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Ready humans... spiritually/energetically will experience near-instant evolution and transmutation of 2 strands double helix DNA Carbon-based Life form into Crystalline Life Form having a Light Body with Multiple Additional (up to 12) DNA Strands and shall then ‘ascend’ to 5TH Dimensional Earth in their Physical Bodies. But what if I told you something may be coming that will re-assemble the 24-48 Stands of DNA. Activating the 22 chakra system and above. That will Re-construct the entire collective soul matrix by re-encoding the entire inner earth sun in double-diamond light. 


The swan grid template is the template that will come from this…. indigo, 144,000 rebirthing, activating the 144 harmonics in the earth….Anchoring the double-diamond light sun body. That's the diamond Krystal star matrix of our internal sun. That's why you can see in the picture here the diamond emanating from the swan, from the 7 higher harmonic universe’s…that is a portal to the next universe. 


That means that during this time of great Lemurian revival. Transition, we are opening up portals to not only future tara and integrating from that place but also the next universes of the Laniakea systems. That will…Activate the 144,000. Because these templates start base frequency at 144,000 and above…. As the base grid templating rises in the earth….for some it will be attainment, some it will be installation, some it will be graduation, for some it will be mission…..but either way baseline will be the 144,000 earth grid templating. It comes when the emerald crystals are activated in the earth’s crystal caverns, the sapphire crystals, the aqua aura crystals- the rare and unique gems…the malachite… the moldavite, it will begin to grow sophistic flowering plasma chakras…which will upgrade all of the biological grids… Below these fields bringing them in a consistent upward motion and shedding of density possibly bring forth the third messiah…and activate the golden gate in Jerusalem and obliterate all the blockages on this gate system…


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