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Washington DC is a hive, The Queen's Chambers and Masonic Templating Grid Charting

Many new starseeds, empaths, and indigos are waking up for the very 1st time! New waves of 12 stand DNA activations, DNA restructuring, and glowing or illumined DNA are rolling through the grid light fields/matrices as the gateways start to transition into the timelines of the Aquarius. We are just in the beginning phases of more extraordinary evolutionary awakening processes. By The end of February, I see new light matrices being completely installed in the earth. I also see February's energy will acts as a road opener, inspiring us to move forward and make things happen. Gateways and opportunities will be opened up more combatting reversal energy. There will be a forward-moving momentum that will continue as we experience zero significant planets in retrograde until mid-April. But I do see march causing quite a shake-up. But Having zero powerful planets in retrograde is a sign from the Universe that it's time to make moves. We cannot remain standing where we have been, and we have to move; we have to progress; we have to leap forward into that next stage of our journey, even through the tough times.

Current Energies

Some of you may have felt the significant impact of these big shifts/changes. A lot of flipping of perspectives, roles, positions, and mirroring effects running through the bay chakras; a lot is running through what's going on up underneath in the grid templating. Like what architecture and structures we are sitting upon, the energetic mind wave fields, new structuring is happening in the earth-based chakras in the 1D, 2D, and pre-matter fields. Twisting and also applying a lot of pressure on the planetary root chakra. I have seen a Separation of Worlds that is occurring at the subatomic level, which can feel like splitting apart the energetic subatomic fields that have been created between the inorganic frequencies and organic living light consciousness. The quality and kind of consciousness (organic or inorganic AI) that is being directed into blueprints to create something in the planetary hologram is what determines the level of its frequency when it materializes.

The frequency level of these forms is what attracts people of matched frequency to share that same timeline and be connected to that structure in time, which creates a corresponding reality bubble. Now when we have a separation. Clarity is revealed, but a lot of survival wounding resurfaces. Shake-ups of the foundation, safety, security, home, family, environment, relationships, and people pushing themselves to their limits within themselves. Pushing them to the brink of bigger realization and evolution of their consciousness.

Because of that, I have been sensing that it may even be due to the flipping of the earth's magnetic core. That the poles may be unstable at this time. There is some movement within this because of the weakening of the magnetic field and the recent high spike in Schumann resonance.

I sense that reversal portals and stargates are more active during these timeline phases, which puts a lot of stress on the organic structures/and original angelic DNA gene code bodies. The pressure is applied more to those who can feel the energy. That sweeps them through a rapid transformation. Hence again why separation on a sub-atomic level may occur energetically.

I have noticed in the last three weeks that my spirit body and the actual encasing of my astral body feel lighter, that something has transformed or actually burned off my soul. Like I have physically dropped in spirit weight or density, and I'm more etheric, and I'm a more light body.

And Because of that shift, my sensitivities have increased, I feel things more, and I am much more penetrable as if energetic exchanges can feel like, if not pure, that they are causing subtle rips and tears in the astral field in the areas that links me into the space~time continuum. I have been experiencing the full body and field recalibrations rapidly, So intense moments of recalibration, a cooling sensation or decompression period, and then more rapid waves of recalibrations. So I sense that many may even receive an entirely new energetic templating structure.

Gridwork Observations

I have been diving in following the last gridworker facilitator class, discussing new potential target locations for another boots-on-the-ground location mission for the summer solstice 2023—something we are now structuring and organizing to do now, which is going to be Washington D.C. So I kind of wanted to lay down some pre-scouting grid templating and foundation to the following gridworker location that we are thinking to put together and organize.

If you want to be considered for this event or are interested in attending a Washington, DC, gridwork event, you can email us, and we can put you on our waiting list.

This location has been selected for many reasons. One is that It is the next reversal connection point to the Vatican, which is a 5D Reversal stargate. Like there are interconnecting reversal gateways. On some levels, I feel I have been called at this time to decode the functioning of these gate systems on a deeper level. What I have learned from the previous one was that a purification process is essential before attending. This is necessary because Reversal stargates amplify and speed up everything in darkness. What was terrible becomes worse. What was hidden in the shadow becomes in your face and paralyzing. I’m talking deep levels of purification, no sex, no drugs, no alcohol, no negative thoughts, no stress, no anger, deep and rigorous focus on healing and addressing unresolved issues inside yourself. For a good six weeks. Because if you don’t do this, that star gate essentially eats you up because all that is unwell is magnified.

So in some sense, that reversal gate is clearing you. It is performing a transformation within you. But they do not come easy; they come with a massive stripping of what is impure within you. This can be revelational in many ways, kind of like an ayahuasca journey. But with big shadow reveals of the soul comes a significant transformation in your heart.

Reversal encoding simply means anti-life architecture or anti-life purpose or

Meaning. They may be functional or powered by natural resources, but in most cases, there has been a high level of tampering or infiltration that has been done energetically to the land; in many cases, there has been Alien technology, AI technology, or beast machinery, planetary branding that has been installed and implanted to siphon or hijack the functionality of that organic gate system. The reversal energies at some of these sites can be so vital they disconnect humans entirely from the organic spiritual bodies of the Earth and the source of eternal living life.

Some reversal gates hold the pins and fabrics in the grids to the significant core world wounding on the Earth and keep the encoding/trauma/fear bodies of it to run in the ley lines and the major cities. They emit low-frequency energies, run crucifixion, persecution, holocaust, genocidal, and artificial intelligence architecture. So going here is really and truly about overcoming what hurts the most.

Many major fallen and descended lineages, races, and intruder spirits regenerate and exist through these gate sites, such as; the Baphomet realms and Luciferianism. Most of the reversal gate sites are interconnected to a particular organic Stargate site on the

Earth and can be cleared from the organic Stargate systems, many grid workers may feel called to take the mission of visiting the organic Stargate systems and then taking those healing and clearing codes to the reversals if they are on rescue and recovery missions.

Some examples of these are:

Vatican, Rome 5D reversal Stargate

Washington DC %D reversal Stargate

Cern, Geneva, Switzerland 12D reversal Gate, Metatronic, AI

Kaaba, Mecca Saudi Arabia 5D reversal Stargate

Stonehenge, Nephilim, AI reversal Stargate 6D

Underwater Stargate in Aden, Orion reversal Stargate

Inishmore, Ireland, 666 wormhole

Bermuda Triangle 666 wormhole

Statue of Liberty 666 wormhole

Hollywood, California, Harvesting gate site

Silicon Valley, California AI Man-made Stargate

Las Vegas, Nevada 2D/3D reversal man-mad gate

Shenzhen China, AI Man-made Stargate

Shanghai, China, AI Man-made Stargate

Man-made Mounds/Mountains - Often, military bases/complexes, CIA, Cern operations, beast machining, and secret operations are dug out and held inside mounds and mountains. These can be remotely viewed, such as; Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado Springs and Dobbins Air Force Base in the Kennesaw Mountains in Georgia. This is how they can go about their operations in secrecy.

Ley Lines of the U.K. and U.S.A Pg. 54 & 58

By David Cowan

Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. is between Virginia and Maryland and is our nation’s capital. It’s one of the only cities in the entire world to have its sovereignty from any particular state. Just like the Vatican as well, it seems to be a certain quality of reversal templating, a policy or contract of exclusion that applies to its signature. It’s a central hub where agreements, deals, trades, policies, both galactic and earthly, apply, covenants, business deals, monuments, buildings, and historical landmarks. CIA Headquarters are here. Monarchy connections and seals, Roman connections and seals, Saturnian ruling and black cube templating ~ highly Masonic.

Millions of tourist visit, coming in and out every year. And most reversal stargates seem to be locations that draw in many tourists, and why? It is because they are soul harvest and feed zones. I realized reversal stargates are the closest one can get to a black hole on this earth to the energetic vibration of a black hole, and that’s because their funneling field spins are drawing into black holes in the earth.

One thing in Washington D.C. Is there an incredible amount of masonic templating, and is what’s tuned into the black magic etheric grid templating there. If you want to know why it’s basically because the united states were founded by a secret society. I think it’s well-known that George Washington was a very high-ranking freemason, as were the next 13/14 successors. And they say that the actual structure, geo-societal architecture, was supervised in its building process by Washington himself. Washington laid the first cornerstone for the capital building. And the fraternal order of freemasonry is a secret society that’s very well known for secret and hidden occultism. This now is indoctrinated down through the major universities and is still very much a living order and decree in which our judicial and legal systems bind.

So it looks like you can make a giant inverted pentagram out of the city’s streets, and it points directly to the leader of the United Snakes of America. The Oval Office.

So the upside-down pentagram runs from Dupont Circle to Mt. Vernon Square to Pennsylvania Avenue, to Logan circle, to the white house. Now the upside pentagram belongs to many things, but also The Order of the Eastern Star. Which is the most significant fraternal Order to which Master Masons and their female relatives may belong. The emblem of the Order is a five-pointed star with the white ray of the star pointing downwards towards the manger. So this represents that and a potential hijacking of the white flame. It could also be the inverted pentagram of Solomonic Magic (or necromancy) is a prevalent symbol in Freemasonry. This pentagram symbolizes the fallen angel Lucifer, who is envisioned as the keeper of the Holy Grail in Freemasonry—so equating Freemasonry to Luciferianism, which then again stems from pharaonic bloodlines and dark occult Egyptian magic. The teaching explains why there is a cup in the inverted Pentagram of the Freemasons. If you watched the Davinci code or read the book, it talks about the chalice not being the holy Gail but the holy grail being the truly sacred bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. And that’s what it is. In addition to this layout, the entire city is inundated with arcane symbols. And mythological designs that adorn both the inside and outside of government buildings, that the whole town feels like it is constantly reflecting their secret agenda. So the entire city is running and encrypted with secret geometric code. I can only anticipate this alone is very convoluted and jarring to the consciousness field when you're in the parameter of these arcane symbols, that they alone would be bringing in entities from lower domain spirit realms.

Washington D.C. is a Hive

The entire White House represents a bee sitting in a hive. See the Queen and her chambers in the picture below. We also see running here is a Hive Net to be taken into larger spans of global areas gridded with 5G or telecom satellites from this location. They are working as the base organism and source of AI and ai machinery, and Collective Consciousness towards AI controlled Groupthink, similar to connecting human Brains to the internet. This system is referred to as the Brain Net or Hive Net. They want to secure all human brains to artificial intelligence systems as the means of total and complete human consciousness enslavement to monitor and manipulate all electromagnetic activity of the human brain to collect the data to control the timelines fully. People that have been identified as Targeted Individuals are the first waves of humans being secretly experimented upon for testing out this AI surveillance system by using an assortment of automated SRA methods for subjugating group consciousness via remote devices or satellites. The white house is a queen bee. They are somewhere seeing that she is turned upside down and is in some form of enslavement to the system. Like a regular bee hive, she is at the center of the grounds and at the center or apex of the symbolism. So you can see the queen bee's abdomen, thorax, antenna, and stinger. The stinger is going into constitution ave. The original organic honeycomb templating could be up underneath the grounds.

I did a big update on the original core holographic structures of Tiamat. TIAMAT Grid- Hexagonal honeycomb matrix, 5D, I will leave the links down in the description of this video, and I highly recommend watching that. But they could be tapped in and hijacking over this original 5D honeycomb grid templating. That would confirm and make this also and equally a 5d reversal stargate similar to the Vatican. But they are running a hive net over the top of it.

I see psychically that this mission is to activate the Queen's chamber. We need to go in on an activation mission and ignite the power of the hive queen- re-empower her because this may be a heart chakra of the earth. Hence, so much has staked up on top of it and against it. A direct portal link into the honeycomb hexagonal matrix!!! It would be the original heart core templating of the mother planetary brain complex. Again there is some legend of the bees or the hive being here because masons are as busy as bees. And why there is always buzzing around Washington DC. Think about how the world watches American politics like a soap opera drama and movies and entertainment and idolizes our celebrities. I have had so many friends who told me they learned English because of American films.

This is a heart core tugging on and at the rest of the world.

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