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What is holographic architecture, such as implants, seals, and other physical-looking translucent it

This includes universal seal systems, another term for planetary holographic implants running within particular timelines and genetics.

Consciousness energy creates, stores and retrieves experiences and meaning in the Universe by projecting and expanding at certain frequencies in a multiple-dimensional race morphogenetic field transmission that makes a living pattern called a Hologram. We have seen this extensively through the flower of life geomancy that radiates from the planetary earth core and then spirals out through the pre-matter/matter earth body.

Human consciousness comprises a personal Lightbody Hologram, which attunes itself to the larger Universal hologram by the medium of energetic exchanges of the information held within the unified field's light, sound, and electrotonic codes from the earth's templating.

Our reality is a consciousness hologram.

Holograms are manifestations of the properties of light, how light is produced and transmitted, and how it interacts with itself.

The hologram is created and linked through a series of web networks or multiple layers of grid matrices based on the patterns of Sacred Geometry or Creational Code Language. Timelines and cellular memory.

The Universal Hologram has an Alpha and Omega, which includes all time cycles as beginning and ending simultaneously, as multidimensional consciousness evolves throughout the alchemy of time and space. As the grids collapse, everything within the hologram will collapse, helping to understand what is happening today at the end of the Ascension Cycle. This is one reason why we work so diligently at the gridwork, we are interacting directly and most efficiently within all time cycles and have more influence for earth planetary spiritual rehabilitation.

The human body is a holographic light projector. The human central nervous system processes electrical impulses transmitted from the D.N.A. code, which further neurologically transmits to the brain the instruction sets to perceive external images as a context for reality.

A person can only experience the levels of (multidimensional) reality that have been programmed into the D.N.A. code and the personal 12 Tree Grid, the holographic base template.

If we understand holograms of refracted light, we can begin to understand the holographic architecture placed in the consciousness fields to bend or control the refraction of light and sound within an Inorganic state of being.

An inorganic state is defined as a state that was artificially built by an extradimensional entity with the aim and goal of subversion, infiltration, deception, divide/conquer and enslavement of beings subjected underneath its realm to its own "reflection of light."

These Ego Filters, Collective Archetypes, Addiction Programs, Mind Control Structures, and Alien Implants are examples of inorganic refractions of holographic architecture artificially built in dead energy structures through frequency manipulation. This is how they could invade the planet without being physically seen and detected by the spiritually oppressed human masses.

By superimposing these refracted light spectrums to be directed at the whim of the "controlling entity" through its hidden agenda – the entity can create overlays of perception and overlays of identity, and this is the means of alien mind control which has been discussed fervently many times before. This is called a holographic insert. By controlling the perception of identity, one can control the consciousness of the essence and eventually, through subversion of the original identity, possess the being's body and mind to become subservient to an agenda that is neither organic nor natural to the soul.

Now with the J-Seals, Draco Seals, And the masculine and feminine wounding implant/seal system (all 4 of these seal systems), these entirely come through the development of frequency fences on the earth.

You may hear me calling things like this out in the gridwork videos.

But galactic history speaks to several underground bases and locations where resistant energy is seeded into the lands through artificial vortexes, hijacking of crystal technology and negative human technology; I really feel like this has something to do with the waters- where there is mass tampering to add the undetectable elements that repress the human's natural immunological responses to foreign E.M. Pulses. Multiple things are happening here.

What they do is they run phantom electrical pulses that transmit through the earth's grids bio-energetic/hologram and electrochemical systems of humans and into mass electrical power stations.

These typically power re-incarnation soul harvesting egregores or templar egregores that run deeper levels of persecution and crucifixion. These phantom pulses follow the natural flow of electricity from main power generation plants into all electro-systems drawing power from those plants transmitted through all commercial and residential electrical devices.

This disrupts the bio-energetic fields of humans, manifesting as a bio-neurological/emotional perceptual blockages.

A perceptual harness on human consciousness will result in resistance, then transmits holographic inserts and subliminally impulse human behavior response patterns through the subconscious and physical body.

The implants will/seals and resistance will attempt to use your own technologies against you.

After approximately 6 years of covert electromagnetic manipulation, the imprint becomes strong enough to override natural D.N.A. imprint with a personal morpho-genetic field. Becomes a genetic mutation with the human D.N.A., a modification that will be genetically passed through breeding/forced breeding/hybridization programs.

This is how we inherit the forced breeder implants, this is how we inherit the J-Seals, etc.

We can change, alter and adjust refracted light patterns through the compassionate witnessing of these patterns, thereby applying pure love through our spiritual body consciousness to remove harmful frequency devices. We focus on the areas of the body and use divine will, breath, and focus to fully extract and remove.

When we apply consciousness with intent and use change in the frequency structure and direct it throughout our bodies, we can remove, alter, and clear artificial refractions of systems that impact our personal hologram.

In the Implant and Seal removal course we will extensively dive into the depth of these methods taking a deeper look at holographic architecture, how to read it, the history/meaning, and applying the skills through practice and certification. These are very important skills/knowledge to develop and harness to not only keep your own field completely clear from negative oppressing impacting implants/seals but to also offer these clearing's to offers globally and world wide to restore the organic living light hologram in it's totality.

I look forward to you joining me in September for the course.

Course Dates: 8/31/2023-9/10/2023

Cosmic Blessing, Indie

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