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Lemurian Regression, Implants & Tags

Golden Temple Healing, The Womb Temple (Stargate Repair)

  • 2 hr
  • 333 US dollars
  • USA

Service Description

This is a 2 hour Lemurian Regression Session, (Regression for identifying previous stages of development and source of the pain body.) Golden Temple Healing, The Womb Temple, Stargate Repair for the Divine Feminine Anatomy. This Session Includes: Personal Sacral Evaluation Deep Sacral Chakra Opening and Clearing Lemurian Regression Therapy Stargate Repair Removal of Implants and Tags (you may not carry all of these) Moon Chains Breeder Harness 12 Stars of Mary’s Crown (12 Patriarchy Stars) Fluer de Lys Clamp Sion Cord Motherhood Hooks (9th and 10th Dimensional) Gag Orders/throat chakra Locator Breeder Tags Empath/Narcism Tags False Twin Flag Tags Sexual Misery Tags Gender Confusion Tags Rape and Molestation Tags Birth Control Implants (clips, cervix, arm) Other Female Implants Cauterization and Womb/Breast Removal Trauma Ulcers Abortion Scrapping and Trauma Ulcers You can find introductory video to session on IndigoAngel's YouTube, in the video library on this website, and detailed writings in the blog section. This session is $333.00 *No Refunds on Sessions, one reschedule allowed. **Prices are subject to change.

Contact Details

  • United States

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