TIAMAT Grid- Hexagonal honeycomb matrix, 5D, Fires at Easter Island, Prison Planet Technology

Updated: Oct 13

The Tiamat Core Grid Templating

This is the inner earth structural, planetary base architecture that was installed at the time of planetary creation from Tiamat's body. What you see here is the core grid structure of the Seraphim light body core. (Key, Inner core- Halls of Amenti, Hall of Records, a reflection of the entire universe. Super Consciousness Field of the Earth. Hexagonal Honeycomb- Tiamat matrix of 5D inner body of the earth. Flower of Life- cosmic heart pulse from the point of all union that creates all life on earth.

The Tiamat grid templating up-holds the earth's core spiritual body from dimensions 5 to 10. Tiamat herself is a living avatar goddess of the 10th gate on planet earth, and rules over stargate locations in formerly Sumeria, which is now modern-day Iraq. But, her energy culminates in front of the Sphinx, where there is the largest planetary feminine portal/vortex on the earth, and maintains spiritual governance at all the mother-arcing gate sites of the Earth. Locations like Uluru, Australia.

The Tiamat grid templating was essentially moved up in dimensions after the seeding of the Marduk/Maldek grid templating- which was done through force and lunar celestial wars. The Marduk grid templating is an Atlantean timeline holding the inner earth structure for the mental bodies of the fallen architecture on the earth.

This deeply goes into the beginning of the history of Tiamat. See Below.

This is the base geometry template that upholds the previous 3 Lemurian light grid templates that I Have spoken about in my previous updates. Lemurian Light Grid Template Fabric 1, The Dove Grid Fabric 2, and The swan Grid Fabric 3.

At The beginning of the original planetary universe, it was different from what we have now. There was only, Tiamat- which existed between the Sun and Mercury. It was only these three planets that ruled. Tiamat had 11 moons. The largest moon was Kingsu, According to Sitchin, (The cosmic Code, Pg 70) This moon was so large, he became a celestial god. This moon carried the Tablet of Destinies.Which is a planetary energetic artifact that, bestows great power upon its holder, and you could actually wear it as a breastplate. Now there is actually a lot of blood that has been shed over this particular tablet, which was eventual taken and give to Enki and Enlil. Kingsu eventually became the moon that Earth has today.

The invader was Marduk/Maldek, which is believed to actually be Nibiru. That these were one and the same, and Tiamat was the mother of the previous solar system. The creation of the earth was believed to have been born from a great planetary celestial battle that occurred. It was the moons of Marduk/Maldek that which imploded, curved, and collided with Tiamat’s body, and Tiamat was eliminated as a member of our old solar system.

It’s always been a universal celestial planetary war between celestial gods fighting a winged monster, the dragon was always called Tiamat, and it has been about a war between Marduk vs Tiamat. Marduk’s moons split Tiamat in half, the lower parts of her smashed into bits and pieces, and became what is called the celestial bracelet, which is the asteroid belt that orbits around Jupiter and Mars. This also contains fragments of Marduk’s moon and some of Marduk’s body as well, merged with Tiamat's.

The celestial lunar battle of the moons and Tiamat have everything to do with what created the moon chains, and all of that battle memory from these wars of earth's creation is held on the moon. The moon is tied directly energetically to the Tiamat grid, and Tiamat brought forth the seed of life in earth, that emanates the organic flower of life. Tiamat's hexagonal crystal seed code is said to be held at the base of our spine in our fetal crystal cells, where we can refine the crystal body from the blossoming of the point of creation. From the honeycomb crystal's in our field.

Now all of this matters so much right now because Tiamat’s destruction directly correlates to the destruction of the sophianic body. In Tiamat's flower of life was implanted with the metatronic parasite and because of this there have been forms of her that have descended into lower collective forms of the female body. Wounded female archetypes, such as Medusa’s body and severed head, the severed head or body parts of the the sophistic dragons.

It really has a lot to do with severed female parts, an ongoing dismantling of her parts to pervert, invert and clone her sacred image, energy signature, and holy spirit for satanic agendas, and an alien creation of a dark mother. This comes through a monumental amount of forms of hijacking the womb. There is a video game in production coming out called Naga Eater. In the intro to this video game trailer, a man is reclaiming the severed heads of women. The Reclamation of the cosmic Dragon Parts will restore us to the original Universal laws and codes.

The negative being's like to keep these severed parts in the locations of the dragon nodes on earth, and I feel this is one of the reasons they keep Medusa’s head at the Vatican this is a high-powered dragon nodal point.

So much going on right now, it is a very busy time, energetically speaking. A lot of portals to the Wesa systems have opened up and are running artificial and inverted flower of life codes through the mother arcing systems from the Atlantean Marduk, Maldek, Nibiru earth systems and matrix templates. Old and unresolved Atlantean and Aryan karmic wheels are turning like cycles of the moon chains. Like sludge, grease, and grime, and because of this very heightened time of energy and the finite collapsing of the inversion codes that are running backward. It is making it not the best time to be channeling information from the astral as the fields are at heightened levels of astral warfare, infiltrations, possessions, incubus/succubus and turning on and off of scaler wave mechanics that activate Draco and J-seals to run misfortunes, setbacks, and spiritual warfare attacks.

Even if you have had these removed, the hijacked artificial rods that hold the encoding are responding to global signals in the earth’s body and are triggering 7D persecution, slavery, holocaust, and reptilian program trauma bodies to run. So continued clearing and extra awareness around the clearings's is needed at this time.

Collectively the 8th sphere, the 8th collective shared monadic field is holding the pins of this humanitarian predisposition of negative agendas. This is I believe where they originally installed the blackhole technologies into the galactic planes and ultimately into the earth planes at particular locations, such as the Bermuda Triangle, the statue of liberty, Azores Spain, Inishmore Ireland, the black cube in Saudi Arabia, and the rotten cave systems all over the earth- the deep wells that a potent respiratory toxicant and smells like rotten eggs leak up from the earth’s body and mantle. Further impacting the integrity of the cosmological universal tree of life in the 8th sphere.


Now is the time to be doing deeper and more powerful karma clearings, entity removals, spiritual armor rebuilding, strengthening our spiritual immune system, and connecting with nature and organic earth bodies.If you haven’t removed seals you may want to consider this or at least keep up on your energy checks and re-run removal process’s if your feel stuck.

I will leave a list in the description of videos that you can refer to for everything from protection, to clearing your field, to karma clearing, and strengthening your light body field below, so that way if you feel you have come to the awareness that you are being affected directly or indirectly by these global distortions you have some tools available to use.

And you know, it’s so unfortunate, many souls, many indigo’s and Starseeds from other systems that answered earth’s distress call have become trapped in this control matrix through metatronic reversal coding running in those earth bodies. So These metatronic reversal entities that live thousands of years by feeding off humanity have much more knowledge of the Starseed groups on the earth, than the Starseeds actually know of themselves and capitalize off of their life-giving energy. And Many have been constantly harassed and repeatedly superimposed with karmic loads and metatronic code to keep them locked down and recycled in the earth plane as consciousness slaves.

A prison planet- technology used, they enforce this in many ways, such as erasing historical records, running amnesia technologies from trons in the earth (blank slate consciousness wiping), then running a series of post-hypnotic suggestions that are used to install false memories, and a false time orientation. Then install seals in between you and the Metagalactic core, so you are disassociated to galactic synchronization of time. They are running this encoding into the earth’s grid at the Denver international airport with artificial swastika planetary branding in the runways, also at several military bases globally.

They are weakening the magnetic field, re-writing history from the visitor's perspective. The system of debt-based currency used as the current global monetary system was originally brought to the earth by the Alpha Draconis- A planetary system ruled by debt currency in which one has to pay for their basic shelter, food, and healthcare from birth is considered a Prison Planet. This comes along with the caduceus implant I was speaking about that keeps this enforced. The 8th sphere is the black sun Orion groups and these are where the galactic prison camps are held, they encoded this into the earth’s memory from Australia when they hijacked the dove grid. And they reinforce this by keeping electronic force fields that keep us within perimeters of control grid templates.

Something I will be discussing in courses 3 and 4 of the grid-work course. The first class begins October 22nd so if you are wanting to attend, reserve your spot now!!

Some examples of how and why we can see how these arcing sites are under metatronic attack is we had a mother arcing site/inner earth gate site on the earth catch fire, 3 days ago, some of you may have seen Easter Islands caught fire. The fire had done “irreparable” damage to the site and to 20 percent of its iconic carved stone figures known as Moai. Rapa Nui has more than 1,000 stone statues – giant heads that are believed to have first been carved in the 13th century by the island’s original inhabitants.

This is definitely a Lemurian gate site, that ties into and connects into all 4 Lemurian light grid fabric templates (above), the four faces of man, tara, and future earth. You can re-balance the rod and staff here at this location.

And you can better believe these are attempts to disconnect the Lemurian organic light field matrices back into humanity. These are locations they can attack and sabotage the inner earth connection and mother arcing sites from the Tiamat grid. It is believed the fire was “not an accident,” telling local broadcaster “all the fires on Rapa Nui are caused by human beings.” But what I was seeing is that it was strategized attack from Metatronic ascended masters, like Enki- Marduk- Thothian Luciferians. “The damage caused by the fire can’t be undone,” “The cracking of an original and emblematic stone cannot be recovered, no matter how many millions of euros or dollars are put into it.”

The park said a “shortage of volunteers” hindered the ability of officials to get the fire under control. The total damage to the site has yet to be assessed.

The fire comes just three months after the island was reopened to tourism on 5 August, after two years of closure due to the la Cucaracha. This was one place that never really recovered and now there is fire damage at this site.

So this is just one manifestation of these energy blockages and transformation that is taking place, on earth that we can identify with all 3 of our eyes. Easter Islands holds 2nd-Dimensional inner earth gate access and is an integral part of the inter-dimensional links into the arcing sites and womb worlds. This is a high priority guardian grid restoration site.

See my most recent update...

Article By,IndigoAngel, Amanda Jane DeMarco

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