanticide. The same diabolical force of the promotion of transhumanism, aka “transgenderism” or “tranhumanAI". But infanticide…as a socially “acceptable” brain and thought implanting harvesting (MK super you know what) of the unborn as profitable to sell to bio-facilities and big pharm, as well as desensitize the public to accept barbaric anti-life architecture, death culturalism “societies that worship death” that are connected to the leviathan races, which is just another nice way of saying the psychopaths destroying the integral aspects of humanity. So I have reevaluated my position. I want all women to have the right to choose what is best for them in all aspects of life, but I want more for the world to value our existence here, and that may require what appears as a sacrifice, but is something that may be strengthening your ability to greater senses.

So this is all deeply connected to the reasons why this implant removal network is imperative to healing the feminine aspects on this earth. Abortion scrapping on the uterine walls leaves scar tissue. Are we ready to start healing that pain? I have always said time and time again that we have to heal from Lemuria. From what happened during this time. So I am going to go into the history of Implants, the history of Lemuria.

And to anyone who is a naysayer of the fact that this is about overcoming victim-victimizer programming, that is true, we should always be conscious of this within and not succumb to that programming that program dances with the ego identity anyways so if you have cleared that you will have already conquered your negative ego mentalities. But, you should not look at this implant system as a woman’s woe because there are equally similar implants in the masculine sacral templating as well due to their involvement in the core world wounding. These represent humanity's core world wounding. If we want to heal globally, we have to support each other’s healing from the core world wound. This isn’t about well I have done it so why can’t you? This is about holding the gates of the healing centers open and welcoming as many people in as you possibly can who are ready. We have to embrace divine compassion of the highest levels. We cannot have the light we so desire if we cannot be that first within ourselves. This is a healing session that has come forward after a very deep and great need for it has been presented to me after working with the countless divine feminine, and seeing the diversity of types of implants that are affecting the feminine template within particular lineages. So we seek to make our women stronger and more empowered in love, so they can help their children and rebalance of imbalance in the global crisis of gender deterioration…

The History of the Lemurian Implants and Tags...

Lemuria’s history began around 200,000 years ago when the motherlands of Mu cataclysmically sunk in the Pacific Ocean, and the survivors of Mu ultimately became the Lemurians.

The grid network of Lemuria in the earth’s holographic divine blueprint was built upon an organic D-13 Current a “magnetic grid” that was amplified with an inter-grid that was purely crystalline and running the highest frequency of the diamond encoding the earth has ever experienced. That is running codes from inner earth diamond oceans to antarctic diamond solar discs in the earth. This high frequency still exists in the earth’s field to this day running from high-powered stargates, angular ley lines, the global pyramid network, and several purity nodes in the earth’s grids.

The Lemurian grids carry the purity of the white ray lineages, the white dove, the white swan, the white dragon, the white serpent, and the white cow. This unification comes through a tetra-morphic union of living creatures. Which happens in the book of Ezekiel (biblically speaking) merging pillaric identity into a single figure, creating the perfected eternal human or androgynous spirit body. This is a representation of a merging and unification of bloodlines through the white ray to crystal to double diamond liquid plasma rays. This unification process is necessary on a spiritual level to acquire the level of consciousness that is to uphold and exist within the spiritual pillars on the earth that uphold the planetary bodies' spiritual spinning Merkaba field.

These grids were encoded into the earth’s body at the same time as the DNA seed templates for the Pleiadians, who came and brought the 24th chromosome and brought forth the human’s spiritual core to the earth, through the mother arc gate sites on the earth. Seeding into mothers who we’re here parthenogenically creating, before a time that karma existed in the creation process.

The Pleiadians created and assisted with making the grids of the earth-conscious crystal grids, and also installed 24 purity nodes on the earth in 24 different locations. A benevolent design, mostly located at mountain high peaks and connected to diamond and rare gem crystal mines, these locations are said to house the guardians of the earth. They are called seraphim light arc’s that plug into the merger fields of the future light cities on the earth.

The Pleiadian made peaceful benevolent deals with the galactic nations serving the councils of Mu such as the cassieopians, the hydras, the crux, and the Cygnus systems.

Several of these nations went to work in defeating several facets of the Dracos, such as the hydras and the Cassiopeia systems, pushing out what waring, savage, vampiric, and cannibalistic variations of experimental draconic human development that had occurred, and human reincarnates with a spiritual soul flourished. Then Lemurian culture begins to flourish into the most beautiful and peaceful timeline this earthly body has ever known.

The aboriginal people who had been living in Australia, the Anangu people carry the purity of the white dove codes and the true Pleiadian seed codes in their DNA and on their lands.

The 1st cataclysm

"The Lemurian holocaust', at 70,000 years ago was the original dismantling and fragmentation separating and fracturing of the Lemurian and Atlantean grids. Lemuria and Atlantis did indeed co-exist together for some time, this was before the destruction of any cataclysm when mer priest-kings ruled with all-encompassing compassion under the matriarchal banner of Lemurian culture with no conflict.

During this time all the wisdom of Atlantis was encoded into the 13 crystal skull quartz of Lemuria made from the organic quartz crystal caverns in the Bermuda Islands.

But, the betrayal seeds of Maldek soon revealed themselves in the Atlantean civilization, this is when underground tunnels were blown up in an attempt to keep Draco invasions from continuing to happen out of Lemuria, but ultimately it was too late as the original Lemurian tribal genocidal attacks had ultimately been committed since the original Pleiadian seeding 200,000 years ago.

Many divine feminine original angelic (parthenogenic Abel & non-parthenogenic abled) earth bodies were implanted with moon chains, breeder harnesses, locator breeder tags, and rape tags and taken to Mars and to Nibiru to force breed them with digressive reptilian and Nephilim lines against their will. This process has repeated itself it seems over several 12,000-year-old cycles. These were the first Lemurian implants to be installed.

It was considered against natural law at this time to breed outside of your genetic inheritance, and was a part of the disconnecting partners from true 5D souls incarnating, and blocked the ability of perfect harmony. The females were implanted with false twin flame tags, blackmailed, and tricked into believing that if they willingly went and did this that their counterparts would be saved but unfortunately they were murdered. Dark Sirian Annunaki Melchizedek priests encoded artificial selenite rods with anti-female death screens in the North and South Americas called the J-Seals. Through these artificial systems, they run reversal codes directly about the original genocidal memories, opening up passageways to allow patriarchal demon seeds to come through and up from the 33rd parallel. They have continued to use these passageways to install additional implants that have come down through the Fluer de Lys lineages (Mary Magdalene, Isis, templar Anunnaki, Medusa, black madonna), installing the 12 patriarchy stars of Mary, the fleur de lys clamp, the sion cording, and several other birth controlling implants, woman alteration implants, infanticide technologies and traumas bodies therein.

When the women taken against their will found this out they attempted to rebel against the reptilians, but they were up against beings that cannot possess empathy.

The reptilians harnessed them to the moon, anchored them into the black hole between the earth and the moon, and kept as many as they could under deep-looking glass technology to subliminally program their subconscious mind under the PDS programming through the symbols. Through these chains, they were continuously forced to breed these digressive reptilian lines and they began to hate themselves and hate their children. This was major trauma to the divine feminine, that the majority of templar Annunaki, hydras, Pleiadians, and several hybrids of these types(cygnusian, crux, and cassipieans as well), etc still carry the original chains in their etheric bodies to this day. Many who carry these also carry several lifetime memories of mass ethnic cleansing, colonization, slavery, being studded, intergalactic Atlantic slave trades, prostitution, and much more.

This manifests in reproductive issues, creation fracking, dark mother and dark father principles, gender misery, gender identity, and all splitting and destruction of universal principles across nations.

The first Lemurian/Atlantian timeline was the first implant system to install/run according to this seeding. Lemurian implants which include etheric forced breeding harnesses, chastity belts, gag orders on the mouth, motherhood hooks, wounds in the 9th-dimensional field, moon chains anchored into the 9th-dimensional field, motherhood hooks in the sacral, womb, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and our breast. Some women have implants in their breasts both physically and ethically, creating multiple types of dysphoria. Some women have clamps and clips on their ovaries, several different implant devices have been installed in the feminine via the mouth, arm, and cervix. So the implants installed from Lemuria, have been extensive and for some woman, many of these implants are 100 percent irreversible without cutting open the physical body and is still deeply attacking the entire female collective to the present day.

The mer priest-king lines of this time decided to take the 13 crystal skull quartz from Bermuda to the Bimini Islands through the Atlantean road, and transport them to Isla Mujeres- the Isle of Woman to be protected by the Mayan Grandmothers for the safe keeping of the original sacred knowledge of Atlantis. It is said that these are now kept in protection in Machu Picchu, Peru.

Types of Implants

Forced Breeding Harness’s-

These were controlled harness’s that were placed on the female when attempting to force breed to keep the woman in place for studs, giants, and digressive reptilian’s to mate. These harnesses went on the back and around to the front of the woman, with metal rings to tie down to circuit chains. The circuit chains were then tied to the moon and the circuitry systems of the divine feminine biology, and these energetic living slavery cords allowed allow for refugee races, soul-less beings, empty seaters, disoriented, fragmented, and impartial spirits to incarnate through the chains. These groups make up moon circuit races that are hybridized with the Annunaki, Draco, and other various races that are considered displaced races that have come from other war degraded planetary systems that may have lost their homes, or directly from the wormhole systems. Many other nations particularly the Orion groups have been using the magnetic imprints of the moon and the black hole energy systems between the earth and the moon, to create these moon circuit races. This is one of the incarnation contracts earth has taken along with the Maldek incarnates with limited evolution. They are inherently responsible for creating gender manipulation, separation, distortions, and sexual confusion.

This implant is mainly responsible for the damage incurred to the incarnational stargates on earth. It has disrupted the material and the spiritual planes, particularly the preliminary incarnational astral planes there prepare spirits for their entrance into the stargates, by implanting forced trauma into the atomic levels of the astral and material body. A 4th- Dimensional heart damage and soul-based trauma, shutting down making stargates less receptive and bonded to the circuitry that powers the stargate.

Many who carry this implant may also have:

Deep suppressed or repressed hatred for self and/or for their offspring.

Deep regret, and longing for different choices and outcomes, always wishing you could go back and change the past.

Feelings of being robbed of their fertility, youth, and reproduction.

12 Stars of Mary’s Crown (12 Patriarchy Stars)-

(Removing the 12 Stars of Mary’s Crown)

Healing the struggle with Evil

Healing the struggle of Enmity between Woman and the Serpent, and the Woman and her Children.

Fluer de Lys Implants-

The Fleur de Lis means flower or Lilly “the true flower of life”, and is spiritually symbolic of the womb, and the 3 spirals of creation.

The Fleur de Lis holds the biological and original access points into the mother arcing bridges and sacred gate systems, which holds the access points into the cosmic birthing stargate systems. Where the womb upholds, the merge points of the 3 spirals of creation into the birthing stargate system through the organic D-13 current. Into a field that reaches through and across the great void to allow infinite eternal potential mergers through the vast networks of womb worlds.

Each birthing stargate's potential is universal to seed over 1,000,000 galactic species on earth, but that does not mean that it was intended fully for universal seed creation. It was originally intended to seed within unified pure bloodlines and within the 5th Dimensional soul, complex to continue to anchor in pure 5th dimensional crystalline bodies and ensure the survival of the original angelic human template.

Digressive reptilian races took this from the divine spiritual principles of the mother and the intelligence fields on the collective consciousness that it serves. They essentially went into the heart womb seed of the mother and performed abduction, took out her womb, and then cloned it for replication, with attempts to clone birthing stargate system technologies. Then they essentially branded and banded “implanted” the female womb and uteruses with a circular ring/implant/clamp that restricted the capacity of the creation quantum allowed to funnel through the stargate system, with the ultimate goal of restricting the spiritual capacity incarnate of particular deemed breeder lines, and hybridization programs.

Canada is running the pinnacle of the energetic network systems that feed off of the Fleur de Lys implants, that funnel through control systems back to Stonehenge in the UK and France that start with and through the hybridized Nephilim lineages.

Which was then imposed upon royalty and monarchy bloodlines of several nations. Such as France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, the United States, Lithuania, Albania, and Bosnia.

In the United States, you see the fleur de lis implants in the divine feminine in areas that are strong with the French colonial empire settlements. Places like Baton Rouge, Detroit, New Orleans, and St. Augustine Florida. It is believed that the Fleur de Lis implants have made their way across every state in the United States, and have become ultimately a global implant that has infiltrated into an onwards of up to 75 percent of the divine feminine collective worldwide.

These implants were placed in the wombs of the woman who came down from the France Templar Mary Magdalene bloodlines, Isis Bloodlines, Templar Anunnaki bloodlines, Hydra, Sirian, and Pleiadian origins, and black Madonna and Medusa Archetypes. These Implants mean that you are being tracked and used for your fertility, and sexual and reproductive energies.

This also has to do with more energetic hijacking that came down through the fact that goddess isis survived under Christianity in the guise of the Virgin Mary, and her many forms (medusa). But on the contrary, she wasn’t the virgin at all, she was truly the Magdelene. Notre dame doesn’t apply to the virgin either, and therefore all great cathedrals in France are referred to as Magdalene. And energetic imprints of the Fleur de lis exist in these cathedrals and make this a global emission that encodes energetically into the global electromagnetic grid. This implant has everything to do with the cult of the holy grail and the Cathars, and this superimposition that particular bloodlines are carrying it. The fraternal organization the priory of sion was engaged in a centuries-long accusation to install the secret bloodline of the Merovingian dynasty as the thrones of France and the rest of Europe, claiming that it is the Magdalene and Jesus bloodline. They then bonded the Fluer de Lise with bondage that superimposes the magnetic field in the womb.

This is the main implant that is controlling the biological stargates according to limiting global ascension capacities by restricting the portals and running distorted DNA seed artifacts and energetic imprints.

Divine Feminine carrying this implant, will also potentially carry.

Rape and Molestation Tags

Empath/Narcissist tags (victim/victimizer programs)

False Twin Flame Tags

Locator Breeder Astral Tags

Birth Control Traumas in the body (associated with symptoms)

Birth Control Implants in the body; arm and cervix

Implants, clamps, and clips on the ovaries, burning or removal of reproductive organs (associated with symptoms)

Abortion traumas, and abortion etheric wedges

Remove any of the next-level layers of the blockages that allow the seal to be removed, within the vaginal and cervical area. Cleaning out any microorganism imbalance, but assist in opening that area to flow into its energetic capacity as needed and supported by the bodies and the consciousness at this time.

Chastity Belts-

The medieval chastity belts were some of the first forms of controlling a female's sexuality. In the dark ages, many sexual acts that did not lead to conception were considered forbidden. These were not worn extensively as the woman would obtain injury and infection, but they were used at times that the masculine would take trips or work for long hours and did not want his wife/breeder to have the potential of being entered by another male, and to keep her virtue in his control. Some women carry patriarchal oppression wounding in their groin and yoni area, with ulcerative scarring in the astral field.

Gag orders on the mouth-

Motherhood hooks in the 9th Dimensional field-

These continue to plague the female’s life impaling misfortunes surrounding their efforts in their maternal practice and relationships. Applying setbacks after setbacks deconstruct the foundation in which the mother can nurture or provide for her children.


Moon Chains

Breeder Harness

12 Stars of Mary’s Crown (12 Patriarchy Stars)

Fleur de Lys Clamp

Sion Cord

Motherhood Hooks (9th and 10th Dimensional)

Gag Orders/throat chakra

Locator Breeder Tags

Empath/Narcism Tags

False Twin Flag Tags

Sexual Misery Tags

Gender Confusion Tags

Rape and Molestation Tags

Birth Control Implants (clips, cervix, arm)

Other Female Implants

Cauterization and Womb/Breast Removal Trauma Ulcers

Abortion Scrapping and Trauma Ulcers

The Goal

Is to un-plug the female implants and tags from the divine feminine energetic system allowing goddess energy to fully come through the body itself, and heal.

In this time of Lemuria we regenerated ourselves in golden light temples of healing. We are going to access several of these light temples, through the regression for healing according to the Implants , and tags that you have. We may not be able to get to all of the temples in one session, but we will be sure to access what is necessary for the highest good of this Removal Process.

We bring you to this timeline of Lemuria because this is the timeline where implanting the divine feminine began so we seek to go to the core to remove and clear.

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