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Life Coordinate Personal Grid Reading

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 333 US dollars
  • USA

Service Description

Embark on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery with our New Session! By popular demand and enriched gridwork expertise, delve into the depths of your existence alongside indigoangel. Uncover the mysteries of your life's intricate grid with our Life Coordinate Personal Grid Reading. Bring forth the pivotal points of your journey: from the place of your birth to every significant relocation, from monumental life events to the far-reaching corners you've explored. Let us navigate the ley lines, unravel the vortices, traverse timelines, and unearth the hidden akashic records tethered to your grid connections. Experience a revelation as we illuminate the path of your destiny, guided by the resonance of your chosen locations.  To take this reading even further, provide deeper aspects of research into your family history and lineage. Do you know where your parents and grandparents were born? Do you have details of their significant journeys and locations that made/brought big changes in their lives? Did your father serve in the military at specific star forts, or did he get into any secret space programs? Let's find those locations! Did your grandparents come through the Elis islands, or were they immigrants from a country under turmoil escaping forms or persecution? Let's dig deep into your grid network according to your ancestral line and what this means in terms of clearing deeper-rooted ancestral clearings; we will work during this session to do any necessary clearing as we move through the grid locations and chart your personal grid map according to you your inheritances! In this reading, you will receive, Indigoangel will chart your personal grid according to your inherited life grid points and deliver verbal reading/channeled read, receive a scribble maps Link of your personal map for you to review and access! Psychic insight into your life path and journey, past lives, past timelines on the earth and where you existed, what significant cultures/spiritual paths you were a part of, what stargates and ley lines activated your DNA, and much more! Receive deep insight into where you may hold grid blockages for releasing deeper levels of personal planetary healing. Any necessary clearing or healing work according to psychic, intuited, channeled findings regarding what your grid points bring up and into visibility. Recorded session, so that way you can continue to review and study your grid reading according to your specific life coordinates, MP4

Contact Details

  • United States

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