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What can you expect from the 3 days of Light?


Now all of this frequency is rising due to planetary ascension evolution, rising due to ultra terrestrial and extraterrestrial involvement (malevolent and benevolent); we are rising in frequency into the future Lemuria, the aquarian age, the golden age. We are rising due to solar activity, magnetosphere collapse, and our positioning in the meta-galactic arm, as we transition through the Orion-Cygnus Arm. In galactic synchronization of time. The arm is also called the Orion bridge or the Orion Spur. We are transitioning out of the Orion overlord invader arming systems and into the Cygnus Diamond Nations, Diamond Grid Templating- the Swan Grid, and Diamond plasma-carbon biological evolution.

What is supporting this even more is the Cygnus supernova blast double liquid Christos diamond gamma radiation ultra-light codes that have been slowly coming to earth. Through a stellar cosmic wave from two different incidents in Alpha Cygnus. It is estimated to be in its highest expression of photonics and atomic light spectrum- full integration into the earth magnetosphere, and race morphogenetic field, completing earth Diamond Activations by the 22nd Century.

In my last update, I estimated that we could experience 3 Days of Light that could potentially occur anytime now July 2022 into the 22nd century.

Other way-showers have begun to talk about this, but not many, most are anticipating a solar flash. But 3 days of light is something different. Something more transformational. The last time anything like this has ever happened, they were writing about it in the book of genesis. Where we had six consecutive days of light and the conception and the birth of everything in our universe that was brought forth to the earth were done by the third day. So you can imagine the possibility of three straight days of pure light. This may be even more spectacular than the solar flash event, this may be the spark to the golden age that takes us into a higher harmonic universe of existence and creation. Eradicating all darkness on the earth.

Alex Collier has spoken about this Cygnus Supernova blast wave as he has channeled it through the Andromedans.

If you just look at the galactic sciences as well and compare the information coming in you can see that everything is aligned according to the Cygnus system cosmologically. Which the Andromedans- they have been the ones here in this milky-way universal system with alliances to the Cassiopeia, Cygnus, and Delphi's systems working in collaboration, installing the Diamond systems, assisting with the sun disc installations into this planetary body. The original angelic Orions that partook prior tor the fall of ancient Egypt have also laid an organic foundation for this as well.

What can you expect from the 3 days of Light?

  • Culmination of the "second creation" hu-man kind becomes like god

  • Light Templating reconstruction/illumination of the firmament

  • Light will access the deepest darkest spaces on earth

  • Massive collective awakening 4th eye-soul opening event

  • 22nd Chakra Systems and Higher Opened

  • Will reverse plague, apocalypse, revelations, trumpets, and seals

  • Negative Ego's and planetary pain body will open up to zero-point field

  • All division and duality will be removed for 3 whole days

  • End of ordinary realities, as they will all merge in union with the divine

  • Coming of the third messiah

  • King's, leaders, minister's, and presidents will make peace with each other. Olive Branch codes will activate.

  • Restoration of youthful appearances "fountain of youth release" and peaceful death's

  • All alien Hybridization traumas will be healed and bloodlines will unify

  • Resurrection of the Dead

  • Creation of a new heaven, unified link into 7 higher harmonic universe;s

  • Many will be entering a constant state of a dream walking existence

  • Ancient Grandmother Lemurian Codes will restore all

  • All will further understand what freedom means

The 3 days of light, if this does happen, it will go in the planetary field and expand up and out towards the internal atmosphere within the firmament. It will fill where the deepest darkness resides. This is where the wings of the Swan expand to begin its touch-points from the Grand Canyon in Arizona to the Marianna Trench, rehabilitating the 33rd parallel to the 37th horizontally and vertically. Re-aligning the planetary spinal cord, which is the zero-point field. It will rectify, heal and plug back in the mother arcing systems and all organic crystal cavern networks, from rare gems- emeralds, rubies, and maldovites, to diamond mines and selenite rods. Crystal oceanic networks.

The diamond mining nations above and below the swan grid template will activate.

The body of the swan runs through all the diamond mines on earth and clears the spinal column of the earth. And the light will appear for the first time in a long time in those deepest darkest spaces on the earth, this runs through a collective bridging and healing universal principles and takes us into cosmic principles, unifying bloodlines, bridging them through olive branch encoding, and healing fallen hybridization traumas since the first savagery, cannibalism acts, and genocidal planetary encoding. It’s not just the grand canyon and the Marianna trench- this light will fill. It’s all of the global deep dark canyons, trenches, volcanic trenches, in the spaces in the pacific ring of fire where the ouroboros of our earth consumes itself again and again. This light expands from the Diamond heart of Africa.Here on the back of the swan- you can see the diamond coming out of the template. Africa will be where this light emerges first and bust through the mantle through the diamond network.

An additional Diamond disc was installed over 120 million years ago in the timelines of Gondwana. Gondwana plays a huge role in this diamond network. It was built not of man-made or artificial crystal diamond technology, it was made from pure crystalline forms imported from Andromeda and Cygnus, Pleiades- the 7th central sun. Refined on earth Through kimberlite, limestone other types of igneous rocks. It was built so that the planet could withstand pole shifts, solar storms and changing firmaments, and stratosphere.

This is why in South Africa the town of Kimberly- was named after kimberlite— in the kimberlite, they discovered the largest diamond ever on earth an 83.5-carat diamond called the star of Africa. The star of Africa was a slice of The diamond disc in Antarctica and has been warred over by paper programming. And now sits in a museum…This diamond disc in Antarctica Powers the feminine portal in front of the sphinx in Egypt- that sits right about here….show portal.the 13 mother arc gateways- particularly the primary location Uluroo, and inner earth access pointspowering the 3 pyramids. Also rising the crystal oceanic pyramid network…. That is what these white markers here are (picture above) Powering the hall of records in the Earth’s field which is a super-consciousness energy field in the earth.

The internal spiritual diamond earth is divided into 3 diamond crystal parts in this upgrading. The entire diamond Krystal star matrix of our internal sun is coming online, the inner earth diamond oceans below the mantle, (as there is a large diamond crystal ocean flowing underneath the mantle) and the diamond parallel disc in Antarctica.

This will set off a chain light reaction in these highly concentrated diamond oceanic areas. Rising diamond crystal temples out of the ocean. Just like the light cities in the landmass that will come through. The activating diamond grids anchor and merge all 3 indigo templates and bring the 4th kind of indigo online. Type 4th indigo, the cosmic diamond travelers. They hold a spinning diamond within their Merkaba in the heart chakra. This indigo type uses the cosmic crystal heart intergalactic diamond highway to other diamond crystal multi-verse nations. They are inherently activated by the spinning rotations of the nano-diamonds of the milky way.

This represents the refining point in humanity. The legions of the 500 million growing strong indigo tribe, sacred key 222. Essentially breathing and giving pranic and spiritual force into the many layers of the human collective consciousness field. This is a global planetary tribal future light template embodied, that transcends any physical human limitation here, (ailment physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and anchors the purest, powerful, and most spiritually aligned existence in sovereignty and completely aligned to the mission. Obliterating and stripping you of any weight held within your energetic field.

This will be more prevalent.

When the snow in Antarctica starts to fully melt off the polar regions and begins to activate the global planetary double diamond circular disc in Antarctica, these are considered solar discs and these discs merge and connect to a diamond cosmic highway that links into the 12 central suns through a portal in Antarctica. Where two gigantic golden sphinxes guard an entrance in Antarctica to an ancient city complex. These two sphinxes in Antarctica are running codes to the sphinx in Egypt. There are 3 sphinx’s on the earth. Each one of them is guarding this dynamic planetary organic diamond crystal energy network. They are holding the African gateway keys -with this energy power grid moving through new Zealand, Australia, South America, Africa, and back down to Antarctica. It is an ancient energy machine that has lain dormant for billions of years that will awaken now through this diamond planetary activation.

Through the 3 Days of light!!!

The diamond crystal oceans of inner earth underneath the mantle will awaken. Actual oceans of diamond flowing underneath our feet. The diamond pyramids in the oceans- will rise. New diamond island nations will start to rise on the coast of western South America and the southern tip of Africa. They will come up out of the ocean.

And Our carbon transformation over the next 200-1000 years will be passing into its diamond process and this frequency will be rising so high, it will be phasing out particular descended bloodlines, fallen bloodlines, and degraded bloodlines and separating them more completely into the fallen systems into the quantum space dust returning systems, the metatronic and black hole systems, those choosing to be soul uploaded into the cloud or choosing to fully phased into trans-humanism. These systems will only be sustainable until the black hole systems run out that may continue to sustain themselves through this period over the next 500-1000 years on this earth. These particular black holes and wormholes will run their course of existence and evaporate, due to the slow integration of the rising frequency and light or due to the 3 days of light itself- they could evaporate even quicker.

Through Diamond Grid installation and rehabilitation process’s on the earth.

All other densities will obliterate, and all darkness will be pushed out of the earth.

Particularly the 666 wormhole in the Atlantic Ocean- close and evaporate.

(Which seems to be a triple wormhole ring running from Bermuda to the statue of liberty to off the coast of West Africa, Azores Spain, and the areas where Atlantis fell into the Atlantic). Which would collapse the root of evil in the financial systems, and the Baphomet worshipping systems. Luciferian worshipping systems. Putting a nice dent in the Saturnian systems. The Tower of Babel wormhole in the middle east -close and evaporated.Which would collapse the earth’s destruction codes, order, and chaos programs and the wormhole between the earth and the moon, that runs to the dark side of the moon. Which would collapse dark mother and dark father principles, restore universal principles, and creation fracking.

But These wormholes do seem to be on the biological clock on this earth like their time is coming to collapse and evaporation, with this pending 3 days off the light.Also between the earth and the moon resides this reflective technology where we get to look through the looking glass. We get to see our reflection through symbol codes. Which was installed by the greys. It’s where they install symbol code programs to target human subconsciousness and turn off or reverse the genetic switches that would turn the ascension biological process’s on. This is one of the ways they are manipulating the negative ego collectively and altering the perception of the 3D reality. Currently.

But this will not be the case forever. So As the frequency rises on earth more and more of the hybridization technologies- bio-spiritual weaponization, and traumas will be alleviated, and more and more reversals also will be dismantled, and the dark universal tree of life will be more dismantled because we will be continually and gradually upgraded in light and granted keys to the spiritual intellect information that will allow us to go in and correct, restore, and upgrade the systems, and reset them to spiritual perfection, and balance and to the zero-point field.

Everything can be accessed through healing the mother arcing rays and systems and combating the attacks on the mother arcs, as I spoke about in my last update.

The truth is the organic crystal temples (diamond, rare gems, malachites, quartz, and emeralds) have been under warfare since the Luciferian Rebellion was installed and the 666 wormholes opened up. Luciferian programming is anchored into the selenite pylon crystal caverns in Atlantis. But what they are not telling you is that the programs were anchored in artificial selenite pylon crystal caverns. Rods that were placed by the Anunnaki. Particular facets of the Nibiru Annunaki- decided that they could block the earth’s organic crystal grid matrix by using artificial selenite rods and also installing crystal seals in the organic crystal matrix. This was the beginning development of the majority of the overlay control systems we have running at this time, the Aquila overlays, the 4 quadrant hybridization systems, and the Orion and fallen Draco overlays. The red and white lineages. They learned how to overlay with artificial technology.

They could block the human consciousness from the inner earth passageways. From the diamonds of deep inner earth- which are the true inner earth messengers from the ultra divine diamond cosmatrix systems- and intergalactic diamond highways from the milky way to 4 other universal systems. 3 other galaxies have heightened organic diamond star clouds, spinning nano-diamonds, and beautifully arranged sophistic arranged crystal structures.

They wanted to block consciousness from the Diamond Crystal seas inside the earth, so they could take over inner earth cities, hijack the rod and staff of the earth, and follow through with deception tactics of planetary branding, branding the earth, and hosting it like planetary snatchers. Where they hijack the living Merkaba structure of the inner earth’s spiritual living light body and then plug the host into a greater black hole system.

To do all of this they have to find a way to hijack the crystal technology on the planet.

This is entirely what the Atlantean crystal generators were about. When the crystal generators blew up and sunk in Atlantis. Some of this sunk but what about all of the technology that was installed before the generator crystal explosion? This technology is still running as false or artificial selenite crystal technology that interfaces with the entrapment of the limiting dove grid. There was also another set of artificial crystal networks installed by the nibiru- Anunnaki with the help of the Pleiadians, that was installed underneath Stonehenge. That links to 24 artificial crystal temples all over the globe primarily along the 33rd parallel. They use these to try and reverse the earth’s Merkaba field and continue to run those detrimental reversal frequencies, anti-life frequencies. The PDS’s, The intention of these installed artificial crystal grid temples/networks was to block the organic crystal networks. The true rare gem networks

The high Diamond areas in the earth's grid of high concentration of diamonds, Like these Diamond Mines in South Africa, Antarctica, Canada, Russia, West Africa, and Australia.

The organic quartz and selenite networks and caverns. Such as the Cave of Crystals, the Naica Mines, in Chihuahua Mexico, the cave of swords, the queen's eye cave, the candles cave, or the Ice palaces in the earth and the Bermuda crystal caves…. Why do you think they would demonize and make you so weary of the Bermuda Triangle? The areas and islands down in Bermuda. Because of the organic crystal caverns. They installed inorganic selenite rods to try to control this powerful energy. But inside these organic crystal caverns/ diamond mines here is where we can fully dismantle the artificial systems, the J-Seals, Draco Seals, dismantle the false D13 currents- which is where their distortions run down to earth’s core, to chain us to the fallen parallel system.

We can reconnect the Pure mother arcing systems here and establish balance, and harmony in the earth’s field, the more of us that know this the more the head of the dove light template awakens from and out of the /Yucatan. And the wings of the dove expand from the diamond cavern mines in Canada. Henceforth bringing forward the swan grid template, everything is pre-installed 100’s years in advance before humans wake up to its existence of it.

The frequency of the diamond rehabilitation grid and diamond grid templating

will be rising so high that those descended from the seraphim, the elo-hei, the orpahim, the thrones Guardians, the 144,00, the 144 earth harmonics, and the light cities will be fully able to exist here.

The organic systems are and will again override the Artificial systems.

The Swan Grid Template, Copywrite to IndigoAngel, Amanda Jane Demarco


Pierre Sabak, The Murder of Reality

Judith Kusel, Why I Was Born in Africa

Lori Adaile Toye, Freedom Star

Alex Collier

Ashayanna Deane, Voyagers I

Lisa Renee, Mother Arcs

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3 days dark and light. Page 156


Indigo - Dove outside! Love it. Thank you for these pivotal downloads about the diamond/Swan grids. Resonates deeply. In your latest May 222 Grid update video you mentioned those with the 48 strand template who had undergone 3 tribal rounds. What is a tribal round? you likened it to a quantum embodying aspects of the tribal shield in greater and greater capacity? Thank you so much 💙 Tascha

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