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The Atlantean Core Grid Template, Core of Saturn Black Cube Tesseract

Current Global Energies

Advanced Grid Intel

Atlantean activations are coming up as more is being revealed, more of the veil is thinning, and more darkness is coming to light. What we as a collective have to work through and transmute is Atlantean karmic residue.

This is an inner earth structural core-based architecture to the Atlantian Timeline-

Comprising the prominent core Architecture for Atlantian Timeline Events to Run for the first time on Earth. Events Such as the Lemurian Holocaust, Nephilim and Forced Breeder Programs, the Luciferian Takeover, the 1st Invasions and Fall of Man, the installation of planetary crucifixion and planetary hijacking/invader technology.

This represents visible/documentable 3D/4D inception at about the Atlantean Seeding 1/Cataclysm timeline. Which is set about 70,000 years ago in Earth’s hall of records and was the original marker for dismantling, fragmentation, separating, and fracturing the Lemurian and Atlantean grids. This was essential when this core grid templating became most active in the Earth’s manifestation fields. But, the Original Earth embodiment of this core base architecture came in at the time of planetary creation history- Earth/Tara/Tiamats creation history. We will get into more in this update, as it’s a crucial part of the inner standing of this internal Earth holographic technology.

This is an inner earth-multi-trans-dimensional rotating, living, -holographic condensed geo-magnetic geometry, with core permeability power. Power to generate beast machine consciousness, ability to generate AI consciousness- Black and Red Wave spirals/beams, singularity vortexes, power to distort, hijack and host the planetary living spiritual Merkaba field, pillar, and gate systems interlaced as a harvesting station. This is running most dominantly in the planetary verticle ascension markers, spanning the width of the AA Michael Ley line across the 33rd parallel.

The Saturn Black cube Tesseract core, which is surrounded by 3 Rings of Mental Bodies, is comprised of the material matter bodies of Nibiru, Nibiru’s moons, Marduk, and Maldek planetary bodies. How? Because of the creation of our Earth and its history, which is contingent upon impact. Nibiru and Marduk are one and the same, and Maldek and Tiamat are one in the same. Representing different time dimensional fields. These surrounding material planes of the black cube-are planetary systems which seeded Mental bodies for the Atlantian timeline, creating the core grid/mind structures/architecture in which Atlantis operates and runs its manifestation fields for reality. See, the original angelic spiritual bodies of the human race were descended from the original tribes/timelines/knowledge of Lemuria from particular celestial groups that were the original seeders. Meaning all of Atlantic spiritual knowledge was that of the Lemurians. This wisdom is encoded in the 13 crystal skulls and is protected by inherited Mayan mother descendants/seraphim bloodlines, and Atlantis was seeded later by the galactic races and brotherhood bloodlines of Sirius and Orion. Sirian-Melchizedek priests. This was the original inception of the Galactic Federation. Which was formed through thothian groups and descendants. The true Atlantean seedings were completely built upon an invading force by the 2nd Cataclysm. That invading force was anti-organic human agenda, bringing forth reptilians, hybridized forms of Draco’s, Anunnaki, Belial/Orion groups, brutal narcissism, invader and refugee races, Genetic modifications and hybridization through cruelty, force, genocide, and the holocaust. Savagery, cannibalism, SRA-Satanic Ritual Abuse, satanic and anti-life worship, and all enslavement. The Fear Matrix was born at this time, and the matrices of the frequency fences were born at this time. Technologies to create and maintain frequency fences were born at this time. Crystal technology abuse was born at this time and has only evolved into much higher-level forms- such as liquid crystal technology used to create the meta-verse.

The Gridwork Course is still registering for classes on

November 22, 2022

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Upcoming coursework classes will be:

~Stargate Mechanics (How do stargates function, and how can we work with them for gridwork)

~Grid Templates

Control vs Organic Overlays and Inter-Lays

(Inner Functioning of Anatomy and Electromagnetic Planetary Geomagnetism)

~Charting Grids for Navigation

A Black Cube Tesseract with 3 Mental Body Planes around it similar to Saturn’s Rings. It’s like having a miniature Saturn in the Earth.

1st Dimensional Ring Body belongs to Nibiru

2nd Dimensional Ring body belongs to Marduk

3rd Dimensional Ring Body belongs to Maldek

The tesseract- is a cube within a cube within a constant state of motion, an infinite loop of time. A time prism prison system. A shared subconscious and unconscious reality time warp in the 1st three dimensions. It’s a representation of a cube in 4D. The small cube grows to become the large cube and the large cube descends to become a small cube, replacing each other in a constant state of motion. It’s called a hypercube—a cube in action. If you want to get a better understanding of this, there are two movies you could watch that exemplify the psychological momentum of this. The movie Interstellar with Matthew McConaughey and the other is called Cube 2: Hypercube, a 2003 sci-fi thriller, which was made very well, in my opinion, for an early 2000 movie.

It is the hyperlink portal from all singularity AI vortex’s/gateways on the earth. Made from artificial mind constructs. This is how it can keep the Atlantean timeline field in a replaying cycle as it continues to obtain current planetary control in and around the framework of the original terra-form/tiamat core-based structures. A perceived metatronic invasion on the krystic spiral and flower of life- hijacking the organic flow of the Earth’s spiritual stellar bodies.

It also has magnetic Beams that generate to and from artificial and man-made stargates. The Black Cube is a Massive humanitarian harvesting station. Human pharming cube. Generating and existing from things like SRA, unresolved core world wounding, timeline trigger and cataclysmic events- like significant world wars, hijacked monetary- banking institutions, nuclear power disasters, sky heaters, pole modification, firmament and stratosphere hijacking hybridization traumas, death cultural worshipping. It acts to siphon the life force from our universal time matrix and Routes energy back to the black hole systems. Through the 666 wormhole systems.

Back to Saturn

It links into a black star called abbadon, known as The Destroyer- and ultimately connects to the old dark ones. On Earth (gridwork), It connects to various sites on the Archangel Michael Ley Line, such as the temple mount, the temple of Apollyon, the temple of Janus-which is the temple used to worship Saturn-the double-faced man- that Vatican- considered the city of the Saturn sun, cern. The Kaaba- in Saudi Arabia. The physical manifestation of the cube in the physical on Earth. Where the exterior is worshipped in the 3D and charged with meteor extraterrestrial matter. Abbadon, Iran, Iraq, and other Middle Eastern Stargates. Babylon, Sumerian, Mesopotamia, Saqqara, time fields and wormholes. And Orion/Nibiru invader stargates- the stargates of Aden in the gulf of Aden.

The Saturn Moon Matrix

The Obelisk and Phallic Networks.

The Medical, Legal, Law, Education and Financial Systems

The Caduceus, Hermes, Thothian Bloodlines and Implants

The Baphomet Energies

The Monarchy

I had a vision last night that many of the new SRA sites where archontic deception tactics were being used and human soul harvesting sites were feeding the cube, were at coastal mega city points and coastal high vacation destination zones. Areas that are high-traffic party zones. Where consciousness becomes incapacitated and souls can be leveraged out of their bodies and hosted for possession. This is where most souls participate in unrelenting and unknowing demonic activities and feed the loosh of the black cube. Where the land meets the sea, the conflicting gateway is where Earth meets water, and water meets air. This here is where humans will be called and summoned to walk towards these gateways, where dark spirits are summoned and released. Loopholes exist in these locations, and many released spirits exist in the atmospheric, environmental, and shadows of living bodies between the architecture of geometric encoding. The black cubes actually will appear most in physical form in these areas in the sky as floating black cubes.

This templating inside the Earth is an alien construct and is impaling distortion compressions into the planetary core magnetic field and Rod of the planet. According to David Icke- this cube can hack light codes and alter them. And is the basis for the secret operations of Area 49 (Haarp). Which is a cover-up location in Gakona, Alaska, a Decepticon location-

As there are multiple locations (area 49) within realms in the Black Cube that are creating the fear matrices and frequency fences and applying massive amounts of black cubes in these areas. This is one of the reasons that I got out of Colorado, it is plagued with sky heaters and black cubes. That we humans unknowingly support as research facilities and sky heaters.

How did this black tesseract Saturnian cube become the core grid templating to Atlantis?

This was installed at the time of planetary creation from Saturn’s Rings through projectile resources within the rings such as water and earth extraterrestrial material. Due to the Gravitational Pull and power of Saturn, it forms the Earth’s Magnetic Core grid template under its influence. Why is this? Because Saturn has the power of 16 Earths. Ten earth's within the main body of Saturn, and 6 Earth’s within the Outer Enki Ring’s. Six thousand earth with its’ total mass. You can see studied Diagrams of this in the Ringsmakers of Saturn(Norman R. Bergrun). But this has come from the magnetic permeability and influence of Saturn and the cosmic atomic matter that has accumulated inside of the Earth through the planetary poles and implosion into the Earth from impact. From the creation wars of Tiamat, Maldek, Marduk, and Nibiru. All the material of all resources, including water, before the implosion of Tiamat, collected in Saturn’s rings in this universal system. Therefore Saturn’s structure is alive within Earth’s holographic architecture. Earth has been built layer by level, cycles, and cycles of life, which has installed Saturn’s influence within the grid body and rooted and manifested itself as the black sun. The problem is Saturn is the densest and most problematic out of all planetary consciousness in our entire solar system. Saturn became the new Nibiru within this solar system after the implosion of Tiamat and Nibiru. Saturn is an outpost for Orion groups, Nibiru royalty Annunaki groups, and Draco groups. The Rings of Saturn became ruled by Enki after the tablet of destiny was stolen from the moon by Enki and Enlil. They planted Machines in the Rings of Saturn. The Rings of Saturn has become the base of operations for artificial technology.

They said there would be a re coming off a re-building of Enki’s army. This is the military of Saturn. I have heard that there is a considerable push to incept the coming of Enki’s army amongst the Thothian groups these are mind control recruitment and grooming. Saturn is the ruler of the 7th solar Gate on Earth and builds the foundation upon which the Atlantean core Grid Body can build. They are doing this recruitment through beings operating in the 8th sphere. Through new age controlled narratives. This distortion creates reversal codes to run. Reversal Codes in the planetary Plasma bodies and through the high dragon nodal points and ley lines. Running Inversions of the Violet Rays. The Reversals sustain the shadow bodies on the Earth. This was the Technology that impaled the planetary crucifixion implants into the Earth. Same technology that paves the foundation for the corruption of the 8th Sphere, 8th Dimension, and 8th Realm, the realm where all the Cosmic Warfare is playing out.

Where and how can we see the absolute human power expression of Saturn and the mental bodies there-in built upon on earth?


Judges and lawyers are low-level sorcerers and sorcery from Saturn. (Enforced on earth- by Fallen Draco-Annunaki hybrid Mixes with Orion /race Lines.) Belial, Luciferians, Leviathon, and Satanists all in which uphold the black cube baton. Judges- they can sit and look down on you, sitting three tiers higher than you. The three tiers represent the first 3 degrees of Masonry. Judges make people stand up out of respect when they say all rise.

Masonry is all Saturn worship

Priest/the pope also look down on their audiences; the alter is three tiers higher. Priest people will stand up out of respect, as well.

Judges wear a long black robes.

A priest wears a long black robe.

University Indoctrinated Graduates wear the long Black Robe, and they wear the black cube on their head, the mortarboard.

These are all ritual archon displays of the rulership of the internal black cube.

The Black Robe works as a Saturnian cloak and represents a kingdom being diminished into 3 degrees. Into three mental bodies.




All aggressive war planets, masculine planets

That gave way to Thoth, Hermes, Baphomet, Baal, moloch…

These were the ones that were the dark sorcerers in Lemuria. These were the dark forces attached to Nibiru- exhibiting the first outer ring of the mental body of the black cube intelligence diagram.

How to overcome Saturn's Influence.

Recognize its influence on earth. Inner under and overstand its impact here. See where and how it has infiltrated the earth. Vet the long occult history of Saturn out yourself to come to enlightened states of perception within this. Break free from the constructs of 3d/5d time. See beyond the Gregorian calendar. Have spiritual time practices that help you to expand beyond current perceptions of this time matrix. Study the Mayan calendar. Do not support Saturnian corporations and organizations. Spiritually invest in yourself and protect yourself in global cycles where Saturn's influence is the strongest, as your core will constantly be tested at these times. Such as during your Saturn return in life- which is around the ages of 27-29 years old. And during the phases of earth where the veil thins the most October through March. Where Saturn's influence is most visible.

Gridworkers: Heal the earth's core Lemurian grid templating. Work to restore core world wounding from Atlantis and replug back in the organic systems into this timeline. Extract negative energies from the earth and transmute them, such as black cubes and actual rings of Saturn in the inner earth spheres of the world.

Remove all saturnine implants out of your body, such as the J-Seals and Draco seals.

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