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The Power and Potential of the Emerald Pyramid Network in 2024: Bosnian Pyramids ~ Yearly Prediction and Summary

You don't want to miss this-- as we have new grid intel coming in for 2024!! And it is all about heart healing & heart expansion, personally and globally! Aligning very well with our higher timelines- our higher global heart, what is being revealed as our higher timeline's core holographic structure/architecture mechanics spiritually, evolutionarily, planetarily, and collectively speaking to the crystal generator of the African (Zero-Point) Diamond Architecture.

What you can expect to experience in 2024 is the Emerald Pyramid Network emerging and running new encoding into the Diamond Discs through the Zero-Point Field, Bosnia, Africa and Antarctica, sustaining a re-awakened 16D, 4 Chamber Heart Chakra Global Activation and Upgrading! Each chamber of the heart is 4-dimensional and unlocks keys to the 4 Astral Realms.

-Major Heart Chakra Upgrades Opening and Expansion Worldwide according to the Earth's global Awakening, Ascension Process, and New Earth Prophecy Timelines, Missions of the 144,000, Building of Light Temple Architecture, and necessary archaic revival. Serving to continually re-generate Diamond Templating.

-Activations/More Efforts made of the Emerald Dragons, Rebuilding and re-connecting of Dragon parts, healing in the dragon pyramid in Bosnia- working through the year of the Dragon 2024, and the timelines of Avalon, Albion, Tara, and Mu to collapse out trauma bindings, displacement codes, and dismemberment/blast impact/total devastation codes.

-A Focused Return/Upgrade of the Emerald Orders, Covenants, and Decrees. As Follows: Upgrades in virtues, tributes, human morality, integrity, benevolence, and spiritual health. Several souls will pull themselves out of fallen realms, worlds, and timelines. Total bio-regenesis and rehabilitation according to exit soul paths.

Deeper mass reflection of spiritual love and the law of one, and more breaking down in division and divide and conquer tactics being expressed and shared in the collective hearts of humanity. We predict that in 2024, a massive heart chakra reflection tidal wave will hit the Earth through a deeper heart chakra grievance- a deep pain and unexpected ache, a tremendous collective shared emotional loss similar to that of the fire in Maui, something devastating global catastrophe-geological upheaval. This will, in turn, run through emerald earth field re-ordering fire/water initiation- the tidal wave of a simultaneous mass realization to change and global shift will occur.

-Huge focus and correction with restoring and rehabilitating the Grail- the holy royalty bloodlines- the pure born- within that we all hold to some genetic inheritance degree. This is something I have been seeing in detail in my third eye. My vision for 2024 is that the focus will return to the Universal Tree of Life~ the deep need for healing is becoming the priority for many as they find their way to complete template restoration. Getting to the point they can nurture the tree to bear fruit, multiply their fruit, and enjoy their fruit. I have been shown that to fully repair your universal tree of life, we must hold our hearts entirely expanded beyond unselfish/selfish love polarity, giving love unconditionally to your Grail to restore your tree. Also, to understand that what has divided you from your family, parents, ancestors, and bloodline has been at fault not of their own/not of your own, lack not of their/your complete understanding, and abuse/distortion campaigns that have impacted the Grail from beyond their life/your life, to surrender into that only god knows the answers to some things that are unexplainable. The only way to fully heal your universal tree of life is to give life back into your Grail, starting with your immediate family and extending yourself beyond, giving your love over and abundantly without any expectation, judgment, or criticism. When you can do this, you shift into the fulfillment of your Soul and the universal tree of life through the giving of abundant love. When you live like this, you receive through the joy of loving/giving and making others know they are loved, forgiven, and accepted- this, in turn, cures the tree. Is this hard to do? Yes! But nothing of high soul/spirit value on this Earth is given easily- we must work for everything that enriches the purpose of our beautiful life. Everything that will push you to grow through challenge and heart discipline will have immense treasures and jewels on the other side. These corrections, restorations, rehabilitations, and healing are happening at the planetary level universal tree of life; the global heart chakra expansion/emerald Pyramid Network is surging through the holy grail lines, monarchy lines, and all races and lineages born of the Earth's race morpho-genetic field. Example fields will be projected in love through the mass reflection tidal wave for many to receive the consciousness initiation. They will be a part of the more significant heart wisdom movement installed into the Earth in 2024.

-Returning to the Matriarchy, through the emerald order corrections, womankind will continue to recognize more of the rising in her value/strength in existence through demonic seed collapses/cures in Elohim/Seraphim damnation/king of tyranny/forced breeder Patriarchy soul lines. Clearing past/present/future timeline trauma trails of shared womankind burdens/broken heart gravity fields. Leading to more bondage and binding to be released around the female soul incarnation contracts. More feminine hearts will hold more multi-dimensional expansion, spiritual leadership codes, and more profound visions and clarity within the chakra of god and heart chakra.

Much of the grid intel below has come through a group effort of multiple remote missions, healings/clearings/personal channelings, and land shamanism "gridwork" all through 2023, - as we worked very hard and diligently on some of the most degraded, reversal target/stargate/vortex locations for 2023 including Washington D.C., North Africa, the Vatican, and so much more, working to extract as much negativity out of the grids/lands/vortices and re-store as much organic planetary spiritual integral architecture as possible.

So thank you to my team for all the gridwork of 2023, and thank you so much, Evi for bringing in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex in our last remote session! This is where we have gained access to the vision of 2024 holographically and the spiritual-energetic structures and networks currently occurring on the Earth, re-crystalizing and re-geometrically forming ~ internally in the most imperative and vital places.

Bringing forth a predictive viewpoint of the core earth spiritual template through my personal lens.

So please keep in mind these are absolutely 100 percent my intuited/channeled perspective of the 2024 grid predictions information that has come forward. Due to that, I can not prove/disprove this information is 100 percent true or false. It should be interpreted according to your own gnosis and intuition. Having that said, I am a seasoned global grid reader, I feel personally my architectural inner holographic vision is very clear and I deeply trust in my own clarity of the vision that is coming forward.

As being a global grid worker/reader means holographically describing the consciousness body (holographic geography/architecture/mechanics), which represents the map of the galaxy on/in/through Earth. Encoded with the blueprint or original instruction for the divine plan of humanity's spiritual evolution. I teach about this extensively in my Gridworker Facilitator Course and another upcoming Facilitator Course 2 that will be LIVE interactive classes at the end of March 2024! This class is in high demand, with several repeating students and request from you guys to be taught, so save your post now before this class is full.

Okay, Pulling up the pictures and scribbles map, we will speak about where these heartchakra upgrades are fully taking place in the Earth's grids and functioning living holographic spiritual mechanics generate the Earth's new emerald orders to initiate. The Apex of the Emerald Pyramid Network and 16D, 4 Chamber Heart Chakra Global Activation is a real place on Earth.

This begins at the Bosnian Pyramids and Archaeological Park; its height is over 220 meters, making it the tallest Pyramid complex in the World. Bosnian Pyramid of the sun's highest and oldest, compared to that of Giza! Dated 34,000 years before Christ. It makes this Pyramid the oldest Pyramid on the Planet. Tens of thousands of tourists from all over the World are attracted by the discovery of the Pyramid and its energy and spiritual properties. We are definitely looking at Mayan and Lemurian built-in-inner-earth timelines/architecture Pyramid technology from the outside, but what is in it, underneath it, and running off of it is another story and a very intricate grid dynamic that is running.

The Emerald Pyramid Network (Bosnian Pyramids) runs an inner earth/holographic merged heart octahedron (double-sided holographic emerald Pyramid/hence the 16D) at the Apex of the Pyramid of Love in the Park that powers within the Diamond Architecture and within the zero-point field between the North and South Poles in the Planet. The inner earth emerald heart octahedron Touches all significant points in North Africa, from Sefar to the Atlas Mountains, To Lake Tritonis, to Giza, Egypt, running entirely through the Mediterranean, and crossing over and through the 33rd parallel on the Earth. You can see on Scribble maps how it aligns perfectly with each point and center-right to the 33rd. The sacred holographic heart is an internally generating vibrating chamber merging through 4 astral worlds of the human collective Soul shared/astral fields. It also runs a solar cross within the octahedron.

So you can see here within the complex itself is a Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Earth, Pyramid of the Moon, Pyramid of Love, Pyramid of the Dragon, and Pyramid of Enlightenment and Teleportation, with several other sacred meditation gardens, energy vortexes, and clearing areas. Each Pyramid holds a crystal heart generator power, a primary vortices point within the Earth's global heart chakra pillars for total heart chakra activation, ancient Earth grid healing technology, access to the inner Earth's sun/plasma fields, and inner Earth's mantle water/fire worlds and realms. Each Pyramid has a diamond tunnel. The access point to underground megalithic and underground rainbow waterfall pools runs a vast network/sub-network system through active time portals connected to the original Avalon, Elysium, and the Lion Kingdom. This pyramid network was connected initially/organically using crystal generators correctly before manipulation.

This location runs the unification of the merger fields of all 4 Astral time dimensions due to all 4 chambers of the heart being activated/4th-dimensionally- holding different frequencies each/different directional field spins, and gravitational differentiation in the complex and also inter-dimensionally radiating from the fire/water geometry. Each chamber also contains different types of brain cells. So, access the astral at other space-time markers/points. This has been a profound heart chakra expansion and realization for me, personally identifying/experiencing a total heart blast in all 4 chambers.

There is also ancestor-generational knowledge going past the eon and nurture ~ ions/particles that create the inner/outer Earth bridal chamber. In this place, all Earth energy valuables are kept throughout Earth's heart memories. It's encoded at the point where the emerald and Diamond templates merge. Where the heart chakra and the third eye chakra resonate together. This happens in the chakra of god, which is located right below the pineal, right at the point the head and neck come together- there is another gland there; this is the location where I was speaking of the seal needing to be removed. Because of this, you can access this location like a time machine and experience authentic, emotionally charged experiences of time trans-dimensional travel through your ancestors- they come alive here and show you through loop cycles running through the earth portals located at primary grid vortices and then runs you through frames-and gravity free memories.

This also has something to do with the fulfillment of relationships through the heart, as the heart holds these like prizes and feathers/illuminates when these are in a state of peace, a soul-rewarding system representing soul luxury and delight. It unlocks more as you expand into your joy, gratitude, and bliss with those holding essential roles in your life/heart. When the reflection of your Soul is projected back to you through the eyes of love and enjoyment. The heart will sing. The Earth's heart chakra also sings to the same degree through the reflection of the sun, moon, and Venus and her connection to all living things that reside within her heart. Her closest relationships. So when the mass reflection tidal wave runs through the collective in 2024, the Earth's heart chakra will vibrate/sing at the highest capacity, therefore activating all of the Emerald Pyramid Network. Bosnian Pyramids, Pyramid of Love and Pyramid of the Sun.

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And I am very excited we all made it! So, congratulations to everyone for getting through the heavier/more difficult year of 2023. Things are getting more manageable now. You may already feel that subtle shift! Feeling like a brand new fresh start is being born with opportunity- as the new year should, and we do have this beautiful opportunity to make new goals, set new priorities, and, for some of us, really start anchoring in some self-discipline- and recent mindset shifts/motivation to make them/those new goals happen! We can choose a fresh start any/every day of the year, not just when the clock strikes midnight at the New Year. So, this year, I want to challenge you to keep a mindset that allows you to start with that freshness every day of the year, moving into 2024!


We can expect a massive energetic lifting of density and weight in 2024. Deeper dense pockets of gravity are being released globally planetraily~ from the heart centers/chakras/vortices/chambers worldwide. Healing has been called upon and activated at more profound levels of the Heart Union. Releases of gravity from the Bosnian 16D Heart Chakra 4-Chamber, Bridal Chamber, Chakra of God, Meridian/Axial Tonal Ley Lines, and Emerald Pyramid Network are re-structuralizing the inner core vibratory fields/holographic architecture of the Swan Grid, 144,000, The Double Diamond refined heart of Africa from the Apex of the Octohedron point pyramid complex in Bosnia-Herzegovina.


With a collective message and more resounding reminder, that your reality experience is based upon the energetic weight measured in gravity that you hold inside your field.


The less heavy your gravity tapestry, the more transcendent the Earth in which you experience. Float state is your high spiritual agility state. The human ego wants to hold onto this because it fears letting go~ of gravity; there is safety in weight/safety in feeling resistance, and safety in attachment to pain/density. Still, these aspects of the global heart/brain complex are shifting in the god chakra- at the base of the spinal cord and the neck connecting into the head- there is a gland where gravity sensing is being released at this point due to the heart expansion. Throughout 2023, I have continually removed seals here at this location in the body for myself and several others. These blockages have deeply tied into the crucifixion, persecution, martyrdom, and victim-victimizer lack/limitation programs worldwide. Oppression and suppression seals disabling the crown and third eye chakras. For those who have taken my implant and seal removal coursework, you should continue to remove this, as seen during seal removal/maintenance sessions. We will continue to dissolve these more throughout 2024!

The release is the Soul's ticket to the new Earth timelines surging through 2024, now formed in gravity-transcendent Earth zones- expanding into the central vertical zero-point field of the Planet. Gravity is one of the universe's fundamental forces, dominating every moment of our conscious experience. It keeps us close to the ground, drags baseballs and basketballs out of the air, and gives our muscles something to struggle against. It equally gives our emotions, mentality, light body, and spiritual body something to struggle against more when it is heavier and more negatively magnetic. I have always told everyone who booked a Deep Chakra Clearing with me in 2023 that this is about making you lighter; if that happens, we did our job, and anything else is a bonus! To become lighter is to free the Soul of the weight of gravity's strongholds, to become lighter is to have the ability to access higher dimensions, and to become lighter is what allows your heart to expand, especially after a year in 2023 of releasing deep pain, and suffering contracts, and rigorous emotional transformation.

All of the difficulties of 2023 have served to propel this higher timeline for 2024- The deepening pain and challenges of the heart and emotions to awaken more remarkable growth. Resulting in a more profound cleansing process for everyone, healing, and expansion of the Earth's heart chakra. 2024 will be about growth in the heart for many, expect this and enjoy the soothing in this process, and slow rewarding growth, not all at once at the same time…it will be like subtle, gentle achievements that have you inching towards your total prize, rewards, and highest timeline.

Financial or relationship-related struggles will be lighter and less complicated this year. You will see a lot of dissolving of that old poverty/lack paradigm creeping back in and new inspiration manifesting as the heart expands from the Pyramid of Love. Which we will discuss on my scribbles map.

2024 will be a year that continues to reveal new gridwork technology, new earth chakras, and new earth zones that are re-structuring/re-geometrizing to continue to support the highest spiritual evolution of humanity according to the divine blueprint. We must continue to make decisions within our lives that support the planetary ascension process with regard to our highest heart timeline. As we ride the Earth's heart pules, we will continually be pulled back into feeling a more profound awakening through the universal law of "the constant of change." As we say goodbye to 2023, we say goodbye to the initiatory year of the greater heart awakening as we welcome the year of heart transformation, the year of the dragon, and the year of upgraded Emerald Order through the newly emerald-activated pyramid network.

Thank you

I Love You


Peace be upon you

Praise to GOD



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